10 Best Keyloggers For Android Without Root

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Finding an undetectable and hidden keylogger for Android is a tough task, anyone can get overwhelmed considering the number of options you have online. But you don’t have to go through every Android keylogger to pick the one that suits you the best. In this article, I have listed the best keylogger for Android.  Once you go through this Android keystroke logger list I guarantee you would not want to check any other list.

Research & Update Process: I have been testing and reviewing keylogger apps for more than 2 years now. I spend days and weeks on a single app to test it for all its features. To prepare this list of hidden keyloggers for Android, it took me over a few months as I had to test over 20 apps out of which 10 are shortlisted for this article. Also, I keep updating the article from time to time to keep the list updated and relevant.

Quick Summary
If you don’t have time to go through every remote Android keystroke logger on the list then you can settle for KidsGuard Pro. The reason I recommend them is that they don’t miss even a single keystroke pressed on the Android keyboard. Moreover, they record words typed on all the apps even the keystrokes made on the private or incognito window. Both apps are also capable of showing the deleted text messages that your spouse may delete after receiving or sending them.

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Top 3 Picks

NameKey FeaturesRating
KidsGuard Pro - Cheap Keylogger For Android

  • Easy To Use

  • Monitors words typed on all browsers and apps

  • Records copied text

SpyBubble Pro - Best Keylogger For Catching A Cheater

  • Monitors all the chats made on different social media apps

  • Works in hidden mode

  • Quickly syncs all the keystrokes to your dashboard

mSpy - Best Keylogger For Android

  • Tracks each and every keystroke

  • Records words types in Incognito window as well

  • Highly accurate


How Do They Work?

Before jumping on the best hidden Keylogger apps for Android, it’s better to understand how a keystroke logger for Android works.

Keylogger is a feature that almost all the good Android spy apps offer to their users.

Before understanding the working of the spy keyloggers for Android, it’s better to understand the working of the spying apps first.

A Keylogger is a short form for the word “keystroke logger.” Whenever the necessary permissions are given from the target device, the Keylogger tool tracks down all the words that the user types. And those words are then shown on the tracking app’s dashboard on the parent’s or your device remotely.

But what’s interesting is that a keylogger app can be hidden on the Android phone so the target person will never know about it. This means all the top Keyloggers for Android mentioned in the list below are hidden Keyloggers.

Note: The legit use of mobile Keylogger is only possible when the target person is aware of the installation of the spy Keylogger app on their device.

What’s The Use Case?

Monitoring Children and Teens

tracking kids

Parents can use keyloggers to track their kids’ online activities and prevent them from using cell phones for negative purposes. It helps identify potential issues like internet addiction or the use of inappropriate language in messages, allowing for timely intervention.

Employee Tracking

employee tracking

Employers can use keyloggers on company-provided smartphones or computers to monitor employee activities during work hours. Also with the help of a keylogger employers can track app usage and information sharing which can help protect sensitive company data and prevent potential business risks.

Catch A Cheating Partner

build trust among partners

Keyloggers can be used in relationships when there are suspicions of infidelity. Monitoring keystrokes can provide insights into a partner’s online communication, helping to address concerns and build trust.

Is Remote Installation Possible?

Just as in the case of hidden Android spyware, you cannot install an Android keylogger remotely on the target device i.e. you must have physical access to the target phone. However, you only need physical access for only one time, once the keystroke app for Android is installed you don’t have to touch the phone ever again.

Best Android Keyloggers Without Root

Getting an Android keylogging app is easy, but getting the best one is a tough job. But you need not worry because I have already done the tough job for you.

Here is the list of spy apps with the best Keyloggers for Android.

1. KidsGuard Pro

Android keylogger

KidsGuard Pro excels in providing an accurate keylogger without the need for rooting, offering easy installation, quick updates, and a user-friendly interface. Its efficient sync time ensures prompt remote updates from the target phone to your KidsGuard Pro account.

Operating discreetly in hidden mode, KidsGuard Pro’s keylogger captures keystrokes without alerting the user, ensuring covert monitoring. The app goes beyond standard keylogging, functioning as a versatile clipboard. It not only tracks keystrokes but also monitors the copying and pasting of information, providing comprehensive insights into user activity.

With the prevalence of mobile keyboard use, organizing vast amounts of text is crucial. KidsGuard Pro addresses this by categorizing keylogging activities into specific sections. For instance, the Chrome section displays keystrokes made in the Chrome browser, while the WhatsApp section reveals messages typed by the target person.

