5 Best Spy Pen Camera With Audio Recording

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A hidden spy cam is of no use if it can’t record the voice along with the video, isn’t it? Without audio, it’s hard to guess what’s going on in the video recorded by the camera. Therefore, in this article, I have come up with the best spy pen camera with audio and video recording that takes your spying game to the next level.

Before we start let me clear that a spy camera pen will not capture audio independently, it will only capture the audio when you are recording a video with it. If you want to go for a spy pen that only records audio then you should rather go for a spy pen voice recorder instead of a spy pen camera. So now since everything is clear let’s move on to the list!

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Different Scenarios In Which Spy Pen Camera With Audio Can Be Helpful

A pen spy camera with a voice recording feature can be used for multiple purposes. It can surely make your day-to-day life easier.

  • Since you can also write with a spy pen, you can take it to your classroom to note down your lectures. What’s better is that you can even record the lecture with your pen camera and view the lectures again at home for revision.
  • The main purpose of a spy pen camera is to spy on someone without them knowing. With the hidden camera of a spy pen, you can record someone’s video and collect evidence against them. Since it is disguised as a pen no one doubts that they are being recorded.
  • You can also use it to keep an eye on nannies or pets when you are not at home.
  • Besides the above-mentioned points, there is one more practical use of a spy pen camera which is if you forget your smartphone at home then also you can capture your favorite moments with your friend.

What To Look For When Buying Spy Camera Pen With Voice Recording?

You might get confused with the number of options available in the market when looking for a spy pen camera with audio. To pick the best among others you should look for the following factors in the spy pen camera.

1. Video Resolution

The video resolution is an important factor to look at when buying a spy pen camera. It is because if the camera resolution is not good enough then it might not record anything clearly. To be on the safe side go for a spy pen camera that offers at least 720p HD resolution. Anything below 720p is not good enough to record clear videos and pictures.

2. Audio Quality

Suppose you buy a spy pen camera with Full HD video recording but it can’t record the audio clearly then it might not be that effective. Hence, along with the video quality, you should also not compromise on the audio recording quality of the spy pen camera.

3. Battery Life

A spy pen camera is a portable spy device that draws power from a built-in battery. Therefore the battery life is also a considerable factor. Due to their small size, a big battery cannot fit inside a pen camera so don’t expect multiple-day battery life. Look for a spy pen camera that has at least a 1-hour battery life. So that you can record everything you want before the pen battery dies.

4. Storage Capacity

The pen spy camera stores the recorded video and photos in its internal storage or in the micro SD card. If you buy a pen camera with insufficient storage then you might not be able to record multiple videos so do mind the storage capacity. Look for at least 32 GB of storage as 32 GB is enough space to store multiple HD videos.

5. Price

If you check online and offline marketplace, you can find a spy pen camera with a voice recording feature from as low as $10 to all the way up to a couple of hundred dollars and even more. Be clever don’t go for the cheapest ones as they hardly work. Similarly buying the most expensive spy camera is also not advisable since you can find a decent spy pen camera with audio and video recording for under $50.

Best Spy Pen Cameras Compared





Best Overall

best spy pen camera with audio

LTMADE Spy Camera

  • 2k video recording

  • Night vision

  • Motion detection

  • 60 minutes battery life

Best Design

best design spy pen camera

Fuvision Hidden Pen Spy Camera

  • 1080p recording

  • Stylish design

  • 120 minute battery life

Best Affordable

affordable spy pen camera

Sirgawain Hidden Spy Pen Camera

  • 1080P video recording

  • Plug and play design

  • 60 minute battery life

Best Spy Pen Camera With Audio Recording

1. Sirgawain Hidden Spy Pen Camera – Best Affordable

affordable spy pen camera

Are you in search of an affordable hidden spy pen camera that can also record audio along with the video? If yes, then on the first position of my list I have a similar product for you. The Sirgawain hidden spy pen camera comes with a discreet and portable design so you can carry it everywhere with you and place it anywhere like in your pocket, books, pen stand, etc.

What’s better is that this mini spy camera pen with audio can record full HD videos (1080p) with very clear and understandable audio. However, some people find it difficult to operate this pen camera. According to a user “The instructions are simple but I tried for an hour still can’t find out how to record video using it.

If you are a beginner then you might also face this issue. However, if you have used a pen spy camera in past then it will be a cakewalk for you to operate this pen.

What’s good about this pen is that it has a simple plug-and-play design which makes it easy for you to see all the recorded photos, and videos on your computer without any hassle. Also, it can be used as a real pen to write down your ideas, schedules, and more.

Verdict: Overall, for the price of under $40 I think it is a good deal if you want the best affordable hidden spy pen camera with an audio recording facility.

What I Loved
  • Economical pen camera with audio-video recording

  • Can be used to write stuff

  • Decent battery life that can record up to 1 hour

What I Didn't Like
  • Some may find it hard to operate the pen camera even after reading the instructions

  • Sometimes the video is not recorded and only the audio is captured

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2. LTMADE Spy Camera – Best Overall

best spy pen camera with audio

If there is one camera pen with audio recording functionality that I liked the most then it has to be this LTMDE spy camera. The best part about it is that it can shoot in 2k resolution while the others on the list can only record videos in 1080p resolution. And that’s what sets it apart from others. So, it’s quite evident that the picture quality of this spy pen camera is going to be awesome. Not to forget it can also record audio which is also very crisp and clear.

