4 Best Spy Software For PC To Track Someone In Real Time

When you think about monitoring your child or your loved ones, you imagine yourself keeping an eye on their smartphone.

And we usually forget about their laptop or PC or don’t pay much attention to them.

But just as the cell phone can be used to fulfill the wrong deeds, their desktop devices have the same capability. So, overlooking their PC just thinking that what they could possibly do using their desktop devices can be a big mistake.

Noticing the importance of PC monitoring, we thought it would be a great help if our users knew about the best spy software for tracking Windows PC/laptop activities.

All the apps mentioned are personally tested by us. So basically, you’ll be reading our personal experience on all the apps and not from some backseat driver sharing unnecessary information.

Best Spy Software For Laptop/PC For Spying Remotely

1. pcTattletale

Let’s start the list with a PC spy software that offers a completely unique monitoring style. pcTattletale keeps a keen eye on all the PC activities of the target user by recording their device screen.

Let’s discuss everything about the spying software in detail now.


The excellent features and working of software might excite you to purchase it, but its incompatibility with your device might change your excitement to disappointment.

So it’s better to know beforehand if the app works for your device or not. And read about its features after confirming its compatibility with your device.

pcTattletale is ready to use with these Windows versions:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

So these are all the desktop devices that you can monitor with pcTattletale. Unfortunately, Mac devices are not compatible with the software.

Features And Working

Now that you know if pcTattletale is compatible with your device or not, let’s discuss further, the features and working of the app.

Recorded Videos

Like other monitoring apps, pcTattletale does not carry a list of plenty of features. Rather, it only has a few features, with the main feature that will record the screen of the target person’s laptop.

Once the installation of the software is done, this employee monitoring software records the screen remotely without giving any hint about that to your employee.

You can see the recorded activity remotely anytime you want using the given play button.

Now suppose you didn’t get time to view the PC activities of your lover/spouse yesterday. So does that mean now you can’t see what all was going on their device yesterday?

No, that’s not how pcTattletale works. Even if you’re not using pcTattletale, it will still record the activities while working in the background.

So it means that even if you were not able to monitor the target person on a particular day, you can still check the activities for that day.

To watch past activities, you need to access the calendar feature given at the top-left corner. Now simply select the date for which you want to check the recordings.

checking past activities

Downloading the activities for every single day is also possible.

Live Viewing

pctattletale live feature

Now let’s discuss the most impressive feature of pcTattletale.

No matter how far you are from your loved ones, if pcTattletale exist on their PC, you can track their device activity in real-time.

It means you will actually see what they are currently doing on their PC. The time difference between the actual activity and live recording will be about 10-15 seconds which is quite negligible.

The live recording might not show an accurate result while the user is playing any video on their laptop. In the case of video, pcTattletale struck at a particular screen while the user is continuously watching a video. pcTattletale just shows some particular frames from a video.

But still, these few frames might be enough to know what kind of stuff your teen watches on the internet.

If the target person is watching the video on some video streaming platform like Netflix, or Amazon Prime, you won’t even see the few frames that you got for YouTube.

live viewing

But this is not a limitation of pcTattletale. These streaming services are built to prevent piracy. So they don’t allow such recording services to work on their platform.


checking keylogger activities

This section distributes the total activities done in the target device into different sections for easy monitoring.

The video that this PC monitoring software makes might be too long. And if you need to check how your little ones talk to their friends online, you will find it difficult to extract the part of the video where they were using WhatsApp or other chatting apps.

This is where the Activity section plays a major role.

With the list of all the keystrokes in one place, you don’t need to watch the long video for extracting keylogger activities.

Just type Keylogger in the given search bar and the app will filter the Activity section and show all the keystrokes in one place.

Similarly, to check all the Chrome activities, YouTube activities, just type that keyword in the search bar and check the results.

Click Activity

number of clicks

This section can be a great deal if you are using pcTattletale for monitoring your kids.

Kid’s addiction to cell phones and PC’s is something that we all fear. But you can tighten the reins if you see the signs of addiction at its early stage. And this spy software for PC will help you know if your child is becoming a victim of addiction or not.

With pcTattletale, you can easily check the total number of clicks made on their device from hour to hour. Based on this data, you can figure out the engagement of your child with their PC.

Top App Usage

Windows PC spy software

Click Activity section will reveal the amount of PC usage of the child and the Top App Usage section will show you the name of the most used app on the PC.

