Glassagram Review: Anonymous Instagram Story Downloader

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Before reviewing any spyware, Franklin uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Glassagram is the best Instagram viewer I have used so far. If you are looking to secretly hack into someone’s Instagram account without them knowing then Glassagram is the best option you have. Unlike other spy apps that allow you to monitor all the social media activities of the target person, Glassagram only focuses on Instagram and that’s probably why it works so well for tracking Instagram stories, DMs, and posts.

You can also use Glassagram for free of cost to check someone’s stories and posts anonymously with just their username. However, the free version will not allow you to view private Instagram accounts. Following are the things you can only do with the Glassagram paid plan.

Read Someone’s Instagram DMs: Glassagram allows you to see someone’s messages that they have sent on Instagram.

See The Videos & Reels: With this feature, you can see what reels and videos the target person generally watches on Instagram. It’s a helpful feature for keeping an eye on your kid’s Instagram usage.

Story Viewer: Glassagram also allows you to secretly see the target person’s Instagram stories without them knowing.

Why Do I Recommend Glassagram?

I personally like Glassagram for various reasons, first of all, it is very easy to use. Secondly, you can track someone’s Instagram stories, DMs, and posts without them knowing. Last but not least, it also comes with a free plan which lets you view Instagram stories and posts anonymously for zero cost.

Why I Don’t Recommend Glassagram?

The thing I don’t like about Glassagram is its free plan that only works with public Instagram accounts and not private ones. Moreover, Glassagram cannot show you messages that were typed in the vanish mode, which is a big drawback.

Note: Glassagram is not a magic tool that you can install on your phone and check anyone’s Instagram profile on it. Rather you need to install this app on the person whose public or private Instagram account you want to view. If you want to anonymously check someone’s public Instagram account then you do not need to install the app, you can simply use the Glassagram website for free.

Glassagram Quick Review

In my opinion, Glassagram is a good option if you want to monitor your loved ones’ Instagram activities. It works as a locked Instagram profile viewer if you subscribe to one of its paid plans which is a good thing if you want to spy on a private Instagram account. In case the person you want to track anonymously has a public Instagram account then the free plan of Glassagram is sufficient.

Free Trial   No
Free PlanYes
Free Demo   Yes
Monthly price$49.99/ month
Supported Operating System Android
Works Without RootingYes
SpyDrill Rating9.1/10

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Glassagram Review

It is a detailed article so you may want to skip to the specific part of the review to save some time. Here are quick links to the most important parts of the article.


The Glassagram free version is an online tool so everyone can use it to see and download the stories of a target person. If you want more tracking features for viewing their activities like their messages, videos, location, etc. then you need to install their app on the target Android phone. Nonetheless, the target phone on which you need to track Instagram activities should be running on Android 4 and above.

Does Glassagram Work On iOS?

No, the Glassagram Instagram viewer app is not compatible with iOS devices which means you can’t track someone’s Instagram on your iPhone. However, you can use their online tool to see someone’s Insta stories and posts, and that too without paying a dime.

How Does Glassagram Work?

Go to Glassagram’s official website and click on the TRY Now button to use it for free.

glassagram review

Next, you need to enter the username of the person whose Insta stories you want to see secretly. You need to enter the username with @ prefix or you can type in the entire web address with a username like After entering the username click on the Watch now button.

see insta stories for free

After that it will run a code, you will have to wait a while it scans the account for you. Once the account is successfully recovered you can click on Go To Account to see the Instagram account without the target person knowing about it.

Go to account

With this, you will land on their profile and from now you can see their published content and stories they have shared with their followers.

view instagram anonymously

Click on a photo or video that you want to see and it will open on a big screen. From here you can download the image or video if you want to.

download story

However, the free version of Glassagram cannot track private accounts. If you want to monitor private Instagram accounts then you can install the Glassagram Instagram profile viewer app on the target person’s phone. Click on the Try Now button one more time to go to the account creation page.

create glassagram account

Note: You can only land on the Glassagram account creation page after using the free anonymous story viewer tool as shown above. There is no other way to create your account on it. If you don’t want to go through all this you can simply click on this link to go to the account creation page.

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How To Install & Setup Glassagram

1. Create an account on Glassagram, enter your genuine email address, and then click on Sign Up.

sign up

2. Now you will land on the pricing page, here you can buy a plan based on your requirement.

Glassagram pricing

3. Lastly, make the payment.

glassagram purchase

You will receive your Glassagram login credentials in your email.

4. Now login into your Glassagram account with the help of those credentials. An installation wizard will start. Click on Next to start the wizard and then follow the onscreen prompts to install the Glassagram on the target phone.

onscreen prompt

5. Finally when the installation is complete you will see a screen congratulation process complete! Click on Done and you are ready to track the Instagram account of the target person.

Installation complete

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The first thing you see when you login into your Glassagram account is its dashboard. While using the Glassagram profile viewer app I noticed that unlike other spy apps like uMobix and mSpy, Glassagram has a very minimalistic dashboard.

You don’t get much information on it, just the target device information like its battery percentage, device name, Android version, etc. is shown.

On the left side panel, you will find an Unread section just above Social. This section shows you the notifications whenever the target person is using their Instagram account.

