Hoverwatch Review: A Screenshot Based Monitoring App

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Before reviewing any spyware, Ankit uses all the spy software and apps himself by purchasing the license of the products. All the information shared is based on his personal experience with the apps and screenshots attached show the real-time data from the target device he received while testing them.

Hoverwatch is one of its kind spyware for cell phones and computers which is based on screenshots. Which means it tracks the target person’s activities mostly in the form of screenshots. It keeps capturing the screenshots at regular intervals so you can know what someone is doing on their phone or PC.

With Hoverwatch you can track an Android phone as well as a computer i.e. Windows & Mac but unfortunately, it cannot monitor iPhones at the moment. Nonetheless, Hoverwatch is a pretty good hidden spyware for Android phones and computers. It does not have a huge list of features like other spyware as it mostly relies on its screenshot-grabbing capabilities but still, it does provide some other beneficial features.

1. Location Tracking

With Hoverwatch you can track the exact location of the target cell phone. It is a great feature for ensuring the safety of your loved ones. This feature does not work on a computer because PCs do not have GPS built-in.

2. Camera Access

Hoverwatch also lets you remotely capture the camera of the target cell phone. With this feature, you can take photos using the phone camera without anyone knowing about it.

3. Call Recording

You will be glad to know that you can also record phone calls that are happening on the target device and that too without rooting it using this spyware.

What You May Want to Pick It?

I personally like Hoverwatch very much, especially for its ability to show everything happening on the target device in the form of screenshots. With these screenshots, nothing goes unnoticed by you that is happening on the target device. Also, it is quite easy to use and offers some advanced features that are not found on other spyware, and that too without rooting such as Call recording, SIM change alert, Camera Access, etc.

What You May Don’t Want To Pick It?

Some features are missing from Hoverwatch that some people would want to have such as a keylogger, geo-fencing, etc. Moreover, you can remotely access the target device’s camera with it but cannot record videos as it only allows you to click photos using it.

Quick Review

In my honest opinion, Hoverwatch is a perfect spyware for people looking to keep an eye on their kid’s cell phone and computer without them knowing. The best part about the software is that apart from Android & Windows, you can also spy on Mac with it. However, the only downside is you cannot track an iPhone with it. If you want to spy on an iOS device then you can check my list of the best iPhone spy app no jailbreak solution.

Overall, with its screenshot-based monitoring and advanced features such as call recording, remote camera access, and SIM change alert, it makes a great spyware. If you are short on time then you can go with it without any doubt. However, if you have some time then I would encourage you to read the comprehensive Hoverwatch review below to make a well-informed decision.

Free Trial   Yes, 3 days
Free DemoYes
Money Back GuaranteeYes
Price starts at$24.95/month
Supported Operating Systems Android, Windows, Mac
Works Without RootingYes
SpyDrill Rating8.8/10

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Comprehensive Hoverwatch Review

For those who are interested in reading only a particular section of the review, feel free to use the provided links to directly head to that section.


Ensure successful tracking with Hoverwatch by confirming compatibility with the target device before initiating, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness.

Hoverwatch excels with Android devices, ensuring effective monitoring. If your partner uses an Android smartphone, Hoverwatch is a reliable and suitable choice.

Hoverwatch addresses parental concerns about the negative impact of cell phones on teens by extending monitoring beyond mobile phones to include Windows and Mac devices.

Unfortunately, Hoverwatch is not available for iPhones. It serves as spy software for laptop and Android devices, excluding iPhones. However, it can track a child’s MacBook.

Key Features

Camera AccessYes
Call RecordingYes
Screenshot-based monitoringYes
SIM Change AlertYes
Location TrackingYes
Text Message TrackingYes
Web HistoryYes

1. Reports

The reports section of Hoverwatch is where every new update from the target device gets delivered. So, let’s see in detail, what all are those updates that you will get.

Camera Access

Hoverwatch features - remote camera access

This feature on Hoverwatch claims to capture the target person’s activities by taking a selfie the moment they unlock their phone. However, during my testing, photos were taken randomly while the person used their phone, not necessarily at the phone unlock moment. Unlike KidsGuard Pro, Hoverwatch only captures front camera photos, neglecting the rear camera.

