Hoverwatch Review: A Screenshot Based Monitoring App

If you have gone through the other spy app reviews on our site before, then you must have noticed that almost all the spy apps work in the same way.

They extract data from the target device and show it on your account remotely. The text data is revealed in the form of text, and the photos or videos are revealed in the form of photos or videos.

This is the basic working style that all the monitoring apps follow. But Hoverwatch kind of impressed us by adopting a different tracking style.

Using the Hoverwatch app, you have to completely rely on photos in order to track most of the activities of your kids or your partner.

Hoverwatch claims to take screenshots very frequently and from all the apps accessed on the target phone. So, that you have complete knowledge of what’s going on your spouse’s cell phone 24/7.

So, let’s hit the road and see how it works in our Hoverwatch review. And see if it’s really capable of tracking the kid’s smartphone completely with mere screenshots or not.

Hoverwatch Review

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Hoverwatch Compatibility

The successful tracking of the target cell phone is only possible if Hoverwatch is compatible with it. So it’s better to know if the device we are going to track is compatible with the app or not.


If an app doesn’t support an Android device, that simply means that the monitoring app is of no use and exists in the market without proper research.

But fortunately, this is not the case with Hoverwatch. In fact, the app works flawlessly with Android devices. So, if your partner uses an Android smartphone,  Hoverwatch can be your choice.


Most of the parents resist providing a mobile phone to their kids. And the reason is the countless negative effects of cell phones.

But laptops and PCs can be equally harmful to teens and tweens if used for some purpose. Hoverwatch understands this concern of the parents and includes the Windows and Mac to their monitoring list.

How To Install Hoverwatch

Successful tracking of the partner is only possible after the correct installation of the app on the target device. Plus, some steps have to be followed on your device as well.

So, let’s learn in detail about the setup and installation of Hoverwatch on both the devices.

Setting Up Of Your Device – Creating Account On Hoverwatch

1. Go to the official Hoverwatch website using your device and click on the Sign up free option at the top right side.

sign up to hoverwatch

2. Now, set up the email and password for your Hoverwatch account and tap on Sign up free, after accepting the terms of service of the app.

sign up on parent device

3.  Now, choose the plan that suits your budget and complies with your tracking motive. You can also test the app for free before spending some bucks on Hoverwatch. The app gives a 3-days Free Trial to decide whether Hoverwatch should be your choice or not.

Click here to create your account for FREE

Setting Up Of The Target (Child/Spouse) Phone

With these three simple steps, your device is ready to track the target phone. But the installation of the Hoverwatch app still needs to be done on the target device.

1. Inside your Hoverwatch account, you’ll get a link to download the app on the Dashboard. On the target phone, type the URL and press enter and download the app.

2. After that, INSTALL the app on the target device and open it once installed.

how to install hoverwatch on target phone

3. Hoverwatch will ask you, whom you want to monitor with their service. Choose My kid’s device as your answer. If you want to keep track of your employees using the service, tap on Employee device.

choose monitoring reason

Also, don’t forget to check the box that states, Hide Hoverwatch icon if you want Hoverwatch to run in hidden mode. Tap on OK after that.

4. The next page asks you to accept the legal terms of the Hoverwatch app. Do that by checking the box stating, I have read and understood the terms, and then tapping on I  ACCEPT.

legal terms

5. Select the applications you would like to monitor on the target device by checking the box adjacent to the various items and click on OK. We suggest you to keep all the boxes checked for the complete monitoring of the device.

select logs to monitor

6. Next, you have to log in to the Hoverwatch app by using the same credentials that were used to sign up on your device.

sign in to hoverwatch

7. For the successful tracking of the partner’s smartphone, certain permissions have to be given to Hoverwatch. These permissions include location, contacts, calls, and photos, etc. Tap on ALLOW to give those permissions.

location and contact permission

8. It’s time to give some other permissions like getting screenshots and unlocking selfies, activating the usage data access, and disabling the app notification. These permissions can be given by simply tapping on YES.

other hoverwatch permissions

Now that the app has been installed, the target device is all set to get monitored using your Hoverwatch portal on your device remotely.

