How To Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat Account Without Password

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Ever since its launch, Snapchat has been a favorite social media app for many, especially youth and teenagers. It is because it is so much fun and most importantly secure because your snaps are deleted as soon as the receiving person views them. For the same reason, Snapchat has become a popular place to exchange nudes.

If you are a parent of a growing child then seeing your kid use Snapchat must put you under a lot of stress. You must have thought of hacking their Snapchat account to get access to their profile remotely so that you can see their activities on it and ensure their safety considering the dangers Snapchat possesses.

In this article, I will try to show you how to hack into someone’s Snapchat account without them knowing. So if you are ready for it then let’s get started.

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Quick Summary
Hacking into someone’s Snapchat account is possible through various means such as hiring a hacker, or manually logging into their Snapchat account by resetting their password. However, these methods aren’t very reliable. Therefore I recommend you use Snapchat hacking tools like uMobix, and KidsGuard Pro to remotely and secretly log into someone’s Snapchat without them knowing.

Can Snapchat Be Hacked?

can snapchat be hacked

Most people looking to hack into the Snapchat accounts of their kids or partners have a question in mind, “can Snapchat be hacked?” For your information let me tell you that Snapchat is very secure and that’s why millions of people prefer it to share their personal photos with their friends online.

However, it does not mean that Snapchat cannot be hacked, there are many ways using which you can hack Snapchat by getting illegal access to someone’s Snapchat account. So you can very well spy on Snapchat without their permission.

What Are The Reasons To Hack Someone’s Snapchat?

If you want to do something there must be a reason behind that similarly if you want to hack into someone’s Snapchat then there should be some reason behind that as well. Some of the top reasons why people want to hack Snapchat are as follows:

1. Ensure the safety of their kids: I have already discussed the dangers of Snapchat with you and therefore parents are afraid of Snapchat and that’s why they want to secretly get access to the Snapchat accounts of their kids.

2. Keep an eye on partners: Apart from kids, people also want to hack into the Snapchat accounts of someone to see if their partner is cheating on them or not.

3. To unlock premium features: Snapchat offers some premium features in their paid subscription. Some people hack Snapchat by using the Snapchat mod APK to unlock paid features for free.

Most probably you would want to hack someone’s Snapchat for any one of the above-mentioned methods only. Even if you have some other reason for hacking someone’s Snapchat, you can fulfill it here.

How To Hack Into Someone’s Snapchat Account?

1. Access Someone’s Snapchat With Email Or Phone Number

If you want to hack someone’s Snapchat who is very close to you like your kids, girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse then it’s easy for you to know their email or crack their Snapchat password. Once you have their password or email you can easily log into their Snapchat account and see everything they have been hiding from you. Even if you don’t know their Snapchat password you can still hack their account using the following trick.

How To Hack Someone’s Snapchat Using Email

  • Launch the Snapchat app on the target device and then tap on the Log In option.
  • Choose the Forgot Your Password? option. Then tap on the Reset Via Email option.
  • Next, enter the email ID that is registered in the victim’s Snapchat account.
  • Now an email will be sent to the target person’s email ID. Since you have access to it, open the mail and click on the link provided in it.
  • You will be taken to the password reset page where you can create a new password for Snapchat.

Once you have set a new password you can use it to log into their Snapchat account and start using it without their permission.

How To Hack Snapchat With Phone Number

  • If you have access to the phone number of the target person then it’s a cakewalk to get their Snapchat account.
  • Open the Snapchat app and then tap on the Log In option.
  • Select the Forget password option. Then choose the Reset Via Phone option.
  • Next, enter the phone number of the victim. An OTP will be sent to the target phone number. Enter the OTP and tap on the continue button.
  • Now you can simply create a new password and start using the account by entering their username and the newly created password.

There are some limitations to these methods, for example, even if you log in to someone’s Snapchat account you can’t see anything because the snaps and messages are deleted once they are seen. Secondly, if you try to log into someone’s Snapchat account on your device then the owner of the account will get notified about it. Once they know about it, they will change their Snapchat password which will log you out of their Snapchat account. But don’t worry, I have better ways to hack into someone’s Snapchat.

2. Get Access To Someone’s Snapchat Using Snapchat Hack Tools

Snapchat hack app can be used to get access to someone’s Snapchat account without their knowledge. Unlike the previous method, here you can see their disappearing snaps and messages on your device remotely.

