Can Someone Hack My Telegram Account?

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Can someone hack me through Telegram? This is the question that most users have while using the Telegram app. Because, unlike WhatsApp, Telegram messages aren’t end-to-end encrypted apart from the Secret chats.

Doing secret chats every time isn’t feasible. So people doubt that someone might hack their Telegram account and read all their messages. In this article, I will try to answer your question, “is Telegram hackable or not?”. So without wasting any time let’s start the article.

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Can Someone Hack My Telegram Account?

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Yes someone can hack your Telegram account, but don’t worry it’s not that easy though. You get lots of security features on Telegram like 2-factor authentication, verification code while logging in, and so on. This means your Telegram account is highly secure.

However, if a hacker cannot get access to your Telegram account they might hack your phone. Now, since the Telegram app is installed on your phone they automatically get access to it as well if they are able to hack your cell phone.

How Can Someone Hack My Telegram Account?

As I already told you it’s hard to hack your Telegram account. However, if the hacker somehow gets access to your phone they will get access to all your apps installed on it including Telegram.

A hacker can remotely access your phone and consequently your Telegram account using a Telegram hack tool. These apps provide them access to your Telegram account without even logging into it. This means they can remotely read your messages, and see the photos and videos that you share with your friends on the Telegram app.

With these apps, they might not be able to log in to your account and do some harm like sending messages on your behalf, etc. But for sure they can spy on your Telegram account and read your chats which is not safe for your privacy.

How To Know If My Telegram Account Is Hacked?

Most of the time people don’t even know that their Telegram account is hacked by someone. But don’t worry by looking at the following signs you can tell if your Telegram account is hacked or not.

  • You notice some unusual activity on your Telegram account which was not done by you. For example, someone is sending messages and stickers on your behalf to your contacts.
  • If you are automatically logging out of your Telegram account then it means someone else might be accessing it as well.
  • Your account has active sessions on unknown devices which you don’t own.

What To Do If My Telegram Is Hacked?

What should I do if my Telegram is hacked? It is the first question people ask when their Telegram account gets compromised. If this ever happens to you then don’t worry, I will tell you what to do if your Telegram account gets hacked.

The first thing you should do in such a situation is trying to recover your hacked Telegram account. If the hacker has not already changed your phone number or email, you can still log into your Telegram account using them. In case it’s too late and you can’t log in through your phone number or email then you should take help of the customer support in order to recover your account.

How To Prevent Telegram From Getting Hacked?

The best way to prevent your Telegram account from getting hacked is by taking precautions and following security guidelines to keep your account safe.

Use 2FA: By using Telegram 2FA you can make your account more secure as it adds an extra layer of security.

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Don’t share your phone number with strangers:  Hacking your Telegram account is much easier if the hacker knows which phone number of yours is associated with it.

Make use of secret chats: Secret chats are end-to-end encrypted. It means no one apart from you and your friend can read them, not even Telegram itself. So if you have something very personal to share with someone, make sure you use secret chats instead of the regular Telegram messages.

Final Verdict

Over time, Telegram has increased the security of its platform making it one of the safest instant messaging platforms. However, you can’t deny the fact that hackers are always coming up with new ways to hack your social media accounts. But that does not mean that you should stop using Telegram or any other social media apps. All you need to do is be aware and take the necessary precautions to protect your online accounts.


Can Someone Read My Telegram Secret Messages?

All the Telegram chats made in secret chats are end-to-end encrypted. So no one can read them apart from the sender and receiver.

How Can I Secure My Telegram?

There are various ways to do that, you can make use of secret chats, 2-factor authentication, and much more.

Can Someone Hack Me Through Telegram?

The chances of it are less but your Telegram account can be compromised.

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