Hoverwatch Alternative: Apps Like Hoverwatch [iPhone & Android]

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Hoverwatch is a screenshot-based spyware that mostly tracks the target persons’ activity by capturing regular screenshots of their screen. Moreover, it does not even organize the captured screenshots under separate sections which makes it hard to go through them. While some people like this type of visual monitoring but some just don’t. If you fall in the second category of people then don’t worry here I am presenting you the best Hoverwatch alternatives that do a great job of tracking someone’s activities without them knowing.

Moreover, Hoverwatch does not work with iPhones. So if you want to track an iOS device then you must be looking for similar spy apps like Hoverwatch for iPhone. Keep reading the article to find out what are some of the best Hoverwatch alternatives out there.

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Spy Apps Like Hoverwatch Comparison Table

NameKey FeaturesRating
Eyezy - Best Alternative To Hoverwatch

  • Takes Screenshots of all social media platforms

  • Tracks chats with keylogger

  • Monitors deleted text messages

FlexiSPY - Hoverwatch Alternative App For iPhone

  • Only spy app that can be installed on iPhone

  • Records cell phone conversations remotely

  • Capture photos and videos through the target phone's camera

iKeyMonitor - Hoverwatch Free Alternative

  • No credit card required

  • Location tracking

  • Geofencing feature


Best Hoverwatch Alternatives

1. Spyrix – Hoverwatch Keylogger Alternative

One of the main features of Hoverwatch is the keylogger using which you can track all the words typed on the target device including Android, Windows, and Mac. If you want an Hoverwatch keylogger alternative that also tracks keystrokes on cell phones as well as PC then Spyrix is the best option you have.


Moreover, Spyrix offers a free Windows spy keylogger. However, if you want to track keystrokes on Android then you have to subscribe to their plan.

Apart from keylogger, Spyrix also offers other features such as capturing screenshots, browsing history, webcam screenshots, and much more. Overall, Spyrix is a great alternative to Hoverwatch that you can go for without any second thoughts in your mind. Here’s my Spyrix Keylogger review if you need more information on it.

What I Loved?
  • You can download it for free on Windows & Mac
  • It can track keystrokes on both cell phones & PC
  • Easy to use
What I Didn't Like?
  • Not available for iPhone

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2. Eyezy – Best Alternative To Hoverwatch

Eyezy is one of the most popular phone spy apps for Android. The app does a great job of tracking text messages. Not only does it tracks the messages but also shows you the messages that were deleted by the target person.

Also, it monitors all the social media platforms that the target person uses on their phone. It tracks them with screenshots and keylogger i.e. it will show you what someone is doing on their phone and also allow you to check what they type. Unlike Hoverwatch which only tracks the messages through screenshots in which some messages can be missed.


Also, Eyezy can also help you track the iPhone activities of the target person, which is not possible with Hoverwatch. However, Eyezy tracks iPhones through iCloud hence it can only provide limited monitoring features. Nonetheless, it is still better than nothing, check out my Eyezy app review to learn more about it.

What I Loved?
  • Can track iOS device through iCloud
  • Can show deleted text messages
  • Tracks social media using screenshots and keylogger
What I Didn't Like?
  • Limited iPhone monitoring features

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3. uMobix – Similar App Like Hoverwatch

uMobix is one of the best stealth alternatives to Hoverwatch that you can use to spy on iPhone and Android without jailbreaking or rooting them. The app offers more features for Android such as remote camera and microphone access, location tracking, social media monitoring, and much more, and that too without rooting the target Android cell phone.

similar app like hoverwatch

In the case of the iPhone monitoring, it lags behind because it can only show you details that are stored in the iCloud backup similar to eyeZy. However, the good thing is you don’t have to physically access the target iPhone if you have the iCloud username and password of the target person. Also, it’s the only iPhone spy app with no jailbreak solution that can track the social media of the target person as well.

In case you’re searching for a good Hoverwatch alternative that can spy on iPhone and Android without rooting or jailbreaking then you can go for uMobix. Here’s my detailed uMobix spy app review, you can check it out if you have some doubts.

What I Loved?
  • You can track both Android & iPhone without rooting
  • Quickly syncs the data from the target phone to the parent device
  • Very easy to install, thanks to it’s automatic setup
What I Didn't Like?
  • It does not come with a built-in Geofence feature

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4. FlexiSPY – Hoverwatch Alternative App For iPhone

FlexiSPY is one of the most advanced spyware I have ever used. Moreover, it is the only app that you can physically install on an iPhone. Since it is directly installed on the target iPhone, it can give lots of advanced monitoring features which is otherwise not possible with apps that track iPhones with iCloud such as uMobix and eyeZy. However, you have to jailbreak the target iPhone if you want to track it with FlexiSPY.

It is the only app that lets you track location, remotely access camera on another phone, and record cellular and VoIP calls on iPhone. All this can be done on Android as well and that too without rooting it.

VoIP call recording

If you want an advanced Hoverwatch alternative then you can choose FlexiSPY over others. For more details, you can check out my FlexiSPY app review.

What I Loved?
  • Most advanced spyware for Android and iPhone
  • Can record cellular as well as VoIP calls
  • Remotely access the target phone’s camera and microphone
  • Undetectable spy app
What I Didn't Like?
  • Only Works on iPhone if it is jailbroken

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5. iKeyMonitor – Hoverwatch Free Alternative

iKeyMonitor is a free Hoverwatch alternative that you can use if you are not willing to pay any money to purchase spyware. With the free version of this software, you get limited monitoring features which include location tracking, Geofencing, call log, and text message monitoring.

text message

If these features are enough for you to ensure the safety of your loved ones then you can go for iKeyMonitor. However, if you feel that you need more monitoring features such as social media tracking or keylogger then you can buy the add-on plans of iKeyMonitor. These add-ons add advanced features to your existing free account.

Overall, if you are on a budget but can’t let your loved ones fall prey to online dangers then you can go for iKeyMonitor. To get a better idea of how it works, you can read my iKeyMonitor app review.

What I Loved?
  • Good for people who can’t spend a lot of money on a spyware
  • Offers decent features even in the free version
  • Available for Android, iPhone, as well as PC
What I Didn't Like?
  • The free version of the app lacks advanced monitoring features

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Final Verdict

So these were some apps like Hoverwatch you can try. If you are looking for the best Hoverwatch alternative then I would recommend you go for either eyeZy or uMobix as both these apps offer decent features at a good price. If you don’t bother about money and want a Hoverwatch alternative that has the most advanced features then you can’t get a better deal than FlexiSPY. In case you are out of budget then go for iKeyMonitor.


Is Hoverwatch Fee To Use?

Hoverwatch is not free to use but it does provide a free 3-day trial.

What Is The Best Hoverwatch Alternative For iPhone?

You can go for FlexiSPY if you are looking for an app like Hoverwatch for iPhone.

Can You Install Spyware Without Target Device?

No, you need physical access to the target phone if you want to install spyware on it.

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