9 Best Spy Apps For iPhone Without Jailbreak

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

iPhones are really secure and there’s no one denying that. However, with the right iOS spying app, you can monitor iPhone activities, and that too without the target person knowing about it. Most people will tell you that you need to jailbreak an iPhone in order to install a spy app on it and they are correct.

But what if I tell you that you can spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking it or installing any spying app for an iPhone? Yes, it is possible with the help of non-jailbroken iPhone monitoring software. In this article, I’ll share with you the best non-jailbroken spy apps for iPhone that are total value for money. So without wasting any time, let’s begin.

Research & Update Process: I test all the spy apps before recommending them to you. So you can be assured that all the information you are getting is 100% authentic. To prepare this list of spy apps for iPhone without installing on target phone I have invested 30 to 35 days in exploring each app for its pros and cons. Since iPhone is very strict when it comes to the privacy of its users, it keeps making changes to its security protocols which can restrict any spyware from working properly on iOS devices. Hence I keep updating the article every 1 month or so to check if each spyware is working properly or not.

Quick Summary Of The Article
In case you don’t have time to go through the entire article and are looking for a quick solution then you can pick uMobix with your eyes closed. The reason I recommend uMobix is that it can do something that no other iPhone spying app can do. It can track the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the target person with screenshots and that too without jailbreaking the iPhone. Besides, it can track call logs, messages, and WhatsApp chats like every other iPhone spyware on the list. You can learn more about its features in my uMobix review.

Table Of Contents

Top 3 Picks

NameKey FeaturesRating
uMobix - Advanced iPhone Spyware Without Jailbreak

  • Effective call log monitoring

  • Track WiFi connections

  • Monitor SMS & iMessages

  • Tracks WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram

KidsGuard Pro - Cheapest iPhone Spy App

  • Tracks Incoming & Outgoing Calls and iMessages

  • View stored images and videos on the target iPhone

  • Monitor Safari bookmarks and history

SpyBubble Pro - Catch A Cheater On iPhone

  • Read spouse's deleted messages

  • Track exact location

  • Spy on All Social Media activities


How These Apps Work?

iPhone spy apps offer an iCloud spy solution, allowing remote access to the target iPhone’s backup, including photos, call logs, chats, and more without installing the spy app on the device. However, iCloud tracking has limitations.

Jailbreaking an iPhone provides extensive monitoring possibilities, like capturing keystrokes, recording calls, and accessing the camera and microphone with an installed monitoring app. FlexiSPY is currently the top app for spying on an iPhone without an Apple ID, but installation requires access to the device.

Also, let me be very clear there’s no monitoring solution such as an iPhone spy app no jailbreak no iCloud. The options are either jailbreaking for in-depth monitoring or using iCloud for limited tracking. Now, let’s explore the top 9 spyware for iPhones without jailbreak and target phone access.

Best Spy Apps For iPhone Without Jailbreak

Before starting with the list of spy software for iPhone without jailbreak, I would like to clarify how these spying apps work for iPhones. The spying is dependent on the iCloud backup of the iOS device. All the data and apps on the iPhone for which the backup is available on iCloud can be easily tracked.

Two things make the tracking of the target device possible. First is the iCloud credentials of the iOS device and secondly, the iCloud backup should be enabled on the target device. So, you can track an iPhone without installing any app or spy software for iPhone using these apps.

If the user wants more monitoring features for iOS or wants to spy on iPhone without Apple ID then the device being targeted must be jailbroken. But on this list, I have only focused on the best undetectable spy apps for iPhone without jailbreak and without installing app.

1. uMobix

Track the target iPhone and get updates for all the activities, and that too very quickly with uMobix.

This spy phone app for iPhone is really easy to use and you don’t need any special guidance to use the app.

uMobix is an iPhone spy software that works with two-factor authentication just like every other app on the list.

Not a long time back, Apple announced some major changes wherein the 2FA option was enabled permanently. So in 99% of the cases, you will need a 2FA code to set up any iOS spy app while only iCloud account creds are enough if it is disabled.

