7 Best Social Media Spy Apps For Android And iPhone

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Similar to fire, social media serves as both a boon and a bane for society. On one hand, it facilitates connections, knowledge dissemination, and entertainment. Conversely, it also becomes a breeding ground for bullying, cheating, and misinformation.

Hence, it becomes imperative to vigilantly monitor the social media activities of our loved ones remotely to ensure their safety and well-being in this digital landscape.

In this article, I will share with you the best social media spy apps that I use to safeguard my loved ones from the dark side of social media. So without any further ado, let’s begin.

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Quick Summary
Monitoring social media apps is crucial in the digital age. However, you need good secret social media spy apps to track the social media activities of your loved ones without them knowing. There are lots of remote social media spyware available online such as KidsGuard Pro, uMobix, FlexiSPY, and more. My favorite spy apps are KidsGuard Pro and FlexiSPY because these not only track social media chats and activities but also record calls made on these apps.

Top Social Media Spy App Comparison Table

NameKey FeaturesRating
KidsGuard Pro - Best Overall

  • Social media call recording

  • Track social apps with screenshots

  • Effective keylogger

uMobix - Easy To Use Social Media Spyware

  • Quick installation

  • Track all social media sites with screenshots

  • Records all keystrokes made on various social media sites

FlexiSPY - Best iPhone Social Media Spy App

  • Record calls made on social media platforms

  • Track all activities on social media with screenshots and keylogger

  • Works on iPhone and Android

MoniMaster - Cheapest Social Media Spy App

  • Record social media app calls

  • Takes screenshots of social media activities

  • Record all keystrokes made on various social media platforms


Why Monitoring Social Media Is Crucial?

In my opinion, monitoring social media is considered crucial for various reasons, especially when it comes to kids, employees, and potential cheating partners.

1. Kids

Considering the dangers of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Kik monitoring children’s social media is crucial for ensuring online safety. Parents must protect them from cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and potential predators.

Active monitoring helps identify signs of distress or risky behavior early, allowing timely intervention. This approach also fosters good digital habits, educating children about responsible online behavior and creating a safe developmental environment.

2. Cheating Partner

In the digital era, cheating on a partner has become easier, often happening on social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. If you suspect your partner is cheating, checking their social media might reveal the truth. People use these platforms to hide their actions, making monitoring essential for uncovering any hidden secrets and maintaining honesty in relationships.

3. Employees

Workplace social media monitoring is crucial for protecting the company’s reputation and ensuring security. It helps address inappropriate content, identifies security threats, and maintains productivity and professionalism.

Best Social Media Spy Apps For Android and iPhone

1. KidsGuard Pro: Best Overall

Comprehensive Monitoring:

While reviewing KidsGuard Pro I found that it offers extensive coverage by spying on Facebook activities and other popular social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, and Kik. Users can use this tool to monitor a diverse range of social interactions across multiple platforms.

Instant Updates:

KidsGuard Pro gives you real-time updates, so you get instant information about what someone is doing on social media on their device remotely. This helps you stay quickly informed about the online actions of your loved ones.

Screenshot Capture:

download screenshots

With KidsGuard Pro, you can see and save screenshots of what someone is doing on social media on their phone. This gives you a clear record of their social media activities.

Keylogger Integration:

KidsGuard Pro includes a keylogger feature that keeps track of text conversations. This means it not only takes screenshots but also records the actual content of chats, providing a more detailed way to monitor social media activities.

App Calls:

voip call recording

In my test, I found that KidsGuard Pro can also record calls made on Facebook Messenger and other social media platforms including WhatsApp, Line, and Instagram. This means that apart from messages, you can also listen to the target person’s call conversations made on these apps.

What I Loved
  • Record call conversations on social media apps
  • Tracks all activities using a keylogger and screenshots
  • Affordable plans
What I Didn't Like
  • Limited social media monitoring on iPhone

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2. uMobix: Easy To Use Social Media Spyware

Advanced Keylogger:

best social media spy app for android

uMobix features an advanced Android keylogger that silently captures every keystroke on the target phone without alerting the user. This discreet monitoring is essential for gaining thorough insights into the user’s social media activities.

Real-time Updates and Syncing:

While using uMobix, I noticed the tool quickly synchronizes recorded social media data as long as the target phone is online. This guarantees real-time updates remotely and immediate access to the monitored information.

Wide Social Media App Coverage:

uMobix can spy on Instagram and a lot of other social media apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, TikTok, Zoom, Viber, Telegram, and others. This means you can keep an eye on a wide variety of online interactions.

Screenshots Feature:

best facebook spy app

uMobix stands out with its screenshot feature, letting users see screenshots from different social media apps used by the person being monitored. Importantly, this is done without the person being monitored knowing, ensuring secretive monitoring.

Exclusive Online Status Feature:

uMobix distinguishes itself with its unique online status feature, which shows the current social media app being used by the person you’re monitoring. This real-time insight offers valuable information about the user’s activities.

What I Loved
  • Tracks social media with screenshot and keylogger
  • Online status features show which app is currently being used on the target device
  • Easy to use and install
What I Didn't Like
  • Missing on the social media call recording feature

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3. FlexiSPY: Best iPhone Social Media Spy App

Robust Keylogger Feature:

social media keylogs

FlexiSPY’s Keylogger stands out as the best in my extensive testing of FlexiSPY and other keyloggers. It keeps a detailed record of everything typed on apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, and Facebook. This helps you see what people are searching for and how they interact on social media.

IMs Feature for Social Media Tracking:

best iPhone social media spy app

FlexiSPY is good at keeping an eye on social media like Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It doesn’t need any root permissions for those apps but might need it for other social media apps like Facebook or Skype. The cool thing is that it shows complete conversations with dates and times, giving you helpful insights.