So if you are curious to know what makes your child stuck to their device for hours, here’s the answer.


pctattletale pricing

Now let’s talk money. There are a total of 3 plans that you can opt for. The first one is the FAMILY plan that will cost you $99 with access to 3 devices. For adding an additional device under your monitoring plan, you need to pay an extra $33. In addition to that, you get 7 days of data storage capacity as well.

Next, you have the FAMILY PLUS plan which can be yours at a price of $147 with access to 3 devices. You can add an additional device after paying $49. With the FAMILY plus plan, you get the data storage of 30 days.

BUSINESS PLAN will cost you $297 and you can monitor a total of 3 devices with this plan. Adding an additional device will cost you $99 and the storage capacity in this plan is 365 days, that is, one year.

If you want to try the app for free before spending your hard-earned bucks on it, that too is possible. With the free trial of the app, you can see how the app actually works. And once you are sure that the app works perfectly, then you can purchase it.

Click Here to Try pcTattletale

2. FlexiSPY

If you have read our FlexiSPY review about phone monitoring, you’ll know how perfectly the app works. But does the same perfection is provided by FlexiSPY to its customers who are interested in PC monitoring? Let’s see.


If the target person uses a Windows PC, here’s the list of compatible versions.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

The good thing about monitoring with FlexiSPY is that it works with macOS devices as well.

  • Apple macOS Mavericks
  • Apple macOS Yosemite
  • Apple macOS El Capitan
  • Apple macOS Sierra
  • Apple macOS High Sierra
  • Apple macOS Mojave
  • Apple macOS Catalina

Features And Working

Key Logs

keylogs feature

When you suspect your child of using bad language or watching malicious content, it becomes necessary to track what they write on various apps or what they search on the internet.

FlexiSPY Keylogger feature can easily track what the target person types on their computer.

Once you go to the Key Logs feature, you will see various sections where the Keylogger is used. Just click on the section where you want to check the keystrokes, and all the keystrokes will appear on the screen.

Along with that, the date and time when that keystroke was made will also appear.

App Usage

app usage section

Checking the app’s usage is necessary to make sure your child is not getting addicted to their PC or any particular app.

Under the app section, you will see the list of all the apps used by the target person throughout the day and for how long.

The time when that app was last used will also appear on the screen.

Although there’s a different section in FlexiSPY that shows the searches made on the browser. But we didn’t receive any results in that section.

But tracking the browsing history is possible with the App Usage feature. Just click on Chrome or whichever browser you see on the screen. The results will appear as shown below in the screenshot.

checking browsing history with app usage


logon feature of flexispy

It’s good that you make sure your child is not addicted to their PC, but it’s equally important to keep a track of time when they use their computer.

If they are using their laptop late at night, then that should immediately be taken care of.

Logon feature keeps the track of time when the PC was in use and when it was not. When the child turns on the PC, it shows Logon, when the PC is in sleep mode it states Lock Screen and when they use the PC again, it states Unlock Screen.


alerts for words

Sitting all day long in front of the computer to monitor your lover or your kid is not possible. But you might be curious to know if your spouse or your kid is using some particular words in their chat or not.

But once you come back online, the list of chats will be huge and it will be difficult to read every message.

So it would be better if you can somehow get specific results for the words that you want to track. After creating an alert, you will receive a notification whenever any of those words are used somewhere.

In the same way, you can create an alert related to File Activity.

Network Connection

network connection

When you notice your child using the internet more than necessary, you might change the Wi-Fi password to limit their internet use.

But if your child is not demanding the Wi-Fi password again, this might mean that they somehow got the new password, or using some other Wi-Fi.

Whatever be the case, you can know the truth with FlexiSPY.

By going to the Network Connection feature, you will see the names of all the Wi-Fi that the laptop was connected to. In addition to that, you will see the date and time when the connection was on and when it was off.

USB Connection

usb connections

Although this section won’t help much in tracking the activities, still if you are curious to know the names of devices that your spouse’s phone was connected to via USB, this feature will help you out.

You will know the names of all devices connected to the target computer and their status (connected or disconnected.)

Web Browser

web history

Keeping an eye on the web browser is highly recommended whether you are monitoring your child or your spouse’s PC.

You might find out that your child is accessing some adult content on their PC, or your spouse is accessing sites like Tinder.

After reaching the Web Browser section, you will see the search that was made, and for how long the target person was accessing that site. The last time when the target person accessed the site can also be checked.

Screenshotsscreenshots feature

While the target person is engaged in their PC for a long time, it makes you wonder what are they doing?

To curb out this curiosity, FlexiSPY uploads screenshots of their PC screen.

But we only received the screenshots of the home screen and the lock screen, not while they were using the browser or some app.

