How Do I Know If My Child Is Being Bullied?

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Before anything else, let us share some of the stats with you.

  • According to a study, 20%, i.e one out of every five students report being bullied.
  • The percentage of getting physically bullied between boys and girls is 6% and 4% and the percentage of getting into rumors between boys and girls is 9% and 18%.
  • 41% of the students who get bullied once think that they will get bullied again.
  • Out of the total number of students who get bullied in school, 13% of students are a victim of rumors, 13% of students are made fun of. And 5% of students were either pushed, tripped, or being spitted on.
  • Gender, race, physical appearance, sexual orientation, disability, and religion is considered as one of the major reasons for bullying.

Now a question for all the parents reading this article right now. Isn’t this data frightening? If your child is a school goer then aren’t the odds of them getting some sort of physical or mental stress from other students quite high?

This leads us to a point where we can’t take the risk and need to make sure that the kids are completely safe.

Even if you think there’s no such risk as far as your teen or their school is concerned, there’s no harm in being sure.

And if you still think that bullying is not a big deal then let us share one more study with you. According to the Centre for Disease Control, the risk of suicide-related behavior is more in students who get bullied.

Is My Child Getting Bullied In School? Some Warning Signs

1. Mental Stress And Unnecessary Aggressive Nature

mental stress

Don’t you feel odd when your child gets into unnecessary arguments or quarrels with you over small things? And do this type of behavior mostly occurs when they come home from school?

Well, if you can relate to the above scenario, then there are some chances that the teen is getting bullied in school.

You might also find your kid crying over little things and trying to isolate themself from family and friends.

2. Resistance From Going To School

resistance from school

One of the major hints related to bullying can be their resistance from going to school. They may try to convince you not to send them to school by various means.

Excuses related to body ache, fever, lying about school holidays, hiding their essential school stuff can be some of the ways to convince you.

3. Regular Lost And Broken Stuff

broken or lost stuff

Parents know about their kids very well. And they know how caring their child is about their stuff.

If your teen has always been careful about their stuff, but suddenly their assets seem to disappear and get destroyed frequently, doesn’t this ring a bell in your mind?

Most importantly, you notice only those things to be missing or spoiled that they take to their school.

So this should increase your doubts about your kid getting bullied in school.

4. Bruises and Injuries

bruises and injuries

One of the common ways these oppressor group of teens uses to bully the kids is by physically hurting them.

If you notice your son/daughter having injuries and bruises on a regular basis then there’s surely something that’s not right.

Secondly, if you see the wounds and injuries on your teen, this means that bullying has taken a serious turn. And something needs to be done immediately.

5. Suicidal Thoughts And Self-destructive Nature

suicidal thoughts

When bullying becomes gross and intense then this might create a feeling of declined self-esteem in the teens. They might start to lose self-confidence and consider themselves worthless.

This can result in the birth of suicidal thoughts and the feeling of self-harm. Although the teens might try to keep these feelings to themselves, you will certainly get a hint about something fishy.

6. Some Other Hints Related To Bullying

change in eating habits

Here are some other hints to answer your question, how do I know if my child is being bullied. Well, you might notice a sudden change in their eating and sleeping habits. And they might report frequent scary nightmares, maybe related to the school.

Other than outer bruises and wounds, they might complain about frequent internal aches like stomach aches, headaches, back pain, and so on. These aches are most probably the result of thrashing done by the bullies.

How To Tell If My Child Is Being Bullied: Being Sure With A Spy App

With all the signs given above, you can never be completely sure if your child is a victim of bullying or the problem is something else.

But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a choice other than counting on these signs and taking a decision.

The best and the most effective way to be fully sure about bullying is with the help of a spy app.

Yes, that’s right. There are some apps that will reveal the complete truth without leaving you to just some signs to depend upon.

One such app that is perfect for this job is iKeyMonitor. There are plenty of ways how iKeyMonitor can help you come one on one with the truth.

