FlexiSPY Free Trial Version & Its Alternatives: What The Fuss Is All About?

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For a long time, there’s a fuss going around one of the most renowned spy apps, FlexiSPY. And the fuss is related to FlexiSPY free version and its free alternatives. Many people think that there might be some sort of free plan to use the FlexiSPY app.

Some think it’s about FlexiSPY free alternatives, while some people think that it’s about FlexiSPY free trial.

So it’s important to answer all these questions to ease the curiosity of the readers, as to what this FlexiSPY free version is all about.

This made me write this article and it will solve all your queries that revolve around the so-called “FlexiSPY free” term.

Go through this detailed FlexiSPY review written by me to learn what this app can do for you. I have also documented my experience with the FlexiSPY app in a video. You may check it out below.

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How To Use FlexiSPY For Free?

The people who have spared even a little bit of time scrolling and learning about the spy apps know about the FlexiSPY app for sure.

The app is highly popular in the spy market. And it’s one of those spy apps that provide incomputable features to its users without rooting the target device.

Due to the high reputation and popularity of the app, a high number of customers desire to use the FlexiSPY app to monitor their loved ones.

But almost all the users try their luck by looking for a free plan of FlexiSPY. And why shouldn’t you look? If you can get something amazing to use for free, then what else do you call good luck?

But before you get your hopes too high, I need to inform you that you cannot download FlexiSPY for free. There never was a FlexiSPY free plan and I don’t think there ever will be, considering the number of advanced features provided by FlexiSPY.

After searching and not getting the free plan of the FlexiSPY app on their official website, you might try to download its cracked version from other unofficial sites.

But this is something I highly don’t recommend. A spy software needs a plethora of permissions in order to get going and collects all the confidential data from the target phone.

Being a reputed monitoring software there’s an assurance that FlexiSPY won’t use or sell you data. But there’s no such assurance when you download the hacked version of the FlexiSPY app from some unreliable source.

So all in all, the answer to people looking to download the free FlexiSPY APK is a big NO!

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FlexiSPY Free Trial?

flexispy free

Be it for clothes, cars, spy apps, or anything else you can think of, if you’re paying for something, a free trial is always preferable.

Most of the reviews that you will read about FlexiSPY will be amazing. But spending a good amount on a  spy app software on the basis of just a few reviews seems absurd.

And this makes you wonder if FlexiSPY free trial is available or not.

Well, the answer to this question is a little confusing. I am not completely certain if you can access FlexiSPY free trial or not.

You will not find anything related to the free trial of FlexiSPY in big bold letters on their website. But on one of the blogs of FlexiSPY, they claim to provide a free trial to its users for 24 hours.

But you can’t just go to that blog, sign up, and access FlexiSPY for free immediately. You need to Sign up to participate in the free trial program of FlexiSPY and wait for their response.

Not long ago, FlexiSPY offered its free trial to more than 2000 people who signed up. So you can just hope that FlexiSPY will provide the free trial to people who are still signing up. But there’s no surety that you will certainly get to download FlexiSPY for free.

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Are There Any FlexiSPY Free Alternatives?

flexispy free alternative

You can’t avail FlexiSPY for free and there’s no surety about its free trial. But what about its free Alternatives? Is there any app that works like FlexiSPY but without charging anything from the user?

I won’t say that there’s spyware that can replace FlexiSPY but I do know one app that offers a free monitoring plan.

The app comes by the name iKeyMonitor.

If you are in a need of phone monitoring software, but can’t afford to spend the dough on it then iKeyMonitor is your only option.

With the free plan of the app, you can get easy access to the target Android device data. On top of that, the app works in hidden mode. So if you fear that the target person will know about the app installation, let go of that fear.

But, being a free plan, the monitoring features that iKeyMonitor will offer will be limited, rather very limited.

You can only keep an eye on the call history, messages, locations, contacts, calendar, notes, reminders, voice memos, WiFi history and set a geo-fence with the free version.

On the other hand, the FlexiSPY app or the paid version of iKeyMonitor will open the scope for detailed monitoring by giving access to more features.

After purchasing the plan of FlexiSPY, you can listen to the call recording, surrounding sounds, access the camera remotely, capture the screenshots from the phone anytime, and put your hands on other amazing features as well.

All in all, with the free version of iKeyMonitor you are only getting 10%-15% of what you can expect from the paid version of the app.

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Downloading Spy Apps From Play Store And Unknown Websites

If you think you can manage with the free trial of spyware with limited features then go for it. But if you need advanced features under your sleeves, purchasing the services of FlexiSPY is your only option.

But no matter what, don’t ever try to download and install the untrusted spy apps or the cracked version of the reputed ones.

As we have warned you earlier, these apps can easily steal all the data from the target Android phone. After stealing your data, these companies can use it for some wrong purpose or sell it to some third party.

If you think trying a Play Store app is a good idea, then forget about it. No Play Store spy app can ever give you full access to the target Android phone.

Unlike FlexiSPY, these Play Store spy apps cannot work in the hidden mode. And you can see their app icon in the app drawer after installation for example FamiSafe.

This increases the chances of the spy app from coming into the notice and hence you will get caught.

Suppose you don’t care if the teen knows about the app installation or not. But with the spy app icon right in front of their eyes, they can easily uninstall it before doing something unethical.

Purchasing FlexiSPY At Less Price With Coupons: Your Best Option

After reading the article, one thing is for sure that you cannot avail the services of FlexiSPY for free. And the chances of getting a trial version of the app are also less.

This leaves you with 2 choices. You can either get yourself the paid version of the app or the free version of iKeyMonitor. But as I told you above, the monitoring features in the free version are only a handful.

Even if you convince yourself to purchase the services of a spy app, you might think to search for a good one that also costs less.

The truth be told, FlexiSPY is one of the best spy apps and comes at the price at which you can avail the services of other spy apps.

To get a cheaper deal, I have a coupon for you. Select any iOS plan that you like and use the code IOS on the payment page. This is the special Christmas discount by FlexiSPY and you can get a 10% discount on any iOS plan using it.

If the target person uses an Android phone, I have a discount coupon for you as well. Use the code ANDROID11 on the payment page to avail 10% discount on any Android plan.

Want to purchase a smartphone with a pre-installed FlexiSPY app with FlexiSPY EXPRESS? I have a discount coupon for you as well.

Use the Christmas code XMAS2020 on checkout and get a heavy discount on any phone that you purchase with FlexiSPY.

FAQs Related To FlexiSPY Free Version

Is FlexiSPY Free?

No, FlexiSPY is not a free app, you need to purchase its service to successfully monitor your spouse/lover.

How Much Does FlexiSPY Cost?

There are 3 plans you can purchase to monitor any target Android phone. The LITE plan costs $29.95/month, PREMIUM plan costs $68/month, and EXTREME plan costs $199 for 3 months

Is There A Free App To Spy On Someone's Phone?

You can monitor the target phone for free using the iKeyMonitor free plan. But the monitoring features will be limited.

Can The Target Person Detect FlexiSPY After Installation?

No, the target person cannot detect the FlexiSPY app as it works in the stealth mode.

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