Best iPhone Keyloggers For Remote & Hidden Monitoring

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Before reviewing any spyware, Franklin uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Is your spouse or kids always texting someone on their iPhone? If yes, then you must be looking for ways to see through their phone and check who they are texting. But, is that even possible to do? Yes, you can actually hack into your Wife’s iPhone or read your husband’s text on an iOS device with the help of an iPhone key logger.

A keylogger is a device that records all the keystrokes pressed on the target device and remotely shows them to you. In this article, I am going to share with you the best keylogger for iPhone. So that you can check what someone is typing on their iPhone remotely without them knowing. So are you ready to witness the best hidden and remote keylogger for iPhone, if yes then let’s get started. I have already covered an article on the best keylogger for Android you can check it out as well.

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Keylogger For iPhone Comparison

NameKey FeaturesRating
FlexiSPY - Best iPhone Keylogger

  • Works without iCloud

  • Requires Jailbreak

  • Accurate and fast Keylogger

  • Keyword alert

uMobix - iOS Keylogger Without Jailbreak

  • No need to install the app

  • Takes screenshots of social media apps

  • Monitors browsing history

SpyBubble Pro - Best For Cheating Partner

  • iCloud based monitoring without jailbreak

  • Tracks social media chats

  • See all the visited websites


How Does iPhone Keylogger Work?

On the internet, you will find the following statements “There are hundreds of keyloggers for iPhone available”, “install any keylogger for iPhone without jailbreak”, “best keylogger iPhone app without jailbreak”, and “best iPhone keylogger no jailbreak”.

Such statements are nothing but complete lies and misleading information! Keylogger on iPhone never works that way.

To install any keylogger on an iPhone you need to make sure that you have a jailbroken iPhone. And all those people or online articles who say you can use a keylogger on iPhone without jailbreak via iCloud are not true. Because Apple never keeps keylogger data in the first place and even if it does it will never store the information on iCloud.

Such statements are said to lure you so that you pay them your hard-earned money and in return, you get some software that will never work.

Therefore, you need to jailbreak your iPhone and use a spy/keylogger app that offers a jailbreak solution.

Therefore, you need to jailbreak your iPhone and use a spy/keylogger app that offers a jailbreak solution. However, if you want to use a keylogger on iPhone without jailbreaking then I have a solution for that as well which is covered in the latter part of the article.

At SpyDrill, we perform rigorous testing of the spy apps and share our experiences. So that we can help you before you invest in something that you’ll regret.

And today I am sharing the best and only keylogger for iPhone that works without iCloud and takes care of your worries.

That software is none other than FlexiSPY!

The Best iPhone Keylogger

FlexiSPY is the iOS keylogger choice of many who aim to protect and monitor their loved ones online.

With so many insecurities in a company, entrepreneurs also keep an eye on their employees so that they don’t reveal the company’s secrets to competitors.

With FlexiSPY you can track all the major devices like Windows PC, macOS, iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. It will let you track your teen’s cell phone location, record phone calls of your employees, spy on your boyfriend’s SMS, and whatnot!

If you want to check out its features in action then read my article where I have discussed FlexiSPY features in-depth and in detail.

However, for the scope of this article, we are only covering the keylogger feature of FlexiSPY for iPhone.

There are 3 ways of getting your hands on FlexiSPY iOS Keylogger. Two of them will require a little work and in one method you will not even require to do anything for the setup.

So let’s have a look at the methods available for you while selecting FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY iOS Compatibility

With FlexiSPY you can monitor your spouse’s iPhones or kid’s iPad that is running on iOS 6 or above.

Keeping in mind that iOS 6 is a version from 2012, makes FlexiSPY one of the few spy software that provides such a long list of supported devices.

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Ways Of Getting FlexiSPY On iPhone

Unlike other iPhone spying apps, FlexiSPY gives the user a lot of options for plans and subscriptions along with the choice of getting started with FlexiSPY.

You can either do the complete installation and set it up by yourself, let FlexiSPY themselves set up the target device for you or you can buy an entirely new iPhone for monitoring that has FlexiSPY installed by default.

Let’s have a look at those methods in detail.

1. Do It Yourself

In the beginning, I said you need a jailbroken iPhone and it holds true. Because Apple is concerned about its user privacy, therefore, no spy app or keylogger can work properly on an iPhone unless it’s jailbroken.

To jailbreak an iPhone you need to perform a few steps that can be done within 5 to 10 minutes. This article will help you out in jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad.

It’s my responsibility to let you know that if the target iPhone is under one year of ownership, then such modifications to iOS software can terminate your warranty services with Apple. Therefore, if something goes wrong, then Apple will not resolve the issue.

So, to prevent your iPhone from any internal damage, you can opt for premium services from FlexiSPY.