Glassagram dashboard

Glassagram Features

Glassagram tracks all Instagram activities in the form of screenshots. This means whenever the target person opens the Instagram app on their phone this app will take a screenshot of it. This Instagram monitoring app does not miss even a single screen and only takes a few seconds to sync the screenshot to your account. So with the help of these screenshots, you can view the Instagram stories, videos, DMs, likes, and locations of the target person anonymously. Here’s how Glassagram Instagram viewer works.

1. Glassagram Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

With Glassagram you can view the story of the target person or the stories they are viewing of someone else on their account. If you view these stories the normal way i.e. from your personal account then the target person will know that you have viewed their story. However, if you see Instagram stories using Glassagram, they won’t know about it.

Story viewer

2. Video & Reels Viewer

Even after a no-nudity clause of Instagram, it is filled with adult content. Therefore if your kids are using it then you need to worry a bit because they can easily come in contact with such inappropriate content. You can’t always be with them when they are using Instagram so how can you check what they are doing on it? Don’t worry with Glassagram’s private Instagram viewer you can remotely see what videos or reels they are viewing with the help of the captured screenshots.

Glassagram features

3. DM Tracker

Do you doubt that your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend flirting with someone on Instagram? Why don’t you keep a check on their DMs and see if they are really hitting on someone? With Glassagram you can spy on Instagram DM and see who they are sending a DM to and read their messages without notifying them.

Instagram DM viewer

You can also view the conversation they are having with their followers on Instagram. However, if the chat is happening in the vanish mode then you can’t see anything but just a black screen.

In this regard, KidsGuard Pro is better than Glassagram because it can show Instagram DM’s made in the vanish mode. Moreover, KidsGuard Pro has a keylogger using which it can track all the words typed on Instagram be it a comment, search, or DM.

4. Like Viewer

Want to know who someone follows on Instagram? Or do you just want to know whose post your kid or partner likes on Instagram to know about their interests? If this is the case then you can rely on the Glassagram app because with its screenshots you can see who your kids or lover is following on Instagram. Besides that, in my test, I also found that it also sees the posts they have liked. With the help of it, you can know about their interests and give them gifts and surprises accordingly.

like viewer

5. Location

Do you want to secretly track the Instagram account location of someone to find out where they have been? If yes, then I have good news for you because you can use Glassagram for this purpose as well. People generally post their photos on Instagram with the location it was captured at. So by looking at their posts you can see where they are currently hanging out. This is not as accurate as GPS tracking but you can get a fair idea about their whereabouts.

Instagram location check

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Glassagram Pricing

Glassagram is available in free and premium plans. With the free plan, you can just see the stories and download them. On the other hand, with the premium plan, you can actually keep track of all their Instagram activities without them knowing. The Premium plans are available in 1-month, 3-month, and 12-month  packages. The monthly package will cost you $49.99 whereas the annual plan will cost $149.88 at the rate of $12.49/month.

Glassagram price

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Customer Support

The customer support of Glassagram is top-notch as they try to resolve your issues as soon as possible. Moreover, it is much easier to contact their support in case you are seeking help. On your Glassagram dashboard click on the chat support panel on the bottom right corner and from there you can reach them. Just enter your name and email and a chat support executive will be assigned to you who will help you in resolving your issues.

glassagram customer support

Does Glassagram App Cause Any Harm To The Target Phone?

No, you can be assured that the Glassagram app will cause no issues on the target phone. It will consume some battery but not at an alarming rate so the target person won’t know about such an app being installed on their phone. While testing I faced no issues like lag or heating in the target phone so you can rely on Glassagram for tracking Instagram.

Is Glassagram Safe Or Is It Illegal?

The Glassagram app is totally safe to use. I have used it for many days to test it for review purposes and I didn’t face any issues with it. The app does not contain any malware nor does it steal any of your information. Coming to the next question is Glassagram illegal? Well, if you are using Glassagram to monitor your minor kid’s activities on Instagram then it’s totally legal. However, if you want to secretly hack into someone’s Instagram account without their permission then it is considered a privacy breach which is illegal.

Glassagram Review: Is It Legit?

So this ends my Glassagram review. In my opinion, Glassagram is the best Instagram viewer app to see and spy on Instagram stories of someone anonymously.

If you want to spy on your girlfriend’s followers or want to monitor the Instagram account of your kids to protect them from the dangers of Instagram then Glassagram can help you with it as well.  So overall, Glassagram is your one-stop shop to monitor all the Instagram activities of someone without them knowing and I highly recommend it to you.


Is Glassagram Free?

Glassagram has a free online app that can help you see and download someone’s Instagram story. If you want to see their Instagram activities then you need to install their app on the target phone. However, the app is not free.

Is Glassagram Detectable?

No Glassagram is non detectable so you can anonymously see someone’s Instagram activities.

Can You Track Private Instagram Account With Glassagram?

Yes, you can even track a private account with Glassagram.



Ease of Installation


Instagram Tracking Features


User Interface


Data Sync Speed






Customer Support


Value for Money



  • Allows you to download Instagram stories anonymously
  • Easy to use
  • Syncs the captured screenshots almost instantly
  • Captures each and every screen so you don't miss any detail
  • The customer support is really good
  • View Instagram stories of someone without them knowing for free


  • Not available for iPhone
  • No keylogger data available
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