7 Best Spy Software For PC To Track Someone In Real Time

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

When you think of monitoring your child or loved ones’ online activities, you mainly focus on their smartphones. But you forget about their computers. This can be a big mistake on your end because just like cell phones, they can use their PC for browsing the internet, using social media, and doing other online activities. So it’s equally important to keep track of their activities on the computer as well.

I have already covered the best spy apps for iPhone and Android, now it’s time I share the list of best spy software for PC and Mac with you. The spy software for Windows and Mac can help you monitor your kids, partners, and employees remotely with ease.

All the computer spy software mentioned are personally tested by me. So basically, you’ll be reading my personal experience on all the PC spy software listed below and not from some backseat driver sharing unnecessary information.

Research & Update Process: To find the best spyware for laptops and PCs I have spent over 2 weeks trying and testing all the popular Windows spy software. I have tested 14 computer spy software and after eliminating half of them I have prepared a list of the 7 best desktop spy software that you can go for. Apart from the initial research, I also keep updating this list from time to time so that it stays relevant and fresh.

Quick Summary
Finding the right PC spy software can be a tough task especially when you have no prior knowledge about computer spyware. If you are in a hurry and can’t go through the entire list then you can go with Spyrix. It’s the best free computer spy software that lets you spy on a Windows PC for free. This PC monitoring app even lets you spy on Mac, however, there you don’t get a free plan but you do get a 5-day free trial. This free computer monitoring software provides limited features but you can get advanced features such as webcam access, social media tracking, etc. if you upgrade to their paid plans.

Top Recommendations

NameKey FeaturesRating
Spyrix - Best Free Computer Spy Software

  • Free Keylogger & screenshot capture

  • Works on Windows, Mac, & Android

  • Secretly access the mic & web cam (only after upgrading to the premium plan)

iKeyMonitor - Best PC Spy Software For Windows & MacBook

  • See screen activity of the target person

  • Track their keystrokes

  • Monitor their web pages and app usage

MoniVisor - Best For Employee Monitoring

  • Tracks web and download history

  • Remotely capture screenshot

  • See Web Chats & Web Mails


Best Spy Software For Laptop/PC Monitoring

1. Spyrix Keylogger

Seeking free spy software for PC? Check out Spyrix Keylogger, a spy software for Windows 10 that logs all typed words on the target computer.

spyrix keylogger

Among the computer keyloggers I’ve tested, this one stands out as one of the best keyloggers for computers, and it’s free. It precisely captures each keystroke, swiftly syncing them to your dashboard. It doesn’t just record typed words; it also captures copied texts. Anything the target person copies or pastes is visible on your dashboard with this software.

copy and paste

Besides that, the free version of the Spyrix Keylogger also remotely captures screenshots of the target computer at regular intervals. This will help you see all the activities of the victim that are missed by the keylogger like with whom they are chatting, what video or picture they are viewing etc.

screenshots on spyrix

The free version of this PC spy software is effective but cannot remain hidden unless you purchase a plan. Upgrading to the premium version not only ensures its undetectability but also allows you to receive recorded data via email.

If transparency with the target person is acceptable then the free version is suitable; otherwise, the premium plan offers additional features like mic and webcam access, browser history, and social media message lookup. Overall, both versions are worthwhile, and you can explore further in my Spyrix review before deciding.

Spyrix Pricing

spyrix price

Spyrix provides plans for 1, 3, and 5 PCs, catering to different needs. Prices for these plans are $79, $89, and $129, respectively.

 My Experience With Spyrix:  I like Spyrix because it is the best free computer spy software out there. I have never used free computer monitoring software before, so I had not much expectations from it. However, in my test, I found out that it does a pretty good job of monitoring the keystrokes and clipboard history. Also, it keeps taking screenshots at regular intervals so I was able to know what the target person was doing on their device. However, I would have enjoyed it better if I could hide it on the target PC, but it is only possible if you pay for it.
What I Loved?
  • Works as a free PC keylogger
  • Takes regular screenshots on the target PC
  • Even tracks clipboard history
What I Didn't Like?
  • Can’t be hidden on the target computer on free plan

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2. FlexiSPY

If you have read my FlexiSPY review about phone monitoring, you’ll know how perfectly the app works. But is the same perfection provided by FlexiSPY to its customers who are interested in using it as spy software for Windows 1o PC and Mac? Let’s see.


