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Isn’t focusing on the work has become too hard in recent times? All thanks to the addictive websites that can take hours and hours of your precious time without making you realize the time spent on them.

But how long do you plan on being unfocused from your work? After all, these addictive websites aren’t going to help you achieve anything.

So it’s better to keep the use of these websites open on Chrome in limit and try to focus on your studies, office work, and things that matter the most.

Now I know that stopping yourself from using those addictive websites is not at all achievable. At some point, you will get exhausted fighting with yourself and continue using those websites again.

That’s the reason why website blockers are getting popular these days. Using these online blockers, you can stop the use of any website for the desired time.

Not just for yourself, but you can limit your kids from falling into the trap of these time-consuming web pages. And not just that, you can actually block the use of these websites remotely.

I have covered you up with the solutions for Android, iPhone, and PC. So no matter which device you work with, you can put a halt to your nasty habit of opening unnecessary websites again and again with these best website blocker apps and software.

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Best Website Blocker Apps And Software

1. Freedom

Available For – Android, iOS, and PC

Who Is It For?People who want to use a website blocker app for themself.

best website blocker apps and software

Freedom website blocker is used by thousands of people who want to focus on their work at a given point in the day instead of opening their favorite websites and wasting their precious time.

Using the Freedom app or website can be a bit tricky at first but after a few uses, you will understand the working of the app better.

freedom web app for chrome

To use the freedom app on your Android phone or your PC, you need to create an account on the app first.

While setting up your session to block the unnecessary websites, you can select whether you want to block all the websites, some particular websites, and you can even select the apps.

edit blocklist

You can select the duration of your session from 1 minute to 23 hours and 59 minutes. So based on your workload and willpower, you can block the addictive websites.

If you want to savor your favorite websites before saying goodbye to them, you can start your session later by creating a schedule for later. Till the time comes, you can enjoy using those addictive websites.

Similarly, you can add the recurring schedule for other days beforehand.

To add the websites that you don’t want your teen to use while they are studying, you need to go to the Blocklists section and add all the distracting websites.

adding websites to blocklist

Everything about the Freedom website blocker is amazing except the fact that you cannot use their services for free. Although you can take a three days free trial and see for yourself if it’s worth purchasing or not.

What We Loved
  • Website blocking starts immediately after you activate it

  • Possible to schedule the website blocking for future

  • You can also add the apps to the block list

  • Available for Android, iOS, and PC

What We Didn't Like
  • The app is not free to use

  • It can be a bit tricky to use the app at first

2. Stay Focused App

Available For – Android

Who Is It For?People who want to use a website blocker app for themself.

If you are fed up with your habit of opening unnecessary websites again and again and accessing your phone without any need then the Stay Focused app is for you.

Other than blocking websites, this website blocker app will provide you with many important stats. These stats include the total screen time spent on the phone, the total number of times you unlocked the phone, app launches, browsing time, etc.

If you have installed the Stay Focused app on your kid’s phone, then you can use these stats to know that for how long they use their phone daily, what all websites they open and the time spent on them, and the total number of times the phone was unlocked.

stay focused app usage

And if you are using the app for yourself, then it will help you to know if you are achieving your target of using the phone less or not.

The accuracy of this app will blow your mind. All the data that the app presents is totally accurate.

If there are some particular websites that grab your attention more than necessary, then you can block them with Stay Focused.

You will see the recently visited websites on the app screen. If not, then you can add them manually.

stay focused list of websites

After choosing a website you need to block, you can put restrictions on it in plenty of ways.

You can set the timer for which you can access the website or set the Specific Time Intervals for the website use. Similarly, you can Quick Block the website at that very moment and fix the Number of Launches for every hour.

stay focused settings

The Wait Timer makes you wait for the set time from using the app after the use time is elapsed. The Goal Based settings will work by stopping you from accessing your favorite website unless you spent the set time on an educational app.

The app is free for use but by getting its subscription, you can get more features and enhance your experience.

What We Loved
  • The app is easy to operate

  • The website blocking is done perfectly

  • Other stats and features are also available

  • The app is free to use

What We Didn't Like
  • Only available for Android

3. StayFocusd Extension

Available For – Chrome

Who Is It For? People who want to limit their website use on Chrome.

The name of this Chrome extension is similar to that of the Android app I mentioned above but these two are different software.

The one I’m mentioning right now is a Chrome extension, very simple to use and less featureful than the Stay Focused Android app.

You need to download the StayFocusd extension from the Chrome web store. Now to use the extension, you need to go to the website that you want to block for some time.

stayfocused chrome extension

Click on the Settings option below and then under the Max Time Allowed, you can change the time for which you want that website to be used.

max time allowed

After that time elapses, StayFocusd will automatically block that website and you cannot access it anymore.

You can change the settings of the app in many different ways. You can select the days for which you want to restrict the particular websites.

Using the Active Hours settings, you can select the time for which the websites will not open. Similarly, you can add the Blocked Sites and Allowed Sites.

To change more settings, The Nuclear Option will come in handy.

stayfocused nuclear option

The working of this extension didn’t disappoint us. The very moment the time elapses, that particular website gets blocked.

