Can You Spy On A Phone With The IMEI Number?

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IMEI number is a 15 digit code that is unique for each phone. It is helpful in times when you have to track your phone’s location in case it gets stolen or lost. However, the question here is that can you spy on a phone with the IMEI number? If you are curious to know this then keep reading the article as I have shared a detailed analysis on whether you can spy on cell phones through IMEI numbers or not? But before moving to the answer let’s find out how can you find the  IMEI number of your or someone else’s phone? So let’s get started!

Can You Spy On A Phone With The IMEI Number?

Before we find out whether you can spy on phone with its IMEI number or not let’s discover how to find IMEI number because most people don’t know about it.

It’s easy to find the IMEI number of the phone as it is written on the box and if you open the back cover of the phone then you can find it there also. However, if you have a fixed back phone and you can’t open it to see the IMEI number or you can’t find the box then you can go to Settings > About Phone scroll down, and find the IMEI option. There you will find your phone’s IMEI number.

finding the Imei number

The other way around is to dial *#06# on the dial pad of your phone and it will show you your IMEI number. So that’s how easy it is to find the IMEI numbers. Now let’s see if it is possible to spy on a phone using an IMEI number?

If you want to track the phone’s location, know when it was purchased, or lock it in case it is stolen then you can do that with the IMEI number. However, if you want to listen to their calls, read their messages, and track their activities on social media platforms then it is not possible with the help of the IMEI number. Also, tracking the location of a phone using an IMEI number is not that easy and you cannot do that without the help of police or network professionals.

If you really want to spy on someone’s phone then you don’t need to know their IMEI number because you can take the help of monitoring apps to do so. These apps remotely track all the activities of the target phone and sync them to your device. If you don’t know much about spy apps then here’s a tutorial on how you can use them to spy on your kids and partner.

Using Spyware

There are lots of spy apps out there that claim to be the best. However, for this purpose, I am selecting uMobix that I have already reviewed here on this site and can tell you that it is definitely one of the best Android spy apps that you can try.  Here is how you can use uMobix to track someone without their IMEI number.

1. Go to the uMobix website and create your account there. Next, you need to download the uMobix app.

2. Upon downloading, you need to install the app on the target device i.e. phone you want to spy on. The complete installation steps can be found in the uMobix review I have shared with you above. If you don’t want them to know about you tracking them then do the installation on their phone when they are not around. Also, it asks you to hide the icon of the app towards the final step of the installation, you can hide it and let it work in the background silently.

umobix installation complete

3. After installing the app on the target cell phone you never have to touch it again. To start tracking, you need to log in to your uMobix account on your device.

login to dashboard

4. Now once you are on your uMobix dashboard you can explore its features like tracking someone’s calls, messages, contacts, and location.

uMobix features

You can use all the features of uMobix one by one from the dashboard. For example, the first feature of uMobix is Calls, here you can see the list of incoming, outgoing & missed calls.


Similarly, the incoming and outgoing text messages can also be tracked with the help of this spyware. Apart from this, you can also read the chats shared on different social media & instant messaging platforms with the help of screenshots.

read chats with screenshots

In addition to screenshots, you also get the facility of keylogger on this platform which records all the keystrokes made on the target phone. So with the combined effort of screenshots and keylogger, you are not going to miss even a single message or chat they share with someone.


Moreover, with uMobix you can track the exact location of the target person.


So that’s how you can track a phone using uMobix even if you don’t know their IMEI number. The best part about using spyware for tracking a phone is that you can track a phone without a SIM card. This means even if the SIM card is removed from the phone you can still track it which is not possible with an IMEI number.

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Final Verdict

Tracking a phone is much easier with a spy app like uMobix than tracking a phone with IMEI number. Also, if the target person removes the SIM card from their device then you cannot track them using an IMEI number. However the same is not true for spyware. You can track a phone without a SIM card using uMobix if the phone is connected to the internet through WiFi. So it’s a better option to track someone using a spy app. Also, you can do that all by yourself. With uMobix, you don’t need anyone’s help, unlike in the case of tracking through IMEI number where you have to inform the police or network professionals.

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