If the target person uses a Windows PC, here’s the list of compatible versions.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

The good thing about monitoring with FlexiSPY is that it works with macOS devices as well.

  • Apple macOS Mavericks
  • Apple macOS Yosemite
  • Apple macOS El Capitan
  • Apple macOS Sierra
  • Apple macOS High Sierra
  • Apple macOS Mojave
  • Apple macOS Catalina

Key Logs

keylogs feature

To monitor your child’s online activity, especially if you suspect inappropriate language or content, FlexiSPY’s Keylogger is a powerful tool. It effectively tracks keystrokes on a computer, making it a top choice for Windows users.

Simply navigate to the Key Logs feature, select the desired section, and view all recorded keystrokes, along with the corresponding date and time.

app usage section

App Usage

app usage section

It’s essential to monitor your child’s PC and app usage to prevent potential addiction. In the app section, you can view a comprehensive list of all apps used by the target person, along with their respective durations and last usage times.

While the browser search section in FlexiSPY didn’t yield results during my usage, tracking browsing history is achievable through the App Usage feature. Simply click on the specific browser, like Chrome, displayed on the screen, and the results will be visible, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

checking browsing history with app usage


logon feature of flexispy

Monitoring your child’s computer usage involves not only preventing addiction but also tracking the timing of their activities, especially late-night use.

The Logon feature in FlexiSPY records when the PC is turned on (Logon), in sleep mode (Lock Screen), and when it’s actively used again (Unlock Screen). This provides valuable insights into your child’s computer habits and allows for timely intervention if needed.


alerts for words

Constantly monitoring your loved ones online isn’t practical, but having insights into specific words used in their chats can be valuable. Instead of sifting through a massive chat history, create alerts for specific words of interest. Once set up, you’ll receive notifications whenever those words are mentioned, allowing you to stay informed without the need for continuous monitoring.

Similarly, you can establish alerts for File Activity, ensuring you’re promptly notified when specific file-related actions occur, adding an extra layer of awareness without constant manual checking.

Network Connection

network connection

If you observe your child’s excessive internet usage and suspect they might have found a way around restrictions, FlexiSPY provides a solution.

Navigate to the Network Connection feature to access a list of all Wi-Fi networks the laptop is connected to. The feature also displays the dates and times when the connections were established and terminated. This information can help you understand if your child is using a different Wi-Fi network or if they somehow obtained the new password, allowing you to uncover the truth.

USB Connection

usb connections

Although this section won’t help much in tracking the activities, still if you are curious to know the names of devices that your spouse’s phone was connected to via USB, this feature will help you out.

You will know the names of all devices connected to the target computer and their status (connected or disconnected.)

Web Browser

web history

Vigilantly monitoring the web browser is crucial when overseeing a child’s or spouse’s PC.

Upon entering the Web Browser section in FlexiSPY, you’ll discover the searches made, along with the duration the target person spent on specific sites. Additionally, you can check the last time the target person accessed each site, providing comprehensive insights into their online activities.


screenshots feature

While the target person is engaged in their PC for a long time, it makes you wonder what are they doing.

To curb this curiosity, FlexiSPY uploads screenshots of their PC screen.

However, while evaluating the feature, I discovered that it only takes screenshots of the home screen and the lock screen, not while they were using the browser or some app.

Other Features

This PC activity monitoring software offers a range of features, including Web Email, Email Screenshots, Desktop Chats, Web Chats, Social Media, Browser Search, and Browser History, enhancing the overall monitoring experience.

However, during testing, data updates for these features were not received, attributed to the presence of antivirus software on the target laptop. Adding the laptop spy software to the antivirus whitelist resolves this issue, allowing unrestricted access to detailed monitoring features.


PC flexispy new price

For PC monitoring, FlexiSPY only has one plan to offer. You can purchase the PC monitoring service of FlexiSPY for $79/month. The 3-month plan will cost you $119 and similarly, the 12-month plan will cost you $179.

