4 Best Spy Apps For iPhone Without Jailbreak

When it comes to the kids, safety is the biggest concern of the parents. And safety not just means the physical security of the child. But also from the threats that they can face while using cellphones and the internet.

But at the same time, the use of cellphone and the internet cannot be denied at a particular age. The parents have to take that risk. After that, the parents always remain concerned about the proper use of the cellphone.

The parents start feeling helpless and never get off of the curiosity that what their kids do on the device. And even if you check their iPhones manually from time to time, you might always feel that you left out something that should have been checked.

So the only option left with the parents is the use of a good spying app for the iPhone. With the support of a monitoring app, parents can curb their curiosity and know what’s going on their kid’s iPhone anytime they want.

But straightly jumping on any random parent control app doesn’t make any sense. In fact, you can end up wasting your money and won’t be able to monitor the kids as well.

It’s quite hard to choose a genuine spying app with multiple tracking features. But you need not worry because we have done the hard part for you and now you just have to choose an app that fits your purpose.

So, here’s the list of the best iPhone monitoring apps that too without jailbreak you have always been waiting for.

Best Spy Apps For iPhone Without Jailbreak

Before starting with the list I would like to clarify how these spying apps actually work for iPhone. Basically the spying is totally dependent on the iCloud backup of your device. All the apps on the iPhone for which the backup is available on the iCloud can be easily tracked.

There are two things that make the tracking of the target device possible. First is the iCloud credentials of the iOS device and secondly, the iCloud backup should be enabled on the target device. So, you can track an iPhone without installing software using these apps.

If the user wants more monitoring features for iOS then it’s necessary that the device being targeted is jailbroken. That said, in this list, we have only focused on the apps that are best for without jailbreak devices.

For directly jumping to the content of the specific app, you can take the help of the quick links given below.

1. Spyzie

Downloading of the app? Easy. Installation? No problem. Spying? Perfect in this job. Each and everything on Spyzie makes it a perfect app for monitoring kids.

Right after the iOS device of the kid gets synced, the app starts tracking and providing fresh data every few minutes. So it’s like you’re always tracking your kid in real-time.

Spyzie has a really clean interface and anyone can understand the working of the app at first glance. You don’t even need the physical access of the iPhone while setting up the device if the two-factor verification is disabled and it can be remotely. You only need to enter the iCloud id and password, along with the kid’s name and age.

However, if the two-factor authentication is enabled, you need the iPhone handy and the tracking might become a little hard.


1. SMS And Phone Call Tracking

Have you always been dubious about the phone call and SMS received or sent by your child? Well, it’s time to drop the veil and see whom they actually contact. Spyzie shows all the calls made and received including the duration of the call and the time and date of that call. Similarly, the messages sent or received can also be viewed including the date and time of that message.

sms and phone call tracking spyzie

2. Access To Videos, Photos, Calendar, And Notes

Parents are always concerned about the media that the kids keep on their devices locally. But your wait to see those photos and videos have finally come to rest. Spyzie makes it easy to sneak on all the media stored on the target iPhone device.

Similar to the media, activities in the calendar and notes of the device can also be tracked. The events noted on both the apps will be visible to the Spyzie user.

access to calendar and notes

3. WhatsApp Monitoring

With WhatsApp being the most popular messaging app, its monitoring becomes a compulsion. And thanks to Spyzie for making the tracking of WhatsApp possible.

You will be able to track each and every message from all the chats that have been either sent or received by the teen. And why just the messages, you can keep an eye on all the media sharing carried out using WhatsApp. And not to forget the WhatsApp calls also.

best spy apps for iPhone without jailbreak - whatsapp monitoring

4. Other Features

The list of features offered by Spyzie to its iOS users doesn’t end here. It is the duty of the parents to check whether the child is using the internet appropriately or not. But it is not possible to do that manually.

The kid would surely delete the inappropriate content that they watched and you won’t be able to track the activity. But Spyzie will reveal all the data from the browsing history with a single click, even if the data has been deleted from the device.

You can also check the list of all the applications that have been installed on the device.

browsing history


There are two different plans for Spyzie and you can go for the one that suits you. The pro version costs $39.99 per month if paid for one month. A little amount of money can be saved if 3 month or 6-month plan is what you opt for.

Similarly in the Ultimate version, you pay $49.99 per month for one month. But save some money if you take 3 month or 6-month plan.

spyzie pricing

What We Loved
  • No device overheating problem
  • Battery consumption is not excessive
  • Amazing tracking features available
  • Quick updates over the target device activity
What We Didn't Like
  • Quite expensive as compared to other spying apps
  • Tracks one device at a time

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2. mSpy

Parents can totally rely on mSpy for monitoring the non-jailbroken iPhone device of the kids. The app consists of multiple amazing features that can make tracking of the device complete in every sense.

Many of the target device’s activities are visible on the Dashboard of the screen. These activities include the battery life of the target device and the current internet connection. On top of that, a line graph shows the activities that took place in the browsing history, GPS location, text messages, and WhatsApp.

The dashboard also keeps you updated about the expiration date of the subscription. You can allow or disallow mSpy for auto-renewal as well.

But in the initial syncing mSpy might take some time in providing the complete data (maybe 12-24 hours)

Now let’s have a glance at the other features of mSpy as well.


1. Tracking Of Messages And Calls

The moment you set up the target iPhone with mSpy, you get all the updates about the new messages and calls that the target device either sends or receives.

The amazing thing is that mSpy, not just gives the update about the new messages and calls. You can also see the older data using mSpy if it is available/synced on iCloud from the target device.

call logs mspy

2. Browsing History

The way your kid uses the internet has to monitored from time to time. And you can’t take the chance of neglecting the tracking of the browsing history of the kid’s device.

