FamiSafe Review: Is It The Best Choice For Parents In 2020?

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Before reviewing any spyware, Franklin uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Teenage is the time when kids either meliorate their life or destroy it. It’s the time when either one of the roads has to be chosen. And in both cases, the internet has the biggest influence on the mind of the child. The internet is packed with all kinds of stuff, but most of it is not adequate for the children. This is where the children need their parents the most. They are the only ones who can guide and teach the child the right way to make use of the internet.

Even after showing the right path to the child the parents still remain concerned, and their concern is legit. The reason being, there are millions of things on the internet that can easily divert the mind of the child. So in order to discharge themself from their concerns completely, parents make use of the spying apps that can keep a keen eye on the kid, just like they themself keep. But then the question arises, are these spying apps really trustworthy, and are they really reliable? Well, for that reason we are going to review FamiSafe in this article.

FamiSafe Review

One of the monitoring app that is already quite famous among the parents. We will let you know, whether the software is really worth the money you’re paying or not. We will discuss all the features of FamiSafe and try to answer each and every concern that the parents normally have. After that, you will be able to make a wise decision, whether to go for FamiSafe or not.

So let’s start with the review.

As it’s a detailed review, here are the quick links for easier navigation to specific topics in the review.

Compatible Devices

FamiSafe software is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows operating systems. But you need to follow a different procedure for different devices in order to download it.

Android/iOS Devices

1. The easiest way to download the FamiSafe app is from the Play Store or the App Store.

2. Another way to download the app on your Android/ iOS device is by using the QR code that you will find on the official site of FamiSafe.

3. There’s one more way using which you can download the app. On the download page of the FamiSafe site, provide the email in the requested column. After that, the download link will be sent to you by FamiSafe on the email that you provided.

Windows/macOS Devices

You cannot download the FamiSafe software on either of the devices. Instead, you have to make use of the official site every time you want to use FamiSafe on Windows or macOS devices.

How To Get Started With FamiSafe App

After you have opened FamiSafe on your device (parent’s device), you have to sign up by providing your email and a strong password.

Note 1: We are making use of a PC as the parent’s device and we will test both Android and iOS phones as the child’s device. That said, the parent profile in the mobile app and using FamiSafe site work in the same way so parents can easily use the app as well in a similar way.

Note 2: On both the parent as well on the kid’s device, you have to sign in using the same account.

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Setting Up Parents Device

1. Open the FamiSafe site on your PC/Mac and click on the Login option.

login to parent device

2. Now click on Sign Up if you are new to FamiSafe and create an account like you normally do anywhere else. Click on Login if you already have an account.

Setting Up Kids Device

If The Kid Is Using An Android Device

1. First of all, login to the kid’s device on the FamiSafe app.

login from kids device

In the next step, FamiSafe will give an option to choose among the parent’s device or the kid’s device. Select Kid.

select kid profile

2. Now provide the name of the kid along with the kid’s age and tap on Next.

setup Famisafe - provide details of the kid

3. After that, activate the accessibility for FamiSafe by tapping Enable Now and then turning it on from the phone’s settings.

install Famisafe - turn on accessibility

4. In the next step, provide usage access to FamiSafe by first tapping on Enable Now and then giving permission from the phone’s settings. Similarly, provide the Notification Access and Device Administrator Permission.

provide usage access

5. Now allow FamiSafe to track the device location by tapping on Allow.

allow Famisafe access - location tracking

6. Allow the app to access the contacts by tapping Allow in the next step.

allow famisafe to access contacts

7. Tap Allow for giving FamiSafe access to your photos, media, and files.

access to media

8. Finally, tap on Done to complete the setup.

If The Kid Is Using An iOS Device

iPhone users need to do something more in order to get started with the FamiSafe app.

1. After installing the app and providing all the necessary permissions, just like in Android devices, your phone will ask you to Install iOS profile. For that, simply click on that option.

install iOS profile

2. Make sure you are connected to the internet because FamiSafe will download a configuration profile from the FamiSafe website. To download the profile, click on Allow.

download configuration profile on iOS

3. The profile has been downloaded and now it needs to get installed. For that, go to the iPhone settings and tap on the General option.

general settings

4. After that, click on Profile.

iOS profile settings

5. In the next step, tap on FamiSafe under Profile.

Famisafe settings

6. Now, tap on the Install option at the top-right corner of the screen.

start installation

7. After that, tap on Trust to allow the remote management to the profile.

remote management

8. Now you need to enable all the content blockers on the Safari. For that, go to settings and tap on Safari.

safari settings

9. Select the Content Blockers option from the list.

content blockers on iOS

10. Toggle on the button in front of FamiSafe.

allow content blockers

11. Finally, tap on Complete to successfully launch the app on your iPhone.

famisafe installation completed

Key Features Of FamiSafe

The most important thing that motivates people to spend the money online on a product is its features. And in terms of features, there’s no spying app that can compete with FamiSafe.

So let’s discuss the features provided by the FamiSafe to its users briefly.