Despite this limitation, the app provides valuable location data for each photo, aiding in monitoring your partner or child’s whereabouts. Users can easily mark favorite photos and delete unnecessary ones, streamlining the Hoverwatch account. The portal displays the upload time of each photo, enhancing user awareness.

Instagram Tracking

Hoverwatch is a comprehensive solution for spying on someone’s Instagram account, particularly important for parents concerned about their children encountering inappropriate content. It captures discreet screenshots from all sections of the Instagram app, helping parents address concerns about nudity, drugs, violence, or other unsuitable material their children might encounter.

For those suspecting a partner’s infidelity, Hoverwatch provides a discreet way to scrutinize interactions by capturing screenshots from the Instagram homepage. This allows users to gather concrete evidence and address issues with their children or potentially catch a partner red-handed.

Hoverwatch review - instagram feed screenshot

Similarly, Hoverwatch provides insight into a child’s Instagram Explore section. This feature offers a glimpse into the content appearing on the feed, which is often related to recent searches or the user’s interests.

instagram explore screenshot

With Hoverwatch screenshots, users gain insight into the searches and media preferences of the monitored person on Instagram. Additionally, these screenshots provide the ability to hack someone’s Instagram profile discreetly, allowing for the reading of all their direct messages.

instagram message

WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, And Other Social Media

snapchat notification

Hoverwatch extends its monitoring capabilities beyond Instagram to include various other social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Telegram. In addition to tracking chats, the app allows users to monitor the status updates their child posts on WhatsApp. Furthermore, users can view the statuses of other contacts being observed by their child.

Hoverwatch’s high-quality screenshots enable the reading of all chats on Snapchat, providing a comprehensive view of interactions. Users can use these screenshots to ensure that the Discover section of their child’s Snapchat account is child-friendly.

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Call Recording

Hoverwatch goes beyond screenshots by offering complete call recording capabilities, allowing users to record conversations between their partner and the other party. During my experience with Hoverwatch, I found the audio quality to be exceptionally clear from both ends, distinguishing it from some other call-recording spy apps where the audio from the other end may be unclear.

Immediately after your partner ends a call, Hoverwatch uploads the conversation to your account. Users can remotely listen in on phone calls by clicking the Play Audio option or download the recording for later listening.

call recording hoverwatch review

An intriguing feature is the ability to check the target person’s location at the time of the call by clicking on the location icon. If you find anything suspicious about the location, you can inquire about the call and the reason for being in that specific place, providing an added layer of insight and control.

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sms notification

SMS remains a widely used method of communication, offering a convenient way to exchange messages and media. However, it can also be a source of danger, with fake messages attempting to trick individuals into sharing confidential information like bank details.

To address this concern, Hoverwatch provides notifications when the target smartphone receives an SMS.

While the content of the SMS cannot be immediately read, it captures a screenshot when the recipient opens the message, uploading it to the Hoverwatch account. This feature allows users to stay vigilant about the SMS their child or spouse receives and ensures they can read the message content when the target person views it.

Overall, it is the best way to sync your boyfriend’s phone to yours and read all their messages.

sms screenshot

Web History

web history screenshot

Teenagers can easily access adult content, including explicit material, violence, drugs, and other harmful content, with just a single tap. This poses a serious concern for parents, as exposure to such content can impact a teenager’s mentality and lead to addiction.

To address this issue, Hoverwatch offers a solution to keep a close eye on a teenager’s internet activities. The app continuously takes screenshots of the web pages the child accesses, providing insights into their online behavior.

These screenshots capture moments when the teenager is typing in the browser, offering a comprehensive view of their internet interactions. Hoverwatch becomes a valuable tool for parents to monitor and intervene, ensuring a proactive approach to safeguarding their children from potentially harmful online content.

web history keylogger

These continuous screenshots will make sure the kid is not going on the wrong path.

