How To Find Someone’s Location Using Their Cell Phone Number

We know you don’t usually do that, but sometimes, tracking the location of a user might become necessary.

The reason for your tracking can be multiple. Maybe you just want to confirm if your child is really attending their classes or not, or if your spouse has safely reached their office or not.

And the reason you might be reading this article is that it feels easy to find someone’s location using their cell phone number.

Not going much into the details, let’s come to the question, is it really possible to track the cell phone location by number?

Yes, you can do that. And we have mentioned multiple methods to help you track the target person’s location with a number.

The reason for putting multiple options on the table is that you might like one method and not the other one, depending on the intention of your monitoring.

Now let’s discuss the methods before you start to catch some z’s.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location By Number?

Using OneLocator App

App Setup

If you are comfortable with the fact that the target person is aware that their location is being tracked, then the OneLocator app is something that will win your heart.

OneLocator easily monitors all the new locations that your spouse or child is visiting.

Let’s see how to use OneLocator for location tracking.

1. Download the OneLocator app on your device that you can easily find it in the Play Store.

2. After downloading the app, you need to give some permissions to the app to make it work. The first permission that you need to give is regarding access to contacts. Allow the app to access contacts.

contacts access

3. After that, you need to give permission to the app to access your physical activity by tapping on Allow.

access to physical activity

4. Next you have to give permission to access the location by selecting Allow only while using the app.

device location access

5. To start using the OneLocator app, you have to provide your phone number to the app, as well as your date of birth, and then tap on number and date of birth

Now that you have set up the app on your device successfully, it’s time to set up the app on the target phone using the exact same steps.

Tracking Cell Phone Location For Free With OneLocator

Once the app is set up on the target phone as well, it’s time to start monitoring the target person.

You need to get the permission of the target person in order to monitor their phone. And for getting permission, you need to Send an invitation that the other user needs to accept by clicking on the link.

send invitation to track location

After they accept the invitation, you will be updated with the current location of the target user with a small pointer on the map.

location with onelocator

On the top, you can see the name of the place they are situated right now including the date and time. In addition to that, you can check the battery level of their phone too.

So if you are monitoring your kid with OneLocator and their phone battery is low, you can call them and tell them to charge the phone as soon as possible.

Now let’s assume you are more interested to know their past locations instead of the current location. Well, here’s a surprise for you.

OneLocator keeps a track of all the locations that your partner or your kid visits after the installation of the app.

To access the past locations, tap on the View All Locations option. This will give you complete access to the past locations visited plus some additional stats.

The additional stats include the battery left on the target phone and their movement in that area. By movement, we mean that you will get to know if they were either driving there, sitting, or walking.

location history

Using OneLocator app is easy, and the app is really helpful if you are using it for the safety of your family members. And most importantly, if you are ok with the fact that they know about app installation.

This Method Is Ideal For – People who want to track the live location but there’s no problem in telling the target person about the app installation.

What We Loved
  • Possible to track the live location

  • Date and time can be seen when the location was last updated

  • Tracking the history of the location is easy

  • You can check the battery level of the target phone as well

  • Checking the movement of the target person is possible, i.e, either moving, sitting, or driving

What We Didn't Like
  • The target person will know about the app installation

  • The app sends constant notifications to the target person which can be irritating

Using The White Pages Web App

This method can probably be used for knowing the basic location of the user, that is, house address, work address, etc. But if your intention is to extract the complete details about a person, Whitepages is your last stop.

Secondly, Whitepages is paid. So if you are in a dire need of someone’s address and other details, only then you should use Whitepages.

1. Reach the official website of Whitepages and search for the phone number to track the location.

search the phone number

2. Right after entering the number, all the details about that person will appear on the screen.

records relates to number

You will extract the name from the phone number, age, current and previous address, relatives, and associates of the owner. This is just the basic information about that person, there are other surprises for you as well.

With Whitepages, you can even know if there are any criminal and traffic records in name of the owner, their property, public records, license and permits, and many other details.

But all this information is inaccessible unless you pay for it.

This Method Is Ideal For – People who want to just know about the country and city where the target person is located.

What We Loved
  • The other person won’t get to know that their location is disclosed

  • Other details about the target person can also be seen, even the criminal records

  • No app installation is required to use Whitepages

What We Didn't Like
  • Whitepages is not free for use

  • Tracking the live location is not possible with this software

Using Spy App For Monitoring Mobile Location

The first method will make the target user aware of the tracking process while the second one will not give results about the current location.

So, if you want to track the live mobile location without making the other person aware of it, then we guess both the above methods are not suitable for you.

But we have a free solution for you that not only gives accurate results about the live location but also makes sure that your partner or your kid is unaware of the tracking activity.

This is possible with iKeyMonitor spy app. The app works in the hidden mode and you don’t need to root the target Android phone for tracking its location.

But one thing that you need to do to make this method work is, setting up the hidden iKeyMonitor app on the target phone. For detailed information on how to set up the app, read our iKeyMonitor review on SpyDrill.

Although there’s a paid plan of the app as well, with access to additional features, you can easily find someone’s location using the app’s free plan.

Once you sign up and make an account on iKeyMonitor, you are all set to use the app. From the dashboard, switch to the GPS feature to check the current location of the target phone.

gps from ikeymonitor

You will see a small pointer indicating the current location of the smartphone. Other than the live location, checking the history of locations is also possible with iKeyMonitor.

Other features of iKeyMonitor include Satellite mode, Pegman feature, and Geo-fencing.

This Method Is Ideal For – People who want to track a cell phone location for free without letting the target person know about it. 

What We Loved
  • Possible to track the live location of the other user

  • Location tracking is provided in the free plan of the app

  • Even the history of past locations can be checked

  • Additional features like satellite mode, Pegman, and geofencing available

  • Your child or your lover won’t get to know about location tracking activity

  • Possible to track other activities of the phone as well

What We Didn't Like
  • You need to install the iKeyMonitor app on target phone first

Click Here to Try iKeyMonitor

Which Method Is Best For You?

As we told you earlier that it depends on the intention of your monitoring, which method will be best for you.

According to us, the best method for location tracking is by using iKeyMonitor. There’s no need to tell the other person that you are tracking their location. Moreover, location tracking can be done for free using this app.

But if you are not comfortable installing an app without permission, then OneLocator will be a better choice for tracking live location.

You just have to tell your child that you are installing an app on their phone, and you are all set to keep an eye on their live location.

Similarly, you can use the Whitepages app if you want to know the basic location and other details of the user.

Some FAQs You Should Know

Can I Track A Cell Phone With Just A Number?

With OneLocator app and Whitepages web app, you can find someone's location with just a number.

Can I Track The Location Of A Cell Phone For Free?

Yes, you can track the cell phone location for free using the iKeyMonitor app.

Can I Track My Wife's Phone Without Her Knowing?

This is not possible with OneLocator app as the target person will know about the installation. But iKeyMonitor can be used for this purpose.

What Is The Best Way To See Someone's Live Location Without Them Knowing?

There's no doubt that iKeyMonitor is one of the best options to track someone's live location and that too for free.

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