FlexiSPY Vs KidsGuard Pro: Which App Is The King Of Spy Apps?

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Choosing a spy app is not as easy as choosing one sweet from the multiple sweets kept on the table. It’s a far more difficult and serious decision that needs to be taken by keeping your wits at the right place. One wrong decision about the spy app can grant liberty to your loved ones to act as a free bird while using their cell phones.

Sometimes due to the incomplete data being provided by the spy app, you will feel like your teens are infallible. But in reality, they might be using their phones for things you never imagine them doing.

That’s the reason why the decision of choosing the spy app needs to be flawless.

You have pinned down your choices to either FlexiSPY or KidsGuard Pro. Now the final decision needs to be taken and here we are to help you take that unregrettable decision.

So which app works better, FlexiSPY or KidsGuard Pro? Let’s see in this detailed comparison article.

FlexiSPY VS KidsGuard Pro

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A good spy app is only good for you if it is compatible with the device that the target person owns. If not then all the hype about that app is of no use to you. Let’s compare the compatibility of KidsGuard Pro and FlexiSPY.


Most of the phone users carry an Android cell phone in their pockets and maybe your little ones also own an Android phone. If they do then it’s necessary to know if FlexiSPY shares its compatibility with Android devices or not.

Luckily, FlexiSPY works for all the Android phones running on version 4 to 11, that is, one of the oldest to the latest ones.

There are a few limitations that you might face based on the Android version of the target person’s phone. For instance, the Call Interception feature does not work on Android 8 and 9 versions. Apart from that, there are some advanced features like VoIP call recording that only work on rooted Android phones.

You can check all the limitations regarding the particular version here on the compatibility page.

FlexiSPY doesn’t disappoint iOS users as well. Any iPhone or iPad running on version 6.0 to 14.x is good to go with FlexiSPY. One condition that every one of you might not be able to fulfill is the app’s demand for a jailbroken device.

FlexiSPY does not work with an iPhone or an iPad unless it is jailbroken. But this is probably for the best because FlexiSPY does not want you to remain in any kind of delusion. According to the new 2FA changes in iOS made by Apple, monitoring of non jailbroken iOS devices has been made difficult.

Looking for a solution that works with computer devices? You have come to the right place as FlexiSPY offers a PC monitoring solution for both Windows and Mac devices.

For Windows, the app is compatible with versions 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. As for Mac devices, Apple macOS Mavericks, macOS Yosemite, macOS El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, and macOS Big Sur are compatible.

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KidsGuard Pro

Just like most spy apps, KidsGuard Pro also offers compatibility with Android phones. And as expected from KidsGuard Pro, it can be used on any Android cell phone that runs from version 4.0 to 11. It basically means that all the Android devices are ready to go with KidsGuard Pro.

Is your teen an iPhone user? Get ready to see all their phone activities as the app will smoothly run in the background of an iPhone or an iPad.

All the iPhones or iPads running on versions 9.0 to 14 can be tracked with KidsGuard Pro. The solution provided by KidsGuard Pro does not require jailbreaking.

Given the high use of laptops and PC by teens, spying on computer devices is deemed appropriate. KidsGuard Pro with its Windows monitoring solution can keep a track of all the PC devices running on versions 7, 8, and 10.

If you are looking for a Mac solution then sorry to say but there’s no KidsGuard Pro plan for Mac devices. So if your lover uses a Mac device and you want to spy on it then KidsGuard Pro is out of your options.

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Based on the number of operating systems that both apps can monitor, FlexiSPY is the winner here. FlexiSPY provides its monitoring for Mac devices as well whereas KidsGuard Pro doesn’t. Plus, FlexiSPY can spy on the iPhone and iPad running on older versions like 6, 7, and 8 but KidsGuard Pro starts its iPhone and iPad monitoring with version 9.0.

Installation And Setup

You won’t get much time to install a spy app on the target person’s Android phone so the installation process needs to be quick. Let’s see which app keeps the installation and setup process faster.


To start with the setup of FlexiSPY, you need to create an account and purchase the services of the app. You have to use your own device for this work.

After you are done with the setup on your computer, take the physical access of the target phone for setting up the app on it.

Before you start with the installation, the app requires you to disable Play Protect which would otherwise hamper the monitoring of the target device.