SIM Card Change

sim change notification

Almost everyone has multiple SIM cards nowadays and that’s why dual SIM phones are in so much trend right now.

But, don’t you think there is a possibility of a SIM card about which, even you don’t know? This possibility increases, even more, when you suspect your girlfriend/boyfriend of cheating.

But this is no more concern when you shake hands with Hoverwatch. The moment there’s any kind of tampering with the SIM cards, Hoverwatch gives an immediate notification about it.

This SIM change notification makes your partner answerable to you as to why they have an unknown SIM.

Other Screenshot Uses

other screenshots

We all know that screenshots are the key feature of the Hoverwatch app. Most of the monitoring is totally based on screenshots that the app takes over and over again.

The screenshot can be taken while the target is performing any activity on their smartphone.

Maybe you notice your little one searching for weird or adult stuff on Amazon. Or looking for a game on Play Store that contains bloodshed.

There’s even a high possibility that you suddenly see them watching an R-rated movie or any adult stuff going on their device.

2. Locations

location feature hoverwatch

Losing contact with loved ones can be a distressing experience, especially when their phone is unreachable. Hoverwatch offers a solution to this by providing real-time location tracking for the target cell phone, easing the anxiety of not knowing their whereabouts.

On the Locations page of Hoverwatch, a location pointer indicates the current position of the target person. It’s important to note that the initially displayed location may be outdated, depending on the last synchronization of the Hoverwatch app. To ensure accuracy, users can simply reload the page, confirming the actual location by clicking on the pointer again.

For those curious about the places their loved ones have visited at different times, Hoverwatch provides a convenient timeline at the bottom, offering insights into the various locations they’ve been to. To see this feature in action you can check out the free Hoverwatch demo.

3. Calendar

calendar in hoverwatch

As a wife, the dates and people important to your husband might interest you. You might be curious to know about the dates that your spouse considers special.

But this is not possible before you have access to their phone calendar app where they mark all their important dates.

It’s hard to get access to their phone calendar manually of course, but not after you own a good spy app like Hoverwatch.

calendar dates and events

Hoverwatch simply tracks the calendar activities of the target mobile phone and reveals the list of dates that matters to your husband.

4. Contacts

contact list hoverwatch

Hoverwatch provides a comprehensive Contacts feature, allowing users to proactively monitor and manage the contacts on their loved ones’ phones. Clicking on the Contacts section reveals a list of contacts with their mobile phone numbers, and Hoverwatch goes the extra mile by distinguishing between multiple phone numbers added under one contact like home and mobile numbers.

The search option streamlines the process for users dealing with extensive contact lists, enabling them to find specific contacts quickly.

A noteworthy aspect of the Contacts feature is its ability to reveal deleted contacts. Even if your partner attempts to conceal a contact by deleting it from their device, Hoverwatch still detects and points out the deleted contact. In the Contacts section, the deleted contact is marked with “Deleted” below the respective number, providing valuable insights into any attempts to hide information.

deleted contacts

The list of Hoverwatch features finally ends with contacts. As we have seen, the app provides decent features for the decent tracking of the target smartphone.

Along with that, we get access to advanced features like call recording as well.

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hoverwatch settings

Most of the apps or any technological gadget that we use come with the best by default settings. But doing a little change for some feasibility is not at all bad.

Similarly, Hoverwatch settings are perfect to go with. But you can mold them a little for better monitoring of the target cell phone.

When you click on Settings, you see plenty of options that can be changed for good.

If you want a more frequent update on location, change the Location Update Interval from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. Similarly, change the Screenshot Capture Interval to 1-2 minutes which is set at 5 minutes by default.

The call recording quality is set to Medium, but you can change to quality to Low or High, according to your need.

Right in Settings, you have the option to Stop Device Monitoring or to Delete Device you are targeting right now.

stop device monitoring


hoverwatch pricing

Before delving into Hoverwatch plans and pricing, it’s important to note the availability of a 3-day free trial. Users can test the app’s functionality and ensure it meets their needs before committing to a plan. However, there is no free plan given by Hoverwatch.

