How To Block TikTok On My Child’s Phone?

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Managing your child’s screen time can be tough, especially with apps like TikTok becoming so popular. Since its launch in 2017, TikTok has attracted millions of young users with its fun and addictive short videos.

While it can be entertaining, many parents are worried about how much time their kids spend on it. If you’re one of those parents then this article is here to help. We’ll show you simple steps to block TikTok permanently on your child’s phone, so you can help them balance online and offline activities healthier.

How To Block TikTok On Android, iPhone, And Router

Many wonder if TikTok is safe for kids or not. The app’s “For You” page can expose kids to unfiltered adult content. Also, TikTok collects extensive user data, raising privacy concerns.

It also allows contact with anyone globally, posing risks from online predators. Moreover, TikTok addiction can harm mental health, leading to anxiety, and depression. These issues make blocking TikTok on children’s phones a prudent choice for their safety.

Here’s how to block Tiktok in 2024 on your child’s Android or iPhone.

On Android

  • Open Google Play Store on your child’s phone. Tap on their profile picture at the top-right. Scroll down and tap “Settings.”
  • Under Settings tap “Family” and then “Parental controls.
  • Now, turn on Parental controls and set a four-digit PIN. Confirm your PIN by entering it again.
  • Next, select the age limit for apps and games. Tap “OK” to confirm your choice. Tap “Save” to apply the settings.
  • Now, parental restrictions are active. To remove restrictions later, go back to Parental controls. Toggle off Parental controls to disable restrictions.

On iPhone

To block TikTok permanently on an iPhone or iPad follow the below steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your child’s iPhone or iPad. Scroll down and tap on “General”.
  • Tap on “Restrictions”.
  • If you haven’t set up Restrictions before, tap on “Enable Restrictions” and create a passcode.
  • Once enabled, scroll down to the “Allowed Apps” section.
  • Toggle off the switch next to TikTok or any other apps you want to block.
  • Exit Settings.

On Router

Here’s how to block TikTok on your router:

  • Log in to your router settings.
  • Add the OpenDNS IP addresses to your router’s DNS settings. You can find these addresses on the OpenDNS website.
  • Go to the OpenDNS website and create a Home account.
  • Log in to your OpenDNS account. Enter your router’s IP address into a web browser.
  • Locate the settings where you can block specific domain names.
  • Add the following TikTok domains to your router’s block list:TikTok domains

By following these steps, you’ll successfully block TikTok on your router using OpenDNS.

Use A Parental Control App

Using a parental control app like FamiSafe is a good idea to block the TikTok app on your child’s iPhone or Android device remotely. These apps are legal to use and the app can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. Here’s how FamiSafe can help you block TikTok on your child’s phone:

Block Apps with FamiSafe:

This feature allows parents to block specific apps on their child’s device. By adding TikTok to the list of blocked apps, the child will not be able to open or use TikTok on their device. The app will be effectively disabled, preventing any access to its content.

Check TikTok History:

Tiktok app monitoring

This feature provides parents with a detailed history of how and when TikTok is being used on their child’s device. By monitoring this history, parents can identify patterns of use and determine whether additional restrictions are needed. This can also serve as a basis for discussions with the child about responsible app usage.

Set Screen Time Limits:

block all apps

FamiSafe allows parents to set specific time limits for how long their child can use their device each day. By setting a daily screen time limit, parents can indirectly control the amount of time spent on TikTok. Additionally, FamiSafe can be configured to block access to all apps, including TikTok, once the daily screen time limit is reached.

By combining these features, parents can effectively manage and limit their children’s exposure to TikTok, promoting healthier digital habits and ensuring a safer online experience.

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Use Spyware

uMobix offers effective tools for monitoring and controlling TikTok activity on your child’s phone. Parents can use the Applications section on the uMobix dashboard to see all installed apps, including TikTok, and gather details like installation times and versions.

In the App Activity section, uMobix displays how much time your child spends on TikTok daily or weekly, and whether the app is currently in use or closed. This visibility allows parents to track screen time and understand app usage patterns. Moreover, uMobix empowers parents to take action directly from the app list. Parents can remotely block or delete the app from their child’s device if TikTok is deemed inappropriate or excessive.

tiktok app

This proactive feature helps ensure children are not accessing TikTok when it’s not suitable, promoting a safer and more controlled digital environment.

Besides blocking TikTok from your child’s device, uMobix also allows you to see everything they do on their device by capturing screenshots at regular intervals whenever they are using the TikTok app. Also with its keylogger, it allows you to read all the words typed on the app including their TikTok comments and direct messages.

block TikTok on child's phone

Overall, using spyware like uMobix is the best way to restrict TikTok on your child’s device and keep them safe in the online world.

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Final Verdict

TikTok is a fun app but it can be dangerous too especially for children. If you care for your children then it’s recommended that you block TikTok on your child’s device. If you don’t want to block it then at least keep an eye on their TikTok activity to protect them from potential dangers of TikTok.

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