Cell Phone Spy App Buying Guide

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Buying a good spying app for a smartphone is really hard, especially when there are hundreds of them available. And when you’re totally new to the spying world, you get to know how difficult it is to differentiate between a good and a bad spying app. There are plenty of things that need to be brought into consideration before making the final choice for the spying app. Because the phone spying app is not something on which you can compromise on quality. After all, it is the one using which you can take care of your kids and other loved ones even when you’re not around.

So all you need is a phone spy app buying guide that gives you an idea about the basic components of a good monitoring app for a cell phone. After that, you just have to choose an app that offers those components to its users.

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Detailed Buyers Guide For Cell Phone Spying App

Installing a spying app that is not up to par is similar to not installing a spying app. It is totally useless and you will definitely not be able to monitor the target device properly. Moreover, it’s the loss of your hard-earned money. So make sure that the monitoring app that you choose definitely offers you these factors for sure.

1. Compatibility

The first and the most important thing that you need to look out for is, whether the spying app is compatible with your kid’s device or not. There are many spying apps in the market that are compatible with either Android or iOS devices. And many of them are adaptable to both.Phone Spy app buying guide - Compatibility

If you purchase an app that is not adaptable with the target device, it doesn’t matter how good that monitoring app is. So first you need to check out the app’s compatibility before looking for its other factors. Once you are certain about its consistency with the target device, now you have to check out the other aspects of that app.

2. Jailbreaking/ Rooting Requirements

Those who don’t know what we are talking about here should know that jailbreaking is a process through which you polish off all the obstructions that Apple imposes on you while using their iOS device. Rooting is also the same thing but is applicable to Android devices.

You need to make sure that the spying app that you are choosing doesn’t require jailbreaking/rooting of your device. The thing is that when you jailbreak or root your device, you make it more prone to malware and malicious attacks. Not just that, if you’re not much into tech, you might make the phone unusable by corrupting its features.

That said, once you jailbreak or root the target device you open up the possibilities to track advanced features like call recording etc. So, it also depends on your requirements.

3. Features

Now, let’s talk about something that is the most important part of a spying app. If you need the spying app to work in the background or hidden mode then the app should offer the feature to hide its icon on the target device.

Moreover, a monitoring app should provide such features that make the tracking of the target device complete in every sense. There should be nothing that makes the parents curious about their kid’s device. Everything on their phones should be visible on the parent’s device as well.spy apps features

The list of features should include the tracking of calls, messages, chats on social media, photos and videos shared, etc. Other than that, location tracking feature, geo-fencing, word detection, web content filtering, app blocker, screen timer, should also be there.

4. Sync Speed

It doesn’t matter how many features are provided by the spying app until the response of these features isn’t quick enough. It is really necessary that the app tracks the device continuously and provides an instant update to the parents on all the activities.

To check the response of the features of the app, you can take the trial version of that spying app (not all of them offer a trial version though). With this, you won’t be spending any money and you will be able to check, whether the app is good for you or not. Along with that, you will be able to test all the features of that app too.

5. Pricing

Just the compatibility, good features, and quick response are not enough to make a monitoring app good. The price of that app really matters a lot. There are many spying apps that are really good but are quite expensive as compared to their features. But it’s not that hard to find the monitoring apps with the same features at a lesser price. All you need to do is a bit of research.

The average costing of a spying app can be $30 – $40/month, depending on app to app. It becomes cheaper if you opt for multiple months plan like 3 or 6 months. So, before purchasing, don’t forget to compare the price of the app with its substitutes.

6. Refund Policy And After-Sale Services

The refund and after-sale services provided by a monitoring app are as much important as any other factor that we mentioned above. Sometimes you don’t get what you expect and this can also happen after purchasing the spying app. Maybe you don’t like its features or find it difficult to use. But when you think about canceling its license and getting the money back, you don’t find anything related to money-back policy on their site.

Just like refund policy, you also need to have an after-sale service in your hand. There can be a chance that you face any issue with the app after some days of purchasing it. And at that time, you surely expect a helping hand from the company’s side. So before making a purchase, have a look at the refund policy of that app and also if they provide the support services or not.

Cell Phone Spy App Buying Guide: Final Verdict

After reading this article, you must have got a good idea of choosing a spying app. Now all you need to do is find an app and see if it includes all those factors or not. Moreover, while using a monitoring app, always keep in mind that the person being targeted knows about the app installation. It’s because monitoring an adult is considered as an offense.

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