Eyezy Review: Not The Best But Good Enough!

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Eyezy is an undetectable spy app that lets you track someone’s phone without them knowing. It has lots of monitoring features such as text and call logs monitoring, tracking the target person’s location, seeing their incognito search history, and much more.

Besides these features, Eyezy also offers some advanced spying features that make it a one-stop shop for catching a cheater red-handedspying on your employees, and monitoring your minor child. These features include:

Screen Recorder: This feature enables you to see what someone is doing on various social media platforms by capturing a screenshot whenever they open their favorite social media app.

Social Spotlight: With the social spotlight feature you can read all the text messages the target person sends or receives on their phone including social media chats.

Files Finder: This feature gives you a sneak peek into the target phone’s multimedia files and you can see what photos and videos they have stored on their device.

Why It Might Be A Good Pick For You?

Eyezy has almost every feature that would allow you to spy on your crush or spouse, monitor your employees, and track your elderly parents or child. It allows you to spy on their social media activities and chats, track their location to ensure their safety and check their multimedia files and whatnot.

Why It Might Not Be A Good Pick For You?

If you are interested in listening to someone’s phone conversation remotely then you might not like Eyezy because it lacks that feature. Moreover, the geofencing feature of the app may not work properly at times.

Quick Review

Eyezy is a discreet and secure spyware designed to prioritize safety and effectiveness. It ensures that recorded data remains confidential between you and the target, offering peace of mind for monitoring loved ones.

With undetectable features, it allows you to observe various aspects of their online activities such as browsing history, social media, chats, and call logs without their knowledge. For a comprehensive overview, refer to the complete Eyezy review below, which covers both pros and cons to aid your well-informed decision-making.

Free Trial   No
Free Demo   Yes
Money Back Guarantee 14 days
Monthly price$47.99/ month
Supported Operating System Android & iPhone
Works Without Rooting or JailbreakYes
SpyDrill Rating9.1/10

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Eyezy Comprehensive Review

If you don’t have time to go through the entire article and are looking for something specific then you may use the quick links below to navigate through the long Eyezy app review.


There is no need to worry about Eyezy’s compatibility with your target device. It works seamlessly on both Android and iPhone without requiring root or jailbreak permissions. Ensure the Android phone runs on version 4.0 and above, and for iPhones, it’s compatible with version 7.0 and higher. I successfully installed it on my Samsung M12 running on Android 13, experiencing no compatibility issues.


Once the Eyezy app is installed on the target phone, you are ready to monitor its activities. You can find different features on Eyezy that are categorized into 9 different sections which are as follows:

  • Keystroke Capture
  • Social Spotlight
  • Phone Analyzer
  • Pinpoint
  • Plan Breaker
  • Files Finder
  • Web Magnifier
  • Connection Blocker
  • Magic alerts

We will discuss all of these features one by one but before that, let’s have a quick look at the dashboard of the app.

So the first thing you see upon logging into your Eyezy account is its dashboard. It is the place where you get all the details about the target phone like its activities, calls, messages, and location all in one place. If you are in a hurry then a quick look over the dashboard can give you a good insight.

eyezy review

So that’s about the dashboard, now let’s talk about how Eyezy works.

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1. Keystroke Capture

Eyezy’s Keystroke Capture feature discreetly records every word typed on the target phone through a keylogger and by capturing screenshots when social media or messaging apps are opened.

a) Keylogger

The keylogger section provides a comprehensive list of typed words across various platforms such as browsers, social media apps, etc. It also allows you to filter specific apps by selecting them from the drop-down menu at the top left corner.


