Best Geofencing Apps For iPhone And Android

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Before reviewing any spyware, Franklin uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Are you a working couple or single parent who has to leave their kids alone at home due to your work routines? You must be always worried about their safety thinking what if they go out of home, aren’t you? Don’t worry with the help of technology you can keep track of your kid’s safety and ensure that they are always in the safe zone so that you can focus on your work.

The technology I am talking about is geofencing. It can be considered as a sort of virtual or imaginary fence that you can lay around your home, neighborhood, playground, school, etc. whichever place you think your kid is safe at. Now once your kid crosses the geofence, you will get notified that they have moved out of their safe zone.

Doing this manually is not possible but you can take the help of some special apps and software made especially for this purpose. Such apps are called Geofence apps. And in this article, I will share with you the 3 best Geofencing apps that work remotely like a charm. So be ready we are about to start.

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Best Geofencing Apps For Android And iOS

There are lots of spy apps that come with geofencing features but not all of them work as described. Hence I thought to put some popular spy apps to test so that we can find out which one offers the best geofencing feature. After testing several tracking apps for their Geofence feature, I was able to pick only three spy apps that are worthy of being on this list. So let’s talk about them in more detail.

Note: These Geofencing apps work remotely and require physical access to the target device only once for installing the app.

1. mSpy

The first undetectable geofencing application that we would like to recommend you for monitoring your kid’s location update is mSpy. This Geofencing tracking app makes use of GPS to track the current location of your kid’s device and notifies you if they are still under the restricted boundaries or not.

Unlike most other geofence software you can create two types of boundaries with mSpy which are called the Allowed Zone and Restricted Zone respectively. The Allowed zone is the area under which you think your kid will stay safe like your home or their school. And whenever your kid leaves this zone you will be notified.

Similarly, the restricted zone is the place which you think is not good for your teen like pubs, bad neighborhoods, etc. Whenever your kid enters such zones you will get an alert so that you can protect them before it’s too late.

Moreover, setting up geofencing on mSpy is also fairly easy. Just enter a few details like the radius of the location you want to mark as a safe zone or restricted zone, name of the zone in case you are creating more than one zone.

setup geofencing on mspy

You can also choose the notification medium like you want to get notified through email or just on your mSpy dashboard. Also, you have to select whether the zone you are creating is an allowed zone or a restricted zone. Once all this data is filled click on Save and the zone is successfully created.

Now, the zone is created whenever your kids enter or leave it, you will get a notification on your email (if you have selected it while creating the zone).

mspy geofencing email

The email notification may take a few minutes but the dashboard notifications are quite prompt and you get notified almost instantly whenever your kids cross the boundaries.

Overall, mSpy is my top pick for geofencing needs, it works well and notifies whenever the target person leaves or enters the zones created by you.

Besides geofencing, you get more advanced tracking features with mSpy like a keylogger, browsing history, call logs, screen recorder, and much more. This overall makes it the best option to go for.

mSpy Pricing

mSpy starts at $48.99/month, while its quarterly and yearly plans are priced at $27.99/mo and $11.66/mo respectively. You can pick any one of them based on your preference.

mSpy for geofencing plans

What We Loved
  • Easy to setup the geofence
  • Lets you set up allowed as well as restricted zone
  • Notifies you on email as well as on your dashboard
What We Didn't Like
  • Data syncing time from target phone to your mSpy account could have been less

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2. KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro as the name suggests acts as the guarding angel for your kids. It keeps track of their whereabouts and notifies you whenever they step out of the safety zone. Just like mSpy, it is easy to set up the geofencing on KidsGuard Pro also. Just add a location that you want to set up as a safe zone and you are good to go.

How to setup geofence

You can also choose to get notified through email or you can keep it disabled. But it’s better you keep it enabled because you won’t have to login into your KidsGuard Pro account every time to see the geofencing updates.

Moreover, you can create multiple safe zones and name them differently so that you can know which geofencing notification you are seeing on your email or dashboard. However, the key feature of KidsGuard Pro is that it lets you schedule the geofence i.e. you can choose the days as well as the start and end time of the geofence. For example, if you are creating a safe zone around their school you can schedule it only for the weekdays and set the time at which their school starts and stops.