However, you have to have access to the target person’s phone for once. It is because you have to install a Snapchat hacking tool on their device. After installing it, you can remotely hack their Snapchat account from a distance. There are a lot of such Snapchat hack tools out there but not all of them deserve your attention. Here are some of the best  Snapchat hacking tools that you can try.

1. uMobix

How It Hacks Snapchat?

  • It can hack Snapchat screenshots whenever the target person opens the app on the phone.
  • You can also read their Snapchat messages.

snapchat tracking

  • Keylogger tracks every word typed on the Snapchat app.
  • Allows you to block the Snapchat app remotely from your device.

Other Features

  • uMobix does a good job at recording call logs and text messages even the deleted ones.
  • It can track the exact location of the target phone.
  • You can even hack the target cell phone camera and mic without them knowing.

Why Do I Recommend uMobix As A Snapchat Hack Tool?

  • While using the app to hack Snapchat, I noticed that it can track all activities of Snapchat be it screenshots, messages, maps, etc.

track snapchat location

  • The app can hack Snapchat on Android as well as iPhone without rooting or jailbreaking the devices.
  • It is a hidden app so the target person never knows that you have unlocked their Snapchat without them knowing.
  • I was able to take screenshots of snaps without notification.

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Alternative Snapchat Hack Apps

Although uMobix is the best Snapchat hacking tool, in case you are looking for an alternative then the following options can be explored.

2. KidsGuard Pro

How It Hacks Snapchat?

  • KidsGaurd Pro can hack Snapchat screenshots without them knowing just like uMobix.

Kidsguard pro snapchat

  • It records the Snapchat messages sent or received on the target account.
  • It even records Snapchat notifications.

Other Features

Why Do I Recommend KidsGuard Pro As A Snapchat Hack Tool?

  • The app is available on a good budget.
  • In my test, I found that it tracks Snapchat accurately and timely syncs it to your device.
  • I personally like the dashboard and UI of the app.

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3. Cocospy

How It Hacks Snapchat?

  • It can hack Snapchat screenshots without the password and email.

snapchat message

  • It even allows you to read Snapchat messages using the keylogger and screenshots.
  • The app gives you the power to remotely block or even uninstall the Snapchat app from the target phone.

Other Features

  • Monitors all the incoming calls and SMS even the deleted ones.
  • Tracks the internet browsing history.
  • Hacks the GPS and tracks the current and previous location of the target phone.

Why Do I Recommend uMobix As A Snapchat Hack Tool?

  • I have tested CocoSpy and analyzed it for accuracy and reliability and in both factors, it works well.
  • The app is hidden on the victim’s phone so they never know that their Snapchat is been hacked by you.

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4. eyeZY

How It Hacks Snapchat?

  • eyeZy can hack Snapchat by taking a screenshot of the app without the person knowing about it.
  • You can see all the Snapchat messages under the Screen Recorder section. If a Snapchat message was deleted it can even record that.


  • Keylogger tracks all the typed words in the Snapchat app.

Other Features

  • eyeZY can track call history and text messages.
  • It has a geofence feature that can keep track of the victim’s whereabouts.
  • Can track the internet browsing history made on different browsers.

Why Do I Recommend Spyic As A Snapchat Hack Tool?

  • The app is accurate and takes no time to sync the recorded Snapchat activity to your account.
  • In my first-hand experience, I noticed that the app stays hidden on the target phone and the victim never comes to know that their Snapchat is hacked.

Click Here to Try eyeZy

5. SpyBubble Pro

How It Hacks Snapchat?

  • SpyBubble captures the Snapchat screenshots whenever the app is opened on the target phone.

hack snapchat messages

  • With screenshots, you can see activities and read their chats.
  • The keylogger tracks each and every word that is typed on Snapchat.
  • Delete Snapchat from the target phone remotely from your device.

Other Features

  • Let’s you hack the camera and microphone of the target cell phone.
  • You can remotely track the location of the victim.
  • Shows you the chats and text messages sent and received on all social media and instant messaging apps.

Why Do I Recommend SpyBubble As A Snapchat Hack Tool?

  • The app is totally undetectable.
  • It works well on all devices be it Android or an iPhone.
  • While exploring the app, I came to know that it is quite easy to install.

Click Here to Try SpyBubble

3. Use Snapchat Mod Apks

In case you want to hack Snapchat just because you want to use the premium features of the app for free then you may have to use Snapchat Mods. These are Snapchat apps but with some modifications.