When 2FA is enabled and a spy phone app for iPhone tries to access the iCloud account of the target iOS device, a verification code will be sent to the target iPhone. Once you provide uMobix with the verification code, you will gain access to the target iOS iCloud account.

Once the setup is complete, you will be able to see the data syncing on the uMobix portal remotely.

Many of the iPhone activities can be seen on the dashboard. The type of device being tracked, recent 5 most called contacts, recent 5 most messages, last known location, and phone activity from different sections like calls, messages, photos, videos, etc. are available directly on the dashboard.

Calls, Contacts, And Messages

Just like every reputed and good-quality monitoring app for iPhone, uMobix also helps you by giving details of the calls that the target device receives or makes.

Even the missed calls will be tracked and revealed to you in the portal remotely. While using the app, I was very impressed with the information it provided because it was accurate and fast.

umobix calls

The name of the other person will be shown along with their name. The phone number of that person, duration of the call, date and time of the call, and the type of call (missed/incoming/outgoing) all this information will be handy.

The list of contacts saved on the kid’s phone should always be available to the parents as well. You never know when you find someone unknown in the contacts and maybe that person doesn’t have good intentions.

uMobix’s Address Book feature has access to all the contacts that are present on the kid’s phone.

The name of that person and the phone number will be shown to you by uMobix. And sometimes if there is an address and email saved with that number then that will also be shown. Also, you can see the photo of the contact person if added by your kid.

Chatting via messages and iMessages is quite common among people despite the introduction of WhatsApp, LINE, and other similar chatting apps.

So, leaving these sections unchecked can be a huge mistake.

Just go to the iMessages section to read all the iMessages of someone without them knowing.

You need to click on the contact for whom you want to see the conversation and everything will be present right in front of your eyes.

All the messages whether sent or received and the time and date of the message can also be seen.

Browser History and Browser Bookmarks

Browser History of uMobix

The moment the parent hands over a personal cell phone to the kid, right from that moment they are tense about the wrong use of the internet.

And you all are very well aware of the horrendous content available on the internet and how it can spoil your kids.

To save your kid from such harshness of the internet, you can keep an eye on the browsing history.

During the testing phase, I figured that uMobix tracks the browsing history very well but when it comes to monitoring the bookmarks it lacks sometimes.

Other Features

Other than keeping a check on calls, messages, contacts, and browsing history, uMobix permits the user to keep track of WiFi connections with which the kid’s device was connected.

This can be an important feature to know if the kid knows the password to the home WiFi or not and you can change it if you don’t want them to use WiFi any further.

Similarly, keeping track of notes that they make on their phone is also possible.


uMobix pricing

Unlike some other spyware which has different pricing plans for Android and iPhone, you have to pay similar prices for both operating systems on uMobix. You can get uMobix by paying $49.99/month for 1 month, $27.99/month for 3 months, and $11.66/ month for 12 months.

My Thoughts On uMobix: Although an iPhone spy app without jailbreak isn’t really effective when it comes to tracking the social media activities of the target person. However, in my test, I found that uMobix does a good job of providing screenshots of the target person’s Facebook and Instagram accounts without them knowing.
What I Loved
  • Clean interface and easy to use

  • Those contacts can also be seen which were added and deleted immediately

  • Deleted calls can be recovered

  • Deleted messages are recovered

  • Data syncing of the app is very quick

What I Didn't Like
  • No constant updates for social apps

  • No updates on videos after initial syncing

  • Browser bookmarks were not shows by uMobix

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2. KidsGuard Pro

Plenty of features, accuracy, and quick updates of KidsGuard Pro make this iCloud tracker app earn 3rd place on our list. It’s the best spying app for iPhone for those who can’t take even the slightest chance of keeping their loved ones at risk.

While using KidsGuard Pro, I observed that the updates given by the app are within seconds. So if there’s something done by your kid, lover, or spouse that requires immediate action, KidsGuard Pro is perfect for you.

