Can Apple Watch Be Used To Spy On Someone?

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Apple Watch is one of the hottest gadgets in the wearable tech domain. Almost everyone wants to have one just like an iPhone. Apple Watch is equipped with advanced features that can help you make your daily life better. But can Apple Watch also help you spy on someone’s iPhone? In this article, I am going to show you whether Apple Watch can be used to spy on someone or not. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Can Apple Watch Be Used To Spy On Someone?

Can you use Apple watch to spy

Apple Watch is not meant for spying on someone, however, that does not mean that you cannot use it for spying purposes. But it is not very straightforward. In the following section, I will tell you how you can use Apple Watch to spy on someone so keep reading.

How To Spy On Someone With Apple Watch?

In order to spy on someone’s iPhone with Apple Watch you must pair your watch to their phone first. Once the Apple Watch is connected to their iPhone, their notifications, messages, and calls will be synced to your watch.

Moreover, you can use the Apple Watch as a spy camera. Yes, that’s correct. All you have to do is tap on the camera icon on the Apple Watch screen and then the camera of the connected iPhone will open remotely. Now you can see everything through the iPhone’s front or rear camera.

Also, you can use your Apple Watch as a spy recording device. To record audio you can make use of the Voice Memos app on your Apple Watch.

Moreover, you can use it to track someone’s car location. All you have to do is hide your Apple Watch in their car. Next, you need to go to Find My app on your phone or iCloud on your computer to see your watch on Map. You can take the help of this article to track your Apple Watch. Now wherever they go you will be able to track their location. A 19-year-old boy used this Apple Watch spying method to track his ex-girlfriend, read this report to know more.

Note: The Apple Watch you want to use for spying on someone’s location must have cellular connectivity. Because without an internet connection the Watch won’t be able to sync the real-time location.

What Are The Limitations of Spying On Someone With Your Apple Watch?

Spy on iPhone with Apple watch

1. Limited Distance Monitoring

The watch needs to be connected to the target person’s phone if you want to spy on their iPhone with Apple Watch. However, the Bluetooth range is only up to 30 to 50 ft. This means you need to be in their proximity in order to monitor them. It is ideal for spying on someone in another room but not someone who lives miles away from you.

2. You Can Spy On Only One Person At A Time

An Apple Watch can only be connected to one iPhone at a time. This means at any given instance you can only track one person. If you want to spy on multiple people then using Apple Watch as a spy device is not right.

3. Basic Monitoring Features

If you are looking to spy on someone with your Apple Watch then you need to be aware that you get only limited monitoring features with it. So don’t expect too much.

4. They Can Easily Stop You From Spying On Them

When your Apple Watch is connected to someone’s iPhone they can easily unpair it from their device and you won’t be able to monitor anything.

Better Alternative To Spy On iPhone Without Apple Watch

As you have seen there are lots of limitations to spying on iPhone with Apple Watch. Hence if you want to spy on someone’s iPhone remotely and without them knowing then I can recommend you a better option, which is using spyware for iPhone.

The app I am talking about here is uMobix. It will help you read their messages, see their call logs, location, and much more. Moreover, you can see who they are chatting with and monitor their activities on Instagram and Facebook without touching their phone.

If you can get the iPhone jailbroken then you can use apps like FlexiSPY to even listen to their phone calls and remotely access their cell phone camera. Moreover, these apps stay hidden on the target phone so they never know that someone is monitoring their activities and they can’t even uninstall the app from their devices.

Can You Use Apple Watch To Spy On Someone? Final Verdict

Using Apple Watch to spy on someone sounds like a great idea, isn’t it? And guess what it is even possible to do that, however, there are lots of limitations to it. For example, you need to first pair your Apple Watch to their iPhone and then you need to be in their vicinity because the distance cannot be more than 50 ft, and so on.

For the same reason, I say that you can use Apple Watch to spy on someone but it’s not ideal to do that. Rather you should use iPhone spyware to monitor all the activities of the target person on their cell phone. It’s way more convenient and effective to monitor someone using this method.


Can You Spy On Someone With Apple Watch?

Yes, it is possible to spy on someone with Apple Watch but it is not very effective.

Is It Possible To Use Apple Watch As Spy Camera?

Yes, you can actually use your Apple Watch as a spy camera but for that, the watch must be connected to the target phone.

Can You Track Someone’s Location With Apple Watch?

Yes, the Apple Watch comes with a built-in GPS and cellular connection so it can be used to track someone’s location.

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