Some mods even allow you to take Snapchat screenshots without notifying the other user. So there are various reasons to use Snapchat mod APK. However, I must warn you before you go ahead with these apps because such apps may contain viruses. Moreover, if Snapchat comes to know that you are using a mod APK then your account may get banned.

If you still want to hack Snapchat with Mod APKs then you can find a lot of them on the internet. You have to search Snapchat Mod Apk in the search engine and a lot of results will pop up on your screen. You can go with any one of them.

4. Snapchat Phishing Attack

If you are not aware of what a phishing attack is then let me explain it to you in simple words. Well, a phishing attack is a cyber attack in which a hacker sends a message to the victim with a malicious link. If the target person clicks on the link then the hacker gets unauthorized access to the victim’s phone.

Once they get access to the phone they can then easily get access to the Snapchat account as well. However, doing a phishing attack is not possible if you don’t have advanced technical knowledge in cyber security.

Hence, you may have to hire a professional hacker to do the phishing attack for you. However, a good hacker is very expensive and it can be risky as well. So it’s better you stick to spyware for hacking the Snapchat account of someone.

How To Hack My Eye Only Feature Of Snapchat?

My Eye Only is an additional security feature of Snapchat where the users can store their private snaps and photos that they don’t want to share with others. It is password protected so even if someone somehow hacks into their Snapchat account you cannot access their private pictures.

Don’t worry you can hack into someone my eyes only no matter how secure it is. You can crack the password with the help of a Keylogger app.

A keylogger not just records the words typed on the phone but also the passwords. Therefore you can hack the My Eye Only feature of Snapchat with the help of a Snapchat hack tool.

No Survey Snapchat Hack – Are They Real?

When you search online for how to hack Snapchat you will find lots of results claiming that you can hack into someone’s Snapchat account for free by just filling in some survey forms. These Snapchat hacking tools are mostly fake and you should keep away from them.

How Do You Know If Your Snapchat Is Compromised?

Hacking a Snapchat account is really tough but it is not impossible. As you want to hack someone’s Snapchat without them knowing, someone else might also be looking to get access to your Snapchat account so you need to be careful. Don’t worry, I will tell you how you can safeguard your Snapchat account from hackers so that your private information is safe.

Before we move to the precautions that you should take to prevent Snapchat from hacking, you must know how to tell if your Snapchat account is hacked.

  • If you notice some unusual activities happening on your account for quite some time then it is a sign that someone might be tampering with it.
  • You receive an email from Snapchat regarding hacking or misuse of your account. If it ever happens to you then you need to be careful because Snapchat only sends you a message when it is a really serious issue.
  • If you are noticing that you are being logged out of your Snapchat account quite frequently, then it is a sign that someone else might also be using it without your permission.

How To Protect Snapchat From Hackers?

  • A password is the first line of defense for any of your online accounts. So in order to protect yourself from Snapchat hackers, you need to make sure that you always use a strong password that a hacker cannot decipher. Apart from that, you must also keep changing your password at regular intervals for better security of your account.
  • Hackers mostly get into your device by phishing emails and messages so it’s important that you be aware of it. Do not click on random and unknown messages because as soon as you click on the link, malware will be installed on your device and all your private details will be leaked.
  • Keep checking your emails sent from Snapchat. They might be regarding your account being hacked. If you know about your account being compromised in time you can still protect it by contacting Snapchat customer support.

What Is The Best Way To Hack Snapchat Without Password? Verdict

I have shared multiple methods with you using which you can hack into someone’s Snapchat without their permission. However, the best way to get access to someone’s Snapchat account is by using Snapchat hack apps. This way you don’t need to know the password of the target person and you can secretly hack their Snapchat account without notifying them.


Do Snapchat Hack Tools Work?

Yes, they do work but not all of them. You can try a Snapchat hack app to track the Snapchat account of someone.

Can Snapchat Be Tracked For Free?

If you want to hack into someone's Snapchat for free then let me tell you that it is possible but for that either you should know their email and password or you need to have the technical expertise to send phishing emails to them.

Will Snapchat User Get Notification If You Hack Their Account?

Yes, if you try to login into their account from a different device then they will get a notification about it. However, this problem is not there if you make use of a Snapchat hack tool.

How To Hack Snapchat Without Password?

You can make use of Snapchat hacking tools to hack Snapchat without a password.

How To Get Someone's Snapchat Password?

You can make use of a keylogger program to get someone's Snapchat password without them knowing.

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