As there’s no jailbreak required to use the app and the access to target device data is unnoticeable, it becomes one of the best undetectable iPhone spy apps that work in stealth mode.

Let’s see what features are offered by the app.

Messages, Call Logs, And Contacts

Access to the target person’s messages becomes necessary just because of the popularity of message apps for sending instant messages.

With access to your husband’s messages, maybe you can reveal their hidden affair which you have been trying to find for a long time.

kidsguard pro messages

The same goes for Call Logs. You might notice a number and name that is never ever heard from your lover or child.

Due to social media, sharing numbers and making new friends have become even easier. And you might reveal a name and number in their Contact list which is not even of your country.

The date, time, and duration of the call will reveal whether they have been doing late-night talking or not.

call logs from kidsguard pro

The Contacts feature can reveal further details about that person. If there’s a photo associated with that number, you can easily see that.

If there are other numbers saved in the name of that same person, that too can be seen. Other information includes the email address of that person and their actual address. But all this information will only be available if it’s been filled in on the target device.

contact list from kidsguard pro

Photos, Videos

Checking out the photos and videos that your boyfriend/girlfriend keeps on their phone can unveil the truth once and for all.

When you go to the Photos section, all the photos in Gallery, whether received from WhatsApp, Bluetooth, ShareIt, or Skype will appear on the portal.

The photos are small in size but you can open the photo by clicking on it to check the main content of the photo.

Similarly, you can go to the Videos section and check all the videos that your son/daughter keeps on their device. With dates given on the top, it becomes possible to know which video was recent and which one was old.

WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, And Other Instant Messaging Apps

whatsapp chat

Unlike most of the spy apps that provide data for just WhatsApp and LINE, KidsGuard Pro has other apps under its sleeves as well.

Going to that specific app will reveal all the information that KidsGuard Pro has collected from it. For instance, if you click on WhatsApp, all the messages shared and received will be revealed. This makes KidsGuard Pro a good iPhone WhatsApp spy app.

The date and time of the chat can be used to know if your kid uses their phone late at night or not. Even if there’s a voice message sent or received, you can listen to it.

Just like WhatsApp, you can spy on Kik and other apps like QQ, LINE, WeChat, and Viber.

Safari History, And Safari Bookmarks

safari history

The greatest fear of every parent before handing over an independent phone to the kid is related to adult stuff that they can access from the internet.

It’s very rare for a tracking app to track the data that the kid is watching on the internet. But KidsGuard Pro has made it possible.

Going to Safari History will reveal all the things they watched on the internet on their iPhone. With the title, you can easily understand what search was made by the kid. And with the URL given, you can access the website yourself to confirm if it’s really adult content or not.

With Safari Bookmarks, you can check out all that your kid would like to access in the future.


kidsguard pro for iOS

KidsGuard Pro is the cheapest iPhone spy app which is available in three plans based on their validity. The first plan is valid for up to 1 month and costs $39.99. Similarly, the plans valid for 3 months and 12 months are priced at $59.99 and $109.99 respectively.

My Thoughts On KidsGaurd Pro: I really like KidsGuard Pro, first thing because it is one of the most affordable iPhone spy apps out there. Secondly, it tracks a lot of things without jailbreaking the target iPhone from Safari browser history, to call logs and text messages. It monitors everything very well.
What I Loved
  • Instant updates were given by the app

  • Photo tracking was perfect

  • Updates on WhatsApp were accurate

  • Browser history shows quick results with accuracy

What I Didn't Like
  • A little inaccurate in the Location feature sometimes

  • The search bar on the portal available for different features needs some fixes

Click Here to Try KidsGuard Pro for iOS

3. mSpy

mSpy is one of the oldest names in the history of spying apps. You will be glad to know that mSpy is one of the best iOS spy apps because it is compatible with all its versions without jailbreak. Now, let’s have a look at its features.