The app also simplifies searching within specific apps, enabling users to search for particular words related to specific topics. However, it’s important to note that KidsGuard Pro’s keylogger search is case-sensitive, requiring users to consider variations in capitalization for effective results.

search by words

In summary, KidsGuard Pro offers a comprehensive and efficient keylogger experience, ensuring accurate monitoring of keystrokes and user activity on Android devices without the complexities of rooting.

My Thoughts: I liked the keylogger on KidsGuard Pro, it’s quick, reliable, and accurate. Whatever typed on the target Android phone synced to my KidsGuard Pro dashboard within a few minutes. I also liked the way it categorizes each keystroke under the app it was made on which makes it easy to track the keystrokes.

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Learn more about KidsGuard Pro in my review.

2. SpyBubble Pro

spybubble undetectable keylogger

Made with the intention of catching a cheating partner, this hidden Android keylogger is your go-to choice if you want to spy on your unfaithful lover. SpyBubble once installed on your spouse’s phone tracks every word they type on their cell phone. So this means you can view all the messages of your husband or wife remotely without them knowing.

Besides reading their chats you will also be able to see on which particular app the message was sent and at what time. This will help you ensure whether they are actually cheating on you or not. You can also search for a particular app to see what the target person is typing on it.

keystroke logger app

Also, it is very quick in syncing the keystrokes. You can see all the words typed by your partner in just 5 minutes on your dashboard. so you can take quick action. Overall, SpyBubble Pro is one of the best Android keyloggers to monitor your flirty partner.

My Thoughts: This Android hidden keylogger works well, it is fast enough to sync the typed word on the target phone within a few minutes to its online dashboard. I also liked the way you can search for a particular app on it to see the keystrokes made on that app.

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Learn more about SpyBubble in my review.

3. mSpy

keylogger of mspy

mSpy, a veteran in the spy app domain, has consistently maintained its standing as a top-tier option, credited to its enduring features such as geofencing and Keylogger. Once installed on the target Android device, mSpy facilitates remote monitoring of keystrokes.

The Keylogger section displays a comprehensive list of keystrokes, specifying the associated app for each entry. Unlike many counterparts, mSpy’s Keylogger stands out for its accuracy, providing complete and reliable data with a timestamp for each keystroke.

While mSpy’s Keylogger is dependable, it’s essential to note a potential drawback— the data sync speed. The app typically takes 10-15 minutes to upload new data in all sections, including the Keylogger.

Comparing KidsGuard Pro and mSpy Keyloggers, KidsGuard Pro exhibits faster sync times. However, if constant monitoring of typed words is not a priority, mSpy remains a decent choice.

Recognizing the extensive use of cell phones throughout the day, mSpy simplifies spying by introducing a sorting option. This feature allows users to extract data specific to particular apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Instagram.

For parents concerned about their children’s language use, mSpy offers a helpful Keyword tracking feature. Users can add words they wish to monitor, and whenever the target person uses these words, notifications are promptly delivered, simplifying the process of keeping track.

keyword tracking of mspy

My Thoughts: mSpy is one of the most advanced Android keystroke loggers I have used so far. In my test, I found that apart from tracking normal keystrokes it even let me set rules for any specific keyword. So that whenever the target person types the provided word I could get notified about it.  This feature worked well for me.

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Learn more about mSpy in my review.

4. FlexiSPY

spy android keylogger

People who know even a bit about spy apps will definitely be aware of FlexiSPY. It’s one of the best spy Keyloggers for Android to monitor kids, couples, and employees.

FlexiSPY is an allrounder app and its Keylogger also works as one would expect from a spy app. In fact, it has the smartest mobile keylogger for Android of all the tracking apps I’ve tested so far.

With FlexiSPY, you will be able to see the keystrokes performed by the child along with the name of the apps on which it was performed.

Keystrokes will be visible from all the social media apps that your partner uses like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Snapchat.

Flexispy keylogger

In the case of kids and teens, the searches made on the browser need to be checked by the parents and this needs to be done frequently.

But you don’t need to worry as long as you have FlexiSPY by your side. The app extracts all the keystrokes performed on various browsers.

You can even see what the target person likes to buy on Amazon and Walmart.

Other things include the numbers that your spouse dials on their phone and the contacts they are searching for.

While evaluating the keylogger function of the app I was amazed to see that even the calculations done on the calculator can be seen.

