7 Best Spy Glasses With Camera On Amazon

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Do you look yourself in the mirror and say the phrase “Bond, James Bond” Or, do you wear a classic black tux and try to look exactly like James Bond?

Ok, forget about James Bond, but what about Sherlock Holmes? Do you like his style, wearing a long coat and a hat and solving all the impossible cases?

But how can you be like your ideals if you don’t even own the cool gadgets that they use? Gadgets like spy button cameras, small hidden cameras, and GPS trackers assist our heroes to look cool and at the same time solve the biggest problems of their lives.

And if you too think that you can save someone or yourself from a big mess by owning a cool spy gadget someday then here are some of the best spy glasses with a camera.

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Best Spy Camera Glasses Comparison Table





Best Professional Spy Glasses With Camera & Audio

professional spy glasses with camera and audio

iVUE Wave

  • Dimensions: 7.52 x 4.13 x 2.87 inches, Weight: 9.9 ounces

  • Microphone included for recording audio

  • Video stabilization mode is available in the glasses

Best Cheapest Spy Camera Glasses

rerbo hidden camera glasses

RERBO Glasses

  • Dimensions: 6.93 x 2.72 x 2.6 inches, Weight: 4.6 ounces

  • Amazing battery life of 80 minutes

  • UV protected and polarized lenses

Best Design

kamre spy sunglasses

Kamre Spy Sunglasses

  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 6.9 x 1.5 inches, Weight: 1.8 ounces

  • Amazing battery life of 80 minutes

  • UV protected and polarized lenses

Best Spy Glasses With Camera On Amazon

1. Senluo Spy Glasses

senluo spy glasses

Give yourself a completely fresh look while accomplishing your desire to record the evil activities of people without letting them know about it.

With the high-quality 1080p video recording capability using a tiny hidden camera on the glasses, you can capture anything you want without compromising on the quality.

The looks and design of the glasses are completely normal, so no one could ever know just by its looks that it’s something more than just eyeglasses.

Given the standard dimensions (5.5 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches) and weight (1.28 ounces), Senluo spy glasses are easy to carry on your nose.

These glasses work with a memory card that you need to fit inside the hidden SD card slot. A maximum of 32GB card can be used with these glasses.

According to me, this much memory is enough for some time and you can empty the SD card anytime you feel like it and then use it again.

On a full charge, the glasses can work for 30 to 40 minutes straight. The battery time is decent but it could have been better.

Other than capturing people doing frauds and using the glasses for collecting evidence, it’s a great piece of tech that you can use to seize every precious moment of your life and that too while keeping your hands free.

What We Loved
  • The glasses have standard dimensions
  • High-quality video recording capabilities
  • Supports a decent micro SD card of 32GB
  • The price of the glasses is decent
What We Didn't Like
  • Battery backup could have been better
  • SD card not included with the product

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2. KAMRE Spy Sunglasses

kamre spy sunglasses

Go for trekking, scuba diving, mountain climbing, riding, fishing, or go to the beach with the sporty looks of these sunglasses. But don’t forget about their spy capabilities too.

With the 1080p video recording quality, you can capture any mishappening taking place near you for the sake of keeping it as evidence.

Kamre sunglasses weighs just 1.8 ounces and has dimensions of 5.9 x 6.9 x 1.5 inches. It means that despite being an advanced tech gadget, it still has measurements that you get in normal sunglasses.

Other than using it for spy recording purposes, these glasses can be a great asset if you are into vlogging business.

The fancier these glasses look the easier it is to operate them. Just insert the micro SD card in the given slot and operate the camera with a single button.

Press the button for two seconds to start the video, press again to stop the recording, and long press for three seconds to turn off the camera. Easy to use, isn’t it?

These polarized glasses once charged fully can last for up to 80 minutes straight. It’s a really long recording time compared to the other spy glasses with a camera in the market.

What We Loved
  • Video recording is of high quality
  • Stylish looks and design
  • Amazing battery life of 80 minutes on continuous recording
  • Can be used for adventure sports activities
  • The lens of the glasses are UV protected and polarized
What We Didn't Like
  • SD card not included
  • Little bit expensive

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3. Towero Camera Glasses

towero camera glasses

Record your ongoing classes, record people misbehaving in public, or spy on your cheating spouse with Towero camera glasses.