Calls, Contacts, And Text Messages

With so much social interaction daily on social media apps like Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, and so on, it’s easy to make new friends and exchange numbers.

But it’s not possible to judge whether that person is actually good or just pretending to be good. Especially in the case of kids, they might become overfriendly with that online stranger and that stranger might misuse them somehow.

That’s why the Call Logs of your kid’s phone should be under your complete surveillance. Going to the Calls section will show all the calls made, and received, along with the time date, and duration of the call.

mspy calls

Checking out the Contact list reveals all the numbers saved on your partner’s phone along with the phone number associated with that name. If there’s an email associated with that contact, you can see that as well.

mspy contacts

You can access the list of all the chats done via messages in the Text Messages section. On the left-hand side, you will see the list of contacts with whom the chat is done. Clicking on any one of them will reveal all the chatting done on the right-hand side.

Browser History

browser history mspy

This feature is absolutely necessary if you want to reveal how your kid uses the internet. All the websites that the child visits and access on the internet can be seen on the portal remotely once you click on the Browser History feature.

Not just what they search on the internet can be seen, but the actual link will also be provided to you. Even the last date and time of visiting the website will be revealed to you.

Also, how many times that website was accessed by the kid can be seen in the Views section. While using the mSpy app, if there was one feature that impressed me about mSpy then it has to be its browser history tracking.

Installed Apps

installed apps

Just like a browser, the Play Store is also packed with thousands of apps with adult content like political hatred, nudity, and much more.

So there’s no reason why you should not know what apps your kid keeps on their cell phone. The list of all the apps on their device can be seen once you click on the Installed Apps section.


whatsapp on mspy

Keeping track of WhatsApp activity will help you clear your suspicion if you think your partner is cheating on you.

Once you go to the WhatsApp section, you will see all the people connected with the target person on WhatsApp on the left-hand side. Clicking on any of the contacts will reveal all the chats on the right-hand side.

The date and time of the chat can be seen as well.

Overall, mSpy is one of the best text-monitoring apps for iPhones and the best way to spy on iPhones without them knowing.


mspy pricing plans

The mSpy app is priced at $48.99 if you want to opt for the monthly plan. However, you can save more money if you go for the quarterly or yearly plan as that way you only have to pay $27.99 and $11.66 per month respectively.

My Thoughts On mSpy: It is one of the most reputable spy apps out there. They have great customer support, and probably that’s why they have been in the business for so long. Also, the app works well on a jailbroken iPhone, it can track everything that other non-jailbroken spy apps for iPhone can, from WhatsApp chats to browser history, and much more.
What I Loved
  • Quick setup process

  • WhatsApp tracking is good

  • Provides access to all the photos and videos

  • Blocking of Apps provides better control over kids

What I Didn't Like
  • New updates might take some time

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4. SpyBubble Pro

In the digital age cheating on your partner is very easy, as you don’t even have to go out to meet your illicit partner. Now you can have all those romantic conversations from the comfort of your home without your spouse knowing about it. But the same technology has also made it easier to catch a cheater using the help of a spy app. One such iCloud spyware is SpyBubble Pro, here’s how it can help you bust a cheating partner on iPhone.

Messages, Keylogger & Screenshots

With the help of the keylogger, you can see what all words are typed by your husband or wife on their phone. With this, you can read the messages that they must have sent over various social apps. Besides keylogger, the screenshots also help you catch a lying partner by showing what messages they have sent and to whom.

Also, you can read their SMS, even the ones that are deleted by your spouse. I have tested this feature many times while reviewing the SpyBubble Pro app on this site and it was able to detect deleted messages all the time.


Location Tracking

Like all other iPhone spy apps on this list, this one also comes with location tracking. However, like most other apps there is no Geofencing feature on it. This means that you can see their current location but won’t get notified when they enter or leave a specific zone set by you.