Get Alerts For Specific Words

different flexispy alerts

I call FlexiSPY a smart cellphone keylogger because it has the Alerts feature. The use of abusive words, or harsh words like murder, brutal, die, etc. is not at all acceptable from the kid. Whenever the FlexiSPY keylogger catches such keystrokes from the target device, it immediately gives a notification.

alert section for detection of wrong words

You can add the words for which you want the alert in the Keyword section of Alerts. The user gets to use all these impressive Keylogger features without even rooting the Android device.

My Thoughts: Among all other spy keyloggers for Android on the list, FlexiSPY is my favorite. I like its colorful interface and the way it organizes the keystrokes based on the app it was made. Also, it can give an alert for specific keywords that the target person types on their phone.

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Learn more about FlexiSPY in my review.

5. Cocospy


Keeping an eye on the teen’s messages and chats with Cocospy is not a bad idea.

It is a great way to check if your kid is being bullied online. With it, you can also ensure that your kid is not in contact with an unknown person by reading their messages.

Under the Keylogger section of Cocospy, you will get the list of all the apps and browsers on which something is typed.

Keystroke is performed in the web browser, social media apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, and sites like Amazon and Walmart. People perform keystrokes daily to search for the content within the phone too. These contents are photos, videos, messages, phone numbers, apps, and even the content within the apps.

Cocospy’s secret & undetectable keylogger for Android can record all the keystrokes performed on almost every app and sync them on your dashboard remotely and almost instantly.

The date and time on which the keystroke was performed will also be visible on your keylogger dashboard along with the apps on which the keystroke was performed.

The best thing is that the Cocospy app is hidden, so its keylogger is also hidden and undetectable.

Due to this, no amount of suspicion is raised in the mind of the target person that their keystrokes are being recorded.

My Thoughts: Cocospy is a decent Android keylogger that stays hidden on the target device. During my testing, I was able to track all the keystrokes made on the target device on every app.

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Learn more about Cocospy in my review.

6. iKeyMonitor

ikeymonitor - Android keylogger without root

We are listing the best Android keylogger apps and forget iKeyMonitor how is that even possible?

iKeyMonitor’s remote Keylogger for Android does exactly what it says. It collects the typed words from the target device and presents them before you. Moreover, the app icon can be hidden so it becomes an invisible keylogger.

The best thing about iKeyMonitor’s Keylogger which I only found while testing is that it tracks the keystrokes performed on almost all the apps present on the kid’s phone.

What else does iKeyMonitor make possible? Along with the words, it will provide you with the time and date when the particular text was typed on the target cellphone.

The app on which the kid typed the following words is also viewable. These apps even include Messages, browsers, and retail stores like Amazon, and Walmart.

If you’re checking the data after a few days, there will be a heap of Keylogger activities to check. But you can save your precious time by looking for the keystrokes performed on a certain date.

alert feature ikeymonitor

Just like FlexiSPY, iKeyMonitor also has an Alerts section. Whenever some wrong, abusive words are used by the target person, you get an alert about it.

My Thoughts: iKeyMonitor is a good Android keystroke logger app. I like the way it shows the time of keystroke along with the name of the app it was made on, it makes the tracking so much easier. Also, the keyword alert feature helps a lot.

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Learn more about iKeyMonitor in my review.

7. Spyic

spyic keylogger

The long list of Spyic features includes a key logger for Android for all the concerned parents who want to know beforehand, what their kids are planning behind their back.

The updates on keyloggers are quick. So if there’s something that demands quick action, you can totally rely on Spyic for that.

Keystrokes from all social media and instant messaging apps will be shown. So basically, you will remotely have complete knowledge of what’s going on in their life and if they are safe or not.

Other than social media and instant messaging apps, you can see what they like to search and order on online retail stores.

Searches made on browsing apps like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and so on can be easily seen. This can be really important for parents who suspect their teen of watching porn, brutality, and other content of inferior quality.

The search feature of the Spyic Android key logger is so deep that the results from the calculator app can also be seen. With all the keystrokes, the date and time when they were performed are also available for your assistance.

Just like KidsGuard Pro, Spyic keylogger also works like a clipboard. So if you are interested in knowing what all the target person copies and pastes from one place to another, Spyic will help you out.

My Thoughts: I like Spyic for its accuracy and quickness. However, it does not sort the keylogger under the app it was made on, so it can be tough to look for specific keystrokes. However, it lets you search for an app from the search bar, which is a good thing.

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Learn more about Spyic in my review.

8. uMobix


uMobix stands out with its undetectable Android keylogger, impressive with precise tracking and swift updates. This feature becomes invaluable for those suspecting a partner’s extramarital affair, as uMobix accurately records every typed word with remarkable speed.

