How To Block Vehicle GPS Tracking?

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Do you feel that someone is using a GPS tracker to spy on your car, you may wonder how to prevent it from functioning. While GPS blockers can be costly, there are alternative approaches to safeguard your privacy by disabling GPS signals.

To assist you in achieving a secure and private ride, I have compiled an extensive compilation of techniques to disable and detect hidden GPS trackers installed in your car. So without wasting any time let’s see how to block vehicle GPS tracking.

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Quick Summary
Tracking a car without GPS is difficult, hence if you block the GPS device on your car then no one can know where you are at the moment. To block vehicle GPS tracking you can make use of a GPS signal blocker. Similarly, to find a hidden GPS device on your car you can make use of a bug detector. Once you have found the GPS device you can easily get rid of it.

Can A GPS Tracker Be Blocked?

Yes, a car GPS tracker can be easily blocked. You can make use of special signal blockers also known as jammers to block the signals emitted by the GPS device. Also, you can find the hidden GPS tracker in your car and remove its battery or cover it with aluminum foil to block the signals.

How To Block Vehicle GPS Tracking?

block vehicle gps tracking

Following are some ways using which you can disable GPS tracking on vehicles and stop someone from tracking your car.

1. Make Use Of A Plug-in GPS Blocker

A plug-in GPS blocker can be connected to your car’s power outlet. Once your car is turned on, the blocker creates an interference signal that prevents GPS tracking. Apart from blocking third-party GPS trackers, a GPS blocker can also disable built-in GPS trackers in a car.

If you want to disable the GPS blocker you can simply cut off the vehicle’s engine or take out the device from the power outlet. Before purchasing a blocker, ensure it has the necessary range for your needs.

2. Go For A Portable GPS Blocker

If you don’t want to buy a plug-in GPS blocker then you can invest in a pocket GPS blocker that allows you to manually activate the device and jam the GPS signals remotely. Remember to deactivate or turn off the blocker when you’re no longer driving to avoid interfering with other GPS and networks around you.

3. Take The GPS Tracker’s Battery Out

If the GPS is battery-powered, removing the battery will prevent it from transmitting a signal. Locate the tracker, detach it from your vehicle, and remove the battery.

Moreover, you can get rid of both the battery and the GPS device itself to confirm it no longer tracks your location. In case the tracking device is hardwired to your car, it’s advisable to have a professional remove it to avoid electrical issues.

4. Take Help Of The Aluminum Foil

Wrapping a GPS device in aluminum foil can effectively scramble its signals. This simple and inexpensive method requires you to know the location of the tracker and have physical access to it. Additionally, a metal box can serve the same purpose if the GPS tracker is placed inside the car. You can simply put the GPS tracker inside the metal box and it will stop emitting the signals.

5. Disable Location Tracking on Your Cell Phone

Cell phones can track your location just like GPS systems. Moreover, if someone has bugged the car by installing a spy app on your phone without your permission then they can easily know your location. If you want to hide your exact location, enable Airplane Mode.

Moreover, disable location services in the settings to deactivate GPS tracking. It’s important to note that some phones will also disable the GPS signals when Airplane Mode is activated. Turning off your phone and removing the battery entirely will ensure you cannot be tracked.

How To Find Hidden GPS Trackers In My Car?

how to find gps in car

From the above section, you know how to confuse GPS tracking or block it so that no one can track your location without your permission. But disabling car GPS won’t provide complete protection, you must find the hidden device and get rid of it ASAP.

1. Search the Exterior of Your Vehicle

GPS trackers like these can be externally attached to your car using tape or magnets. Look for unknown boxes, particularly those having antennas. Don’t forget to examine hard-to-reach areas such as the undercarriage, wheel wells, front and rear bumpers, roof, etc.

2. Sweep the Interior of Your Car

GPS devices can also be discreetly hidden or plugged into various parts of your car’s interior. If you reckon someone you know has planted a GPS tracker, search common hiding spots such as the ODB ports, under seats, under the carpet, floor mats, glove box, etc.

3. Use A Bug Detector

A portable bug detector like this one is a useful tool for detecting GPS signals going out from your vehicle. If you can’t find the tracker in your vehicle, try to come in close proximity to the car and perform a complete scan with the bug detector. If a signal is found, the detector will emit beeps and flashes and you will be able to find the hidden GPS in your car.

4. Uninstall Spyware From Your Phone

If the person who wants to track your car location has installed a spy app on your phone then they don’t need to install a physical GPS device on your car because they can track your location 24/7 through your phone’s GPS. Hence, it is important that you look for hidden spyware on your device and get rid of them as quickly as possible. You can make use of antispyware programs like McAfee to detect spy apps on iPhone & Android.

How To Block GPS Tracking On Car? Final Verdict

It’s not that tough to confuse GPS tracking, if you suspect that someone is tracking your vehicle you can make use of jammers to disable the GPS tracker from sending signals. If you have found the hidden GPS device then you can simply wrap it inside an aluminum foil to block GPS tracking on the car. Also, you must look for hidden spyware on your phone. In case your phone is bugged with spyware then you must uninstall it from your phone because someone can track your location using it.

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Is It Legal To Put GPS Tracker In Someones Car?

No, you cannot put a GPS tracker on someones car without their permission, it is illegal.

Can You Find A Hidden GPS Tracker In Your Car?

Yes, you can manually sweep your cars interior or exterior to find the hidden device. You can also make use of a bug detector to find one.

Can You Disable A Built-In GPS Tracker In Car?

Yes, by making use of a signal blocker you can even disable the built-in GPS tracker in a car.

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