Nonetheless, the location tracking on it is still capable of tracking their exact current location without jailbreaking their phone. I can say this with authority because I have thoroughly analyzed the GPS tracking ability of SpyBubble Pro and it has always worked for me.

location on Google map

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring the social media accounts of your partners is important if you want to find out if they are having an affair or not. SpyBubble Pro takes the screenshot of all the apps whenever the victim opens it on their device and thus allowing you to remotely see everything they do on their iPhone. Like who they are texting, whose profile they are stalking, etc.

track social media

Apart from these, there are many features available in SpyBubble Pro that can help you catch a cheater red-handed. And that is what makes SpyBubble Pro one of the best spy apps for iPhone without access to the target phone for a cheating spouse.


There are three plans of SpyBubble Pro that are divided into one-month, 3 months, and 12-month plans. These plans cost $49.99, $83.79, and $139.92 respectively.

My Thoughts On SpyBubble Pro: SpyBubble Pro is a powerful tool for catching a cheating partner with message tracking, and social media surveillance. A reliable choice for uncovering infidelity on iPhones without jailbreaking it.
What I Loved
  • Automatic setup for easy installation
  • Even tracks the deleted calls
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Does not affect the performance of the target phone
What I Didn't Like
  • No geofencing feature
  • No Free demo account

Click Here to Try SpyBubble

5. Eyezy

Eyezy is one of the top-rated iCloud spy apps that monitors iPhone usage to ensure the safety of your kids and family in the online world. It provides you with all the tools that are required to keep an eye on the target person.

Keystroke Capture

Starting with its Keystroke Capture feature, it includes a keylogger and screenshots with the help of which you can read everything they type on different apps and browsers. This iPhone keylogger is quite good as it tracks every word that is typed and shows on which app the word is typed. Moreover, it shows the time and date at which the keystroke was made.

Keylogger capture

Similarly, the screenshots are helpful in keeping an eye on your wife or husband, as with the help of it you can see what your spouse is doing on different apps.

What’s good about this iCloud tracker is that you can even download the screenshots and keep them as proof for the time you confront them.

Social Spotlight

Under this feature, you get the opportunity to keep a close eye on your kid’s or partner’s social media and instant messaging chats. You can also see the text messages they have shared using the stock messaging app. What I loved the most about this app is that it sorts the chats on the basis of different social media apps they were made on along with the person with whom the chat was done.

While testing Eyezy, I found that it is much easier to monitor their social media activities this way.

social spotlight

Phone Analyze & Pinpoint

The next two important features you get with Eyezy are Phone Analyze and Pinpoint. Let’s discuss them one by one. The Phone Analyze feature allows you to keep a tab on their phone calls and contacts. You can see who they are calling and what kind of people they have in their contact list.

On the other hand, the Pinpoint feature allows you to track the exact location of the target person. Eyezy allows you to keep an eye on someone’s location in two ways; one is through the GPS and the other through the WiFi location.  In the WiFi location, it only shares the longitude and latitude value of the WiFi but with GPS location it shares the latitudes along with the map view.

I have analyzed Eyezy for its location tracking accuracy and I have found it to be highly accurate when it comes to tracking iPhone without jailbreak. You can rely on it to know the whereabouts of your loved ones.

Other Features

It’s not over yet, you get a lot more features with Eyezy that make it one of the most sought-after spy apps for the iPhone, and that too without jailbreaking. With the help of it, you can see the photos and videos stored on the target device. Not just see but you can even play the videos to see what kind of video the target person stores in their iPhone.


Besides that it even allows you to see the browsing history and block websites and apps that you think are not good for your child. Using this feature you can easily restrict adult content on your child’s phone. Overall, it’s a pretty good hidden tracking app for iPhone without jailbreaking.


The Eyezy app is available to download at monthly, quarterly, and yearly recurring fees. You can get the app for $47.99, $27.99/month, and $9.99/month for one, three, and twelve months respectively.