What We Loved
  • The working of the extension is accurate

  • Various settings and features are available

  • Easy to use and download

  • The extension is free to use

What We Didn't Like
  • Only available for Chrome

4. WasteNoTime

Available For – Chrome

Who Is It For? People who want to limit their website use on Chrome

Here’s another Google Chrome extension, easy to download and simple to use. Just go to the Chrome web store and add the extension to Chrome.

Now to use it, open the website that you want to block, then open the extension and click on Instant Lockdown. The website will now get blocked with an instant effect.

To add the website to your block list, you need to click on the Block site option. Now, unless you remove it from the list, the website will be inaccessible.

wastenotime extension

WasteNoTime can also help you track the time you spend on each website. Based on this data, you can manage the time for which you want to block those websites.

wastenotime activity graph

To make the changes in the settings, you have to go to the settings page of the extension. Under the Instant Lockdown, you can change the time for which you want to keep the website blocked.

changing wastenotime settings

If there’s more than one website you need to block, you can add it to your Block List. Similarly, you can add websites to Allow List if you want to block everything else except those websites.

You can put your hands on other settings too.

What We Loved
  • Possible to block the website with immediate effect

  • Time spent on each website can be tracked

  • Offers the option to either block or allow specific sites

  • The extension works accurately

What We Didn't Like
  • Only available for Chrome

Block Websites Remotely On Your Kids Device

5. FamiSafe

Available For – Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Kindle Fire

Who Is It For? People who want to control the website use of their kids remotely

FamiSafe is one of the most trusted parental control apps for iPhone and Android that parents can use to keep their kids in control. Not just website blocking, this website blocker software has tens of similar features to restrict the kids from using their smartphones wildly.

You need to purchase the services of FamiSafe to use it for keeping your kid’s website use within limits.

If you are a little hesitant to make the payment before knowing how the app works, you can take three days free trial of the app. And you can also check our detailed review of the FamiSafe app.

The best thing about using FamiSafe is that, if you are using it to control the website use of your child, then you can do that by controlling their smartphone remotely.

You need to go to the Web Filter option of the app. Here you can select the categories and the content related to them will not be shown to your child.

famisafe website blocker

But this feature didn’t work as expected. FamiSafe blocked only those websites that include these words in their domain names.

But you can add the websites manually also that you think are not appropriate for kids. These websites can be related to porn, animal cruelty, political hatred, and so on.

Allow or block site

There are many other features of FamiSafe that make it an app worth checking out. These features include monitoring of YouTube usage, alerts on adult content and abuse words, location tracking, geofencing, app blocker, etc.

app blocker famisafe

The app needs to be purchased

What We Loved
  • Web Filtering feature can smartly block some websites

  • You can add the websites manually that you want to block

  • FamiSafe works remotely

  • The website blocking is done perfectly

  • Other parental control features are also available

What We Didn't Like
  • The working of Web Filtering is not totally accurate

  • The app needs to be purchased

6. Qustodio

Available For – Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Kindle Fire

Who Is It For? People who want to remotely control the websites that their kids access.

Qustodio is one of the best remote website blocker software that is used by thousands of people worldwide. And seeing the amazing web filtering, website blocking, and other features of this app, you would like to join the list of Qustodio users. You can read a detailed review of Qustodio to help understand the working of the app.

Qustodio is the only parental control app in the market that has a free plan for its users. Obviously, the free plan will have fewer features than the paid plan but giving a free plan is well appreciated.

Not only that, you can use the free trial of the paid plan for 3 days and see if it’s worth spending some bucks or not.

But if your focus is just on blocking the adult and inappropriate websites from the kid’s life then the free plan is enough for you.

Under the Web Filtering option, you can select the categories and the content/site(s) of that category gets blocked by Qustodio.

qustodio web filtering

Obviously, Qustodio isn’t that smart that it can block every website related to that category but still Qustodio is better than FamiSafe in blocking the websites to a good extent.

If there are some particular websites that you want to block, you can add them manually. This way you have enabled both the human brain and artificial intelligence to filter adult websites.

blocking website with qustodio

Other amazing features of the app include YouTube Monitoring, Games And Apps, Calls And SMS, Panic Button, and so on.

What We Loved
  • Only parental control app that is free

  • Smart Web Filtering feature available

  • You can manually add particular websites that you want to block

  • You can change the settings of the app according to your need

  • Qustodio gives you remote access to the kid’s device

  • The website blocking feature works perfectly

What We Didn't Like
  • Web Filtering feature can miss tracking of some websites

Say No To Websites Addiction

Your addiction to websites, apps, or anything in your life can be disastrous for you. So before you actually reach the point where it’s hard to give up the use of a website, it’s better to keep its use in limits.

Surely a website blocker app will help you in doing so. But strong willpower is the most important thing that you need here.

If you don’t have a strong will, no matter which website blocker you use, you will pave your way to use the websites you’re addicted to.


How Can I Block Websites For Free?

There are website blockers available for every operating system that can block websites for free. Some of these apps and software include Qustodio, WasteNoTime, and StayFocused.

How Do I Block Sites On Google Chrome?

Google Chrome extensions like StayFocusd and WasteNoTime can help you block sites on Google Chrome.

Is Freedom A Good App?

Yes, Freedom is a good app and it's available for most operating systems. But the app is paid and a bit tricky to understand at first.

How Do I Block A Website On Chrome Without Using Extension?

Apps like Qustodio, FamiSafe, and Freedom work for PC so you don't need an extension to block any website.

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