Feel free to read our detailed review on iKeyMonitor.

Access To Call Recordings

call and call recording feature

If you somehow get access to the conversation that your teen does with others on the call, this can give you a huge lead.

Your child might not feel comfortable about sharing their situation with you. But teens hardly keep any secrets from their good old friends.

iKeyMonitor record the calls from the target Android phone and upload it on their online portal for you to listen to remotely. It’s as simple as that.

You can either listen to the calls right on the portal with the given play button or download it and then listen to it.

The name and the number of the person with whom the conversation is done can also be seen. So if you think that it’s the bully guy himself who is calling your kid, you can take his/her number and take the matter into your own hands.

Access To Surrounding Sounds

catching bully with surrounding sounds

If your child’s school allows them to carry a cell phone, then it can become easier for you to know the truth.

iKeyMonitor has a special feature by the name Surrounding that can let you listen to the sounds near the target phone.

Once you go to the Surrounding section and click on the Record Live Surrounding Sound, you have given a command to the target phone to record the ambient sounds.

Within 5 minutes, the ambient voices that the phone records will get uploaded on the portal, and you can either download it or listen to it directly on the portal remotely.

Access To Camera

how to know if my child is being bullied

Similar to the surrounding sounds, iKeyMonitor makes it possible for its users to access the camera of the target phone remotely. And you don’t even need to root the target device for that.

To get the remote camera access, you need to go to the Camera feature of the app. Now simply click on the Record Live Photo option.

After a few minutes, the photo clicked from the rear or front camera will upload on the app’s portal. You will get an option to choose the type of camera after clicking on the Record Live Photo.

This feature can be a true lifesaver if your child is in a hard situation and they have their phone handy. In the clicked photo, you might reveal the face of the guy bullying your child.

Access To Social Media Accounts

catching bully with social media

These days bullying is not just limited in schools. The same guys who tease your child in school can also search for your kid on social media and instant messaging apps and try to torture your child online as well.

But how can you make sure unless you have your eyes on the child’s social media and instant messaging accounts?

Today the answer to all your queries is iKeyMonitor. With its amazing social media tracking features like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and so on, it’s easy to put your hands on the kid’s social accounts.

These are some of the features of iKeyMonitor that can help you and your child fight against bullies. But this is not the end of iKeyMonitor tracking.

Other Features That Will Help You

alert words feature

iKeyMonitor has some more features that will help you get a hint if your son is facing bullying or not.

By accessing the messages section of the target phone, you can know if your child is talking about anything related to bullying through messages or not.

The web history of the child can also help you reveal the truth. Maybe you will find a search in their browsing history like, how to tackle a bully.

iKeymonitor has an Alert feature to further help you find if the kid is facing bullying or not. The Alert feature helps you set a list of words. These words when used in a conversation, you will get notified about that.

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What To Do If My Child Is Being Bullied?

With the help of a tracking app, once you are sure that your child is actually a victim of bullying, it’s time to take the action.

By making a smart move, your child can get rid of the bullying problem once and for all.

The first thing that you should try to solve the issue is by letting the child handle the problem themself. Motivate them to have a nice conversation with the bully and tell them how they feel about bullying.

If this trick works, then everything will automatically fall in line, and you’ll be able to teach your kid how to tackle the problems in their life.

If it doesn’t work or the issue is serious then suggest them to visit the principal office. All the schools are pretty strict about such issues and they will surely look into the matter.

Even after visiting the principal office, there are slim chances that the issue will still exist. The bully might try to harm your child outside the school.

If this really happens, this is where you need to barge in. It’s time when you talk to the bully yourself and let them know why the problem is intolerable.

If the bully is a teen, just like your kid, you can take the conversation to their parents and let them handle their teen.

By chance, you found out that the bully is an adult, then it’s something really serious and you need to involve the police in your case.

No matter how extreme measures you need to take. Just make sure your son/daughter is not the sufferer of atrocious acts like bullying.

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