My Thoughts On Eyezy: No doubt Eyezy is a top-rated iCloud spy app that can spy on iPhones without jailbreaking them. It offers multiple monitoring features such as keylogger, screenshot capture, and social media monitoring making it an excellent iPhone spy solution.
What I Loved
  • Location tracking is to the point
  • The geofencing feature works well
  • Keylogger is accurate and reliable
  • Lets you download the screenshots
  • It works in a completely

  • hidden mode

What I Didn't Like
  • No call recording function
  • Data sync time from the target phone to the Eyezy account is high

Click Here to Try eyeZy

6. Spyic

spyic dashbord

Spyic is a reliable tool for monitoring non-jailbroken iPhones, catering to partners, kids, and employees. It boasts numerous features, facilitating comprehensive device tracking.

This secret iPhone spy app consists of multiple amazing features that can make tracking the device complete in every aspect. It is used by countless people around the world and many people have been successful in monitoring their loved ones and catching their cheating partners with the help of Spyic.

Many of the target device’s activities are visible on the Dashboard of your Spyic account. These activities include the list of most called contacts and the last location. On top of that, apps with the most activities and recent 5 contacts with the most messages can be seen.

Now let’s have a glance at some important features of Spyic that make it one of the best iPhone spyware without installing it on the target phone.

Message and Call Tracking

Upon setting up Spyic on the target iPhone, you receive updates on new messages, iMessages, and calls. Importantly, Spyic allows access to older data if it’s available/synced on iCloud from the target device.

Browser History

The way your kid uses the internet has to be monitored from time to time. And you can’t take the chance of neglecting the tracking of the browsing history of the kid’s device.

First of all, there are many sites on the internet that teens should always stay away from.

Secondly, these sites sometimes pop up by themselves while you are using the internet. And they are so alluring that even if your kid doesn’t want to reach them, they can easily grab their attention and force them to click on those sites.

So, Spyic helps you make sure that your child is away from these sites. In my encounter with the Spyic app, I found out that it can even track sites browsed in incognito mode.

Photo and Video Tracking

spyic camera

Immediately after setup, Spyic provides access to all photos and videos captured on the target device. It can even display content captured before Spyic installation if backed up on iCloud.

Social Media Tracking

Spyic also allows remote checking of sent and received messages on various platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.


spyic new price

Spyic’s pricing is affordable, especially with the yearly plan at $12.49/month. The monthly plan costs $49.99, while the 3-month plan is priced at $29.99/month.

My Thoughts On Spyic: Spyic is a dependable no jailbreak iPhone spy app, offering extensive monitoring features for calls, messages, browser history, photos/videos, and social media. I think it is ideal for safeguarding loved ones and uncovering their secrets.
What I Loved
  • Can track deleted call logs and messages
  • Has a high data sync speed
  • Location tracking is quite accurate
  • Stays hidden on the phone without causing any heating or battery loss issue
  • Easy to install
What I Didn't Like
  • It would have been better if it had geofencing

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7. Cocospy

Cocospy is a hidden tracking app for iPhone without jailbreak that works really well. With a clean interface and advanced monitoring features, Cocospy makes its place on the list of best spy apps for iPhone without access to the target phone.

This iPhone Spy app works in hidden mode and updates data every few minutes which makes it a reliable app to keep a check on the kids or spouse.

You can find out the list of people who are close to your girlfriend with the contacts list provided by Cocospy. All the contacts along with their numbers will be shown to you.

Sometimes the list of contacts is so long that it’s not possible to pick the odd one out. So to make sure that the child is not in contact with someone he shouldn’t, simply check the calls made or received on their device.

And how is that possible? With the Calls feature of the Cocospy app.

It’s a possibility that the odd one that you are looking for has never ever called the target person. But what about the messages and iMessage on their smartphones? Have you checked them?

If not, then just open the respective sections and check their messages. The good thing about Cocospy which I only came to know about it after testing was that it can even track deleted call logs and messages.

Contact Tracking

Cocospy allows you to identify individuals close to your girlfriend through its contacts list. The comprehensive display includes names and numbers, aiding in scrutinizing lengthy contact lists. To ensure your child’s appropriate contacts, leverage the Calls feature to review incoming and outgoing calls on their device.

