How To Hack Someone’s Skype Password & Conversations

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Skype needs no introduction as it is one of the most used software in the office and business settings. If you work in a company or even if you own a business, you must have a Skype account to connect with your colleagues or employees.

In case you manage a team or have employees working for you then you must be willing to monitor their activities in order to check their productivity or see if they are not leaking the company’s secret information. For this, you must want to know how to hack someone’s Skype account and in this article, I am going to show exactly how to hack Skype with no survey.

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Can Someone Be Hacked Through Skype?

Hack Someone Skype

Yes, anyone can be hacked through Skype and it is very easy for hackers to get access to your Skype account without you knowing about it. Recently lots of Skype users were getting spam messages on their accounts with a link to LinkedIn and Baidu. People generally, click on these links considering them to be authentic but end up losing their account. Even though you have enabled two-factor authentication your account can still be hacked using this technique.

Similarly, hackers have multiple tricks using which they can hack your Skype ID and read your conversations or find out someone’s Skype password.

How To Hack Into Someone’s Skype Account?

1. How To Get Someone’s Skype Password

If you want to get access to someone’s Skype account without them knowing then you must get their Skype password. It can be hard to guess Skype passwords, but not with the help of a keylogger program.

All you have to do is install a Keylogger program on the target person’s phone or computer. The next time the victim logs into their account by entering the password, the keystroke logger will record it and remotely sync it to your account. This way you can hack Skype password with no survey.

If you don’t want to use an app then you can also make use of a physical keylogger device to hack someone’s Skype password on their computer.

2. Hack Skype Passwords Without Software

Do you want to know how to hack someone’s Skype id or password without software? Then you have to hire a hacker who can hack the target person’s Skype account for you. A hacker will charge you some money but they will help you hack someone via Skype without using software and without them knowing. A normal Google search is enough to find and hire a good hacker who can do the job for you.

3. How To Hack Skype Accounts, Passwords & Conversations

1. uMobix: Best App For Hacking Skype Account

How It Hacks Skype?

  • uMobix app takes screenshots whenever the target person opens the Skype app on their phone and syncs them to your uMobix account remotely.

skype password

  • The integrated keylogger feature of uMobix records all the words typed on the Skype app which includes their conversations and passwords.
  • It allows you to block or even delete the Skype app on the target device remotely.

Other Features

Why Do I Recommend uMobix For Hacking Skype?

  • While using this Skype hack app, I noticed that with the combination of screenshots and keyloggers, you can easily hack the Skype conversations of the target person without them knowing.
  • It showed me every time the target person was active on Skype with a green online dot in front of Skype on the dashboard.

hack skype

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2. FlexiSPY: Best Tool To Hack Skype Conversations

hack skype conversations

Other Features

Why Do I Recommend FlexiSPY For Hacking Skype?

  • FlexiSPY is the only Skype hack tool that can record Skype call conversations without rooting the target device.
  • In my test, I figured that FlexiSPY is the most advanced Skype hack app without even rooting the target phone.

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Alternative Hack Tools

3. mSpy

  • Under the Social Network section of your mSpy dashboard, you can track all the incoming as well as outgoing Skype messages.

mspy skype

  • You can also hack Skype passwords with the keylogger of mSpy.
  • mSpy also takes screenshots of the Skype app automatically whenever it is opened on the target device.

Other Features

  • mSpy can track deleted messages that are sent or received on the target device.
  • mSpy provides you a geofence feature using which you can keep track of the exact location of the target person.
  • This app syncs the target person’s photos and videos to your mSpy account remotely so you can see what type of content they possess.

Why Do I Recommend mSpy For Hacking Skype?

  • While using mSpy, I found that it immediately syncs all the Skype activities and conversations to your account within minutes.

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4. pcTattletale

hack skype pc

  • pcTattletale can help you hack Skype on both Windows as well as Android phones.

Other Features

  • pcTattletale offers a keylogger that can help you hack Skype passwords.
  • With pcTattletale, you can track the victim’s location on their Android phone.

Why Do I Recommend pcTattletale For Hacking Skype?

  • While testing various Spyke hack tools, I found that pcTattletale is the only app that can effectively hack Skype on both phone and PC.

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5. SpyBubble Pro

  • SpyBubble Pro tracks Skype conversations and activities with its keylogger and screenshots.

spybubble pro

  • It enables you to block and delete the Skype APK from the victim’s phone without even touching it.

Other Features

  • SpyBubble Pro is famous for tracking and highlighting deleted text messages and call logs which can help you catch a cheating partner.
  • It does good work at tracking the exact location of the target person.

Why Do I Recommend SpyBubble Pro For Hacking Skype?

  • I personally like the accuracy and speed of SpyBubble with which it tracks all the activities on the target phone.

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How To Protect Skype Account From Being Hacked?

As you can hack someone’s account using the methods which I have shared with you above. Similarly, someone else can also hack your account using the same methods. So it’s important that you know how to secure your Skype account from hackers. Here are a few tips that you can implement.

1) Password Protect your Device

If you don’t want your Skype account to be hacked then the first thing you should do is password protect your devices. So that no one can access your Skype account on your device when you are not around. If possible, use multiple password methods like fingerprint, pattern lock, and pin lock.

2) Enable Two Factor Authentication On Skype

Microsoft allows its users to enable two-factor authentication on their Skype accounts so that they can fight against scammers and hackers. You must enable this security feature on your Skype account. If you don’t know how to do that then this article will help you out.

3) Never Click On Suspicious Links

The easiest way you can let hackers access your Skype account is by clicking on the spam links they send to you. You can receive such links in your SMS, emails, and even Skype conversations. Be careful and never click on links that come from unknown sources.

4) Install An Anti-Malware App

Always keep a good anti-spy or anti-malware app installed on your PC or phone if you don’t want to lose your Skype account. A good anti-spyware will alert you if there’s malware on your device which is installed without your permission. The good thing is that you can easily find free anti-virus apps for PC and smartphones.

Hack Someone’s Skype Account: Final Verdict

Hacking someone’s Skype ID or account is quite possible if you know the right way to do it, which I have already shared with you. You can hire a hacker to get the job done or you can take control in your own hands if you have knowledge about hacking.

However, even if you don’t have the technical expertise it takes to hack someone’s Skype account, you can still get access to someone’s Skype with the help of Skype hack tools.


Can You Hack Skype Without Password?

Yes, with the help of hack tools it is possible to hack Skype without a password.

How To Hack Skype Password?

You can hack Skype passwords with keylogger and Skype hack app like uMobix and FlexiSPY.

Can You Hack Skype On Desktop?

Yes, you can hack the Skype desktop version with the help of pcTattletale.

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