Best Apps To Find Spy Cameras: Easily Detect Hidden Cams

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I travel a lot and as a consequence, I have to stay in hotels, Airbnb, and homestays. The thing that scares me more than bedbugs in the hotel room is the hidden camera.

I am very particular about my privacy and therefore I have started doing research about finding hidden spy cameras with my smartphone.

In my research, I have found some apps that detect hidden cameras and I want to share the list with you. So here are the best spy hidden camera detector apps for Android and iPhone, which you can use to ensure that your privacy is intact.

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Quick Summary
Hidden spy camera detector apps can be very beneficial in finding hidden cameras and other spy devices such as GPS trackers, voice recorders, etc. Some of the best spy camera finder apps are Detectify, Spy Radar, and Glint Finder. However, you should not solely depend on these apps as they might not be effective all the time. For better results also use visual inspection.

Do Apps To Find Spy Cameras Actually Work?

apps to detect spy camera

Spy camera detection can prove a handy tool for you if you are a privacy-conscious individual like myself. These hidden spy camera detector apps leverage a smartphone’s camera and sensors to find hidden cameras in your room.

However, from my personal experience, I cannot vouch for their effectiveness, and they may not detect all types of spy cameras, particularly those that are offline or use advanced technology to transmit data without detection.

Moreover, the biggest concern with these apps is that they may show false positives that can cause concern, leading to unnecessary panic.

Therefore I always prefer visual inspection for spotting hidden cameras. Nonetheless, the spy camera detector app can still be very beneficial when combined with visual inspection. Following are some of the best hidden spy camera detector apps for Android and iPhone.

Best App To Find Spy Cameras?

1. Hidden Spy Camera Detector

app to find hidden spy camera

The Hidden Spy Camera Detector app is available on both Android and iOS. It is an all-in-one spy scanner app that simplifies the process of locating hidden GPS trackers and concealed cameras or microphones.

The basic version of the spy cam detector app is available for free download. However, if you want additional features then you have to pay to get the app’s premium edition. You can start off with the free version of the software and then upgrade if the basic version is not capable of finding the hidden spy camera.

2. Spy Camera Finder

You can ensure your privacy with the Spy Camera Finder app. It is designed to locate hidden cameras in various settings such as hotels, locker rooms, or restrooms.

It uses cutting-edge technology to identify spy equipment including microphones, discreet spy cameras, and concealed GPS trackers within a range of up to 15 cm. Furthermore, the app’s magnetometers can detect magnetic fields emitted by spy devices like microphones and cameras. Overall, it is one of the best apps to detect hidden spy cameras.

3. Detectify

hidden camera detector for Android

For Android users, Detectify presents another efficient hidden camera detection solution. This widely-used spy cam finder app excels in locating all the hidden spy devices in your vicinity, serving as a reliable spy gadget finder.

Moreover, due to its advanced technology, it simplifies the process of identifying hidden cameras that may be secretly capturing your activities. Also, the Detectify app is available for free to use.

4. Hidden Camera Finder

Hidden Camera Finder is a user-friendly iPhone security app that detects hidden spy cameras using your smartphone’s camera. With its built-in flashlight, it ensures accurate detection of the spy cam even in low-light conditions.

Moreover, the app is quite versatile and reliable, it provides peace of mind by safeguarding your privacy at home, in the office, or during travel.

5. Spy Radar

best spy cam detector

Spy Radar is an indispensable security app for Android, employing cutting-edge technology and machine learning algorithms. The app offers a WiFi Network Detect feature using which it can easily identify suspicious devices connected to your WiFi network.

The Magnetic Sensor Detect feature of the app alerts you to magnetic fields emitted by hidden recording devices. Also, the Red Dot Camera Scan feature of the app utilizes your device’s camera to uncover hidden spy cameras.

Overall, with Spy Radar, you’re in control of your privacy and security which makes it the best hidden spy cam detector app on the list.

6. Glint Finder + Hidden Camera

This is a user-friendly app designed to help you uncover hidden cameras and other spy devices. With its intuitive interface, it’s very easy to find surveillance gadgets around you.

This AI hidden camera scanner ensures thorough detection and hence offers peace of mind in various scenarios, from changing rooms to bathrooms and bedrooms.

7. Spy Camera Detector Pro

hidden cam finder

The Spy Camera Detector Pro is a multifunctional tool that combines spy camera scanning, network speed testing, and Bluetooth analysis. Moreover, this advanced app employs magnetic sensors to detect radiation from electronic devices or spy cameras. Also, I find that it’s quite user-friendly, making it a valuable addition to safeguarding your personal spaces for free.

8. Camera Detector App

The Camera Detector app is a reliable tool designed to protect your privacy from hidden spy cameras in various settings like hotels and bathrooms.

This app offers advanced features such as WiFi and Bluetooth scanning, a camera scanner with different filters, and also provides a scan history log. However, it’s not a free app, you have to purchase the subscriptions that are available on a weekly or yearly basis. But you do get a 3-day trial option so you can try it before purchasing.

9. FindCam

This iPhone spy camera detector app is a practical solution for those concerned about hidden devices compromising their privacy. The app offers several key features, including one-key detection for user-friendly operation. It also supports WiFi network detection and Bluetooth device scanning.

Moreover, what sets it apart from other apps to detect hidden cameras is its ability to identify mini-hidden spy cameras and wireless eavesdropping devices. It even provides detailed test reports for each detected device.

Which Is The Best Hidden Spy Camera Detector App? Final Verdict

All the hidden spy camera detector apps on the list are capable of finding the secret spy cameras around you. You can pick any one of them based on your preference. Most of these are totally free to use but some apps may require you to pay in order to get advanced features.


How Does A Spy Camera Detector App Work?

Spy camera detector apps use your smartphone sensors to detect electromagnetic signals emitted by hidden cameras. They can also find a hidden camera by detecting the infrared light emitted by these devices through the phone camera.

Are These Apps Effective At Finding Hidden Cameras?

Yes, they can be effective, but results may vary depending on the app you are using.

Can I Use A Hidden Spy Camera Detector App In Public Places?

Yes, you can. But always respect privacy laws and use the app responsibly to avoid legal issues.

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