Can Someone Spy On You Through WiFi?

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A good stable WiFi connection is what we all crave. But what if I tell you the same WiFi can be the reason behind your privacy breach? Now you must be thinking can someone spy on me through WiFi? Yes, that’s possible. But don’t worry in this article I am going to show you how to prevent someone from spying on you through your WiFi router remotely. So without wasting any time let’s get going.

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Quick Summary
Hacking into someone’s WiFi network is not science fiction, it is a reality. One can access your WiFi router or devices connected to the network such as your phone or computer by hacking the WiFi. However, you can prevent that from happening if you avoid public WiFi networks, use VPN and anti-virus programs, and use a strong and unique password.

Can Someone Spy On Your Phone Through WiFi?

can someone spy on your WiFi

Yes, it is actually possible to hack into someone’s phone through WiFi, especially through public WiFi networks. It is simply because public WiFi networks aren’t as secure as your private or home WiFi. Moreover, a hacker can create their own public WiFi network and wait for their victims to connect to their hotspot for spying on them.

How Do Hackers Spy On Your Internet Usage?

You must be curious to know how hackers spy on your phone through WiFi remotely. Following are some techniques that hackers use to spy on your internet usage.

Brute Force Attack: In this type of attack the hackers attempt different combinations of passwords to remotely access someone’s router. If you are using a weak and easy-to-guess password then the hacker can easily access your network and change the password. Also, if you are using the default manufacturer’s password then it’s even easier for the hacker to guess it.

Exploiting Router’s Firmware Vulnerabilities: If your WiFi router’s software is not up to date then hackers can easily get access to it by exploiting the firmware vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is important that you keep your router’s firmware up to date.

DNS Hijacking: This is a new type of cyber attack where hackers manipulate your router’s DNS settings. By doing so they redirect you to scammy and malicious websites from where they can install malware on your device.

Signs That Someone Has Hacked You Through WiFi

hack phone through WiFi

There are a few signs that you can notice if someone has hacked into your WiFi. By looking at these signs you can tell whether your WiFi is hacked or not.

1. Your WiFi Password Is Changed

In most cases of WiFi hacking, the hacker changes the password as soon as they get access to the WiFi router. So if you notice that suddenly you can’t connect to your WiFi due to the wrong password, then it means that someone has changed it.

2. Internet Speed Slowed Down

Internet speeds may slow down for various reasons. However, if it’s a common thing for you then there’s a possibility that someone might be using it without your knowledge. This is one of the telltale signs that your WiFi network is compromised.

3. Unknown Software Installed On Your Device

Once a hacker has hacked your WiFi they can remotely access your device connected to the router and install spyware on it. If you notice an unusual app on your device i.e. phone or PC then it’s time to ring the alarm bells.

What Happens When Someone Hacks My Phone Through WiFi?

Once a hacker gets access to your phone through WiFi the damage they can do is unimaginable. Following are some events that can take place once your WiFi network is compromised.

  • Hackers can monitor all your internet activities. Similarly how your internet provider can spy on you.
  • They can steal your sensitive information such as passwords, addresses, and financial details.
  • You can become a victim of identity theft.
  • Hackers can remotely install spyware or malware on your phone.

How To Prevent Someone From Hacking You Through WiFi?

Prevent WiFi hacking

Following are some tips you can implement in your daily life to prevent someone from remotely hacking into your WiFi router.

1. Use Ethernet Instead Of Wireless

I know WiFi is more convenient than Ethernet because no one wants to mess with the cables. However, if you are serious about your security then I would recommend that you use Ethernet instead of the wireless network. The simple reason behind that is wired internet connection is more secure than a wireless network. Data transmission in a wired connection happens through cable whereas, in a wireless network, it happens through the air making WiFi more prone to data interception.

2. Don’t Use Public WiFi

If you want to protect yourself from getting hacked through WiFi then I would recommend that you don’t use public WiFi. The reason is that public WiFi networks are not that secure and hackers can easily hack them. Moreover, a hacker can create their own public WiFi network and get access to your device once you connect to their network.

3. Use Antivirus Programs

If you have a good antivirus program installed on your device then the hacker would not be able to install any malicious program on it even if they get access to your device remotely through your WiFi router.

4. Update Router Firmware

It’s crucial to keep your router’s firmware up to date all the time. This is because new firmware updates make your router immune to spyware or malware attacks.

5. Use VPN

VPN is a great tool to protect your privacy online. By using a VPN you can encrypt the traffic going through the router. Hence, the hackers won’t be able to monitor you even if they somehow access your WiFi.

Can Someone Hack You Through Your WiFi? Final Verdict

After going through this article you must have known that it is possible to hack you through your WiFi remotely. However, that does not mean that you should stop using WiFi. All you need to do is be more aware and take the precautions I have told you. Also, you should never connect to a public or suspicious WiFi network that you are not aware of. If you use WiFi with precaution then there’s no need to worry.


How Can I Tell If My WiFi Has Been Hacked?

You can tell if your WiFi is hacked if you see signs such as slow internet speed, password change, suspicious apps installed on your device, etc.

What Can A Hacker Do If They Access My WiFi Network?

Once a hacker accesses your WiFi network remotely, they can see your internet usage and steal your personal information such as your internet banking password and more.

How Can I Protect My WiFi Network From Being Hacked?

Use a strong password, avoid public WiFi hotspots, keep your WiFi router firmware updated, etc.

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