Other Features

FlexiSPY offers other features like Web Email, Email Screenshots, Desktop Chats, Web Chats, Social Media, Browser Search, Browser History, etc. All the features are highly useful for a complete monitoring experience.

But after thorough testing, we didn’t receive any data for these features. And the reason for no updates for these features is the antivirus installed on the target laptop.

If there’s an antivirus on your kid’s PC, it will stop you from performing detailed monitoring. But it’s easy to add any spy software to the whitelist of the antivirus. Once you do that, antivirus won’t stop you from extracting more details from the target device.


flexispy pricing

For PC monitoring, FlexiSPY only has one plan to offer. You can purchase the PC monitoring service of FlexiSPY for $68/month. The 3-month plan will you $99 and similarly, the 12-month plan will cost you $149.

Click Here to Try FlexiSPY for PC

3. MoniVisor

Here comes another spy app that works brilliantly when it comes to cell phone tracking. And now it’s time to see the spy software working for Windows PCs. For cell phones, this app comes by the name KidsGuard Pro, but it comes by the name MoniVisor for PC.


For Windows monitoring, here are the compatible versions.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

If you are a Mac user, then, unfortunately, MoniVisor is not for you as the app doesn’t support Mac monitoring.

Features And Working

Web Activity

web activity kidsguard pro

Checking the web activity is a crucial part of monitoring, especially when you are monitoring teens. They might be accessing sites that include porn, fights, political hatred, and so on.

By clicking on Web Activity, you will see the names of different web browsers and you can check the searches made in each one of them separately.

The links that MoniVisor provides are clickable and will directly take you to the page that the target person was accessing.

The exact title of the search can also be seen including the last time when that page was accessed.

Download History

download history

While using the internet for a long time, the teen might get fascinated by some photos and videos. And they might save those photos and videos locally on their device.

But you should be well aware of those files that the teens download on their PC.

This is where the Download History feature helps you out.

Here you will see the URL for the website from where the child downloaded that particular image. Although MoniVisor doesn’t show the downloaded photo, by knowing the website you can figure out if it was some adult content or not.

App Activity

kidsguard pro app activity

Curious to know which software your partner uses on their PC and if they are using any dating apps or not?

With MoniVisor PC monitoring software, it’s easy to check the name of the software used and for how long.

Just go to the App Activity section and you will see the names of all the apps under the Name heading. Along with the names, the total time of use and the last used time will also appear.



Most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram are accessible on PC. And your lover might be using these apps to chat with someone you don’t want them to.

So it’s important to keep up to date with the messages they send. Similarly, in the case of kids, it’s important to keep a track of what they search for on the internet.

You will easily find all this data in the Keylogger section.

On the left side, the names of all those software will appear where something is typed. Clicking on any of the software will show all the keystrokes made in that software on the right-hand side.

The Keylogger of MoniVisor works amazingly and shows almost every keystroke that the target person makes. With each keystroke, you will see a date and time stamp for better monitoring.

Capture Screenshots

view screenshots

Wouldn’t it be great if you can get the screenshots from the target PC while they are currently using it? The Capture Screenshots feature makes it possible.

Under the Capture Screenshots feature, you will see two more options, one is Screenshot Settings and the other one is View Screenshots.

For starting with getting screenshots, first, you need to enable the feature by going to Screenshots Settings. Just click on Start and the app is ready to click screenshots.

After that, it’s time to switch to View Screenshots and wait a few minutes while the app is taking screenshots and uploading them on the portal. You can even download the sent screenshots to keep them locally on your device.

File Activity

file activity

If your teen has some adult videos or photos on their device then they might usually be kept hidden so you cannot access them.

But MoniVisor keeps a track of all the files that the child opens on their device. The feature shows the name of the file, location of the file, date of creation, and if it currently exists or has been deleted.

Other Features

There are some other important features of MoniVisor that are equally or more important than the above features. The list of these features includes Web Chats, which make it possible to read messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Then comes Web Mail, which is supposed to show you the emails that the target person either receives or sends.

Similarly, the Login Activity is supposed to show you when the target PC opens up and closes.

But these features were not working at all. We didn’t receive any updates on these particular sections. And the reason is the same as for FlexiSPY, the antivirus stops the PC from sending records for some particular sections.


kidsguard pro pricing

MoniVisor has 3 different plans for its users intended to monitor PC devices and these plans differ based on the time for which you need the app.

The 1-Month Plan will cost you $49.95 for one month, then comes the 3-Month Plan that costs $26.65 for one month, and finally, the 1-Year Plan that costs $10.82. So basically the app has an economical price.