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Hoverwatch Features

1. Reports

The reports section of Hoverwatch is where every new update from the target device gets delivered. So, let’s see in detail, what all are those updates that you will get.

Camera Access

Hoverwatch features - remote camera access

This feature exists to reveal the activities that the target person is doing at any given point of time. Or to give a relief that the person is completely safe and sound.

The app claims to take the target’s selfie, the moment they unlock their phone. Although for us, it didn’t happen exactly when they unlock their phones, Hoverwatch does take a lot of photos anytime randomly while your lover is using their phone.

You need to know that we didn’t receive even a single photograph, clicked from the back camera. All the photos were from the front camera.

The best thing is that you can also see the location where that photo was taken. This can be a huge lead to know if your partner or your child is still going to the place you advised them to avoid.

Along with that, you can mark that photo as a favorite. This can help get access to the photo easily and you don’t have to scroll pages looking for it in the future.

Similarly, use the delete option to get rid of unnecessary photos while avoiding the unnecessary stuffing of your Hoverwatch account.

The upload time of the pic on the portal can be seen as well.

Instagram Tracking

Instagram is a hub to billions of photos and billions of people. We all know very well that a large share of media uploaded on Instagram daily is not at all child friendly.

These photos and videos can be related to nudity, drugs, violence, or other activities that are not acceptable for the kids to watch.

Similarly, if you suspect your spouse of an affair, they might be having long conversations over Instagram and you might catch them red-handed.

Well, the Hoverwatch app gives you the screenshot from each and every corner of the Instagram app.

The screenshot from the homepage can reveal the people and pages your little one is following. If you find anyone or any page consisting of the adult content, you can ask them about it, with proper evidence in your hand.

Hoverwatch review - instagram feed screenshot

Similarly, you will also get a glance of the Instagram explore of the child as well. We all know that the photos and videos that appear on the feed are related to the recent searches or the interest of the user.

instagram explore screenshot

So the photos will give you an idea about the searches and media they like to watch on Instagram.

With Hoverwatch screenshots, an eye can be kept on the Instagram messages of your spouse as well.

instagram message

WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, And Other Social Media

snapchat notification

Just like Instagram, Hoverwatch tracks down all other social media platforms, be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, or more.

Other than the chats, you can also check the status that the kid is posting on WhatsApp. Not only that but you’ll also be able to see the status of other contacts that are being watched by your kid.

All the chats on Snapchat can be read right away with the high-quality screenshots that Hoverwatch provides. Also, make sure with these screenshots if the discover section of the kid’s Snapchat account is child friendly or not.

Click Here to See Hoverwatch Live Demo

Call Recording

Obviously, call recording cannot be done with the help of screenshots. So, if you were thinking that the app only has screenshots under its sleeves, then you’re wrong.

A complete call recording of your lover and the person on the other hand of the conversation is available.

Most importantly, the audio is absolutely clear from both ends. Right after your partner ends the call, Hoverwatch uploads the conversation on your account.

You can remotely listen to the phone call audio right away by clicking on Play Audio option, or Download it and listen whenever you feel like.call recording hoverwatch review

There’s another thing about Call Recording that will amaze you.

By clicking on the location icon at the bottom right side, you can see where was the target person located at the time of the call.

If you sense anything fishy about that place or you think something’s not right, you can ask about the call and why they were at that location, the moment they enter the home.

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sms notification

SMS has always been the most popular way of exchanging messages with others. And it provides the easiest way to deliver the messages and media with others.

But the SMS app can be equally dangerous as well, if not handled in a proper way.

It has become quite common that people receive fake messages asking for bank details. They lure customers to share their confidential bank details using the baits like they have won prize money or an international tour.

Many people fall for these tricks and end up losing their money. This makes it necessary that we have a keen eye over the SMS that your kid or your spouse receives.