My Experience With FlexiSPY:  The best thing I like about FlexiSPY is that it is compatible with almost every version of  Windows and macOS. The software excels in keyword tracking. With this software, I was able to see every word the target person typed on their PC. It also captures screenshots at regular intervals so I was always aware of what the target person is doing on their device.
What I Loved?
  • Advanced computer monitoring features
  • Works on both Windows and Mac
  • Provides Quick Updates
What I Didn't Like?
  • Pricey plans

Click Here to Try FlexiSPY for PC

3. iKeyMonitor (EASEMON)

Another spy software for PCs offering a free trial is iKeyMonitor, also known as EASEMON. It’s not limited to Windows, you can also spy on Mac with it, as it supports both Windows and Mac platforms. The 3-day free trial allows users to evaluate the software before making a purchase decision.

Compared to other spyware, iKeyMonitor stands out with its minimalistic dashboard. As someone who has used various spy apps, I found the dashboard impressive. It’s user-friendly, especially for beginners, providing all essential monitoring details directly on the dashboard without the need to navigate elsewhere.

iKeymonitor dashboard

Beyond its clean interface, iKeyMonitor, or EASEMON, impressed me with its robust features. A standout feature for me was Screen Activity, which captures periodic screenshots of the target device and syncs them to the iKeyMonitor dashboard. With the help of this feature, I was able to remotely see what they were doing on their screen at a specific point in time.

screen activity

The software includes an Input Activity feature, functioning akin to a keylogger, revealing all keystrokes made on the target computer. A noteworthy aspect is its categorization of recorded keystrokes based on their source, indicating the program in which a specific keyboard input occurred. During testing, I observed that it might take some time to list all recorded keystrokes, requiring a brief wait to view the complete input activity.

input activity

Similarly, you also get the Web Activity feature on this PC spy program which enables you to check their browsing history. Moreover, it even provides clickable URLs of the browsed web pages so that you can visit and see them yourself.

web activity

Besides all this, it even shows you the App Usage Report. This report shows you the apps that are frequently used by the target person along with the screenshots and input activity they have performed on that particular app. Moreover, it shows you the time they have spent on a specific app. All in all, in my opinion, it is the best computer monitoring software on the list that also provides a free trial.

app usage


iKeyMonitor pricing

Unlike other computer spy software which have different price plans for MacBook and Windows PC, iKeyMonitor has the same plan for both. You can get the software for a monthly fee of $29.99/m/device. This means if you want to spy on more than one computer then you can do that by paying some extra amount. It is ideal for situations when you want to use iKeyMonitor as an employee monitoring software for your organization.

My Experience With EASEMON: I kind of enjoyed using EASEMON PC spyware because it is very easy to use. In my test, the software helped me track each activity on the target computer with its Input Activity, Web Activity, and App usage report.
What I Loved?
  • Offers a free trial
  • Can track both Windows and Mac
  • Has a long list of effective monitoring features
What I Didn't Like?
  • May take some time to show recorded data

Click Here to Try iKeyMonitor

4. MoniVisor

Here comes another spy app that works brilliantly when it comes to cell phone tracking. And now it’s time to see the spy software working for Windows PCs. For cell phones, this app comes by the name KidsGuard Pro, but it comes by the name MoniVisor for PCs.


For Windows monitoring, here are the compatible versions.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

If you are a Mac user, then, unfortunately, MoniVisor is not for you as it’s a Windows spy app that doesn’t support Mac monitoring.

Features And Working

Web Activity

web activity kidsguard pro

Monitoring web activity is vital, especially for teens who may visit inappropriate sites. Clicking on “Web Activity” reveals various browsers with separate search histories.

MoniVisor’s provided links are clickable, directly leading to the accessed pages. View the exact search title and the last access time effortlessly. Keep tabs on online behavior efficiently with these features.

Download History

download history

As teens spend extended time online, they may download intriguing photos and videos. It’s crucial to stay informed about the files saved on their device. MoniVisor’s Download History feature displays URLs of downloaded content, offering insight into the source.

While the tool doesn’t directly show downloaded images, knowing the website helps determine if the content is inappropriate. Stay vigilant and monitor your teen’s online activity effectively with this feature.

App Activity

kidsguard pro app activity

Curious about your partner’s PC software and dating app usage? With MoniVisor, simply navigate to the App Activity section. Easily discover the names, total usage time, and last access time of all installed apps. Gain insights into your partner’s digital activities without hassle using this remote PC monitoring software.

