Can mSpy See Deleted Messages? Find Out If Spyware Can Find Deleted Texts

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If you want to catch a cheating partner or monitor your teenage child then the first thing you would want is to check their text messages. However, it’s easy to delete a text message and hence if you manually check their phone then you won’t find any traces of their deleted texts.

In this scenario, only spyware can help you recover deleted text messages from your loved ones’ phones so that you can read the texts that they want to hide from you. Talking of spyware the first name that comes to mind is mSpy, but can mSpy see deleted messages you must be thinking.

In this article, we will find out whether mSpy shows deleted texts or not. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Can Spyware Find Deleted Messages?

Yes, spyware can find deleted messages. However, not every spy app has the capability of recovering deleted text messages from the target phone. But, there are few spy apps that can help you check your spouse’s deleted messages. However, you should know that some spyware only shows deleted messages after rooting the target device.

One thing you should note here is that the spyware must be already installed on the target phone before the message is deleted from it. If you install spyware after the message is deleted then no spyware can show you the deleted text messages.

Can mSpy See Deleted Messages?

Will mSpy show deleted messages? Is that what you want to know? Well, guess what mSpy can show deleted texts, and that too without rooting the target phone. All you need to do is install the mSpy app on the target phone and leave the rest to mSpy.

Once the mSpy app is installed on the target phone it starts recording all the activities happening on it in the form of screenshots and keystrokes and then syncs them to your mSpy account. To remotely check the deleted messages all you have to do is go to the mSpy dashboard and head over to the Text Messages section there you will see all the messages including the deleted ones.

mSpy show deleted text

Apart from text messages, mSpy can also track the deleted chats made on social media and instant messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. So if you want to know can mSpy see deleted WhatsApp messages? Then my answer would be Yes, it can.

To see the deleted WhatsApp messages go to Social Networks > WhatsApp on the mSpy dashboard.

recover whatsapp deleted messages

However, the problem with mSpy is that the text which was deleted is not highlighted i.e. you won’t know which messages were deleted. If you want this feature then I have a better alternative to mSpy for you.

Alternative Spyware To Find Deleted Texts

No doubt mSpy can recover deleted messages, but it won’t tell you which messages were deleted and which were not. And that’s where SpyBubble Pro comes into the game. It is a spyware that shows deleted texts and not only that it even highlights the messages that were deleted.

spybubble pro

It works in a similar fashion i.e. you need to first purchase the plan and then install the app on the target device just like mSpy.

Apart from recovering deleted text messages, the other thing it does better than mSpy is that it tracks the accurate location of the target person. And it even allows you to hack the target phone’s camera and mic so that you can capture photos and videos or record sound without them knowing.

How To Spy On Deleted Text Messages? Final Verdict

After going through the entire article you must be sure that it is possible to retrieve deleted text using spyware. However, not all spy apps come with this feature, mSpy is one such app that can show you deleted texts. Moreover, it can do that without rooting the target device.

However, if you want to find out which message was deleted then mSpy won’t be able to do that. Although it is not a big issue, still some people prefer knowing which text was deleted so that they can know what their loved ones want to hide from them.

If you are one of those people then I recommend you try SpyBubble instead of mSpy. It will track deleted texts for you and even highlight them.


Can Spyware Recover Deleted Texts?

Yes, some spyware like mSpy and SpyBubble Pro can recover deleted texts.

How To Read Someone’s Deleted Messages For Free?

Unfortunately, no free app will let you see their deleted texts.

mSpy or SpyBubble Pro Which One Is Better?

I personally like SpyBubble Pro over mSpy because it can even highlight deleted text messages.

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