However, to use FlexiSPY to monitor social media activities on an iPhone you need to jailbreak it as there is no way around it.

VoIP Call Recording:

social media call recording

Unlike uMobix we discussed above, FlexiSPY not only tracks social media chats but even records calls made on such platforms, and that too without rooting the target Android device.

Efficient Screenshot Capture:


The App Screenshots feature of FlexiSPY is great, it captures social media screenshots from the target person’s phone and shows them on the dashboard for you to see. It does this quickly and without them knowing, giving you a clear picture of what they’re doing on their social media accounts.

What I Loved
  • Can track social media on both Android and iPhone
  • Records social media calls on all apps
  • Monitors all social media activities using screenshots and key logs
What I Didn't Like
  • To track social media on iPhone you need to jailbreak it

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4. mSpy: Popular Social Media Monitoring Tool

Effective Keylogger:


mSpy is good at keeping track of what’s happening on social media. It records everything typed on social media apps and even alerts you through email if specific words are used. These features make mSpy one of the best apps for keeping an eye on social media activities.

Screen Recorder Feature:

mSpy has a Screen Recorder feature that secretly takes screenshots when social and messaging apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. are used on the phone being monitored. These screenshots, along with timestamps, can be checked remotely on the mSpy online portal.

Social Media Messages:

whatsApp chats

Besides screenshots and keylogger, while reviewing mSpy I found that the app has a Social Networks feature under which it keeps a log of all the chats shared on each social media app on the target phone. Just select the app and the contact, and it will show you the entire conversation thread.

What I Loved
  • Has an effective keylogger
  • Captures screen whenever a social media app is opened on the target device
  • Track all social media chats
What I Didn't Like
  • Cannot record social media calls

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5. Hoverwatch: Screenshot Based Social Media Spyware

Screenshots Capture:


In my Hoverwatch test, I found it’s great for keeping an eye on your kids’ social media like Instagram and Facebook. It takes secret screenshots from different parts of these apps like the homepage, chat inbox, and Explorer feed, helping parents deal with worries about inappropriate stuff.

Quick Sync:

All the captured screenshots of the target phone are quickly synced to your Hoverwatch dashboard for almost real-time monitoring.

Ease Of Use:

Unlike other social media spy apps on the list which rely on text-based monitoring, Hoverwatch opts for screenshots-based monitoring. This makes it easier to use for effective monitoring of social media apps.

What I Loved
  • Monitors all social media activities with screenshots
  • User-friendly interface
  • Works in a hidden mode
What I Didn't Like
  • No keylogger for tracking words typed on social media apps

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6. MoniMaster: Cheapest Social Media Spy App

App Calls:

app call

MoniMaster has a cool App Calls feature that records both the calls you make and receive with clear sound. However, at the moment it works for specific apps like WhatsApp, Line, and Instagram. Nonetheless, this feature helps you get a good look at what the person you’re monitoring is talking about.

Screenshots for Social Apps:


The app quietly takes screenshots of social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. This helps users keep track of what the person they’re watching is up to on social media, giving a complete picture of their online actions.

Keylogger Functionality:

MoniMaster’s remote keylogger secretly records every tap on the target device, capturing messages and searches on social media. This gives a detailed summary of the user’s actions, making monitoring more effective.

Broad Social Media Coverage:

In my test of MoniMaster, I discovered that it goes beyond popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook and tracks other apps like Telegram, Snapchat, Kik, etc. This wide coverage lets users stay informed about a variety of social interactions.

What I Loved
  • Record calls made on social media apps
  • Takes constant screenshots of all social apps
  • Keylogger works well
  • Cheap Plans
What I Didn't Like
  • Cannot track all social media apps on iPhone

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7. SpyBubble Pro: Hidden Social Media Message Tracker

Social Media Message Tracking With Keylogger:


SpyBubble Pro follows and records messages on different social media and messaging apps. It uses a keylogger to grab everything typed on various apps, along with taking screenshots when social media apps are used. This two-way method ensures thorough monitoring and gives information about sent messages and the apps used.

Read Hidden Conversations With Screenshots:

secret social media spy app

While reviewing SpyBubble Pro, I found that it effectively deals with secret chat features of social media apps that delete messages automatically. It takes remote screenshots, letting you read entire conversations, revealing hidden interactions and possible signs of unfaithfulness.

Efficient Tracking Across Various Social Media Platforms:

SpyBubble Pro is good at keeping tabs on different social media profiles, including Facebook, Skype, Line, and more. Its ability to monitor various platforms makes it effective in giving a complete picture of what the person you’re tracking is doing online.

What I Loved
  • Can track deleted text messages
  • Closely monitors all social media apps with screenshots
  • Keylogger tracks every word typed on social media apps
What I Didn't Like
  • Cannot record calls made on social media apps

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Which Is The Best App To Spy On Social Media? Final Verdict

Among the social media monitoring apps I’ve discussed, my top recommendations are KidsGuard Pro and FlexiSPY based on my personal experience. Both excel by capturing screenshots, revealing the target person’s activities on various platforms, including messaging and content viewing.

Additionally, they record calls made on social media, enhancing their monitoring capabilities. For an affordable Android option, choose KidsGuard Pro. In the case of an iPhone, FlexiSPY stands out as the sole effective choice for spying on social media.


Is There Any Free Social Media Spy App?

No, there's no free social media spy app available.

Is It Legal To Spy On Someone's Social Media?

No, it is not legal to spy on someone's social media profile without them knowing.

FlexiSPY Or KidsGuard Pro, Which Social Media Spyware Is Better?

Both are good. If you want an affordable option then go for KidsGuard Pro. And if you want to track social media on iPhone then go for FlexiSPY.

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