After downloading the app it needs to be installed and you need to give plenty of permissions to FlexiSPY for making it run smoothly in the background. Along with that, some changes also need to be made in some of the settings of the phone.

permissions given to flexispy

All this might take 5-10 minutes but definitely not more than that. It’s a decent amount of time when it comes to the installation of spy apps.

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KidsGuard Pro

Setting up KidsGuard Pro is also not an easy task just like FlexiSpy.

You have to create an account on the KidsGuard Pro app by going to the official website of the app and purchase the app’s services.

Now take the cell phone of your lover handy and download the KidsGuard Pro app on the target phone.

You have to turn off the Play Protect option for the smooth running of the app and then accept various permissions related to the monitoring features that KidsGuard Pro offers.

You also have to change multiple settings on your phone like accessibility settings, battery optimization, and so on. Once the app setup is complete, the target phone is ready to get monitored.

kidsguard pro permissions

The app setup on KidsGuard Pro will take more or less the same time as FlexiSPY, that is, 5-10 minutes.

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The time of installation taken by both the apps is almost the same and it’s not hard to install either app. So it’s a tie when it comes to installation and setup.

Number Of Tracking Features

The more features you get the easier it becomes to monitor the loved ones, isn’t it? So let’s compare which app among the two gives more tracking features.


Even the basic and not so popular spy apps give normal tracking features like tracking of calls, messages, location, contacts, tracking of photos and videos, and so on. So how can you expect FlexiSPY to not provide those features?

But being an old and a reputed app in the market, FlexiSPY needs to do something out of the box. You’ll like to know that FlexiSPY keeps some advanced and unique features in its pocket.

Using the Keylogger feature you can keep a track of all the words that took place among various apps on your child’s phone.

The Geo-Fencing feature makes it easy for you to impose restrictions on your teen from going to certain places. Whenever the child goes or leaves the fenced area, you get notified immediately.

There are some advanced features as well that will make your spying a hundred percent complete.

These advanced features include clicking photos by accessing the camera remotely, making videos from the target phone, and even recording the sounds surrounding the target phone.

All these features together will help you deduce what the target person is doing in the current time and if they are safe or not.

If you think that your lover talks to someone over the call with whom they should not then you have the Call Recording feature to the rescue.

call recording flexispy

Once the call is done, you can listen to the complete recording anytime you feel like it.

Every app has some drawbacks that pull them back slightly from becoming perfect. In the case of FlexiSPY, the social media tracking pulls the app back.

You can only monitor the WhatsApp and LINE account of your lover using FlexiSPY. If you desire to go through the activities in Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media apps, then you require to root the target Android phone first.

whatsapp tracking

You can check the detailed list of features in our FlexiSPY review here.

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KidsGuard Pro

Keeping an eye on calls, contact lists, locations, SMS, photos, videos, calendar, and browsing history is obviously possible with KidsGuard Pro. But does the app offers something other than that? Yes, it does.

With Keylogger tracking, KidsGuard Pro can keep a watch on all the keystrokes made in different apps.

The Geofencing feature will help you take some rest from tracking the child’s location as you will receive the notification the moment your kid enters or exits the fence.

kidsguard pro geofencing

The availability of advanced features without rooting raises the standards of KidsGuard Pro even more. You can listen to the clear call recording from both ends.

By capturing the screenshots from the target phone, you can see what all activities are going on at a particular time.

KidsGuard Pro can even help you see what all is going on near the kid by remotely clicking the photos from their device.

Waiting for us to discuss social media tracking? Well, that’s the area where this app has a forte. WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, Skype, Facebook, almost all the apps that your loved ones might be using are trackable by KidsGuard Pro without root.

FlexiSPY vs KidsGuard Pro monitoring social media

Get to know about all the KidsGuard Pro features in our detailed review here.

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Both the apps consist of basic as well as advanced features. But KidsGuard Pro is slightly better in this area due to its social media monitoring features. FlexiSPY only takes care of the WhatsApp and LINE conversations without rooting but KidsGuard Pro can check the activities in almost every popular app. So KidsGuard Pro is a winner here.

Performance Of Tracking Features

The total number of features that you get doesn’t matter much if the available features are inefficient. So the working of the given features should be flawless at the same time.