Although it works well, the thing I didn’t like is that sometimes Eyezy won’t show the complete typed words. It only shows a few alphabets and you have to guess what the message was about. However, what has impressed me is that it can even track keystrokes made in a private window on a browser.

b) Screen Recorder

The app includes a screen recorder feature allowing you to view recorded screens when social media apps are used on the target phone. This means you can read all their chats and also see with whom they are chatting.

captured screen

Similar to the keylogger, it offers filtering by social media app. However, unlike uMobix, syncing the recorded screens to your dashboard might take 10-15 minutes. I tested Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, and Telegram, but only Instagram and WhatsApp screens were captured, possibly due to the target phone’s brand and OS.

What Do I Feel: In my opinion the keystroke capture feature of Eyezy is great for monitoring what your loved ones are typing on their phone. The keylogger works well, it tracks every keystroke made on the target device. However, the screen recorder only recorded the screen of WhatsApp and Instagram if the target phone was not rooted.  I didn’t like it much because apps like uMobix can track every social media app easily without rooting the target phone.

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2. Social Spotlight

Social Media Apps That You Can Track With Eyezy

Text MessagesYes
Instagram DirectYes
Facebook MessengerYes

If the sole purpose of your bugging someone’s phone with a spy app is to see their social media activity then this feature will excite you. From text messages, emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more you can read all the conversations of the target person.

a) Text Messages

In case you are looking to read the text messages of your husband or wife then you are in luck because Eyezy can track it for you. Not just the text messages but also the photos sent are also visible here.

track sms

What amazed me about Eyezy is that it can even show you messages that were deleted just after receiving them. I intentionally deleted some messages after sending them for testing purposes and it was able to fetch them for me.

b) Email

If you are using Eyezy for monitoring your employees then you would love the fact that it can even spy on the Gmail account of the target device. However, it is not very accurate i.e. it may not be able to track every email that the target person sends or receives.


In my case, it was only able to track an old email that I sent two months ago but not the new one. But this feature may work better on a rooted phone.

c) WhatsApp Messages

Without reading someone’s WhatsApp messages you cannot properly track someone because it is the most used instant messaging platform in the world. That being said, it can record all the chats that happen between different contacts on WhatsApp and keep all of them separate. So it’s easier for you to see which conversation happened with which contact.


To my surprise, it was even able to record the chats that were deleted quickly after receiving or sending them. However, Eyezy lacks the WhatsApp call log and call recording feature as seen on FlexiSPY.

d) Facebook Messenger

Ever since the secret conversation feature was introduced on Facebook Messenger, it has become a favorite chatting app for cheaters. But don’t worry, if you are partner is using the FB Messenger app to hide their illicit relationship, you can still know about it as Eyezy can even track the Messenger secret conversation along with the regular conversations on Facebook Messenger.

fb messenger

I can recommend it to you because I have analyzed this feature and it worked great for me.

e) Instagram DM

Instagram DM is a place where you can flirt with people you don’t even know. If your partner is having romantic conversations with someone on Instagram, you will know about it with the help of Eyezy. It easily tracks all the Insta DMs and here’s the proof.

insta message

Apart from the above-mentioned social media and instant messaging apps, Eyezy can track Snapchat, Viber, Telegram, Skype, Tinder, etc.

What Do I Feel: In terms of tracking social media text messages, Eyezy does a good job. Be it text messages, emails, or social media chats, Eyezy tracks them very well. However, again the social spotlight feature cannot track all social media sites. In my test, it only tracked Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat on a nonrooted target phone.

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3. Phone Analyzer

The Phone Analyzer tool analyzes all the incoming and outgoing calls on the target device. It shows you the record of all the calls that have been made or received on the target cell phone. You can know the phone number along with the duration of the call. However, when I deleted a call just after receiving it the call log was not reflected on the dashboard.

Call logs

Also, it can only show call logs but cannot record the calls as other spy apps like KidsGuard Pro, and FlexiSPY. Besides calls, this app also shows you all the contacts that are stored on the target phone. It may take some time for the newly added contacts to show up on the dashboard.

What Do I Feel: The Phone Analyzer feature works decently well, it tracks all the contacts stored on the phone. It even provides a call log detail of incoming and outgoing calls. However, it is missing the call recording feature, which is it’s one of the major downsides.

