Can An Employee Spy On Another Employee?

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Can an employee spy on another employee? Or what if the employer has asked a co-worker to spy on you? These are some questions that pop up in most people’s minds when they work in a big organization. Keep reading this article and I will answer all your questions related to co-worker spying on you. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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can an employee spy on another employee

There’s no issue in monitoring your employees at work, it’s your right to do that. However, you cannot involve your employees in it to spy on their co-workers. It will be considered illegal and unethical. Moreover, you can’t spy on employee outside of work which is also illegal.

If you really want to monitor your employee then you can make use of cameras at the workplace or install spyware on their computer. But you have to tell your employees that you are monitoring them or else they might file a case against you.

So asking employees to spy on co-workers is not legal and you should not do that in any case. Use legal ways to monitor your employees if you really want to do it.

Can An Employee Spy On Another Employee?

Legally an employee cannot spy on another employee even if their employer asks them to do so. If you find that your co-worker is spying on you then you can inform your employer. If the employer is also involved in this then you can sue them both for spying on you without your permission.

However, the problem is most of the time the victim never knows that they are being illegally monitored by their co-worker until the damage is done. But don’t worry, I will tell you how an employee spies on another employee so that you can find out that you are a victim of espionage in the workplace.

How Does A Co-Worker Spy On You?

co worker spying on me

There are many ways in which an employee can spy on another employee, either they are told by the employer to do so or they have personal grudges against their co-worker. Here’s how a co-worker can spy on you.

1. By Installing Spyware On Your Computer Or Phone

There are lots of spy software for computers and hidden spy APKs for Android or iPhone in the market that can be used to spy on anyone’s device without the owner even knowing about it. These employee tracking software needs to be installed on the target device in order to track all the activities on it.

If you leave your laptop or phone on the office desk when you go for a break then it’s easy for your co-worker to install a spy app on your device before you come back. These software doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to install. Once installed they work in the background and are completely hidden. Hence you would not know that your co-worker is spying on you.

2. With The Help Of A Keylogger

A keylogger comes in both software and hardware form. Much like spyware the software keylogger needs to be installed on the target device. Once the installation is done it starts recording the keystrokes you press on your keyboard or phone. You can easily find keyloggers for Windows and keyloggers for smartphones in the market. Also, these are hidden so again you wouldn’t know that you are being monitored.

In the case of the physical keylogger, it is inserted in the USB port of your computer and tracks all the words you type on the keyboard. They are mostly found on office computers. The reason is that your coworker can anytime insert or take away the keylogger stick when you are not around.

3. By Using Spy Devices

The use of spy devices such as a pen camera with an audio recording feature is mostly used in office settings. Your co-worker will leave the pen on your desk and it will record all your activities and conversations and you would not even know about it.

Moreover, it is possible that they can install a spy device in your home when they come over for dinner or your birthday party.

4. With The Help Of A Professional Hacker Or Private Investigator

In extreme cases, your co-worker can even hire a hacker or private investigator to monitor your activities. However, the chances of it happening are very slim because hiring a hacker or private investigator is a costly affair. But who knows? If your co-worker is dying to get your personal details then they can also take this route.

How To Protect Yourself From Being Spied By Another Employee?

If you want to protect yourself from being spied on at the workplace by another employee then you can follow these tips.

1. Never Leave Your Phone Or Computer Open

If you leave your phone at a desk or keep your PC open while going for a break then anyone can access your device and install spyware on it and you wouldn’t even know it. You should always password-protect your device because that way even if someone has access to it, they can’t install a spy app on it.

2. Keep An Anti-malware Installed On Your Device

An anti-malware app can protect you from spy apps that are being installed on your phone or PC without your permission. If your co-worker hires a hacker then they can install a spy app on your device without even touching it. But don’t worry if you have a good anti-malware app installed on your device then it will alert you whenever a spy app is installed on your device.

3. Never Trust Anyone With Closed Eyes

Most of the time the one who is the sweetest to you is also the one who stabs you in the back. If some of your coworkers are being very nice to you for no obvious reason then you need to be aware of them. It is possible that they are trying to win your trust so that they can bug your device with spyware. Or so that you invite them to your home for dinner or a party and they install a spying device there.

Final Verdict

Employee spying on employees is not something that is legal but it still happens in most organizations worldwide. If you also feel that your co-worker spying on you then you need to be aware.

If you find that one of your co-workers is spying on you then you must take some action against them. You can complain about that employee to your higher officials. If they can’t help then you should not shy from suing them.


Can My Boss Ask Co-Worker About My Performance?

Yes, your boss can ask your co-worker about your performance, there’s nothing wrong with it.

What Programs Are Used By Companies To Spy On Employees?

There are lots of employee monitoring software like pcTattletale, MoniVisor, etc. which are used to spy on employees.

Is Employee Monitoring Unethical?

If the employer is monitoring employees with their permission then it’s not unethical at all. But if the employer is spying on the workers without their consent then it’s totally unethical and illegal.

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