Web Mail

The webmail feature of MoniVisor lets you keep an eye on the target person’s received and sent email history. You can see who the email was sent to and you can also read their emails without them knowing.

It tracks all emails that are sent using different email clients like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. It’s a great feature if you want to spy on your employees at work.




Monitor your partner’s or kids’ social media activities on PC with MoniVisor’s Keylogger section. Easily track messages on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, ensuring transparency in their digital interactions.

Keep an eye on your kids’ internet searches as well. The left side displays software names where typing occurs, and clicking reveals detailed keystrokes on the right side. MoniVisor’s Keylogger captures almost every keystroke with date and time stamps, enhancing monitoring accuracy. Stay informed about online activities effortlessly with this powerful tool.

Capture Screenshots

view screenshots

Experience real-time monitoring with MoniVisor’s Capture Screenshots feature. Simply enable it in the Screenshot Settings by clicking “Start.” Then, switch to View Screenshots and wait a few minutes for the app to capture and upload screenshots to the portal. Stay updated on the target PC’s activities effortlessly.

You can even download the screenshots locally for your records. Enhance your monitoring capabilities with this convenient and effective feature.

File Activity

file activity

If your teen has some adult videos or photos on their device then they might usually be kept hidden so you cannot access them.

But MoniVisor keeps track of all the files that the child opens on their device. The feature shows the name of the file, the location of the file, the date of creation, and if it currently exists or has been deleted.

Other Features

MoniVisor offers notable features like Web Chats for monitoring messages on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. However, during testing, the feature proved ineffective without installing a special Chrome extension, despite following the provided steps.

The Login Activity feature tracks PC opening and shutdown times, aiding in monitoring screen time. Additionally, Print Activity and USB Connection features keep tabs on printed documents and USB device changes—ideal for office setups and employee monitoring.

MoniVisor stands out with diverse features, although certain functionalities may require additional steps for optimal performance.


kidsguard pro pricing

MoniVisor offers three plans tailored for PC monitoring, varying in subscription duration. The 1-month plan is priced at $49.95, the 3-month plan at $26.65 per month, and the 1-year plan at $10.82 monthly. With cost-effective options, MoniVisor provides flexibility based on your monitoring needs. Consider exploring my dedicated MoniVisor review before making a purchase decision.

My Experience With MoniVisor: Out of all the other laptop spy software on the list, MoniVisor offers the most features, and while using it I found all of these features work well. However, I would have liked it even more if it was able to track MacBooks as well, but it currently only supports Windows devices.
What I Loved?
  • Quick updates
  • Lots of Windows monitoring feature
  • Affordable plans
What I Didn't Like?
  • Does not work on Mac

Click Here to Try MoniVisor

5. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a comprehensive monitoring application compatible with various Windows versions, including Windows 10, as well as macOS Catalina for Mac devices. It offers several features for discreetly monitoring activities on the target PC.


Hoverwatch captures remote screenshots of the target PC screen during activities like internet browsing, Skype usage, and gaming. These screenshots are uploaded to an online portal, allowing remote viewing.

monitoring pc activities with hoverwatch

The synchronization of new data to your account takes approximately 4-5 minutes, and the high-quality, sizable screenshots are easily understandable.

Browser History

browsing history

The application allows you to monitor the browsing history of the target PC comprehensively. You can track websites accessed 24/7, view search titles, and follow clickable links directly to the accessed websites.

The portal provides an efficient way to manage the browser history, enabling you to delete unnecessary links with a single click.

Camera Access

remote camera access

Hoverwatch goes beyond screenshots by providing remote access to the target PC’s webcam. This feature allows you to take remote photos periodically, providing insights into the user’s environment.

This can be useful for addressing concerns about explicit content consumption or potentially harmful activities. So basically you can use the laptop webcam as a spy camera.

Location Tracking

location of the target person
In addition to screenshot-based monitoring, Hoverwatch includes location tracking functionality. You can continuously track the location of the target PC by accessing the Location section of the app. The location is updated at regular intervals, providing real-time tracking of the target person.

