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Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Spying who?
We’re going to make spying simple for you.

Hey! So, you’re finally here. Let me introduce myself to you. I am Franklin Bryant and I am a Digital nomad. I  have been using monitoring apps and software for over 6 years now for managing my remote team. I was highly impressed with what these remote monitoring apps were capable of. They helped me efficiently run my business from different parts of the world. I have done my graduation in engineering and post-graduation in MBA. Apart from work, I also started using them to track my kids to ensure their safety. 

Keeping in mind all the problems that spy apps solve and having gained a lot of practical experience with them I started SpyDrill to open a whole new world of spying for you. I very well know what spying apps can do for you if used with the right intention. That is why here I’ll focus on various tips and tricks revolving around spying apps. Along with that, I am going to provide honest reviews of monitoring apps to make it easy for you to land on one.

In short, I am going to answer each and every of your spying queries. If you want a detailed description of what I am doing or what kind of topics I am going to cover, then here it is:

1. Reviews – In the Reviews category, you’ll get to read detailed reviews of spying apps. This could be helpful to save your money by not spending it on an app that is not really worth it. The reviews will only be based on my own personal experience with the apps. So, you don’t have to worry about reviews being unreliable.

2. Best apps– Are you looking forward to getting some recommendations for apps that could make spying a whole lot easier for you? Well, then you’re in the right place. Here you are going to get dedicated lists of the best monitoring apps with detailed pros and cons for each of them on the list.

3. Comparison – We all run into situations where we have to choose between two apps and we’re unable to make a decision. Well, save yourself from such kinds of dilemmas by following this category on my website. Get a detailed comparison between popular smartphone monitoring apps based on their features, price, user interface, and a lot of other factors.

4. How-To (Tips and Tricks) – It is pretty common to be unaware of every feature when you’re just getting started with an app. Especially if the app you’re trying out is a spying app, you get bombarded with a lot of features you don’t really know how to use. So, with this category, we’re going to clear up your confusion through detailed guides on various trips and tricks.

I believe in putting in my best efforts before getting anything in front of my readers (you). I take my time with research & testing and keep the user perspective as the first priority in my mind.