4. PinPoint

The PinPoint feature enables you to locate a person without them knowing. It can help you locate someone with or without GPS turned on. If their GPS is tuned On then the GPS locations will be shared with you on your dashboard. It shares with you all the places the target person has been on the list as well as the map view.

track location

However, if the GPS is turned Off then you can still find out where the person has been with the help of the WiFi location. Yes, Eyezy can share the location of all the WiFi networks to which the target phone was connected.

WiFi location

One thing I noticed is that it shares the location in only a longitude-latitude value when GPS is turned off.

What Do I Feel: I liked the PinPoint feature of Eyezy, it makes sure that you always know the current location of the target person. The best part is it even shared the WiFi location to which the target device was connected in the past, which makes it even better.

5. Plan Breaker

The Plan Breaker feature of Eyezy is indeed a plan breaker. It shows you all the plans of the target person that they have marked on their phone calendar. If your kids are planning to go to a party without your permission then you can know it in advance.

What Do I Feel: It is a common feature you will find on many spy apps out there, it works well on Eyezy.

6. Files Finder

Are you concerned about your kid storing inappropriate photos and videos on their phone? Don’t worry anymore because Eyezy can show you all the stored images and videos on their phone. These can be photos or videos they have captured from their phone, downloaded from the internet, or received from friends over social media.

photos and videos

Besides just seeing the multimedia files you can even download and keep them safe on your device as proof. But I noticed one thing while inspecting this Eyezy feature, if they delete the photo or video just after capturing it then the app can’t record it.

What Do I Feel: This feature works well, it showed me all the files i.e. photos and videos including apps installed on the target phone. If you are a parent then this feature will be very beneficial for you.

7. Web Magnifier

The app provides features to track browsing activities, revealing the browser history of the target phone. It even tracks browsing history in incognito mode on Chrome, it surprisingly displays search history, including visit times and frequency.

Browser history

Notably, it distinguishes between regular and incognito URLs, allowing you to click and visit the exact page. The Browser Bookmark feature, designed to show saved pages, yielded no results during my assessment; it might function better on rooted devices.

What Do I Feel: I enjoyed using this feature of Eyezy a lot because it was able to provide me with a list of all the websites visited by the target person on their phone. I was amused to see that it even tracks sites visited in the incognito mode.

8. Connection Blocker

Block WebsiteYes
Block WiFiYes
Block AppsYes

Eyezy doesn’t offer remote access to a device’s camera and microphone like some other spy apps, but it does provide a useful connection blocker feature. This feature allows users to remotely block websites, WiFi access, and apps on the target phone.

Block Website

To block a website, users simply need to enter the URL of the site they want to restrict. Multiple websites can be added, but each one must be added individually. The command may take up to 15 minutes to take effect. Once applied, the blocked website will be inaccessible on the target phone.

Even when attempting to access a blocked site through different browsers or private windows, the page remains inaccessible, displaying a blank page.

block website

I tried opening the blocked page on different browsers and their private windows but once the web page is blocked it can’t be browsed.

Block WiFi

You can block WiFi using Eyezy by clicking the “Block” button next to the desired network. The process takes 10 to 15 minutes, so patience is key.

Block wifi

Interestingly, I discovered it can block both saved and currently connected WiFi networks.

Block Apps

Eyezy enables users to block applications on the target phone by clicking the “Block” button next to the app’s name. However, it displays all installed apps, including system apps, without a search option, making it somewhat challenging to locate specific apps.

Nonetheless, once an app is successfully blocked, attempting to open it on the target phone results in a black screen as seen below.

block app

What Do I Feel: This one is a pretty cool feature for parents of a minor child as this feature can help parents block inappropriate websites, apps, and WiFi networks from their child’s phone remotely. In my test, this feature worked really well without any delays.

