Can CPS Spy On You Or Tap Your Phone?

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CPS or Child Protection Service is known by different names in different states but they all do the same thing which is protecting children from their abusive parents or caretakers. If you love your children more than anything then you would worry less thinking that CPS will never investigate you.

However, there are many incidences when someone files a fake complaint about someone not raising their child properly. It could be anyone, their jealous neighbor, a business rival, or anyone else.

No matter how you come under CPS surveillance, once they begin investigating you they will start keeping an eye on you. And if they find you guilty, you might lose the custody of your child. However, that only happens in the most extreme cases.

While child protection services are investigating you they have some rights to track you legally but can CPS spy on you? Let’s find that out in this article.

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Can CPS Spy On You?

Most people who are under CPS surveillance have this question in mind “can CPS spy on you”? Well, they can but they don’t have that many resources to hire a private investigator to spy on you. Not until they have personal grudges against you or your case is exceptional.

CPS mostly explores legal angles only like taking help from the police or law enforcement. Hence, the chances of Child Protective Services secretly spying on you are very thin. So you need not worry.

Can Child Protective Services Tap Your Phone?

can CPS tap your phone

CPS is a government authority and everything they do has to be within the legal limits. Hence, CPS cannot secretly listen to someone’s conversations or intercept someone’s phone without their permission. Hence, they need a warrant to tap into your phone. So can CPS monitor your cell phone? Yes, they can but only if they have the court order or your permission to do so.

Can CPS Put A GPS Tracker On My Car?

As in the case of cell phone monitoring or invading your home, CPS can’t install a GPS in your car without your consent or court order. Hence, if you fear that CPS can track someone’s car without permission then you are wrong.

Can CPS Look Around Your House?

can cps spy on you

CPS has the legal right to come to your home or look around your house at any point in time. However, they cannot enter your home without your permission or a search warrant. The permission to enter the home can only be given by someone who’s 16 and above. So don’t worry, your minor child cannot let CPS search your home behind your back.

Can CPS Put Cameras In Your House?

CPS cannot do anything without your consent or a warrant. They cannot even enter your house if they don’t have permission to do that let alone put a camera in your house. But if they can get a court order to put a camera in your home then your consent doesn’t matter. Moreover, they can monitor your house from outside manually or via public CCTV cameras without your approval.

What Can CPS Legally Do?

1. CPS Can Interact With Your Child Without Your Permission

Being a parent your child is your responsibility, hence you would want anyone to take permission from you before talking to your child. However, CPS has the right to legally interact with your kid without your permission. They do this so that the accused caretaker cannot pressurize the child to change their statements.

2. They Can Show up At Your Place Anytime Without Notice

This is true that CPS needs court notice or warrant to enter your premises but you cannot stop them from showing up at your gates. They can come at any time and you can do nothing about it. In case you are not at home when they visit, they leave their card behind so that you can contact them and schedule another visit.

3. CPS Can Take Your Child Away From Your Custody

take child away

If you are found guilty, CPS has the right to terminate your custody rights and take your child away from you. However, you can always go to court and fight a legal battle to get back your child from CPS. Find more on it here.

What CPS Cannot Legally Do?

We have seen what child protection services can do, now let’s see what they cannot do legally.

1. They Can’t Enter Your Home Without Your Or Court’s Permission

During their investigation, CPS may want to search your home to find evidence of child abuse. But they cannot legally come inside your home unless they have a search warrant with them.

2. They Can’t Compel You to Take The Drug Test

If you are not willing to take part in a drug test given to you by CPS without any court order then you have the right to decline it. They cannot force you to take the drug test without any legal notice.

Does CPS Hire Private Investigators To Spy On You? Final Verdict

If CPS wants they can hire a private investigator to spy on you and you would not even know about it. However, since CPS is a government agency they don’t have so many resources to hire a private investigator for each and every case they have. Hence, you should not worry about being spied on by CPS because whatever they do is mostly within the legal limits. And spying on someone without their consent is not legal. However, if your case is exceptional then CPS might hire a private investigator to collect evidence against you.


What Is CPS?

CPS stands for Child Protection Services and it is an American government agency that is accountable for providing child protection.

Does CPS Record Phone Calls?

No, without legal notice they have no right to tap or record your phone.

Is CPS Privately Owned?

No, it is a government agency that is known by different names in different states.

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