1. Alerts On Adult Content, Abuse, etc.


The first and most important feature that FamiSafe provides is the detection of explicit content. A really, really important feature to keep the kid safe from the wrong companionship as well as the wrong content on the apps like YouTube. If any of these things happen, you will see the issues found message under the Explicit Content Detection section as well as on the home screen.

FamiSafe is really good at detecting the wrong content and words. But if you want you can also add your own words if required. This can be done under the Add Suspicious Word tool of the app. The good thing about this feature is that, while texting, the words will get detected if sent from the kid’s device as well as when sent from the other side.

Famisafe features - explicit content detection


Unfortunately, this option is not available to you if your kid is using an iOS device. So you have to manually check your kid’s phone from time to time to trace such activities.

2. Real-Time Location Tracking

Always worried about your child’s whereabouts? Well, you don’t need to worry. Using FamiSafe, now you can easily track your child’s location anytime you want. With the Real-time Location function, you can get the exact spot where your child is roaming. This function can be a real lifesaver if your kid is quite small in age and easily forgets the route to home.

Not just the location tracking, you also get the information about the battery life of your child. So if the battery life is really low, you can call your child and ask them to come back home or charge the phone somewhere asap. But there’s something that you need to keep in mind. Don’t stay on the Real-time Location page of the app for a long time. This will drain the battery of your child’s phone more quickly. The reason being, if you stay on that page, FamiSafe is going to extract the location information from the kid’s device continuously.

Famisafe review - real time location feature

3. Geofencing

Talking about the location, there’s something more FamiSafe offers you. The word geofencing is made with ‘geo’ referring to geographical and ‘fencing’ referring to creating a barrier. So this feature creates imaginary fencing on the borders of the location set by you. The fencing is to be created when you don’t want your child to cross the area that you set using the geofencing feature.

When the child leaves or enters the set area, you immediately receive a notification about that. The set area can be of a minimum 100-meter radius and with a maximum limit of 1000 meter radius.

4. App Blocker


Google Play Store and the iOS App Store are stuffed with apps that are useful for your children. But along with the good ones, there are many apps that are not suitable for the children. FamiSafe understands your concern and that’s why it provides you with the app blocker function. Using this function, you can easily block all the apps that you find inappropriate for your child.

If your child tries to open the app that has been blocked by you, a message appears on the screen ” Your Parents do not want you to use this app.” Well, if you think the app is safe for your child, you can tap on Allow, provide the FamiSafe pin that you set and open the app for your child. Your kid can also ask you to open the app by tapping on the Ask Request option. You can view the request in the notification center of the app.

app blocking for Android


While using the App Blocker function on iOS, you will see various options like Block 17+, Block 12+, etc. Selecting any of these and then clicking on the save icon will make those apps disappear from the iOS device which is not for the people below that age. Using the Schedule option inside the App Blocker you can set the time limit for the child to use those apps.

app blocker feature for Ios users

5. Activity Monitor


Curious to know, which app your kid uses the most and for the longest period? Activity Monitor will reveal everything. When you open the activity report, you get to see all the apps that your kid has been using. Not simply that, Activity Monitor also shows the time for which the app has been in use.

If your child is using an app in the current time, the activity report will show that app on the top and mention in use in front of it. To view all the apps used in the past date, you can select the calendar given at the top and set the date for which you desire to view the activity.

activity report feature


This feature is not available for the target devices using FamiSafe on iOS.

6. Web Content Filtering

We all know that allowing our kids to use the phone without giving them access to the internet is simply of no use. But allowing the kid to use the internet increases the panic among the parents. The reason is that most of the things on the internet are not appropriate for the children. In order to tackle this problem, FamiSafe allows you to filter the content on the internet. So that you can easily block all the sites that are related to the things that you don’t want your child to see.

For this to happen all you have to do is toggle on the button in front of the category which you want to block on the child’s phone. You can also directly add the websites that your child should stay away from.

That said, the feature was not working up to the mark. So, most of the time your child will be able to open the websites which he/she should not.

famisafe web filtering

7. Screen Time Tracking

As the name suggests, this feature will allow you to track that for how long your kid has been using the cellphone. It gives you an average time for which the phone has been used. Not just for the present day, you can view the analytics for the last 30 days. The applications on which the kid spends the time are divided into three categories, Video Players and Editor, Action and Other.

screen time tracking

8. Screen Time Limit


Addiction to phones is the biggest fear of the parents. And for the same reason, they hesitate to provide a cell phone to their kids. But it’s not going to happen if you have FamiSafe with you. With the screen limit function, you can limit the use of your kid’s phone and it doesn’t matter where they are located.