Hoverwatch gives a notification whenever the target smartphone receives an SMS, but the matter inside that SMS can not be read.

The matter inside the SMS can be read when the target person opens that message and Hoverwatch takes a screenshot and uploads it to your Hoverwatch account.

sms screenshot

Web History

web history screenshot

Just a single tap and the teen can enter the world of adult content filled with porn, gore stuff, drugs, weapons, political hatred, racism, and everything that throttles their mentality to the lowest level.

And this is an issue that should never ever be ignored by any parent. In the teenage, all these things please the teenagers.

But soon they develop the addiction of watching adult content or doing drugs while learning things from the internet.

So it’s better to pull their reins tight at the starting age and don’t let them introduce themselves to this inferior world.

But you can’t do this alone and need someone like Hoverwatch that keeps an eye on the stuff they watch on the internet.

Hoverwatch continuously takes screenshots of the pages that the child accesses on the internet. Sometimes the screenshots will be for the time when they are typing on the browser.

web history keylogger

These continuous screenshots will make sure the kid is not going on the wrong path.

SIM Card Change

sim change notification

Almost everyone has multiple SIM cards nowadays and that’s why dual SIM phones are in so much trend right now.

But, don’t you think there is a possibility of a SIM card about which, even you don’t know about? This possibility increases, even more, when you suspect your girlfriend/boyfriend of cheating.

But this is no more concern when you shake hands with Hoverwatch. The moment there’s any kind of tampering with the SIM cards, Hoverwatch gives an immediate notification about it.

This SIM change notification makes your partner answerable to you as to why they have an unknown SIM.

Other Screenshot Uses

other screenshots

We all know that screenshots are the key feature of the Hoverwatch app. Most of the monitoring is totally based on screenshots that the app takes over and over again.

The screenshot can be taken while the target is performing any activity on their smartphone.

So even you don’t know when will you can catch the target person performing any unusual activity on the device.

Maybe you notice your little one searching for weird or adult stuff on Amazon. Or looking for a game on Play Store that contains bloodshed.

There’s even a high possibility that you suddenly see them watching an R rated movie or any adult stuff going on their device.

2. Locations

location feature hoverwatch

It’s quite panicking to lose contact with your near and dear ones while they’re somewhere out and the phone is out of reach.

And the tension increases more as the time elapses while the phone is still not contactable.

In these situations, all you want is that somehow you can come in contact with them. Or just get a glimpse of the place where they are right now.

Well, Hoverwatch makes the latter one possible. How? Simply by showing you the current location where the target cell phone is present right now.

When you go to the Locations page of Hoverwatch, you see the location pointer stating the position of the target person.

But this location can be wrong, depending on the time and date when the Hoverwatch app was last synced by you.

So you just need to reload the page and now the location that Hoverwatch shows is the actual one. Confirm by clicking on the location pointer again.

Just out of curiosity if you want to know the places they headed to at different times, just use the bar given at the bottom.

3. Calendar

calendar in hoverwatch

As a wife, the dates and people important to your husband might interest you. You might be curious to know about the dates that your spouse considers special.

But this is not possible before you have access to their phone calendar app where they mark all their important dates.

It’s hard to get access to their phone calendar manually of course, but not after you own a good spy app like Hoverwatch.

calendar dates and events

Hoverwatch simply tracks the calendar activities of the target mobile phone and reveals all the list of dates that matters to your husband.

4. Contacts

contact list hoverwatch

While the app might give you the screenshot of the call logs from the target cell phone. But what are the chances that the app will capture the one which your loved ones should stay away from?

So it’s better to have a list of saved contacts on their phone rather than waiting for the right screenshot.

Right after you click on the Contacts section, all the contacts with their mobile phone number will appear.

Along with that, Hoverwatch distinguishes the home number and mobile number for you too.

If the list of contacts is too long, simply use the search option and search for the desired contact in no time.

There’s one thing that I really liked about the Contacts feature. There’s always a slim chance that you figure out the number from the contact list that your partner is hiding all this time.

