Is Truecaller A Spy App? Is It A Chinese Company?

Truecaller is a very helpful app to fight against spam as it alerts you about incoming spam calls before you even attend them. Recently the Truecaller app was in news for all bad reasons when the Indian army ordered its soldiers to uninstall the Truecaller app for being potential malware.

But is Truecaller really spyware or is it safe to use? Keep reading the article and we will find out if Truecaller is a spy app or not. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

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Why Truecaller Is Suspected Of Being A Spyware?

truecaller is spy app

According to the Indian army, Truecaller sneak peeks into one’s contact list which kinds of make it dangerous and poses a security risk. Also, it is believed that Truecaller is a Chinese app just like TikTok that can steal user information and do cyber attacks in any country.

Moreover, if you give permissions to Truecaller and make it your default dialer and messaging app then it can see your call logs and read your messages which makes it even more dangerous.

Also, Truecaller has an availability feature that tells when a person is on a call or when they were last seen on the app. Although it’s a good feature, it is also a privacy breach as people will know when you are talking to someone and when you are online.

Also, some reports stated that the user data collected by Truecaller was on sale on the dark web. However, Truecaller has outright dismissed the claims and said there was no data breach.

Is Truecaller A Spy App?

After allegations were made about Truecaller being a spy app they have come up with a tweet where they stated that there is some misconception and Truecaller isn’t spyware.