Schedule geofence timing

The geofencing data sync time on KidsGuard Pro is relatively faster than mSpy, so you will quickly know about it if your child goes out of the safe zone.

geofencing email notification on KGP

Also, it is an affordable alternative to mSpy, which makes it an even more desirable geofencing application for parents. However, the downside of this geofencing software is that it is not 100% accurate, the location it tracks is about 50 to 100 meters offbeat from the actual location which sometimes hinders the geofencing data. Due to this, you may sometimes even get a false alert that your kid has left the house even when they are still at home. So don’t believe it with closed eyes.

Apart from Geofencing, the other important monitoring features you get to see on KidsGuard Pro are listening to their phone calls, keylogger, social media tracking, WiFi logger, remote access to the target phone, and much more.

KidsGuard Pro Pricing

KidsGuard Pro has separate plans for Android and iPhone. The Android plan starts at $29.95/month whereas the iPhone plan starts at $39.95 per month.

Kidsguard plans

What We Loved
  • Easy to use
  • Quick email alerts
  • You can schedule geofencing
  • Supports multiple safe zones
What We Didn't Like
  • Location tracking is not pinpoint accurate

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3. FamiSafe

Last on the list we have a geofencing mobile app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store on your Android device or from App Store on your iPhone. The app is hidden in the background just like the previous two spy apps so your kids won’t know that you are keeping track of their location.

Setting up geofence on FamiSafe is one of the easiest things you could do. Head over to your FamiSafe account and scroll down to the Geofence section. Now, just provide a name to your geofence, choose a location, and set up a boundary by adjusting the geofence radius and that’s all.

Famisafe geofence setup

Now since the geofencing is set up, whenever your kids move out of the safety mark you will get an alert on your FamiSafe account. Here you don’t get the option to set an email alert which is the main thing going against this app.

Famisafe alerts

You will have to always log in to your FamiSafe account to check whether your kid has crossed the geofence or not. However, if you are fine with that then you can definitely choose FamiSafe over other geofencing apps as its location tracking is very accurate.

Moreover, it’s one of the most affordable monitoring apps that come with geofencing features. On top of that, this spy app also offers a free trial. So if you have budget constraints then you should definitely go for it. However, it comes with limited spying features and if you want a more advanced spy app that can do more than just tracking location then you can consider the other two apps we have discussed above.

If you want to explore all the features that FamiSafe offers then you can go through its detailed review here.

FamiSafe Pricing

As I already told you FamiSafe is one of the most affordable monitoring apps, its plan starts from just $10.99 for the monthly plans. If you want to get a quarterly or yearly plan then you would have to pay $20.99 and $60.99 respectively.

geofencing android app pricing

What We Loved
  • Easy to setup
  • Location tracking is to the point
  • Affordable geofencing app with a free trial
  • Quick data sync
What We Didn't Like
  • No email alerts

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Which Geofence App To Choose?

After going through the list of the three best geofencing apps you must have made up your mind as to which one you should go for. However, if you are still confused and cannot make the decision then let me help you out. See, if you are looking for a versatile spying app that can do more than just showing the geofencing data then you should rather pick any one of mSpy or KidsGuard Pro.

However, if your main purpose is only tracking the location of your loved ones then FamiSafe is a better choice. That’s because it has accurate location tracking at a very affordable price point. So with that, I think you will easily pick one Geofencing software for yourself.


Is It Possible To Use Geofencing Without An App?

No, without an app you cannot use the geofencing feature.

How Accurate Is Geofencing?

It is never 100% accurate but you can expect accuracy in the range of 100 to 200 meters.

Can You Install A Geofencing App Remotely?

No, you cannot install a Geofencing app remotely you need to have access to the device you want to track. That said, once the app is installed you can remotely track location and geofencing updates from your device.

Are Geofencing Apps Detectable?

All the apps that we have listed in this article are undetectable.

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