Message Monitoring

Explore the Messages and iMessage sections within Cocospy to uncover your child’s communication history. Notably, Cocospy can even track deleted call logs and messages, providing a thorough overview of their interactions.

Browsing History, Videos, and Photos

cocospy browsing history
With teenagers prone to exploring sensitive content online, Cocospy’s Browsing History feature lets parents remotely view their child’s internet searches. While trying out the Cocospy app, I discovered that it tracks all the words typed on the phone even the ones that are made in the incognito window.

Additionally, it addresses concerns about inappropriate content shared by friends through photos and videos.

Social Apps and Keylogger

cocospy social media
Cocospy excels in monitoring popular chatting apps like WhatsApp and Line, ensuring a secure online environment for your child. The Keylogger function captures all typed words on the device, even in incognito mode, making Cocospy a comprehensive spy app without the need for target phone access.


cocospy app cost

For those opting to monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking, Cocospy offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans priced at $49.99, $29.99, and $12.49 per month, respectively.

My Thoughts On Cocospy: Cocospy is a great iPhone spy app with essential features like call log tracking, message monitoring, browsing history checks, and social media app tracking. It didn’t disappoint me in any department while I was testing it.
What I Loved
  • Cocospy has a neat and clean interface
  • Updates are quick
  • The photo tracking feature works amazingly

What I Didn't Like
  • There is no geofencing feature on this app

Click Here to Try Cocospy

8. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor remains hidden and tracks the target device activities even without letting them know of such activity. It can be a great product for those who think their kids or spouse can easily get rid of the spying app if they get to know that any such tracking service exists on their phone.

The tracking of non-jailbroken devices is always very limited. But while using iKeyMonitor I noticed that it still provides as many tracking features as it can, and more than any other spy app.

Media, Calendar, and Schedule Tracking

iKeyMonitor covers comprehensive tracking of photos, including screenshots, camera photos, and those received through various apps. It also grants access to videos, addressing concerns about inappropriate content sent to teens.

ikeymonitor - best spy app for iPhone

Additionally, it monitors notes and calendar activities, providing insights into the target person’s plans and priorities.

ikeymonitor calendar

Messaging, Social Media, and Audio Tracking

ikeymonitor whatsapp monitoring

iKeyMonitor effectively monitors WhatsApp and LINE, displaying chat content with timestamps. For teens, monitoring their Tinder messages is crucial, keeping the dangers of Tinder in mind, and iKeyMonitor excels in extracting conversations from this platform.

The app extends its coverage to other chat apps like Viber, WeChat, IMO, Hike, and QQ. Voice messages on WhatsApp, WeChat, and QQ can also be scrutinized for suspicions of infidelity.

Location Tracking and Geo-Fencing

The app facilitates real-time tracking of loved ones’ GPS locations and offers geo-fencing capabilities. Geo-fencing triggers notifications when the target person crosses predefined boundaries, providing an added layer of security.

Additional Features

iKeyMonitor includes an Alert feature, notifying users when specific words are used in chats, and preventing inappropriate language. The app also monitors call history and SMS, ensuring parents can keep an eye on potential threats to their children.


iKeyMonitor price

iKeyMonitor offers a free plan with limited features to all. You can sign up for the free account and use the limited monitoring features. However, if you wish to use advanced features then you can buy the add-ons which cost $9.99/3-days or $16.99/month.

My Thoughts On iKeyMonitor: iKeyMonitor is a feature-rich iPhone spy app for monitoring photos, videos, chats, calendars, and more, and that too without touching or jailbreaking the target iPhone.
What I Loved
  • Works in the stealth mode

  • The free plan also available for a lifetime

  • 3 days of free trial is also available for the Paid plan

What I Didn't Like
  • Web history can only be seen in rooted devices

  • No app blocking feature

Click Here to Try iKeyMonitor

9. GEOfinder.mobi

The final app on my list is the best spy app for iPhone without access to the target phone. The app I am talking about here is GEOfinder.mobi, it is one of the best spy apps for iPhone without installing on target phone for location tracking.

