How To Block Adult Content On Android Phone

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Once, adults mostly had cell phones, but now teens have them too. But be careful, because teens can stumble upon some not-so-great stuff on the internet, like sex or hate stuff about religion or politics, or even things about drugs or guns.

Apart from just discussing the bad effects of phones on teens, parents should also keep an eye on their kid’s phone activities. This article will show you how to block adult content on Android phones.

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Quick Summary
To block adult content on your kid’s phone you can do a few things. For example, you can try securing the Play Store and Google search app on their phone. Moreover, you can block adult content on their Google Chrome browser or use a safe browser instead. Besides this, you can also try OpenDNS or block adult content on YouTube. However, in my opinion, parental control apps like Qustodio are the best way to block sexual content on an Android phone.

How To Block Adult Content On Android Without App For Free

There are many Android content and website blocker apps that allow you to block adult websites on your phone. However, most of those apps aren’t free. You don’t have to necessarily buy these apps as there are other ways to block sexual content on Android for free and without installing any third-party app.

What’s better is that these methods will work on all Android phones i.e. you can block adult websites on Android phones like Samsung, Pixel, Motorola, etc. by following the same steps.

1. Securing The Play Store

There are zillions of apps on the Play Store and it’s an inbuilt part of all the Android devices. Moreover, it’s not possible to use the Android device without installing the apps from the Play Store.

So it’s really necessary that the Play Store is always healthy and ready to use for the child. And any kind of explicit app never ever pops up while the teen is using the Play Store.

All you need to do is alter the Play Store settings a little bit and boom!! the Play Store is all set for the kid to use.

To change the Play Store settings, follow these simple steps.

1. Open the Play Store app on the child’s Android phone and tap on the  Hamburger icon on the top-left side.

play store hamburger icon

2. After that, tap on the Settings option from the list.

play store settings

3. Tap on the Parental controls option that is available under the User controls heading.

block adult content on Android

4. In the next step, toggle on the Parental controls are off option.

toggle on parental control

5. A pin-generating message will pop up as soon as you toggle on the button. Now set the security pin so that the child is not able to undo the settings. Tap on OK after that.

generate security pin

6. Now you have to set the restrictions according to the age of the child and once done, tap on Save. (Most restrictive being Rated for 3+ and the least restrictive being Rated for 18+.)

block adult content on android phone

7. Similarly set the parental controls for Movies and Music too.

As all the apps with adult or inappropriate content are now blocked you can allow your child to use the phone without panicking over the existence of adult apps.

2. Securing The Google App

The use of a smartphone and the internet are one and the same thing. The reason is that the usefulness of the cellphone completely depends on whether it is connected to the internet or not.

If the kid uses the Google app for surfing the internet then making it childproof is not a bad idea. Here is how you can block adult content on Google.

1. Open the Google app on the teen’s device and tap on the More option available at the bottom right side.

set filter on google app

2. Tap on the Settings option after that.

google app settings

3. On the next page, tap on the General option.

general option in google

4. Now simply toggle on the SafeSearch button. If you don’t find the SafeSearch option then you can try searching for it on the search bar under General settings.

enable safesearch

With this, you will be able to block inappropriate content including images, videos, and sites from your or someone else’s phone easily. The bad thing about SafeSearch on Google is that it’s not 100% accurate. It filters the content only to a particular extent.

3. On Google Chrome

Chrome is the most used browser worldwide. Keeping this in mind, it becomes necessary to secure the Chrome app too. So, let’s see how to block adult websites on Google Chrome on Android.

1. Open the Chrome app on the device and search using the search bar.

2. A Search Settings page will open on Chrome now.

3. Under the SafeSearch Filters option, choose the Filter explicit results option and tap on the Save option available at the last.

change the chrome settings

Now the child can use the internet on Google Chrome but can’t access sexual sites. And that’s how you can block inappropriate websites on Android without app.

4. Use A Safe Browser

If you want to block bad sites on phone then using a safe browser to surf the internet is a good idea. There are many safe browsers that can be downloaded from the internet but the one I personally use and like is the SPIN browser. It blocks all types of sensitive websites on the internet and keeps your kids away from the mature content.

safe browser

5. Switch To OpenDNS

How to block adult content on my phone, is that what you are thinking? Most people who are addicted to porn have this question because they want to get rid of their bad habit of overconsumption of sexual content. Don’t worry by using OpenDNS you can block porn on Android pretty easily and for free.

When our phone is connected to the internet it gets connected to the DNS of the network provider. However, when you change it to OpenDNS then it filters adult content. This means sexual sites will be automatically blocked on your phone. Follow these steps to replace the DNS with OpenDNS on your phone.

Go to WiFi settings and long press on the WiFi you are currently connected to.

Now change the IP settings from DHCP to Static.

ip settings

Next, you need to enter the following IP addresses ( and in the DNS1 and DNS2 fields.

change dns

With this OpenDNS is enabled on your phone. It really helped me block adult websites on my phone. As you can see from the screenshot below I was trying to open a porn site on my phone but the page couldn’t load.

sexual website block

However, this method is not foolproof as some adult sites were still accessible even after switching to OpenDNS.

6. Block Sexual Content On YouTube

YouTube has a separate app for kids where only kid-friendly videos are available. However, kids can use the regular YouTube app which is preinstalled on their Android phone to view 18 + videos on it. Hence, it’s important for parents to monitor the YouTube history and usage pattern of their child.

Don’t worry, you can easily block adult videos on YouTube by tweaking some settings on it.

Launch the YouTube app on your Android device. Next, tap on your profile icon in the top right corner.


Now select Settings and then choose the General option.

youtube settings

Under General settings scroll down and enable the Restricted Mode. With this, all the mature content will be blocked from YouTube. However, like all filters, this is also not 100% accurate.

block adult content on youtube

Use Parental Control & Monitoring Apps

Blocking Inappropriate Websites

All the previous methods that I have shared with you don’t require you to install any special app on the phone to block adult content on it. However, the method that I am now going to tell you now will need you to install a parental control app AKA the monitoring app on your child’s phone.

This method won’t be free but it is the most effective and accurate way to block inappropriate content and websites on your child’s phone remotely.

What makes the monitoring apps stand out from the crowd is that unlike the tips mentioned above, these apps don’t require physical access to the device after they are set up.

Parents can block and unblock the apps and websites remotely while the child is out somewhere. These apps will also provide you with a list of websites that the kid is surfing. There are some parental control apps that can even track incognito history on Android.

Spying apps like Qustodio will give all the details from the target phone without taking much pain. Be it the sensual content downloaded from the internet or found on social media, you won’t face any problem detecting it.

Every possible category that can be harmful to the mental health of the child can be blocked.  If you find your child opening any inappropriate site, provide its URL to Qustodio and block it right away.

YouTube also has an abundance of adult content on its server. Qustodio detects all the videos the child is opening and presents them in front of you.

Basically, it’s an overall solution to all the problems and threats related to the teen’s Android device. You can learn more about it in my detailed Qustodio review.

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Final Verdict

It’s really good that you care about your children and want them to be safe from the harshness of cell phones and the internet.

But just getting concerned won’t do any good. You need to take some measures to safeguard your kids from all the adult content on the internet.

The given tips and tricks will keep the kids safe from sensual content but when it comes to the spying app, they give you some advance control and guarantee the safety of your kids.

So if you too think that the security of the kids always needs to be the first priority, just get yourself a good spying app for Android.

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