First of all, there are hundreds and hundreds of sites on the internet that the teens should always stay away from. Secondly, these sites are so much alluring that even if your kid doesn’t want to reach them, they can easily grab their attention and force them to click on those sites.

So mSpy helps you make sure that your child is away from these sites just as a girl stays away from a lizard.

browsing history

3. Wi-Fi Connections

The list of WiFi connections that the kid’s phone has been connected to can also act as a location tracker and make you aware of the places visited by the child.

Not just the names of the WiFi but the complete details of that WiFi network can be viewed. Including the type of WiFi and the time for which the phone has been connected.

If you’re suspicious about particular WiFi, you can prevent your kid from connecting to that network with a single click.

wifi networks mspy4. Tracking Of Photos, Videos, Notes, And Contacts

Right after the setup, all the photos, videos that are captured on the target device can be seen. Not only that but the photos/videos that were captured before setting the device with mSpy can also be seen as long as they are backed up on iCloud.

So whenever you suspect your child keeping inappropriate photos on their device, just open your mSpy account and clear your doubt.

In a similar way, contacts saved on the device can also be checked easily. Keeping a watch over the notes that the child makes on the device is also possible.

iPhone spy app no jailbreak

5. Social Media Tracking

Talking about social media tracking, mSpy can be quite a disappointment. As it doesn’t allow tracking of all the social media platform your kid might be using.

Only WhatsApp can be easily tracked if the target device is not jailbroken. For tracking other social media apps like Kik, LINE, Tinder, Viber, Instagram, Facebook, etc, iPhone needs to be Jailbroken.

whatsapp tracking


The product basically comes in two different plans, basic and premium plans. If you go for the premium plan and purchase the service for one month, you have to pay $69.99 per month. While purchasing the service for 12 months straight, you have to pay just $16.66 per month. So you can save a lot of money with a 3 or 12-month plan.

pricing mspy

  • Works with both non-jailbroken and jailbroken devices
  • Works in the stealth mode
  • Plenty of useful features for monitoring
  • Clean and easy to understand interface
  • It might not work as expected if two-factor authentication is enabled
  • One device can only be added at a time
  • The data might take some time in loading

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3. FoneMonitor

As the name suggests, FoneMonitor will track the target device and update you with all the activities, and that too very quickly.

The app is really easy to use and you don’t need any special guidance to use the app.

Many of the phone activities can be seen on the dashboard. Type of device being tracked, the iCloud credentials, most called contacts, the last person contacted, new message, most messaged contact, battery life, and much more.

Just like Spyzie, in FoneMonitor also you get quite impressive monitoring features. Be it the tracking of photos and videos, WhatsApp messages, call logs or messages.

Other than that, you can view the list of apps installed, keep an eye on calendar and notes and monitor browsing history too.

Kids are always ready to break the rules. And after breaking, no matter how much hard you try to extract the truth, they’ll always deny from accepting the mistake. As far as the rule is concerned where you’ve denied them to go to some particular place, that rule cannot be broken from now on.

FoneMonitor reveals all the places that the kid has been to. And the time when they reached the place is also shown. So the next time they deny from accepting their mistake, show them the proof.

fonemonitor dashboard


FoneMonitor will cost you $39.99 per month. There is no quarterly or yearly plans that can save you some money.

pricing of fonemonitor

  • Clean interface and easy to use
  • Get the location of the child with the location tracking feature
  • Data syncing of the app is very quick
  • A bit expensive as compared to the features

Download FoneMonitor

4. SpyMyFone

The last but certainly not least is SpyMyFone. This amazing app, powered by XCLOUDLAB surely deserves to be in the list of best spying apps for iPhone without jailbreak.

SpyMyFone remains hidden and tracks the target device activities even without letting them know of such activity. It can be a great product for those who think their kids can easily tackle the spying app if they get to know that any such tracking service exists for a phone.

The dashboard of SpyMyFone is really neat and clean and most of the device activities can be tracked right on the dashboard.

Be it tracking of photos and videos, calls, messages, calendar, notes, etc, everything is just peanuts for SpyMyFone.

Every single chat from WhatsApp and LINE can be read easily. Along with that, the date and time will also appear with the chat.

Do you think that there is something inappropriate in the audio section? No problem. Use SpyMyFone and listen to all the voice memos saved on the teen’s iOS device.

With the Ultimate plan of the app, you can export the full data locally on your device that you see on your SpyMyFone account.

iphone spy without installing software - SpyMyFone


The users can choose between two different plans. One is the Pro version and the second one being the Ultimate version. If you take the Pro plan, you have to pay $39.99 per month. And $59.99 if you pay for 3 months straight. On the other hand, you have to pay $49.99 per month, if you go for the Ultimate plan. If you’re paying for 3 months straight, you just have to pay $69.99.

spymyfone pricing

  • Works in the stealth mode
  • Supports up to the latest iOS version 12
  • Needs no physical access to the target device
  • A little bit expensive as compared to the features provided

Download SpyMyFone

Why You Need Spying Apps For iPhone?

There’s no doubt that the kids are the first priority for the parents. But no parent can keep an eye on the kids 24/7. So in your absence, or when you’re not around, there has to be someone that can take care of the child just as you do.

This is where you need the iPhone spying apps. While tracking the kids using monitoring apps their are high chances that you might get some hints about the physical harm and even the mental harm that your kid is going through.

Spying apps can also act as an effective tool to make sure that the employees are working under the set rules or not.

Don't waste your time and money on spying apps that won't work!

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