Unlike other spy apps for iPhones without jailbreak on the list this app doesn’t require the iCloud credentials of the target phone. That said, you will only be able to track iPhone location using GEOfinder as it does not provide any other monitoring features.

All you need to know is the phone number of the target iPhone user. With the help of this tool, you can send an SMS to the iPhone user containing an image with a tracking code embedded into it.

Note: You have to upload an image of your choice to the tool to begin this process.

iPhone phone number

As soon as the target person clicks on the image their location will be captured and shown to you on your GEOfinder.mobi dashboard.

track iPhone location

If you don’t know their number then you can send the Image URL as a message to them on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform. If you are looking for an iPhone spy app with no jailbreak and no iCloud solution then you have it here. For detailed insight, you can read my complete GEOfinder review here.


Cost of GEOfinder

Geofinder is a paid tool that allows you to track anyone’s location with just their phone number for $39.99/month. However, they do provide a 2-day trial of their tool for just $1.

My Thoughts On GEOfinder.mobi: It is a specialized iPhone location tracking tool requiring only the target’s phone number. The thing I like about it is that it’s a convenient option for location monitoring without the need for iCloud credentials.
What I Loved
  • No need to take physical access to the target phone
  • Offers a $1 Trial
  • Accurate location tracking
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used with any device
What I Didn't Like
  • Can only track location and offers no other monitoring features

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Alternative Method

All the iPhone spy apps that I have discussed above need an Apple ID and password to spy iPhone without jailbreak. Because if you are looking to spy on an iPhone without jailbreaking or having it then monitoring the iPhone through iCloud is the only solution. And for that, you need to know their Apple ID and password.

However, if you don’t know the Apple ID and password of the target person then the only solution you have is to jailbreak their iPhone. Only one spy app lets you do that, and the app’s name is FlexiSPY. However, remember that the FlexiSPY app will allow you to spy on iPhone without Apple ID & password but not for free.

The app doesn’t need the iCloud username and password of the target person. All you have to do is install the app on their jailbroken iPhone and remotely monitor it. If you can’t jailbreak their iPhone then you can gift them a new iPhone with FlexiSPY preinstalled on it which you can buy from FlexiSPY Express.

Buying Guide

1. Compatibility

Before purchasing a spy app, prioritize compatibility, especially for iPhones without jailbreaking. Many iPhone tracking apps need jailbreaking, but for non-jailbroken monitoring, choose one with iCloud compatibility.

2. Features

Evaluate the features of the iPhone spyware beyond basic functionalities like call logs and message tracking. Look for advanced features such as location tracking, photos, and video monitoring.

3. Pricing

Consider the pricing range, which varies from approximately $20/month to $100/month based on features. You don’t have to opt for the most expensive option; an affordable spy app can fulfill your requirements. Examine the features offered at the given price.

4. Customer Support

Choose spyware with effective customer support to address any complications during installation or use. Access to streamlined customer service ensures quick resolution of issues that may arise.

5. Return policy

Since only a few spy apps offer free trials, you may need to purchase a spy app without testing it. Ensure the chosen spy app has a straightforward return policy for easy refunds in case it doesn’t meet your expectations or fails to work as anticipated.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best non-jailbroken iPhone spy app by yourself will make things complex. Don’t worry if you can’t choose one app from the list, I can help you find the best iPhone monitoring software for tracking a non-jailbroken iPhone.

As the working of spy apps on iPhone is based on the monitoring of the target iOS device’s iCloud account, the data provided by the majority of spy apps is almost the same.

So if I compare the apps based on data sync speed then I would suggest you go for uMobix or KidsGuard Pro.

The updates from these two apps are quicker compared to that of the other apps mentioned. Where other apps take minutes to sync the new data, uMobix, and KidsGuard Pro just take a few seconds for that.

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