If you go for some random spy app existing in the market, you’ll notice that half of the features of that app are working and half of them are not. Or maybe the app is not giving any results at all.

But that’s not how FlexiSPY works. Out of all the features that FlexiSPY provides there’s hardly any using which you might face some issue.

The Call Recording done by the app didn’t work as expected. You can clearly listen to what the target person is saying but the person at the other end was inaudible.

Keeping this flaw aside, there’s nothing where FlexiSPY will show you incomplete results or no results at all.

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KidsGuard Pro

Despite being a newer spy app than FlesiSPY, KidsGuard Pro was able to hit the bulls in almost every section.

Just the area where you might get a hard time getting accurate data is the Location feature. But the chances of getting incorrect results are way too low.

Apart from that, you won’t face any issue using any feature of KidsGuard Pro.

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Testing all the features of both the apps thoroughly, it’s easy to conclude that both FlexiSPY and KidsGuard Pro give a tough competition when it comes to the performance of their tracking features. This leads us to conclude that it’s a tie.

Data Sync Speed

Now we know that both the apps offer countless useful features, the performance of these features is incomparable, and now we will compare the data sync speed of the two apps.


Giving plenty of features to use is easy but making all those features give instant results is hard. That’s what makes FlexiSPY a reliable spy app.

FlexiSPY will update you with the new data in just one or two minutes making it the app with the best data sync speed.

With such a high speed you will feel like you are monitoring everything live.

Be it calls, keystrokes, messages, locations, new photos, or videos, everything will appear on the portal with a drop of a hat.

The advanced features might take some extra time in uploading the data but it’s not like you have to wait for ages.

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KidsGuard Pro

After reading about the data sync speed of FlexiSPY you might have already deduced that FlexiSPY is better than KidsGuard Pro here. But don’t be too quick to pass the judgment.

KidsGuard Pro is one of the apps, rather we would say it’s the only app that surpasses the data sync speed of FlexiSPY.

Where FlexiSPY gives results within a minute, KidsGuard Pro gives the same result within seconds. The moment there’s some activity on the target device, you can see the result on the app’s portal remotely with a snap of your finger.

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Although both apps have remarkable data sync speed if we have to choose one then we will definitely go for KidsGuard Pro. So KidsGuard Pro is the winner.


For an average joe, pricing is an important factor in deciding whether they want to purchase an app or not. In fact, it’s the first thing that most people will look for.


pricing of flexispy

You will witness three different pricing plans of FlexiSPY on its pricing page. These plans come by the name LITE, PREMIUM, and EXTREME.

The LITE plan of the app is available for $29.95/month, the PREMIUM plan is available for $68/month and the EXTREME plan can be purchased for $199 for three months.

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KidsGuard Pro

kidsguard pro plans

KidsGuard Pro also has three different plans but based on the time for which you can purchase it and not on the base of features you will get to use.

If you choose a 1-month plan then you have to pay $29.95/month, if you go for the 3-month plan then you have to pay $16.65/month and if you select a 1-year plan then you have to pay $8.32/month.

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The way both the apps are offering their services is completely different. FlexiSPY has a difference in price based on the number of features, on the other hand, KidsGuard Pro has a difference in price based on the time you are choosing the service for.

But it’s crystal clear that KidsGuard Pro is far cheaper than FlexiSPY. So KidsGuard Pro is the winner here.

FlexiSPY Vs KidsGuard Pro Final Verdict

All the possible factors have been compared based on which you might select the best one.

Both the apps are top-notch but if we have to reward one of them as the best spy app then it would be KidsGuard Pro.

All the credit goes to social media tracking features, amazing sync speed, and the low pricing of the app.

But it does not mean that choosing FlexiSPY wouldn’t be a wise option. There’s only a minimal difference in the working of both apps. So even if you go for FlexiSPY, you won’t regret taking that decision.


Is KidsGuard Pro Safe?

Yes, working with KidsGuard Pro is completely safe. You don't have to worry about the data that KidsGuard Pro collects as it will not be used by KidsGuard Pro.

Is KidsGuard Pro Free?

No, KidsGuard is not free. You have to pay a certain amount for using the services of the app.

Which App Is Better, KidsGuard Pro Or FlexiSPY?

KidsGuard Pro is better than FlexiSPY due to its good data sync speed, social monitoring features, and low price.

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