Can You Spy On Someone With A Drone? Yes, But How?

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Drones are being used for multiple purposes these days, from package delivery to firefighting to search and rescue and whatnot. But can drones be used for spying as well? Drones are already being used for surveillance by government bodies but can a civilian also use a drone for spying on someone?

In this article I am going to shed some light on the topic “can you spy on someone with a drone?” And if yes, then how can you use a drone for spying? Keep reading the article to get all the answers.

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Quick Summary
Drones can be used for spying on someone. However, there are some limitations to it such as spy drones can be expensive. Moreover, they are easy to detect and have a learning curve to them. If you really want to remotely spy on someone without them knowing then you can go for another option such as spyware, spy gadgets, or GPS devices.

Can Drones Be Used For Spying?

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Yes, drones can be used for spying. These devices are equipped with cameras and other sensors that allow them to collect information about the victim from a distance. Even government authorities, police, or even private investigators use drones for surveillance purposes. Although it is possible to use drones for spying, you must also know that it is illegal to use a drone to spy on someone.

How To Use A Drone For Spying On Someone?

There are lots of advanced spy drones available in the market that are small in size and can track a person on their own. One such drone is DJI Mavic. It can follow your target and record all their activities from a distance without them even knowing about it.

How to spy on someone with a drone

You can purchase one such spy drone and use it as a spy gadget to catch a cheater or collect evidence against someone. However, there are some drawbacks or limitations to using spy drones for surveillance which I am going to discuss below.

Limitations Of Spying With Drone

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There are a few limitations to spying on someone with a drone. First things first, drones are expensive. If you want top-notch surveillance then you may have to invest a good amount of money in a spy drone. A decent spy drone may cost you upwards of $500 to $1000 and even more.

Secondly, spying with drones is not very effective. Because you can only spy on someone with a drone outdoors or in open sight. You can’t take the drone inside their house, workplace, etc.

Also, it’s easy to detect a drone hovering over your head. Hence, the victim will know that they are being monitored by someone which kind of defeats the purpose of spying.

Last but not the least, spy drones have a learning curve to them. If you are a beginner, it may take you some time and effort to learn how to fly and operate a drone properly.

Alternative To Spying On Someone With A Drone

1. Spyware

There are lot of spyware available these days in the market that allows you to spy on someone’s cell phone or computer and that too remotely. All you have to do is install one such app on the target person’s device and then you don’t have to touch it ever again.

Moreover, unlike a drone, there’s no chance of detecting spyware since these run in the background without making any noise. There are lots of spy apps out there that can help you catch a cheater red-handed but the one I personally like is uMobix.

It will help you track their location, listen to their surrounding sound, capture their photos or videos remotely, hack into their Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram account, and much more.

Also, it’s much cheaper than a spy drone. uMobix has a recurring plan but you can cancel it as soon as your work is done.

2. Spy Gadgets

If you wish to collect solid evidence against someone then it’s better you make use of a spy device such as a spy pen camera or audio recording device. You can hide spy devices in their homes or workplace and record their conversations or take their pictures and videos.

A spy device is the most common way how people spy on someone. It’s easy to use these devices and there’s no learning curve to them as there’s in the case of a drone.

3. GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is the best device to spy on someone in their car. You just have to hide these small devices beneath the car and then you will be able to track the exact location of the vehicle without the owner knowing about it. It is also possible with a drone to track a car but there’s a problem, which is drone has a limit to which they can fly. They cannot fly the entire day or go miles away from the transmitter range. Hence, if you are looking to track someone’s car location then it’s better you use a GPS tracker instead of a spy drone.

Can You Spy On Someone With A Drone? Conclusion

Yes, spying on someone through a drone is possible but the problem is that spy drones are expensive. Moreover, the chance of detecting a spy drone is high no matter how small it is. Hence, I recommend you use spyware instead of a spy drone as they are much more economical and effective at the same time. Moreover, the target person will never know that you are keeping an eye on them if you are somehow able to install a spy app on their phone. Overall, you can spy on someone with a drone but there are better alternatives to it which you should try.


Is Spying On Someone With A Drone Legal?

No, it is not legal to spy on someone without their permission.

Where Can You Buy Spy Drones?

You can buy spy drones on Amazon, Walmart, and offline marketplaces.

Can Police Use Drones To Spy?

Yes, police departments use drones for surveillance in almost every part of the world.

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