Upon installation on the target Android device, uMobix promptly initiates keystroke tracking. The app provides not only the name of the app where a specific keystroke occurred but also the corresponding date and time, enhancing data evaluation.

Navigating the extensive keystroke data is simplified with a search bar. Users can easily filter conversations containing specific words, streamlining the monitoring process. This proves particularly useful when dealing with large volumes of keystrokes, allowing sorting based on app name and date.

undetectable keylogger for android

uMobix’s keylogger even extends its reach to incognito mode, ensuring comprehensive tracking of words typed in incognito browsing sessions. Additionally, the feature monitors copied and pasted text, offering a holistic view of user activity.

In summary, uMobix’s keylogger emerges as a robust and user-friendly tool, effectively addressing suspicions and concerns in various scenarios.

My Thoughts: uMobix is overall a good Android keylogger. It worked well in my case, however, I would have enjoyed it more if it didn’t keep all the recorded keystrokes in the same place. It would be better if it organized the keystrokes based on the app it was made, just like FlexiSPY and KidsGuard Pro.

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Learn more about uMobix in my review.

9. Hoverwatch

keylogger of hoverwatch

Here’s an app with a completely different type of Keylogger. Hoverwatch does not have a separate section for Keylogger or any other feature.

Hoverwatch introduces a unique approach to keylogging, eschewing a dedicated section for this feature. Instead, the app captures keystrokes through remote screenshots, consolidating them in a single location.

Upon Hoverwatch installation, the app initiates the capture of remote screenshots across various phone sections. This inclusive approach allows users to view keystrokes made on WhatsApp, Tinder, LINE, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.

Unlike text-based monitoring apps prone to incomplete results, Hoverwatch’s screenshot method ensures comprehensive tracking. This visual approach enables users to not only read exchanged messages but also see who is texting whom through names or profile pictures.

The date and time of each keystroke are conveniently displayed within the corresponding screenshot, eliminating reliance on app-provided timestamps. Despite potential delays in data sync speed, the app’s screenshot quality ensures clear and immediate comprehension of every word.

While distinguishing the app associated with a specific keystroke is generally evident from the screenshots, users can refer to the app name above each screenshot for clarity. Despite a potential drawback in data sync speed, Hoverwatch guarantees reliable results through its distinctive screenshot-based keylogging approach.

My Thoughts: Hoverwatch is the most unique keylogger for Android, while other apps track the keystrokes, it captures a screenshot whenever the target person types something. I enjoy using this app because it provides visuals while other Android keystroke logger apps only provide text.

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Learn more about Hoverwatch in my review.

10. Eyezy


The next keystroke logger for Android on the list is Eyezy, it is a similar app to mSpy, that allows you to track every word typed on the target Android phone. To see the keystrokes captured by the app you need to go to the Keylogger section under the Keystroke Capture tab on your Eyezy account.

Under this section, you will be able to see all the words typed on the target phone across various apps. You can also filter out a particular app that you wish to track.

android keystroke logger

It will track all the words typed on social media, messages, browsers, etc. Guess what? It can even track the words typed in an incognito or a private window which not all Android keylogger apps can do. The only downside is it sometimes tracks words in pieces i.e. it won’t track whole words at once which can be very annoying. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best keylogger apps for Android that you can try.

My Thoughts: In my honest opinion, Eyezy is a decent Android hidden keylogger that tracks every word typed on the target device. However, I would have liked it better if it sorted the keystrokes based on the app it was made. You can filter out the apps as per your wish but it’s just extra work you need to put in.

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Learn more about Eyezy in my review.

No, keyloggers are not legal if you are using them to spy on someone. However, if you are using a keylogger app for Android to monitor your minor child’s online activities, in that case, it’s fine to use them.

My Final Verdict

Choosing the right remote keylogger app can be a challenging decision, especially when considering options like iKeyMonitor, Spyic, FlexiSPY, and KidsGuard Pro for non-rooted Android devices. While iKeyMonitor and Spyic have commendable keyloggers, there are instances where they may fail to capture keystrokes, making it unreliable for parents trying to monitor their kids or individuals suspicious of a partner’s activities.

In contrast, FlexiSPY and KidsGuard Pro stand out as reliable choices. These apps consistently deliver accurate and timely updates on keystrokes, ensuring that users receive real-time information about their child’s, partner’s, or employee’s activities. FlexiSPY and KidsGuard Pro’s keyloggers perform exceptionally well without requiring rooting, making them the preferred options for those seeking a dependable solution for monitoring Android devices.

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