Can TeamViewer Be Used To Spy On Employees?

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Are you a boss who wants to spy on your employees, or an employee who is curious to know whether their boss can keep an eye on them? Whether you are the boss or the employee, you must have a question about whether TeamViewer can be used to spy on someone’s computer without them knowing. Keep reading the article and I shall answer all your questions related to TeamViewer and whether it can be used for spying purposes.

Can TeamViewer Be Used To Spy?

TeamViewer is free software that anyone can download on their computer from the internet. The main use of the software is to have remote access to another computer. You need to install the software on both computers i.e. your PC and the other device that you want to access remotely.

It is mainly used in office settings where you can access files from other computers without being present there. It is also used in tech support where the support executive accesses your computer and repairs it remotely.

So you might think that if someone can remotely access your computer using TeamViewer then they can easily spy on it as well. Well, it isn’t like that, let’s find out why.

TeamViewer cannot be used to spy on someone because it’s not hidden. Although someone can hide the app icon from your PC, they cannot hide it from the installed app list. So you can see it installed on your computer. Whereas, real spy software is installed with a fake name and hidden icon so they are hard to detect.

To check if the TeamViewer is secretly installed on your computer you can go to Settings > Apps > Apps & features on your Windows PC.

can teamviewer used to spy

Spy software like Monivisor or pcTattletale can’t be found in the Apps & features settings. Even, if you find them they are installed with a fake generic name so you can’t distinguish if it is a spy app or some system application.

Apart from that, a spy app does not need your permission to access your data. Whereas on the other hand, the TeamViewer app can’t access your files and get remote access until they have your TeamViewer ID and password. So it’s not possible to spy on someone using the TeamViewer app.

Better Way To Monitor Employees

MoniVisor is a top computer monitoring software that makes it easy for employers to monitor what their employees are doing on their computers, even in incognito mode. Here are the top three ways MoniVisor helps:

1. Screen Monitoring

MoniVisor offers comprehensive employee monitoring features that enhance workplace productivity and security. The Screen Monitoring feature captures screenshots of the target PC’s screen at intervals ranging from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.

This allows employers to see what someone is doing on their computer in real-time, ensuring that employees stay focused on work-related tasks and enabling the detection of unauthorized activities. These screenshots serve as a visual record that can be reviewed later for performance evaluations or investigations.

2. App and Web Activity Tracking

The App and Web Activity Tracking feature records the usage of applications and websites visited, providing detailed logs of the time spent on each.

This helps employers understand how employees use their time, ensuring that they are using work-related software and not accessing inappropriate or distracting websites. The logs also track websites accessed in incognito mode, providing a comprehensive view of internet activity.

3. File Activity Tracking

Lastly, File Activity Tracking monitors file operations such as creation, deletion, and modification. This feature helps identify potentially sensitive or inappropriate files, ensuring that sensitive data is not mishandled or accessed without permission. It provides an audit trail for file activity, aiding in security, regulatory compliance, and investigations into data breaches.

By providing these features, MoniVisor helps maintain a productive and secure workplace. You can learn more about this employee monitoring tool from my MoniVisor review.

4. Keylogger

Apart from seeing what someone is doing, you can also see what someone has typed on their computer using MoniVisor. It tracks all the words the target person types on different browsers including the incognito tab.

Wrapping Up

So is TeamViewer spyware? No, it can’t be termed as a spy app because it cannot monitor the target person without their permission. Moreover, if someone tries to spy on their employees using TeamViewer then they will get caught. This is because the TeamViewer application is not hidden like spyware.

If you really want to monitor your employee’s or someone else’s activity on their computer then you need to use spy software like pcTattletale. Such software is hidden and offers lots of advanced monitoring features that can help you effectively monitor someone without raising suspicion.

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