The Unknown Dangers Of Clubhouse App

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The clubhouse is a new and special type of audio-based social media app that is gaining a lot of popularity lately. Here you can join the discussion and share your point of view on your favorite topics. If you hesitate to speak up you can also choose to listen to the discussions just like a regular podcast.

But since it is a new app there are lots of security flaws found in it day by day. Apart from privacy, there are various other types of dangers associated with the Clubhouse app which can affect you as well as your kids. So before you create your account on this unique social media app you should check whether it is safe to do so or not. In this article, I bring forth to you some of the dangers of  Clubhouse that you should be aware of.

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Clubhouse Dangers That Everyone Should Know About

1. Privacy

danger of clubhouse

The first and most dangerous part of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc. is privacy. When you create an account on such social media apps, you are putting your personal details in the public domain which can get leaked due to security issues or hacker attacks.

The same is true for Clubhouse as well, but with Clubhouse there is another problem which is that anyone can record your room chats and stream them on other online platforms. So beware everything that you speak on Clubhouse is not limited to your group and can be heard by the entire world. So it is a big privacy issue with Clubhouse which they need to solve as soon as possible.

2. App Has Access To More Data Than It Needs

When you create your account on Clubhouse it asks you to enter your phone number, which is fine but it also asks you to allow permissions to all of your contacts. If you don’t allow this permission then it won’t let you invite other people on it. This can be risky because once you give access to your contacts, Clubhouse can let all of your friends and family know about different groups you are active on.

This can hinder your privacy as all your contacts will know the secrets that you were hiding from them. It happened to a sex worker who did not tell her family about her job. Due to Clubhouse, all of her friends and family came to know about it because she was a part of a group that was related to Sex workers.

3. Trolling And Abuse


The other common danger of Clubhouse is trolling and abuse as you cannot control what people say. The apps lack safety features that can effectively monitor abuse, hate speech, etc. Although trolling may not directly harm you but it can leave a negative impact on your mind especially if you are a teenager. Moreover, it also interrupts the flow of the conversations which makes the overall experience of this app poor.

Abuse is not only limited to Clubhouse but this danger is also applicable to Instagram, Snapchat, and Tinder.

4. National Security

The back end of Clubhouse is developed by a Chinese company called Agora. Now, I am not saying that all Chinese companies are bad but who knows they might allow their government to listen to all the audio recorded on their server. In the worst-case scenario, this can lead to a national security issue.

5. Can Be Addictive

clubhouse addiction

Like most other social media apps Clubhouse can be addictive too. It is because it’s fun to listen to conversations happening on various topics in different groups on Clubhouse. This makes you addicted to it and being addicted to anything can be dangerous to you.

6. No Age Verification

Clubhouse recommends that the user must be 18 and above to be able to use their audio-based social media app. However, there is no age verification while creating the account, so anyone can sign up for it even your kids. If you are a parent to a minor you should be very careful to ensure the safety of your kid from the dark side of Clubhouse.

How To Be Safe On Clubhouse?

So these were some of the dangers of the clubhouse that you need to take care of while using the app. If you keep updated and be clever while using the app you have nothing to worry about. Here I share with you a few methods that you can keep in mind while using the app to enjoy a safe experience on it.

1. Use Secondary SIM For Creating Account

Clubhouse requires your phone number in order to create your account. Rather than using the phone with your primary SIM on which you have your all contacts stored you should use another phone with a separate SIM. But make sure you enter the right phone number because it calls on your phone number to check if it is genuine or not.

2. Restrict Background Noise

background noise

The Clubhouse app does not have a background noise cancelation feature. So when you are using the app, make sure no one is around or use earphones while using the app. It will help keep your family and friends’ privacy intact as they may say something personal to you without knowing that you are using Clubhouse.

3. Don’t Say Anything Personal Or Controversial

As I already told you that it is very easy to record your voice messages from Clubhouse and stream it somewhere else. So you should not say anything that is very personal to you or something too controversial that can land you in trouble.

Should You Use Clubhouse? Final Thoughts

See there is no doubt that Clubhouse is a great social media app that helps you share your thoughts with others without even showing your face. So if you are an introvert who fears public speaking then Clubhouse is the place where you can make your voice heard. However, there are some dangers associated with it that you cannot overlook. But, if you keep some tips in mind like the ones I have shared at the end of the article then you can take full advantage of this app without compromising your privacy or security.


How Do I Join Clubhouse?

Earlier it was an invitation-based app but now anyone can join Clubhouse for free by installing the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

Is Clubhouse Safe For Kids?

No, it is not considered safe for kids under 18 years old.

Is Clubhouse Only Available For iPhone?

Earlier it was available on iPhone only but now it is available on Android as well.

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