Can You Spy On Someone With Amazon Echo Or Show?

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These days we are surrounded by tech gadgets wherever we go, even in our houses. Although these gadgets are for our own benefit, misuse of them cannot be overlooked. One can hack a smart gadget and use it against you to track all your activities remotely and without you knowing.

One such smart gadget is the Amazon Echo, almost every household has an Amazon Echo device these days. So it is a valid question to ask “can Amazon Echo be used to spy on you?”

If you want to spy on your kids or spouse without them knowing then you must also be interested in knowing whether you can spy on someone with Amazon Echo or not? Don’t worry I have come up with answers to all your questions in this article. So without wasting any time let’s begin.

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Can You Spy On Someone With Amazon Echo?

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The short answer to this question is, Yes, you can spy on someone with Amazon Echo. But, how? Well, you can make use of its Drop-in feature. This feature allows you to eavesdrop on someone else’s Amazon Echo device remotely from your smartphone or Amazon Echo device.

You can give a remote command to drop into someone’s Echo device, given that the person who you want to spy on must be in your Alexa app’s contact list. However, the Amazon Echo alerts the other person about the incoming drop-in call and hence it’s hard to use Amazon Echo to listen to someone without them knowing.

Can You Use Alexa As A Spy Camera?

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Amazon Alexa is an AI assistant and it needs a physical device with a camera to use as a spy camera. Similar to Amazon Echo there is an Amazon Show device that comes with a camera and a screen.

As you can drop into someone’s Amazon Echo device and listen to all their conversations, in a similar fashion you can drop into someone’s Amazon Show and capture their video using the drop-in function.  However, it notifies the other person about the incoming drop-in video call and hence it defeats the purpose of spying on someone without them knowing.

Let’s assume the target person is not in the audible range so they might miss the notification alert. In that case, you can see them through their Amazon Show camera without them knowing but the chances are slim for this to happen.

How Can I Spy On My Partner Through Alexa?

You can spy on your partner through Alexa by dropping into their Alexa device but make sure that you turn off the notifications on their Amazon Echo or Amazon Show device. This way they won’t get alerted when you use the drop-in feature.

However, there is still a thin chance that you can spy on someone using Amazon Alexa without them knowing because Amazon does not want someone to spy on their customers.

But don’t worry there are other ways using which you can use to spy on someone without Alexa.

Spy On Someone Without Amazon Alexa

It’s possible but hard to spy on someone using Amazon Alexa. However, if you want to spy on someone then you can make use of spyware or parental control app (in case the target person is a child).

It is much easier to keep track of someone using a spy app than Amazon Alexa because spy apps offer multiple monitoring features and most importantly are hidden on the target phone.

Also, not everyone has an Amazon Alexa device but everyone does have a smartphone which they carry all places they go and do all their activities on it. Hence, it is a better option to spy on someone using a spy app if you want to keep an eye on all their online and offline activities remotely.

You will find lots of spy apps in the market that can do the job for you. But if you ask me I will recommend FlexiSPY as it is the most advanced spyware with almost unlimited features. It can help you track both Android and iPhone with ease. Give it a try to catch a cheater or to ensure the safety of your child.

Can Echo Be Used As A Listening Device? Final Verdict

There’s no one denying that you can use Echo as a listening device but you can’t use it to eavesdrop on someone without them knowing. It has a privacy feature that alerts the other person when someone drops into their Amazon Echo device to listen to their conversations. So, it is better you use spyware instead of Echo to listen to someone’s conversation without them knowing.


Can Amazon Echo Be Used To Spy On You?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. It does let someone drop into your device but also alerts you about it in advance.

What Color Does Alexa Turn When Someone Is Listening?

It turns blue when someone drops into your device.

How Do You Eavesdrop With Alexa?

You can eavesdrop with Alexa using the Drop-in feature.

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