9. Magic Alert

This category has 2 features Geofencing and Keyword tracking. The Geofencing feature alerts you whenever the target cell phone enters or leaves a specific location. Whereas the Keyword tracking feature notifies you whenever the target person types a specific word that you have set for tracking.

Although the geofencing feature didn’t work for me, I am quite satisfied with the Keyword alert feature because it worked as promised. You just need to add the keywords to it that you need to be alerted about.

keyword tracking

If you enable the email alert then you will also get an email whenever the target person types that word on any of the apps installed on their device.

email alert

What Do I Feel: I loved the Magic Alert feature very much, it helped me get alerts about the location of the target person as well as specific keywords they have typed on their phone.

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What About The Customer Support?

I liked the Eyezy customer support, they provide chat support which can be initiated from the official website of Eyezy. What is good is that they assign you a chat support executive as soon as possible. You can have a chat with them regarding any issue you face while using or installing Eyezy and they try to solve it ASAP.

eyeze customer support

Is It Detectable?

No Eyezy is not detectable. It is installed with a fake name so the target person will not know about it. However, the Eyezy app icon is not hidden by itself, so you may have to hide it yourself. It’s easy to hide an application icon, just go to App Drawer settings, and choose the option to hide apps. Next, select the app that you want to hide and the app icon will be hidden.

hide apps

Besides that, the Eyezy app does not cause any major issues in the phone’s performance. Neither does it heat the device nor does it consume a lot of its battery. Hence, the target person will never know that they are being watched using a spy app. As you can see in almost 2 days of installation the app has only consumed 5.6% of the battery.

battery consumption

How Much Does It Cost?

Eyezy pricing

Eyezy offers a single pricing plan with options for monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions. The monthly plan is priced at $38.39, suitable for one-time use. For long-term usage, the quarterly plan costs $22.39/month, and the annual plan comes at a more economical rate of $7.99/month.

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Eyezy Or uMobix, Which One Should You Pick?

If there is one app that is a neck-to-neck competitor of Eyezy then it has to be uMobix. The pricing of both the apps is similar and so are the features. Although uMobix has some advanced features like remote access to the camera and microphone of the target device. But, those features are still under development. In my experience with uMobix, I found out that these features work sometimes and sometimes don’t.

Also, uMobix does not have the Geofence feature but Eyezy has it. However, the Geofence feature didn’t work for me as you can read from my review above. So, both apps have their pros and cons. Hence, it’s hard to pick one app between Eyezy and uMobix. That said, you can pick any one of these spy apps and you won’t end up making a bad choice.

Setup & Installation Guide

Installing spyware can be challenging due to the extensive permissions required, but Eyezy simplifies the process. Follow these steps:

  • Create your account on Eyezy by clicking “Try Now” on the website. Explore the demo by selecting “See it in action” for a preview before creating your account.

Try now

  • Enter your email, choose a plan, and receive login credentials via email. Log in to your account.


Access the app installation guide on your dashboard upon login. Get physical access to the target phone and then follow the on-screen steps to easily install the app.

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Final Verdict

Eyezy is legit spyware that works. I know Eyezy is not the perfect spy app as some of its features don’t work properly as they should. However, the features that work are sufficient enough to let you spy on someone without them knowing.

With Eyezy, you can read someone’s social media messages, track their location, have a look at their multimedia files, and see their call logs which are more than enough to find out what they are hiding. Also, the pricing of the app is pretty genuine so you can try it at least once. So I would recommend you to go for it.



Ease of Installation


Tracking Features


User Interface


Data Sync Speed






Impact On Target Phone


Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Easy to use
  • Can track deleted text messages
  • Keylogger works fine
  • Social media tracking is possible
  • Remotely block website, apps, and WiFi
  • Location tracking is almost accurate
  • Great customer support


  • Takes time to sync data
  • Geofence didn't work for me
  • No call recording
  • You need to manually hide the app icon on the target phone
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