You have to set the time for which you want to allow your child to use the phone. After that time elapses, all the apps on the kid’s device stop responding. But one thing is to be kept in mind. The time limit has to be more than the screen time of that day. For example, if the screen time has already crossed 10 minutes, then the time limit cannot be nine minutes, it has to be more then ten minutes. So, it’s suggested that you set the time limit for the day as early in the day as possible. In the case of an iOS device, there’s no such limit regarding screen time. You can set whatever time limit you want.

block screen feature


9. YouTube Control

Even YouTube is filled with adult content. So to keep an eye on what your child watches on YouTube, make use of the YouTube app control feature (Android) or YouTube Content Detection (iOS). This feature will show you the list of all the videos that your kid watches on YouTube. If your kid uses an iOS device, you might find it difficult to connect the FamiSafe app with YouTube.

youtube control

10. Smart Scheduling

If your kid is quite addicted to the phone and keeps on delaying other important things than it’s time to make all the things fall in the right places. With the help of the Smart Scheduling feature, you can block all the apps on the phone while it’s time for other things like having lunch or schooltime, etc. Smart Scheduling will make it impossible for your kid to use the phone during the time set by you. To set a proper routine for your kid daily, you can toggle on the Repeat button.

smart schedule

11. Location History

If your kid loves exploring new places and you’re always tensed, thinking about the places they go to, then it’s time to keep the record of all those places. By just using the Location History feature you will get the list of all the places that your kid has been to. Not just the visited places, the time for which they stayed there will also appear on the screen.

location history

12. Suspicious Photos

Many times the kid might flow with the emotions and download some inappropriate photos from the internet. This type of stuff might be harmful to teens. FamiSafe understands all your concerns and that is why it has provided you with suspicious photos feature. Whenever your kid downloads some wrong stuff from the internet, you immediately get notified about that.

Additional Features

1. Free Updates

Once you have paid, FamiSafe always gives you free updates for the rest of your life until you stop using the software. So there’s no extra paying for anything, just the amount that you originally paid to get started with FamiSafe.

2. Money-back

Didn’t like the product or just found that it isn’t made for you? No problem. You will get each and every penny back in your account. FamiSafe comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee. So you can buy the product, test it and only keep it if you find it worthy of the money paid.

3. Support Service

Although FamiSafe is really easy to use and can be understood at first glance, even then if you ever find yourself stuck in a hard situation, Femisafe representatives are always there to help you out.

4. Multiple Numbers Of Devices

Yes, that’s true. Do you have one kid, no problem, two? No problem, Five? Even then no problem. FamiSafe helps you keep a check on all your kids in a single plan. So, you don’t have to buy different plans for different kids. Great! isn’t it.


FamiSafe is one of the most reliable parental control apps, so it should have cost you a lot. But you all are going to be astonished to know that for what price you are getting such a great parental control app. Well, there is a total of three packages available for you all.

1. $9.99/month (if you pay monthly, 5 devices per account)

2. $6.99/month (if you pay quarterly, 10 devices per account)

3. $4.99/month (if you pay yearly, 30 devices per account)

famisafe pricing

There is literally no parental app with so many features that is available at such a low price. Even after paying such a low price, you can still save a lot of money by going for the quarterly or yearly offer, instead of the monthly one. FamiSafe accepts almost all types of cards, be it, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, all many other types of cards. Check the pricing on the FamiSafe official website.

Final Verdict

So here we end our FamiSafe review. After analyzing each and every aspect of this software one thing is sure that it is certainly one of the best monitoring apps that one can get. Not only that, but FamiSafe is also really inexpensive as compared to its competitor apps. So it can even be bought by someone going through financial struggles but have a kid that needs to be kept an eye on. We tried to make this review as much detailed as possible and tried to solve each and every query of the users. But if you still have some doubt, you can take the three-day free trial and only buy the product once you are fully satisfied with it.

FamiSafe FAQ’s

1. Is FamiSafe Free To Use?

Unfortunately no, FamiSafe is not free of cost. But the thing is that it’s really affordable. Moreover, you get a three-day free trial as well.

2. Can FamiSafe Be Installed Remotely?

Yes, you can install the FamiSafe app from Play Store on the target Android device remotely. But you need to have the same account signed in on Google Play Store on both the devices (yours and target). That said, for the complete setup you need manual intervention.

In case the target device is iOS then it’s not possible at all.

3. Does FamiSafe Require Jailbreak Or Rooting?

Absolutely not. FamiSafe doesn’t ask you to do anything that harms your device in any way. Even the permissions that FamiSafe asks you to give are those which are compulsory to spy on your kid’s device.

4. Does FamiSafe Monitor Snapchat?

Using some of the features of FamiSafe you can monitor Snapchat. You can look that for how long your kid was using Snapchat. You can set the timer for the app usage as Snapchat can be quite addictive.

5. Does FamiSafe Monitors Computers, Xbox, etc.

No, it doesn’t. FamiSafe can only be used to monitor the kid’s mobile device. Spying the kid’s computer, Xbox or any other gadget is not possible.

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User Interface


Tracking Features


Ease Of Use






Value for Money





  • Instant updates on the kid's activities
  • Really inexpensive as compared to other spying apps
  • Supports multiple devices
  • No need for rooting or jailbreaking
  • Easy control on kid's device remotely
  • Simple interface


  • Web filtering doesn't work properly
  • Accessibility gets off in some Android phones quite often
  • In some phones, Famisafe can be deleted like other normal apps, but you'll get notified
  • Suspicious features function doesn't work properly
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