Hoverwatch offers three distinct plans to cater to various needs. The Personal plan, priced at $24.95/month, is suitable for monitoring a single device, making it ideal for parents with one child or individuals tracking their partner.

The Professional plan, priced at $49.95/month, allows monitoring up to 5 devices, making it a prudent choice for those with multiple kids.

The Business plan, designed for employee monitoring, costs $149.95/month, supporting tracking on up to 25 devices. Opting for 3-month or 12-month plans provides significant cost savings across all options.

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Hoverwatch Vs mSpy: Which Spy App Is Better?

Calls RecordingYesNomSpy can only show the call logs but it can't record the phone calls
Location TrackingYesYesBoth apps can track the location of the target cell phone accurately
GeofencingNoYesHoverwatch app does not support Geofencing feature
Social Media MonitoringYesYesmSpy is better at social media tracking because it can track social media with screenshots and keylogger. While on the other hand, Hoverwatch can only track it with screenshots
KeyloggerNoYesYou don't get a keylogger on Hoverwatch
Remote access to camera & microphoneYesNoIf you want to remotely access the camera and microphone then you can go with Hoverwatch because there is no such feature on mSpy
Remote BlockingNoYesWith mSpy you can remotely block apps, websites, contacts and WiFi on the target device. However, this is not possible with the Hoverwatch app
Browser HistoryYesYesBoth apps can track the web history of the target person easily
PC MonitoringYesNomSpy does not support PC monitoring while Hoverwatch can spy on Windows as well as Mac

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How To Install It?

Setting up Hoverwatch involves creating your account on the Hoverwatch website and then installing the Hoverwatch app on the target device. Follow these steps:

1. Go to the official Hoverwatch website using your device and click on the Sign up free option at the top right side.

sign up to hoverwatch

2. Enter your email and password, then click “Sign up free” after accepting the app’s terms of service.

sign up on parent device
3. Choose a plan that fits your budget and tracking needs. Hoverwatch offers a 3-day Free Trial for you to test its features before committing to a paid plan.

sign up on parent device

Click here to create your account for FREE

Now, let’s move on to installing Hoverwatch on the target device.

1. In your Hoverwatch account, find the app download link on the Dashboard. On the target phone, enter the URL and download the app.

2. Install the app on the target device and open it.

how to install hoverwatch on target phone

3. Choose the monitoring reason (e.g., “My kid’s device” or “Employee device”) and select “Hide Hoverwatch icon” if you want it in hidden mode. Tap OK.

choose monitoring reason

4. Accept the legal terms by checking the box and tapping “I ACCEPT.”

legal terms

5. Select the applications to monitor by checking the boxes and click OK for complete device monitoring.

select logs to monitor

6. Log in to the Hoverwatch app using the same credentials as your device.

sign in to hoverwatch

7. Grant necessary permissions such as location, contacts, calls, and photos by tapping ALLOW.

location and contact permission

8. Provide additional permissions for screenshots, unlocking selfies, usage data access, and disabling app notifications by tapping YES.

other hoverwatch permissions

Now, the target device is ready for remote monitoring through your Hoverwatch portal on your device.

If you choose the option to hide the app while setting up the app, in that case, the Hoverwatch app is not detectable. But if you choose the option to show the app icon, in that case, it’s detectable.

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Final Verdict

To conclude this Hoverwatch app review, I have to say that the app seems to have limited features. But these limited features are enough to give a complete tracking experience.

Be it WhatsApp, Instagram, web history, or any other app on the device, everything is trackable with the screenshots that Hoverwatch takes.

Other than screenshots, you get to use other features like call recording and locations. And all the features combined make Hoverwatch a perfect solution to keep a check on your loved ones.



Ease of Installation


Tracking Features


User Interface


Data Sync Speed






Value for Money



  • Call recording feature available without rooting
  • Call recording audible from both sides
  • Never-ending screenshots from target cell phone
  • New data gets uploaded very frequently
  • Settings for monitoring can be changed easily from settings


  • No command can be given to Hoverwatch, app provides screenshots itself
  • Keylogger not available
  • Geo fencing feature not available
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