Overall, Hoverwatch offers a range of features for monitoring and ensuring the safety of the user on the target PC, including screenshot capture, browser history monitoring, remote camera access, and location tracking.

My Experience With Hoverwatch: Just like other Windows spy tools on the list, Hoverwatch also captures screenshots at regular intervals, and tracks website visits. However, the feature that impressed me the most was remote camera access. With its help, I was able to capture pictures from the target person’s webcam remotely.  Not only that, I was even able to track the location of the target PC with this software.
What I Loved?
  • Works on both Windows & Mac
  • Lets you access the PC camera remotely
  • Cheap plans
What I Didn't Like?
  • Limited monitoring features

Click Here to Try Hoverwatch

6. Qustodio

The next stealth computer monitoring software on the list is Qustodio. It is a multi-platform parental control software for computers that works well on both Windows and Mac.


  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • macOS 10.10 to macOS 11

Qustodio is a perfect computer spying program for parents who want to keep a keen eye on their kid’s browsing history. This PC spy software not only tracks their searches made on different browsers but also monitors the websites visited in the private tab.

But every other computer spyware can do that, what’s so special about Qustodio? The main advantage of Qustodio computer monitoring software is that it also shows you which sites are mostly accessed by the target person and for how long. Not just websites, but this computer spying program can also track computer applications and their usage.


Qustodio provides a solution for parents concerned about their children accessing mature websites. The app allows remote blocking of such sites and sends alerts when specific web pages are visited.

It categorically blocks websites and offers manual additions to the block list. During testing, this desktop spy app redirected blocked sites to Google.com, preventing access without permission. Additionally, Qustodio offers an effective daily time limit feature, promptly locking the device once the set time runs out.

time limit

Moreover, with this laptop monitoring software, you can remotely spy on Windows PC or Mac from literally anywhere. Because you can use your cell phone as a parent’s device using the Qustodio app.

Other Features

The features I discussed above are available with the free version of Qustodio. If you want more features like social media monitoringlocation tracking, call logs, etc. then you have to purchase the premium plan of Qustodio.


Qustodio’s premium package features three plans: Small, Medium, and Large, tailored to the number of users you want to monitor. The small plan covers 5 devices at $4.58/month, the Medium plan tracks 10 devices at $8.08/month, and the Large plan monitors 15 devices at $11.50/month. Choose the plan that aligns with your monitoring needs and budget for effective and flexible usage.

My Experience With Qustodio: Qustodio is not fully-fledged PC spyware, rather it is a parental control tool. However, it worked well in my testing. If you are a parent you will love it, that is my guarantee.
What I Loved?
  • Wide compatibility
  • Effective parental control features
  • Easy to use
What I Didn't Like?
  • Not a complete PC spyware

Click Here To Try Qustodio

7. CurrentWare

CurrentWare is a digital watchdog for offices, helping bosses keep an eye on what employees do on their computers. It checks internet use, making sure staff aren’t on questionable websites.


It also lets you spy on employee emails to stop any confidential info from slipping out. It also offers insights into the USB connections that are controlled to stop any unauthorized copying of files. Moreover, CurrentWare even tracks which apps employees are using, aiming to boost overall productivity.

There are extra features like ContentBarrier, which blocks certain websites, TimeRestrict for setting computer time limits, and AccessPatrol Remote to control devices.

Overall CurrentWare is a pretty good employee monitoring tool but it may not be the best PC spyware due to its limited features.


CurrentWare has 4 differnet products AccessPatrol, Browser Control, Browse Reporter, and enPower manager. The first three products cost $3.99/month whereas the enPower manager costs $1.99/month. You can also get all the 4 products at $8.99/month.

What I Loved?
  • Economical pricing plans
  • Lots of employee monitoring features
  • Easy to use
What I Didn't Like?
  • Limited monitoring features

Final Verdict

As this is a list of the best spyware for Windows, all five PC spy software provide top-notch services. But you just need one computer spy software to monitor your loved ones, so it needs to be the best out of the best.

Well, my first suggestion for you will be Spyrix. Live Viewing, Keylogger, App Activity, every feature just hit the bull’s eye.

And when it comes to FlexiSPY, MoniVisor, or Hoverwatch all three apps work decently well, but not anywhere near the working of Spyrix.

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