Also, what really makes it the best-hidden spy camera is its smart design which shoots everything in a secretive manner. Allow me to quote one of its owners “I’ve asked multiple people to look at the pen while it was recording them and they had no idea that they are being recorded.”

Moreover, one full charge will last 60 minutes which is not the best but good enough battery life to collect evidence against someone.

Besides everything mentioned above, it also has two advanced features which are low light shooting and motion detection. The low light function works as night vision so that it can also shoot footage in dim light. Whereas the motion detection feature only shoots the video when it detects a motion which saves a lot of memory.

Verdict: With 2k resolution, decent battery backup, hidden design, and advanced features like night vision and motion detection there is no reason why I shouldn’t call it the best spy pen camera with audio recording.

What I Loved
  • Captures footage with clear video and audio

  • Shoots well in low light conditions

  • Can save memory by only shooting when motion is detected

  • Has a beautiful design

What I Didn't Like
  • Battery life could have been more

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3. Fuvision Hidden Camera Pen – Best Design

best design spy pen camera

The USP of the Fuvision pen camera is its stylish design. This compels anyone into thinking that it’s a premium pen that costs hundreds of dollars and hence no one gets suspicious that it can have a hidden camera inside. What makes this pen camera more covert is the fact that there’s a clip next to the camera lens that can slide on and off to hide the camera when not in use. Hence no one can see the lens and therefore can’t tell if you are using a spy pen.

It does not have a 2k camera like LTMADE Spy Camera which I discussed above but still, it can record the videos in full HD mode with a crisp and clear voice. Also like other spy pen cameras with voice recording, it can only record the audio when you are recording a video.

Apart from its design, what distinguishes it from other spy pen cameras with voice and video recording is its long battery life. On one full charge, it can record up to 2 hours straight. Also, it comes with a 16 GB memory pre-installed which can only record video for 2 hours, coincidently the same length for which the battery would last.

Verdict: If you want a spy pen that suits your style while allowing you to secretly record events with clear audio and video then the Fuvision pen camera is what I recommend to you.

What I Loved
  • Has a secretive and premium design

  • Long battery life

  • The picture and audio quality are really good

What I Didn't Like
  • Only 16 GB memory but you can expand it later

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4. SecuVox Smart Spy Pen Camcorder – Motion Activated

motion activated spy pen camera

Are you on the hunt for the smartest spy pen recorder which can only record something when it detects a motion? If yes, then the SecuVox smart spy pen camcorder is for you. Not only can it record motion detection but it also gives you the opportunity to manually record something.

Since it records video when motion is detected so it saves a lot of memory and hence comes with only 8 GB of storage. Now some people might not like the fact that you only get 8 GB of storage but it is enough if you only opt for motion detection recording.

Also, it can shoot pictures and videos with audio in low illumination, hence it is a good spy pen camera with audio and night vision.

Verdict: You also get the motion detection in LTMADE Spy Camera which I referred to as the best overall earlier on the list but there the motion detection is not as accurate as you get here. So if you are looking for the best motion-activated spy camera pen then you may want to settle with the SecuVox Smart Spy Pen Camcorder.

What I Loved
  • Motion-activated spy pen camera

  • CMOS camera is less power consuming hence you get a good battery backup

  • You can select the resolution in which you want the camera to shoot videos

What I Didn't Like
  • It is a little pricy when compared to other spy pen cameras with audio recording

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5. Szboke Spy Camera- Longest Battery Life

long battery spy camera

If you are looking for a spy camera pen that can record for a long time then the Szboke spy camera is what you can opt for. With a 350 mAh battery, this camera can shoot for 2.5 hours without stopping. What’s better is that it can even record videos while charging so you can literally record videos from this hidden spy camera pen for as long as you want.

In my opinion, it can capture good quality video & audio. As per one verified user on Amazon, he uses it to record all the funny stuff that happens in his class while other students don’t even realize that he’s capturing the clips which proves my point.

The reason why I personally like this pen and has placed it on the list is due to its slim and ergonomic design which makes it feel good in the hands while writing down the notes in the class.

Verdict: Most spy pen cameras can only record video for up to 60 minutes or so but with this pen camera, you can easily record up to 2 hours and more. So if you are looking for a long battery spy pen camera with audio then you can buy this pen.

What I Loved
  • Has a good battery life

  • Good video and audio quality

  • Ergonomic design

What I Didn't Like
  • The picture quality is not as good as the video quality

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Does The Pen Camera Record Audio? And Is It Worth It?

A pen camera does record the audio but as I already told you earlier in the intro that it might not record audio standalone. For recording audio-only, you might want to buy a spy pen voice recorder like this that looks like a spy pen camera but it does not have a camera. As far as spy pen cameras are concerned they can record audio when you are recording a video with it.

Now let’s move on to the next question, is a spy pen camera with audio recording worth it? Yes, I would say it is definitely worth it because with it you can secretly record someone without their permission.

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How Long Can A Spy Pen Camera Record?

It depends on the storage and battery capacity of the spy pen camera. Most spy camera pens can record for as long as 60 minutes on one full charge.

What Is The Price Of A Camera Pen?

The price of a camera pen may vary between $30 to $100 based on the features and build quality of the pen.

How Do You Turn On A Spy Pen?

In most spy pen cameras you need to press the on/off button for a few seconds to turn it on. If you can't figure out how to turn on your spy pen then you can refer to the manual.

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