Can You Track A Stolen Car With Bluetooth?

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Car theft is a common problem that affects many car owners worldwide. However, with the help of technology, it is possible to track your stolen car which provides car owners a sigh of relief. One of the various technologies that can be used to track a stolen car is Bluetooth.

However, the question that arises is, can you really track a stolen car with Bluetooth? In this article, I am going to shed some light on it and see if Bluetooth is really effective when it comes to tracking stolen cars or not. So without wasting any time, let’s begin.

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Tracking a stolen car with Bluetooth is not the right decision because Bluetooth has a limited range which makes it impossible to track a car that is miles away. But you can make use of other methods such as GPS devices or spy apps to keep track of your car without any limitations of range or distance.

Can You Track A Stolen Car With Bluetooth?

bluetooth tracking

Bluetooth is not a reliable way to track your stolen car and the reason is the range of Bluetooth, which is very limited. Ideally, the Bluetooth range is 100 to 200 meters. Hence, it’s not good for tracking a stolen car.

If you are using Bluetooth then you need to be in close proximity to your car in order to track it. This is not possible in the case of stealing since the thief will take your car far away from you as soon as they get access to it.

How To Track A Stolen Car With Bluetooth?

As I already told you tracking a car with Bluetooth is not possible until or unless the car is still in your proximity. Bluetooth technology is used for short-distance communication. Hence, it cannot track the stolen car that is miles away from you.

However, you can make use of Bluetooth to find a misplaced car in the big parking lot. It’s ideal for you if you are someone who always forgets where you have parked your car. You can make use of Bluetooth tags like these that you can install on your car and then connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. With the help of these Bluetooth tags, you can find a car that is within 100 to 200 meters distance from you but not further than that.

Better Ways To Track A Stolen Car

If you cannot track a stolen car with Bluetooth that does not mean that there are no other ways to do that. In this section of the article, I will show you how you can track a stolen car without using Bluetooth.

1. GPS Device


A GPS device is the best option to track a car and there is more than one reason for that. First of all, a GPS device does not have range limitations like Bluetooth. And secondly, GPS is much more accurate in tracking a car’s location than any other technology out there.

All you need is a good reliable GPS device like this one. Make sure the GPS device you get has a magnetic back so that you can attach it underneath your car. This will make sure the thief will not detect the GPS device and remove it, which will make your car untraceable.

A GPS device will allow you to track your stolen car no matter where the car is and how far it has gone. However, you must put a GPS device on your car before it is stolen. Because obviously, once the car is stolen you cannot put the GPS tracker on it.

2. Use Your Old Phone As Tracker

If you don’t wanna buy a GPS tracker and want to track a car without GPS then you can turn your old phone into a tracker as well. All you have to do is install a spy app with location tracking capabilities such as KidsGuard Pro on the phone and leave it in the car.

track stolen car location

Make sure the phone is always charged and has an internet connection. With this, you can always track the location of your stolen car remotely. Also, with KidsGuard Pro installed on the phone, you can even create a geofence around a specific location. So that you always get notified whenever your car goes out of the selected location. You can learn how KidsGuard Pro location tracking work in my KidsGuard Pro review.

3. Track Car By Number Plate

number plate

This one is a little offbeat method but you can try to track your car by its number plate. It may be tough to track the car by just the number plate by yourself so you can take the help of the police. The police have the right tools that allow them to track a vehicle by its license plate. So they can help you track your stolen car by your car number.

Can I Find My Stolen Car With Bluetooth? Final Verdict

After reading the article you must have got an idea that it’s not ideal to track a car with Bluetooth due to the limited range of Bluetooth technology. All this technology can do is find your misplaced car in a small area and that too is hard because Bluetooth range can easily get affected by obstructions such as walls, and buildings. If you want to really track your stolen car then you need to follow the other methods such as a GPS device or using your old cellphone as a tracker.

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What Should I Do If My Car Is Stolen?

If your car is stolen you should take the help of your local police.

Can I Find My Stolen Car With Bluetooth?

No, Bluetooth cannot be used to track a stolen car.

What Is The Range Of GPS Tracking Devices?

Unlike Bluetooth, a GPS tracking device has no range limitation.

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