2. FlexiSPY Installation Service

If you don’t want to personally jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, you can buy services from FlexiSPY that will take care of the jailbreaking process by themselves.

Along with jailbreaking, they will also install the app and complete the setup process for you and will explain to you the basic working of the software.

With this installation service, you don’t have to do much as everything will the done by highly trained engineers within no time.

Once everything is done, all you need to do is to start monitoring your boyfriend/girlfriend or anyone you would like with this iPhone keylogger.

3. FlexiSPY Express

Is your kid or lover demanding a new iPhone from you and you fear that they will make bad use of it?

If yes then with FlexiSPY Express service, you can buy a brand new iPhone from FlexiSPY itself.

By doing so, the new iPhone will arrive preinstalled with FlexiSPY software and you don’t even need to go through the installation process.

So with FlexiSPY Express, you can have a hassle-free experience.

When you’ll gift a new iPhone to your loved ones, the chances of suspicion by your teen/spouse will be less likely than asking for their iPhone for a longer time.

At the time of updating this article, you can either buy an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12, with either premium or extreme subscription of FlexiSPY on it.

All the iPhones bought from FlexiSPY come with a one-year warranty out of the box!

How To Install Keylogger On iPhone

If you have opted for the first method i.e. installing FlexiSPY yourself on the target phone then you can follow the below steps to install it on the target phone.

1. After successful payment, you will receive login credentials via email that you’ll require for a successful login on the official FlexiSPY portal.

FlexiSPY Portal

2. Once you have signed in, you’ll arrive at the Help page and in the center of the page, you will see an Installation Wizard screen where you’ll find the details of the subscription that you bought.

3. Clicking on your subscription will select the radio button, and you’ll see the Next button on the right of the screen. Click on the Next button.

4. On this page, select the iPhone/iPad radio button.

5. Then, hit the next button.

The rest of the steps for the complete installation process are very informatively explained by FlexiSPY. You will face no issues while installing the app on the target iPhone/iPad.

Once you have followed all the steps correctly, at the bottom of the screen you will find the My activation is complete radio button. Select it and click next.

On the next page, click on Finish and log in to the portal to start monitoring the keystrokes of your spouse or teen’s iOS device.

Using FlexiSPY Keylogger On iPhone

FlexiSPY can monitor calls, SMS, instant messengers, social media apps, photos, locations, etc. of your girlfriend or boyfriend without their knowledge! Along with that, you can even download their call recordings, and click photos from the front camera of the target device. Even their web history is not spared!

Here I am only focusing on the remote keylogger for iPhone feature of FlexiSPY, so let’s check it out.

Key Logs Feature

Are you curious to know how a keylogger for iPhone works and monitors your employees? Keep on reading we will explain the process as clearly as we can.

When you type anything using a keyboard on a phone it is termed a keystroke. Keylogger on iPhone records all the keystrokes pressed on the keyboard irrespective of the fact where it has been typed.

FlexiSPY iOS keylogger is a hidden keylogger for iPhone that works in the background, so it becomes completely undetectable by your spouse/fiance/boyfriend.

The iPhone keystroke logger will be continuously working and with its objective to keep track of the words typed on the iPhone. For e.g. If your spouse is planning a movie with someone, you’ll know that even if they hide that information from you.

In the Key Logs section, you will find all the keystrokes performed by your loved ones. The monitored keystrokes are collected app-wise so that it will help you see what’s typed where.

Best Keylogger for iPhone

By clicking on a particular app, you will see the complete list of words typed on it. Along with the word, information like the date and time of the word will be recorded.

Alert Feature

On FlexiSPY you can add a notifier for certain words that will be monitored so that when the word is typed you will receive a notification of the same. Along with the word you will also get to know the app where that word has been typed.

For e.g. if you set up a few notifiers like “bunk”, “skip lecture”, “skip class” etc. Whenever your teen will type those words you will get to know about them. So to catch your teen red-handed, better take advantage of FlexiSPY’s alert feature.

Setting up an alert is very easy. Under the Alert feature, there will be an option +Create an Alert, click on it.

Alert Feature

Once you are inside you will see three options namely Caller ID, Keyword, and Location. For setting up the keystroke notifier you’ll have to select Keyword. You can give names to the alerts in case you want to have multiple alerts like the mention of drugs, racism, fighting, etc.

Alert Notifier

In the Define your Alert details section you can enter the words that you want to filter. Just below you will find LOOK IN, there will be multiple options where you need to select Key as you want to check if those words or typed or not. Once you are ready with the notifier, press the Add alert button.

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iPhone Keylogger Without Jailbreak

No doubt FlexiSPY is the best iPhone keylogger without iCloud but it needs jailbreak permissions. If you want an iPhone keylogger with no jailbreak solution then you have a few options with you. I am going to share those options with you here.

