How To Bug Someone’s Or Your Boss’s Office Easily?

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Do you wish to monitor your employees without them knowing or do you want to spy on your co-worker? It is also possible that you may want to spy on your boss. No matter what the reason is, you want to bug an office, isn’t it? In this article, I am going to show you how you can bug someone’s office or even bug your own office for that matter. So without wasting any more time let’s get started.

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It is not easy to bug an office. However, with hidden spy devices and spyware, you can track your employees, boss, or coworkers without them knowing. If you suspect that your office is bugged then you can look for physical and electronic signs of bugging. To prevent this from happening you can frequently sweep your office for bugs and look for hidden spyware on your devices.

How To Bug An Office?

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Bugging an office is not that easy since someone can easily catch you hiding a listening bug or a hidden camera in the office. Moreover, there will be CCTVs in your office which will capture you planting bugs in the office. However, you can still bug your boss’s office or someone else’s office without them knowing. Keep reading the article to learn how.

Make Use Of Hidden Spy Devices

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A hidden spy bug comes in many shapes and sizes. So if you use a spy bug that looks like office essentials like a pen, USB drive, etc. then no one will doubt that you are trying to bug your office. Following are the hidden spy devices you can use to bug someone’s office.

1. Spy Pen: You can use a spy pen with an audio recording feature and leave it in your boss or co-worker’s cabin. These are easily available on online platforms at affordable prices. With the help of these devices, you can record all the activities of someone in your office without them knowing.

2. Smoke Detector Camera: Your office must have a smoke detector, you can simply replace it with a hidden spy device that comes in the form of a smoke detector like this one here. It will record all the activities happening in the office from the top which means you will have a greater field of view.

3. Photo Frame: You can make use of a photo frame with a hidden spy camera like this one and place it in the cabin of your boss or colleague you want to spy on. To avoid suspicion you can install motivational quotes picture in the photo frame. It’s common to have quotes in the office, no one will doubt that the photo frame is a bugging device.

4. USB Drive: A USB drive is a common thing that is found in offices. If you use a spy listening device that looks like Pen Drive then no one will notice it and you can easily bug your office for audio. You easily can get these USB-bugging devices on online and offline marketplaces.

5. Clock: A clock is another common thing that is found in every office. You can easily find a clock with a hidden spy camera on Amazon and replace it with your office clock. This way you can spy on your office employees without them knowing about it.

Make Use Of Spyware & Employee Monitoring Software

Another method to bug an office is to make use of spy apps or employee monitoring software. If you want to bug the office to monitor your employees then you can install monitoring software on your employee’s computers. However, you must tell your employees that you are tracking them using a monitoring app, or it will be an illegal thing to do.

If you want to do it secretly without telling them then you can install a spy app on their phone. It could be your boss, co-worker, or employee who you want to spy on. You have to physically access their phone for 5 minutes and install a spy app on it. I would recommend you use uMobix since is an easy spy app for iPhone and Android to install.

With uMobix installed on the target phone, you can remotely read the text messages and social media chats of the target person. Moreover, you can see their social media activities and most importantly track their location.

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To learn more about what uMobix can do, you can read my uMobix review.

Signs And Prevention

1. Unusual Behavior Of Electronic Devices

If you notice that your electronic devices, such as your cell phone or computer, start behaving unusually for no reason then it could be a sign that you are being remotely monitored. Look for signs such as devices getting slowed down, or getting heated up for no reason.

2. Physical Signs Of Tampering

If you find some physical signs of tampering such as forced entry, debris near wall sockets, or the presence of unexplained wires then it means that someone has installed a bug in your office.

3. Information Leaks

It’s a telltale sign that your office is bugged if sensitive information about your company is leaked.

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You can prevent your office from getting bugged by taking the following measures.

1. Sweep Your Office For Hidden Devices

You can either hire a professional bug detection company or you can conduct a sweep in your office using a bug detector device like this one. This device will help you find hidden audio or video surveillance devices hidden in your office within a few minutes.

2. Look For Hidden Spyware On Your Devices

It is possible that someone is not using a physical bug but instead spying on your office by installing spy apps on your computer or cell phone. So it is important that you look for hidden spy apps on your devices. Also, you can make use of good antivirus programs such as Avast Antivirus to detect spy apps on your phone or computer.

3. Install CCTVs

You can also install CCTVs in your office. This will help you see all the activities someone is doing in your absence. Hence, no one will dare to bug your office with surveillance devices.

4. Use Encrypted Communication

You must use encrypted communication methods to share company secrets and other sensitive information. You can make use of end-to-end encrypted communication apps such as WhatsApp, ProtonMail, etc.

Final Verdict

Yes, your office can be bugged. In this article, I have shown you methods to bug an office and how to prevent your office from bugging. You can make use of hidden spy devices to do audio or video surveillance in your office. Moreover, in order to prevent bugs in your office you can make use of sweep devices and install CCTVs so that you can catch the culprit red-handed.

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