Can Someone Spy On My Phone Through Bluetooth?

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Bluetooth is one of the oldest wireless technologies that is still being used in modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, headphones, etc. It helps us stream music, transfer files, and connect one device to another like a smartwatch to a phone, headphones to a cell phone, etc.

All in all, Bluetooth is a major part of our digital life. But this makes a lot of people curious about whether Bluetooth can be used for spying? If you also have a question like, can a cell phone be hacked through Bluetooth? Then keep reading this article, I will try to answer all your questions?

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Can Someone Spy On My Phone Through Bluetooth?

Spy on Bluetooth

Yes, someone can spy on your phone through Bluetooth, but don’t worry it’s not that easy. When we think of spying, the first word that comes to mind is spyware. Using a spy app anyone can track someone’s phone without them knowing. It needs no technical knowledge as such, you just need to install a spy app on the target phone and remotely monitor all their activities on your device.

However, when it comes to spying on someone through Bluetooth, it’s not at all easy and you need special tools and technical expertise i.e. only hackers can track a phone through Bluetooth.

How Do Hackers Spy Using Bluetooth?

Hackers are professionals who use special tools like software or gadgets that detect a Bluetooth device in their vicinity. Hackers roam around crowded places with these special tools and look for open Bluetooth networks.

When they find an open Bluetooth network, they try to access it. In case a Bluetooth device was previously accessed by the hackers, it becomes easier for them to hack it again. It is because a phone treats a previously connected device as a trusted source and connects to them easily without any permission from your side.

What Happens When Someone Access Your Phone Through Bluetooth?

Once a hacker gets illegal access to your phone by hacking your Bluetooth, they can create a lot of chaos. For example, they can divert your phone calls to their number, read your text messages, and much more. What’s worse is that they might copy your bank details and do unauthorized transactions in your name or steal all the money from it.

How To Tell If Your Bluetooth Is Hacked?


According to a police report, the events of Bluetooth hacking which is also known as Bluebugging mostly happen in crowded places such as beaches, cafes, malls, etc. If your phone’s Bluetooth is left open all the time then you are at high risk of being spied using Bluetooth.

Most people have complained that they received automated text or files from unknown senders over Bluetooth. Most of the time these files or texts contain spyware that can steal all the details from a phone. So you can tell if your Bluetooth is hacked if you frequently receive files or texts from an unknown sender.

How To Protect Your Bluetooth From Being Spied?

According to experts and police, there are a few guidelines that you can follow in order to save yourself from being a victim of Bluetooth hacking.

First thing first, you need to keep the Bluetooth on your devices disabled when not in use. Especially, when you are out in a crowded place.

Just turning off Bluetooth might not be enough, you should also disable apps that use Bluetooth services in the background such as file sharing apps like AirDrop, Fast Share, etc. It is seen that if you limit your Bluetooth usage then the chances of getting tracked through Bluetooth are reduced significantly.

Apart from that, you can also protect your phone or PC from being attacked by hackers through Bluetooth by making use of anti-virus software. Hackers mostly use malware to break into your phone. So the next time whenever they try to do it, the anti-malware app will detect their activity and block them before they can cause any harm to you.

Don’t worry the cases of Bluebugging are still not prominent but you should be ready for it. You never know when or where a hacker is waiting to attack your Bluetooth device, so be aware and be safe.

Final Verdict

Spying on someone through Bluetooth is tough, but it is not impossible through Bluebugging. The matter of concern is that the cases of Bluebugging are increasing day by day. However, you need not panic as you can protect yourself from hackers’ attacks by keeping your Bluetooth shut when not in use. Also, keeping a good anti-malware app installed on your phone is a good habit. It will protect you from most of the malware attacks done by hackers once they get access to your Bluetooth.


Can Someone Hear Your Conversations Through Bluetooth?

Yes, if a hacker has got access to your phone through Bluetooth they might be able to eavesdrop on you.

Can Someone Tap Into My Bluetooth Headphones?

Yes, Bluetooth headphones can be hacked just like any other Bluetooth device.

Can An iPhone Be Hacked Through Bluetooth?

Yes, each and every electronic device equipped with a Bluetooth connectivity is prone to Bluebugging including an iPhone.

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