Can You Track A TextNow Number & How?

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VoIP calling is on a rise, be it WhatsApp, Skype, or Facebook Messenger, all social media platforms allow you to make calls to your friends over WiFi on their platform. However, TextNow is slightly different from them, it provides you with an actual phone number that you can use to call someone without paying any bills.

In the case of VoIP calls made from social media sites like Skype, and Facebook Messenger you can track who has called you because the call comes directly from their account. However, the same is not the case with TextNow. Here, the call comes from an unknown number hence it’s not easy to track who owns a TextNow number.

Although it is tough to track down a TextNow number, it is not impossible to do it. So can you track a TextNow number? The answer is yes and here’s how to do it.

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Can You Track A TextNow Number?

I have talked to TextNow customer support regarding tracking a TextNow phone number but according to them, it’s not possible. They said to me that they never disclose the privacy of their users. Hence one cannot track who owns a TextNow number except for them.

So basically there’s no official way to track down a TextNow number. But wait, don’t be sad, I have found some tricks that will help you trace TextNow subscriber who has called you from their number. So stay tuned and keep reading.

How To Track A TextNow Number?

There are a few tricks that you can pull off in order to track a TextNow phone number for free which I am going to share with you one by one.

1. TextNow Number Lookup

I have talked about phone number lookup and reverse phone number lookup in the past on this site but the regular phone lookup might not work in the case of TextNow. You will need to use a special type of lookup tool which is made especially for TextNow.

You can visit this TextNow Lookup site and enter the TextNow number in the search field and click on the START TEXTNOW NUMBER LOOKUP button.

textnow number lookup

It is a simple and effective way to find out if the phone number is a scammer or if it’s your friend doing silly pranks.

2. Create A New TextNow Account

The other trick that I have for you will require you to create a new TextNow account and get a new phone number. With this new number, you can track the person who sent you fake text messages. All you have to do is send a message to their TextNow number from your new number and get all the details about them.

You have to implement social engineering techniques and make the person talk about them like sharing their name, address, etc. This way you can track who owns the TextNow number without them knowing.

3. Try TrueCaller

how to track textnow

Some people consider TrueCaller a spy app.  But I find it really useful because it tells you the name and location of an incoming call. If a TrueCaller user has saved the TextNow contact who’s calling you on their phone with their real name then you can easily find out who owns a TextNow number. TrueCaller also allows you to track the location of the phone call but it is not very accurate.

4. Check Google & Social Media Sites

When you receive a call from an unknown TextNow number then what you can do is search Google for that number. There’s a chance that you might get some details about the owner of that phone number.

Similarly, it is possible that someone has used the TextNow number to create an account on social media profiles. If it is so, all you have to do is go to different social media platforms and search for someone by their phone number. This way you can easily get some details about the person behind a TextNow phone number.

Can You Trace A TextNow Number By Email?

When you create an account on the TextNow application you have to provide your email and name. So people think that if they somehow know the email address of the person who is calling them through TextNow phone number then they can track them. It is possible to do that.

However, the problem with this is that you cannot find the TextNow email address of the caller. If you want to take the help of TextNow customer support for this purpose then they won’t help you because it’s against the TextNow privacy policy.

Can You Track The TextNow Phone Number’s Location?

It is possible to track the location of the TextNow phone number but only if you can find the IP address of the caller. Now again, TextNow does not share the IP address of its users with anyone. So it’s nearly impossible to track someone’s location on TextNow.

Can Police Track A TextNow Number?

can police track textnow number

If someone is using the TextNow number for blackmailing you or for making ransom calls then you can take help from the Police.

TextNow has your details such as name, email ID, and IP address which you have provided them while creating your account. In case the Police want these details then TextNow has to provide them with these details about you.

However, one can easily trick the TextNow system by providing a fake name, email ID, and IP address (by using VPN). Hence, the police might not be able to track the person behind the TextNow phone number all the time.

Final Verdict

Tracking a TextNow number is not officially possible but there are some tricks that you can use to track TextNow numbers for free. The best thing you could do is search for that number on TextNow number lookup tools. If that doesn’t work then you can also try other methods that I have shared with you above.

If the person who is calling you seems dangerous then you can also take the help of the police. They can surely help you find out about the TextNow caller.


How Do I Look Up A TextNow Number?

You can look up a TextNow number with the help of TextNow lookup online tools.

Is TextNow Number Free?

Yes, their service is free because they are ad-supported.

Can Cops Trace TextNow Numbers?

Yes, cops can trace a TextNow phone number if they are suspicious of it.

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