How To Find Out If A Phone Number Is From A Scammer

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Do you frequently receive calls from an unknown person and want to find out who called me from this phone number? If yes then you are at the right place. In this article, I am going to tell you about some free scammer phone number lookup ways. These will surely help you find out if a phone number is used by a scammer or not.  So without wasting any time let’s begin.

Different Types Of Scam Call?

Here are different types of scam calls that people around the world receive on a daily basis. If you receive such phone calls you need to be careful as it can be a scam.

1. “You Have Won The Lottery”

The first and biggest scam happening worldwide over the phone is the lottery scam. In this scam, the caller tells you that you have won a big lottery, and most people accept it as the truth. The caller then asks you to send some money as a tax for your winning. Some people send the money and then the scammer never calls them again.

Sometimes they will ask you for your bank details to transfer the money and instead will get all the money from your account.

2. Tech Support Calls

Another common scam that goes on these days is technical support. Here the scammer tells you that there is some problem with your computer which needs to be fixed immediately. They will then get remote access to your computer and steal all the personal details from your device.

3. Charity Fraud Calls

Here the scammer pretends to be calling from a charity that works for poor children, or welfare for army veterans, etc. They try to emotionally blackmail people to donate to their fake charity and take all of that money.

4. Call From IRS

Such spam calls are popular at the time of tax season, in this type of scam the scammer will pretend to be the revenue officials. They will ask you to make the payment over the call or else they will file a lawsuit. You need to be aware that IRS never calls, if they have to convey something they will send you a email.

Not just these, there are over a dozen types of scams that happen over the phone call which you need to be aware of. You can read this article to know more about such phone call scams. Now let’s find out how you can tell whether the phone you received was from a scammer or not.

How To Find Out If A Phone Number Is Used By Scammer

1. Make Use Of Caller ID Apps

If you could remember there used to be a time when a caller id on a landline phone was a big thing. It could tell us the name of the caller before we even pick up the call. The same technology is available for smartphones which not just tell you the name of the caller but also the place they are calling from. Besides that, it even alerts you if the number is associated with a scammer.

One of the most popular caller ID apps is Truecaller which you can download from Google Play Store or App Store. It’s free to use, but you can also upgrade to their premium plan which has advanced features and is ad-free. However, you don’t need to upgrade because the free version is sufficient to do spam number lookup. This means it will show you the scammer’s number, and also allow you to block them.

scammer phone number lookup

2. Sometimes A Simple Google Search Is Enough

You can also use the Google search to find an unknown phone number. Google is the biggest search engine on the planet, if the phone number is available in the public domain then you will definitely find it here. It’s a free and simple way to find out if a phone number is used by the scammer.

3. Take Help Of Social Media Platform

These days everyone uses social media even a scammer. So a social media platform can work as a scammer phone number lookup to find details about them.

You can use any social media platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You just need to enter the phone number in the search field of the app and it will return accounts associated with that number. This way you can find out whether the person that irritates you over a call is a scammer or your friend who’s tiring to prank you.

spam phone number lookup

4. Reverse Phone Lookup

A reverse phone lookup is an online directory where you can search all the details about a person like you can know their name through their phone number. The other details include their email, address, criminal records, and much more.

By looking at someone’s criminal record you can tell if that person is a scammer or not. Mostly, reverse phone lookup is free to use but they provide limited information about the target person. If you want more details, you can pay for it.

There are many such reverse phone lookup apps available online but the ones I personally like are:

a) Spokeo

To do a free scammer phone number lookup on Spokeo you need to first visit their official website. From here you need to select the Phone option. Now you need to enter the phone number and wait till it scans the public records to find the details about the person behind that number.

Once the result shows up, you will be able to know their name, home address, criminal record (if any), and much more.

reverse phone lookup

You can read my Spokeo review to find more details about this background check site.

b) CheckPeople

CheckPeople is another background check site that gives you all the details about a person by simply entering their phone number. Similar to Spokeo this one is also a free people search engine. However, if you want all the details about someone then you need to pay some amount which is as low as $1 per search.

To know more about CheckPeople go through its detailed review on our site.

c) PeopleFinder

PeopleFinder is one of the simplest and most effective background check sites that can help you do scammer phone number lookup for free. It’s totally safe to use and like the other two public record finders that I have discussed above, it keeps your identity hidden. This means the person you are searching for will never know that you are looking for them.

Scammer Phone Number Lookup For Free: Is It Even Possible?

As you may have seen in the article that all the methods I have shared with you to find out if a phone number is used by the scammer are free. I personally liked the first and the fourth method for doing scammer phone number lookup for free. I always keep the Truecaller app installed on the phone as it alerts me of spam calls beforehand. If by chance Truecaller is unable to detect a scam call then you can try the reverse phone lookup facility for scammer phone number lookup.


Where Can I Find Scammer Numbers?

You can find scammer numbers on reverse phone lookup sites like Spokeo, CheckPeople, etc.

How Can I Check If A Number Is Spam?

You can check if a number is spam by using the Truecaller app, Google search, social media apps, and by using reverse phone lookup sites.

What Is The Spam Number In TrueCaller?

A spam number is a number that has been flagged as spam by multiple users on Truecaller.

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