But before we move further, it is important that you know these are not actual keyloggers. As they cannot track the words typed on the iPhone, all they can do is provide you with information such as iMessages, social media chats, web search history, etc. These apps also collect the social media passwords of the target person from iCloud backup and log into it and capture screenshots and send them to you remotely.

2. uMobix

Are you looking for the best Keyloggers for iOS without jailbreaking your phone?  If yes, then uMobix is the right app for it, you may validate it from my uMobix iPhone review. Although it may not have a dedicated keylogger for iOS like FlexiSPY, it does provide you screenshots of social media apps using which you can read the chats they have performed on various social media apps and instant messaging platforms.

Most people use a keylogger to see what messages one has sent on various platforms. uMobix can fulfill these demands without a keylogger so you should definitely give it a try if you are not fine with jailbreaking the iPhone.

uMobix uses iCloud backup to monitor someone’s activity on their iPhone, unlike other iCloud monitoring apps, this one has an advantage as it secretly logs into their Facebook or Instagram account and takes a screenshot of it, and shares them with you on your portal. So you can easily read their chats without them knowing.

iPhone keylogger no jailbreak

Apart from social media, it can also share the browsing history of the target person, another reason why someone uses a keylogger.


So without having a keylogger, uMobix can still do most of its work without jailbreaking the iPhone so you might have a look at it.

Click Here to Try uMobix

3. SpyBubble Pro

Just like uMobix, SpyBubble Pro is also iPhone spyware that tracks an iOS device through its iCloud backup. This means you do not have to install any app on the target iPhone. At the start of the article, I shared that iPhone spy apps with iCloud monitoring cannot track keystrokes typed on the phone. And that’s true in the case of SpyBubble Pro as well.

However, only a keylogger is not the solution to read someone’s messages or see someone’s browsing history and we have seen it with uMobix. Similarly, with SpyBubble Pro you can read their chats and see their browsed websites without the help of a keylogger.

spybubble pro

SpyBubble Pro is made with the intention to bust a cheater, so if you are looking for spyware to catch a cheating spouse or partner then this app is what you need.

Click Here to Try SpyBubble

4. Cocospy

Similar to uMobix and SpyBubble Pro, Cocospy is another remote keylogger for iPhone that works without installation. It is not a keylogger in the true sense, since it does not capture the keystrokes typed on iPhone but it fulfills the purpose. It lets you read their SMS and text messages remotely.

Also, it tracks their social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc. You will be able to read their chat as well as know with whom the chats were done.

cocospy keylogger

Moreover, it will track their website visits as well, so you are in control of your kid’s online activities.

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5. Spyic

Spyic is another hidden keystroke logger for iPhone, so you don’t have to worry about the target person knowing about it. You do not have to install this app on the target iPhone as it tracks the target iOS device through its iCloud backup.

The app can track the text messages and social media chats done on the target iPhone. Although it may not be able to track each and every keystroke, it is still worth it because you can read the messages your partner or kids share online.

spyic messages

Also, most parents use a keylogger to track their kid’s internet usage so that they can protect them from the side effects of the internet. With Spyic you can also do that since it can monitor the website history on the target iPhone.

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Which iPhone Keystroke Logger Is The Best?

No doubt, FlexiSPY is the best keystroke logger for iPhone, it tracks all the words typed on all apps and platforms on the target phone. However, to use FlexiSPY you need to jailbreak the iPhone, there is no other way around it. In case you are unable to jailbreak the iPhone yourself you can also take the help of FlexiSPY customer support or buy a brand new iPhone with FlexiSPY pre-installed on it.

If you do not want to jailbreak the target iPhone then the only solution you have is to track their activities through iCloud monitoring.

However, iCloud monitoring solutions like uMobix, SpyBubble Pro, Cocospy, and Spyic do not have a keylogger feature, they can help you track chats and browsing history through screenshots and other ways.

So if you ask me I would say that if you can take the risk of jailbreaking your kid’s or partner’s iPhone then you should definitely go with FlexiSPY. If not then uMobix, SpyBubble Pro, Cocospy, and Spyic are decent options to explore.

iPhone Keylogger FAQs

Can you install a Keylogger remotely?

No, you need to have physical access to the target iPhone/iPad. However, with FlexiSPY Express you can buy a brand new iPhone with preinstalled FlexiSPY software in which you will not require physical access.

Does FlexiSPY require Jailbreak?

Yes, it requires jailbreak for the successful working of the keylogger and other monitoring features.

How much does FlexiSPY cost for iPhone?

FlexiSPY comes with three different plans for iPhone/iPad that start at $19.99 and go up to $349.

Can you install a keylogger on an iPhone?

Yes, but you need to have a jailbroken iPhone for it to work.

What is the best keylogger for iPhone?

The best iPhone keylogger available for is FlexiSPY.

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