But due to the fear of getting caught, they might delete that number from the contact list. This is where they’ll be caught.

If any number gets deleted from the target device, the Hoverwatch app gives a notification telling about the deletion.

If you head to the contacts, you can see Deleted written below that number.

deleted contacts

The list of Hoverwatch features finally ends with contacts. As we have seen, the app provides decent features for the decent tracking of the target smartphone.

Along with that, we get access to advanced features like call recording as well.

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hoverwatch settings

Most of the apps or any technological gadget that we use come with the best by default settings. But doing a little change for some feasibility is not at all bad.

Similarly, Hoverwatch settings are perfect to go with. But you can mold them a little for better monitoring of the target cell phone.

When you click on the Settings, you see plenty of options that can be changed for good.

If you want a more frequent update on location, change the Location Update Interval from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. Similarly, change the Screenshot Capture Interval to 1-2 minutes which is set at 5 minutes by default.

The call recording quality is set on the Medium, but you can change to quality to Low or High, according to your need.

Right in the Settings, you have an option to Stop Device Monitoring or to Delete Device you are targeting right now.

stop device monitoring

Hoverwatch Pricing

hoverwatch pricing

Before discussing the Hoverwatch plans and pricing, we would like to remind you about the 3-days free trial of Hoverwatch.

Test the app and make sure it’s working for you. If you’re impressed by the working of Hoverwatch in these 3 days, then go for any of the plans discussed below.

The Hoverwatch app has three different plans for its customers. You can opt for the one that you think will keep your partner or your child safe.

If your motive to opt for Hoverwatch is to secure your company by keeping an eye on the employees, there’s a plan for you as well.

The Personal plan is for those parents who have a single kid to monitor. Or it’s a good option to spy on your partner as the plan supports only one device.

The personal plan costs $24.95/month. But you can save a lot of money by choosing the 3 months or 12 months plan.

If you have more than one kid than going for the Professional plan will be a wise choice. Here you get to monitor up to 5 devices. The plan costs $49.95/month, but a huge amount can be saved after you go for 3 months or 12 months plan.

The last one is the Business plan. This one is specially designed to ensure that the employees are not engaged in some activities that are not acceptable from the company side.

Up to 25 devices are trackable and the cost for the business plan is $149.95/month. Similar to the other plans, same the amount by opting for the 3 months or 12 months plan.

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Final Words: Hoverwatch Review

At last, all we have to say after reviewing Hoverwatch that the app seems to have limited features. But these limited features are enough to give a complete tracking experience.

Be it WhatsApp, Instagram, web history, or any other app on the device, everything is trackable with the screenshots that Hoverwatch takes.

Other than screenshots, you get to use other features like call recording, and locations. And all the features combined make Hoverwatch a perfect solution to keep a check on your loved ones.

FAQs Related To Hoverwatch

1. Is Hoverwatch detectable?

If you choose the option to hide the app while setting up the app, in that case, the Hoverwatch app is not detectable. But if you choose the option to show the app icon, in that case, it’s detectable.

2. Is Hoverwatch available for free?

No, there is no free plan given by Hoverwatch. Though you can try the app for 3 days for free. And if it works fine, then you can choose a plan according to your requirements.

3. How do I download Hoverwatch?

For successful downloading and using the app, you have to purchase a Hoverwatch plan first. After that, Hoverwatch will guide you on how to install the app or you can take the help of our review article.

4. Does Hoverwatch require rooting?

Absolutely not. All the features that the app provides are accessible without root, even the advanced feature like call recording.



Ease of Installation


Tracking Features


User Interface


Data Sync Speed






Value for Money



  • Call recording feature available without rooting
  • Call recording audible from both sides
  • Never-ending screenshots from target cell phone
  • New data gets uploaded very frequently
  • Settings for monitoring can be changed easily from settings


  • No command can be given to Hoverwatch, app provides screenshots itself.
  • Keylogger not available
  • Geo fencing feature not available
  • Categorization of data presented in Hoverwatch account could have been better

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