How To Find Someone’s Name By Phone Number?

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You sometimes notice your kids talking to someone over the phone for hours. And recently heard them talking about something of great concern like drugs, booze, or fight.

After hearing this, all you want to do is, know about the other person and make sure if talking to them is safe for your kids or not.

The suspicion increases more when you somehow manage to get the kid’s phone and find nothing except for the phone number of that person.

But you don’t need to frown because these days, a phone number is enough to extract the details of anyone.

There are useful sites and apps which will help you see the name of the person to whom the number belongs. Along with that, other details like address and phone number will also get visible.

Once you reverse-check the phone number, the teen won’t be able to lie about his/her identity. And they have to tell you the truth about what all they discuss over the phone.

All you need to do is, get their phone numbers somehow and make use of these amazing reverse phone number search tools.

There are multiple ways of extracting someone’s details with just their phone number. Truecaller app can be used if you are looking for a free method for finding the name and other basic details about someone using their mobile number. For getting more information about that person you have to shift towards the Whitepages software for which you have to pay a certain amount. Monitoring and spy apps can further be used to get information about that person and to check how close they are to your loved ones.

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Find Someone’s Name By Phone Number For Free

Truecaller is certainly the best way through which one can get the details of an unknown number for free. And it’s super easy to use Truecaller.

All you need to do is, go to the official Truecaller website and sign-in on Truecaller.

The site will automatically detect your location and fill up the country code. Now, just put the mobile number in the given search bar, whose name and details you want to know.

All the information about the person will be handy with just the phone number. The name of the person, state and city he/she lives in, and the email id associated with the number.

find someone's name by phone number with truecaller

Even the photograph of the person will be revealed by Truecaller and that too for free.

You can also contribute to Truecaller by adding some details of that person if you know them personally.

These details include the suggestion of the name. If you identify the photo of the person associated with the target phone number but the name is different, provide the real name of that person.

Similarly, provide the tags to identify if the number is a personal, office, or school, etc.

If the number is useless or junk, mark it as spam to let others know that it’s spam and they should avoid the particular number.

Only limited numbers can be searched on the Truecaller site. If you’re in a profession that demands the search for unlimited numbers every day, go for its apps –  Truecaller for Android or Truecaller for iOS.

Once the app is installed on the device, you’ll get the name tag attached to all the unknown calls that you receive. It’s also possible to allow Truecaller to detect the spam numbers and automatically block the upcoming spam calls.

Get Someone’s Details With Phone Number Using Whitepages

Truecaller is the best way to get the details of the phone number. But even then if you have some doubts about the Truecaller results or you didn’t get any results at all using Truecaller then go for the Whitepages site.

Whitepages will let you reverse lookup a phone number and it will show all the possible details.

These details include the name of the owner of the number, type of device (phone or landline), and the risk associated with the number.


Other details include the address of the owner and the social media account attached to the number.

But the limitation that we faced using Whitepages was that we weren’t able to search for the phone number for other countries except for the US. You should also note that Whitepages only works in the US. Moreover, it is a paid service with plans starting at $2.5/month for 20 lookups.

Track More With A Spying App

Getting the name and other details from a number is good. But it is not enough to make sure if the child is contacting or getting close to someone they should avoid or not.

And if the person is actually a fraud or someone who might distort the teen’s image in public, then it’s problematic.

You will also instruct your kid to maintain a distance from that particular contact. But you’ll always be dubious that whether your kid is really listening to you or not.

To lessen your tension and to make sure that the conversation is not going between your child and that contact, make use of a spying app.

The monitoring apps like mSpy are specially designed to keep an eye on the teens 24/7.

The amazing features like social media tracking and access to call logs will immediately let you know if the suspicious person or your child ever contacted each other.


How To Find Out Someone's Name Based On Their Phone Number?

To know someone's name from their phone number, you can use the Truecaller app, Whitepages software or a spy app.

Can I Find Someone's Mobile Number If I Know Their Name?

Whitepages can help you look out for the person's phone number and other details if you know their name. But you have to look among hundreds of people with the same name. Spy app can also be used to see someone's phone number if you saw their name in your lover's phone.

Can I Find Someone's Name From Their Phone Number For Free?

Yes, Truecaller app can let you know someone's name and some other basic details for free if you know their phone number.

What Details Can I Get If I Have Someone's Phone Number?

Using Truecaller app, you can know about their country and state where they are living, their name, and even email ID, and some other basic details. Whitepages and spy apps give more details.

Can I Google Search A Phone Number To Lookup For The Name?

Simply searching for a phone number on Google will not give you any results about the owner of that number.

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