How To Bug A Car For Audio & Location

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Do you wish to bug someone’s car so that you can listen to the conversations happening in the car? Or you can track the car’s location secretly? Before you go on with tracking a car location online let’s be clear that it’s illegal to bug a car for audio or location tracking without the target person knowing about it.

However, if you want to bug a car to ensure the safety of your loved one then it’s fine. In this article, I will be telling you how to track a car without GPS or with GPS online on Google Maps.  I will also be sharing tips to prevent your car from bugging as well. So without wasting any time let’s get started!

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Quick Summary
It is illegal to bug someone’s car without the car owner knowing about it. However, if you are looking to ensure the safety of your loved one then you can make use of a GPS device to track their car location. In case you want to track someone’s car secretly then you can hide the GPS tracker on their car, or put your spare phone in the car by installing a spy app on the phone. You can also hide an audio recording spy device in the car if you want to audio bug a car.

Is It Possible To Bug A Car Without The Car Owner Knowing About It?

Yes, it’s possible to bug a car without the car owner knowing about it. Similar to how you can bug a room miles away without the room owner knowing about it. You can simply hide a GPS device on their car and track their locations and whereabouts. Moreover, you can bug their car by hiding a spy camera in their car. Or you can even plant an audio recording bug to listen to their conversations remotely inside their car.

How To Bug A Car?

how to bug a car

As I said there are different methods to bug a car, you can track a car’s location with GPS or without GPS. Moreover, you can even track someone’s car’s location online with Google Maps. There’s even a remote chance to track a car’s location using a number plate. In this article, I will show you all the methods to bug a car. So that you can go with the method that suits you the best and no one goes empty-handed after reading this article.

How To Bug A Car For Audio?

You can audio bug a car by installing a spy audio bug something like this one in the target person’s car. You can hide these bugs in the car dashboard or underneath the car seat. These bugs will record the audio and allow you to spy on someone in their car by secretly listening to their conversations. However, the problem with these devices is that you have to access them each time you wish to listen to recorded conversations. Since they do not remotely transmit the recorded conversation to your device.

Don’t worry there’s a solution for that as well. What you can do is turn your old phone into a spy device that can record conversations and capture photos and take videos remotely on your command.

For this, you need to make an account on the spyware website that allows you to remotely access a phone’s camera and microphone. One such app is FlexiSPY. This app can access the target phone’s camera as well as microphone remotely on your command. It will work on Android without root, but if you want to use it on an iPhone then that needs to be jailbroken.

Once you have created an account on FlexiSPY, you need to install the spy app on your spare phone and then secretly put it in the car that you wish to bug. You will find the complete installation process of FlexiSPY in my FlexiSPY review.

Once everything is set, you need to go to the Ambient Recording section on your FlexiSPY dashboard. From there, click on the Record button. With this, the phone will start recording the car audio. Once the recording session ends, you will receive the audio file on your dashboard. From there, you can download and listen to it.

bug a car for audio

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How To Track A Car Location Online With Google Maps?

In order to track a car’s location online with Google Maps, the car must have a GPS installed on it. Most cars these days come with built-in GPS. However, you have to hide and install a third-party GPS device like this on the car you want to track on Google Maps. Once you have hidden the GPS, you can go to the app or website of the tracking device and track the location of the car on Google Maps.

You can also make use of the spare phone as I showed you above to track the location of the car. FlexiSPY can also help you track the exact location of the target phone on Google Maps online and that too remotely. For that, you have to hide a phone with FlexiSPY installed on it in the car you want to track. Make sure the phone is connected to the internet. If not, then you won’t be able to track the car’s location.

To track a car location online you need to go to your FlexiSPY dashboard and go to the Locations section. Next click on the MAP icon to track the car’s location on Google Maps.

track car location on Google Maps

Track A Car Location With Or Without GPS

If you want to track a car without GPS to track its location then the only option you have is to use your phone as a location tracker. You can leave the phone in the car that you wish to bug as I have already discussed above.

Also if you want to track a car with GPS then your work will be much easier. Because you just have to purchase one small hidden GPS tracker and hide it in the car. With it, you will be able to track the exact location of the car online.

However, if you use a phone to track a car without GPS then you can also bug the car for audio apart from tracking location. Since the FlexiSPY app allows you to listen to someone’s ambient sounds. So you can basically kill two birds with one stone.

How To Track A Car Using A Number Plate?

It’s very tough to track a car by its number plate. You may need to take help from the police department of your city if you want to track a car by its license plate. If you want to do it yourself then you will need text recognition software and access to all the CCTVs in your city. So that you can track a car’s location with just the number plate.

How To Tell If Your Car Is Bugged?

Just like you want to bug someone’s car without them knowing, someone else’s must be looking for the same. Here’s how to tell if your car is bugged.

1. Look For Unusual Stuff In Your Car

If you notice any new or unusual objects in your car, or if you see wiring that doesn’t seem to belong then it’s possible that someone has installed a bug. Pay particular attention to areas like the dashboard, the seats, the steering wheel, and the door panels.

2. Check For Weird Sounds

If you hear any clicking, buzzing, or other unusual sounds when you’re driving or when the car is turned off, it could be a sign that there’s a bug installed.

3. Check Your Battery Drain

If your car’s battery is running down faster than usual, it could be because there’s a bug installed in your car that’s drawing the power.

4. Look For Signs Of Tampering

If you notice some signs of tampering on your car then it could mean that someone has been trying to install a bug. Look for signs such as screws or bolts that have been removed or replaced, unknown wires, or scratches on your car.

How To Prevent Someone From Bugging Your Car?

1. Keep Your Car Locked

Make sure to lock your car doors whenever you’re not in the car, and use a high-quality locking system. So that no one breaks into your car behind your back and bugs it.

2. Park In A Safe Location

When parking your car, choose well-lit and secure locations that are monitored by security cameras.

3. Install A Security System

Consider installing a car security system that includes an alarm, GPS tracking, and a camera system to deter anyone from tampering with your car.

4. Conduct Regular Inspections

Regularly check your car for signs of tampering, including scratches, missing screws or bolts, and unusual objects or wiring. You can also conduct a manual sweep to find a hidden spy bug in your car.

5. Use A Bug Detector

A bug detector similar to this one here can help you easily detect any audio or camera bugs that may be present in your car.

How To Bug Someone’s Car? Final Verdict

If you want to bug a car without the car owner knowing about it then you have few options in your hand. First of all, you can make use of a GPS tracker to track their location without them knowing. If you want to bug a car for audio then you can do that by installing an audio bug in the car. The best way to bug a car is to use a phone with spyware installed in it such as FlexiSPY. This is because not only will it track the car’s location but also allow you to listen to the conversations happening in the car. So you don’t need different devices for different purposes.


How Can A Car Be Bugged?

A car can be bugged with a GPS tracker or spy bugs such as hidden cameras or listening devices.

Can Someone Put A Listening Device In My Car?

Yes, it is easy to put a listening device in your car if you are not very careful.

How Do You Secretly Track Someones Car?

You can secretly track a car by hiding tracking devices in it.

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