With the given 1080p video recording quality, your spy recordings are going to be clear enough to keep them as a piece of evidence.

If you are getting such an amazing video quality then why just use it for the spy purpose? The same glasses can be used to capture all the mesmerizing moments that you spend with your friends and family.

Towero glasses support a maximum of 32GB SD card which is enough for your recordings for some time. But most importantly, you get a free 32 GB card along with your glasses.

Your glasses are easy to set up and use and you don’t need any special guidance for that. Just install the SD card in the given slot and press the button for 3 seconds to click a photo and press it for 10 seconds to start shooting the video.

Coming to the battery life of the glasses, you can use them continuously for 30-50 minutes on a full charge. I personally feel that the battery life could have been better.

A free replacement guarantee for 12 months on the product makes it a more reliable spy camera glasses.

What We Loved
  • Good video quality of the camera
  • Glasses have standard dimensions and light in weight
  • Easy to use and set up
  • 32 GB SD card free with the glasses
  • The price of the glasses is decent
What We Didn't Like
  • Battery backup could have been better

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4. OhO Video Sunglasses

oho sunglasses

Style up yourself with OhO sunglasses, a great piece of wearable accessory combined with technology.

The design of these sunglasses is absolutely stunning and will definitely enhance your looks when you wear them on a casual sunny day.

But while embracing its looks, don’t forget about the spy qualities of Oho spy glasses.

With the small hidden camera given at the center of the glasses, you can record any unpleasant activity you notice your spouse or your loved ones doing.

As the glasses will record every activity while your hands are totally free, the other person can never imagine that they are being recorded.

Oho sunglasses come with two extra pairs of lenses, which are, yellow and transparent. So if you ever get bored using your current glasses, you always have spare ones to try out.

These glasses support a maximum of 32GB memory card which is enough for a long time recording.

Dimensions of the sunglasses are standard, that is, 8.19 x 4.17 x 3.15 inches but when it comes to weight (10.1 ounces), it’s a little bulky than what it should be.

After a full charge, Oho glasses can record for about 60 minutes which is better than most glasses you’ll find online.

What We Loved
  • Stylish looks and design
  • 2 spare lens included
  • Good video recording quality
  • Battery backup of the glasses is good
  • Easy to use and setup
What We Didn't Like
  • The product is quite pricey
  • Quite bulky in weight

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5. Hereta Spy Camera Glasses

hereta spy camera glass

Here comes another great product for both spy world and casual wearing. These glasses have dimensions of 6.2 x 5.7 x 1.5 inches which you expect from standard glasses. And as for its weight, it’s 5.6 ounces. So even with its advanced video recording capabilities, you don’t have to compromise on comfort.

The camera is located in the center of the glasses and it’s quite small to be noticed. So if you are worried about getting caught while filming someone’s evil acts, then just get rid of your worries.

Given the 1080p high quality of the camera recording resolution, you can record the suspected person’s activities without giving up on video quality.

Hereta spy glasses works with up to 32 GB card so you can record all day long without any worries.

These glasses automatically detect when the battery is low and save the recordings automatically before getting switched off. So if there’s an important video that you recorded and you are worried that it might have been erased then don’t worry because Herata spy glasses have already saved your video.

Using these glasses is a breeze. All you need to do is, insert the SD card in the slot and handle everything with a single button.

After you have charged the glasses completely, they can work for up to 80 minutes. Compared to most spy glasses, these ones right here have better battery life.

What We Loved
  • Video recording quality is amazing
  • The glasses are light in weight
  • The camera is hidden in the glasses
  • The battery backup of the camera is too good
  • Glasses are cheap
What We Didn't Like
  • These glasses are not polarized

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6. iVUE Wave Glasses

best spy glasses

With the cool looks of these glasses, you will catch some attention, and with its video recording and photos taking capabilities, you will catch the suspect red-handed.

Given the 1080p video recording quality, everything will be crisp clear and the quality will be top-notch.

Using this little gadget is a piece of cake. Once you set up the glasses, everything is under your control with a touch of a button.

While turning on the video or clicking a photo on other camera spy glasses, you might be in a dilemma if the camera even worked or not. But not when you have iVUE Wave glasses with you.

Every time you start recording a video or take a picture, you can see indicator lights on the camera along with a little vibration. So, you’ll always be aware of what the glasses are doing.