Click Here to Try MoniVisor

4. Hoverwatch

Don’t let your kids misuse their laptop or PC and monitor everything going on in their device with Hoverwatch. With its screenshots-taking capabilities, Hoverwatch can enlighten you with everything that the target person is doing on the target device.


Hoverwatch is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows PC and laptops. This also includes Windows 10.

The app provides a solution for Mac devices as well, including the compatibility for the newest Mac version, that is, macOS Catalina.

Features And Working


Hoverwatch works on the concept of taking remote screenshots of the target PC screen. And your loved ones will never get to know about these screenshots.

These screenshots will be taken by Hoverwatch anytime while the user is surfing on the internet, using Skype, playing games, or doing whatever you can think of.

monitoring pc activities with hoverwatch

These screenshots will then be uploaded on the online portal of the app where you can check them whenever you want remotely.

The new data will take about 4-5 minutes to upload which is quite normal for a spy app.

As the screenshots are of high quality and large in size, you won’t face any trouble understanding them. With a single click, the screenshot will open in full size so you can check the content of the screenshot properly.

Browser History

browsing history

While the PC is in the hands of teens, you will always be in a worry if they are using the device as it should be or not.

With Hoverwatch installed on their device, you can monitor all the websites they access 24/7.

The title of their search can clearly be seen clearly on the top and below that, you have the clickable link. Just a single click on the link will take you directly to the website that was being accessed by the child.

Internet surfing is not something that’s done once in a blue moon. In fact, it’s the thing that most commonly done on a PC. This means that the number of searches made on the browser every day is going to be countless.

But you don’t need to worry about missing something important no matter how huge the bundle of browser history is there for you to check. With a single click, you can delete the unnecessary links and only keep the ones on the portal that you actually need.

Camera Access

remote camera access

Now suppose you find your child surfing something they should not. This can be something like brutal killings, how to consume drugs, porn, or any other concerning stuff.

And now you wonder with whom they actually enjoy watching all this explicit stuff. The answer to your question will be given by the webcam of the child’s PC.

Hoverwatch will get remote access to the webcam of their computer and click a remote photo and upload it on its portal from time to time. This way you can always know that with whom your child likes to watch those things.

Location Tracking

location of the target person

The main working of Hoverwatch is screenshot based but that’s not all this amazing spy software has got. Just like all the amazing spy apps, Hoverwatch can track the location of the target PC continuously.

To check the current location of the device, you need to go to the Location section of the app.

Here you will see a pointer indicating where the target person is located right now. The location is updated every few minutes so it’s like you are tracking the person in real-time.


plans by hoverwatch

The services of Hoverwatch can be purchased using the 3 plans offered by the app. These plans are Personal, Professional, and Business.

The Personal plan costs $24.95/month and allows the tracking of only one device. If you purchase one year plan then you just need to pay  $99.95.

The next one is the Professional plan that starts at $49.95/month and allows you to track 5 devices at a time. Choosing the 12-month plan will only cost you $199.95.

Coming to the Business plan, it can monitor 25 devices at a time and costs $149.95/month. A 12-month plan of the app will cost you $499.95.

Click Here to Try Hoverwatch

Which PC Spy Software Offers Best Services?

As this is a list of the best spy software for monitoring PC devices, all three software provide top-notch services. But you just need one computer spy software to monitor your loved ones, so it needs to be the best out of the best.

Well, our first suggestion for you will be pcTattletale. Live Viewing, Keylogger, App Activity, every feature just hit the bull’s eye.

And when it comes to FlexiSPY, MoniVisor, or Hoverwatch all three apps work decently well, but not anywhere near the working of pcTattletale.


What Is The Best Spyware For PC?

Among all the spy apps, pcTtattletale is the best one that you can trust for monitoring your dear ones.

Is It Possible To Watch Someone Else's PC Screen?

Yes, you can easily see someone else's PC screen with pcTattletale Live Viewing and Recording features. Using the MoniVisor app, you can see someone's PC screen with the Capture Screenshots feature.

How Can I Monitor My Child's Computer Without Them Knowing?

Using hidden spy software like pcTattletale, FlexiSPY, and MoniVisor, you can easily monitor your kid's PC without them knowing.

Does Antivirus Detect Spyware?

Yes, the antivirus can detect spyware, but once you have installed the software on the target PC, the target person won't get any notification related to spyware. Moreover, the spy software appear by a different name, so they won't be able to figure out that it was spyware installed on their device by you.

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