The motive to create the iVUE camera glasses was not just for the sake of providing you with a spy camera but also to make your eyes feel special.

With the polarized lenses, you can wear the glasses all day long even when you don’t want to spy on someone.

The compatibility of the glasses with up to 32GB SD card makes it a perfect spy accessory.

Now let’s assume that you want to record someone’s activity but you think that recording what they discuss is equally important.

Surprisingly, these spy camera glasses have audio recording capabilities too. So if you are looking for professional spy glasses with a camera and audio then these can be the best choice.

If you are a vlogger or in the video-making business then these glasses can do wonders for you. With the advanced video stabilization mode of the camera, you can take breathtaking shots.

iVUE spy glasses have a great battery backup. On a single charge, you can use the glasses for about an hour.

What We Loved
  • Attractive design of the glasses
  • High-quality video recording
  • Microphone included for recording audio
  • Video stabilization mode is available
  • The battery backup of the glasses is amazing
  • Vibration and light indicators available
  • Good quality lense
What We Didn't Like
  • A little havier than other glasses
  • A little expensive

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7. RERBO Hidden Glasses Camera

rebro hidden camera glasses

Last but not the least, we have RERBO hidden glasses for you that will spy on your target like a vulture.

As its 1080p quality camera is given at the side and not in the center, the chances of the camera coming into notice become one in a million.

These glasses have a look and design that a professional guy would like to use. So if you’re an office-goer then you can easily pair them up with your formals.

A small indicator light will let you know when the camera is in use and you don’t have to work with your intuitions.

It’s quite appreciating of RERBO that they are giving you a free 8GB SD card. But you can work with up to 32GB SD card for a prolonged recording.

You are purchasing these glasses for the sake of spying on someone, right? But could it be possible if the battery backup is not as expected? Of course not.

RERBO hidden camera spy glasses understand your concern and provide you a battery backup of 80 minutes on a single charge.

Still, if you go out of battery while recording someone, you don’t need to worry about losing the recordings done due to the sudden turning off of the camera.

When the glasses are about to go out of battery, the prerecorded videos are automatically saved.

Along with the video recording, RERBO glasses can ever hear what’s being discussed around the suspected person. Just place the glasses at a place where the microphone can catch the sounds and now wait for them to discuss things with another person.

What We Loved
  • Video is recorded in good quality
  • These glasses can also record sounds
  • Light indicator available
  • The camera is given at the side to make it more invisible
  • Battery backup is amazing
  • Glasses are very economical
What We Didn't Like
  • You might not like the lens quality

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Buying Guide To Getting The Best Spy Glasses

Among the hundreds of choices that you get online, how would you select the best spy glasses for yourself? Every company will claim their product better than the other one, so how can you make a wise choice for yourself?

We’ll help you figure that out by sharing with you some factors that are a must to look for in spy glasses.

1. Spy Properties

You are going to pay a whole lot of money to purchase the spy glasses. But don’t forget to look for the spy features those glasses are offering before you finally purchase them.

The glasses should have high-quality video recording capabilities and it would be even better if they can also record the surrounding sounds.

2. Dimensions

Even while giving the advanced features, the glasses you are choosing should not compromise on their dimensions.

If the glasses you choose are going to be large in size then they will look totally absurd on your face. And if they weigh more than your standard glasses then it’s going to be difficult for you to wear them all day long.

3. Lens Quality

Despite the fact that you are purchasing these glasses for the sole purpose of spying on someone, you’re definitely going to wear them on your casual days as well.

But if the lens quality is not good then the glasses can be harmful to your eyes rather than being beneficial. So make sure you check the lens quality of the glasses before buying.


What Are The Best Spy Glasses?

The best spy glasses that you can buy online are iVUE Wave.

Do Spy Glasses Work?

Yes, spy glasses work perfectly to record the activities of the target person. But for the spy glasses to work, it needs to be of good quality.

Do Spy Glasses Have Audio Recording?

Some spy glasses also offer audio recording facilities along with video recording.

Can Spy Glasses Click Pictures?

In most spy glasses you will find a single button using which you can record the video and click pictures as well.

What Can Smart Glasses Do?

Smart glasses can record the videos and sounds for you with its hidden small camera and microphone. The target person will never realise that their activities are being tracked with glasses.

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