How To Catch A Cheating Spouse, Wife Or Husband

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Thanks to the internet for helping you meet new friends, flatmates, and even your life partner. But the same internet can be the reason why your relationship is on the verge right now.

Your spouse or your lover might have been lured by the buttery talks of someone they met on the internet. And now they dream about a forever happy life with that same person, thinking to kick you out of their life.

Now, this might be your misunderstanding as well, but on the other hand, there are slim chances that your doubt might be correct.

THE TRUTH MUST PREVAIL! Now the same internet will help you find the truth.

But are there any apps to catch a cheater? Well, of course, there are, they are popularly known as spy apps. These spy apps once installed on their phone, collect all the data available on their device.

One such tracking app is mSpy. It’s one of the best apps to catch a cheater on iPhone and Android. But merely knowing the name of the spy app won’t do any good.

You need to know how to install the app, and how it works to spy on a cheating spouse’s cell phone remotely. And we here are going to assist you in doing so.

For those who are running on a low budget, we’ve also got a free spy app to catch a cheater. So let’s get started.

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How To Catch A Cheater Without Them Knowing

As we told, the easiest way to catch a cheater is by using a spy app named mSpy. And the best thing about mSpy is that it works with both Android and iOS devices.

So it doesn’t matter they own an iPhone or an Android cell phone, mSpy will soon bust the cheater.

Let’s start with the setup process of mSpy.

mSpy Setup On Android

For setting up the app on your partner’s phone, you don’t need more than 5-10 minutes of physical access to their device. And the total setup on your as well as your alleged cheating partner will take not more than 10-15 minutes.

Setting Up mSpy Account On Your Device

1. To start with signing up on mSpy, you need your device handy and visit the official website of mSpy. On the official website, click on the TRY NOW option given on the top.

trying mspy app

2.  For using the mSpy service you need to create an account with mSpy by providing your email and then clicking on the TRY NOW option.

creating mspy account

3. Now you have to select the target device based on its operating system, i.e. Android or iOS.

selecting target device

4. It’s time to select and purchase a plan to finally get the mSpy services handy. We suggest going for the 3 month or 12-month plan if you want to save some money.

5. After the registration is complete, you will receive your mSpy account password along with the registration code. Keep this registration code safe with yourself as it will be used to install mSpy on the girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s phone.

registration code

6. Now continue the setup of the app by adding the information about the target person and then tap on PROCEED.

You have successfully created your mSpy account and now it’s time to set up the cheating partner’s phone.

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Setting Up Target Phone

Now’s the time when you need to have physical access to the target device. Make sure they don’t get to know that you are installing a spy app on their device.

Disabling Play Protect On Their Phone

For the successful installation of this spy or cheater app, you first need to disable the Play Protect option on their device.

1. Open the Play Store on your spouse’s smartphone and tap on the hamburger icon at the top-left corner.

disable play protect for spyic installation

2. Select the Play Protect from the list of various options.

play protect option of play store

3. Now tap on the gear icon given at the top.

gear icon in play store

4. Finally to disable the Play Protect, toggle off the Scan apps with Play Protect option and then tap on TURN OFF.

disable play protect

Installation Of mSpy App On The Target Cell Phone

Now that you have disabled the Play Protect option, the mSpy app is all set to get installed and catch your cheating partner.

1. To install mSpy, you have to open any browser on the target phone and visit With this link, the mSpy installation page will open where you need to pass a certain captcha and then click on Download.

download mspy

2. Open the downloaded app and INSTALL it now.

3. To continue further, you have to enter the registration code that you got after doing the setup on your device.

4. You have to give some permissions to mSpy now. The list of these permissions includes access to contacts, manage phone calls, phone call logs, calendar, photos and media, location, and messages.

mspy permissions

5. After giving these permissions, it’s time to change some settings on your cheating spouse’s phone. You have to start with permission to monitor the target phone.

permission to monitor target phone

6. Enable the message tracking by tapping on OK. In the same way, tap on OK and change the settings that will enable call recording and social media tracking on your spouse’s phone.

tracking of messages

7. In order to spy on your cheating spouse without them knowing you need to make the app undetectable by tapping on OK. Then you have to make changes in the settings on the next page. This will make the app work in hidden mode.

making the app undetectable

8. At last, you have to make some changes in the settings to prevent the app’s uninstallation.

app uninstallation prevention

With this, the target cell phone is ready for monitoring remotely and now’s the time to see if your lover is really having an external affair or it was just a misunderstanding.

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Bust A Cheater Red Handed

How To Catch A Cheating Wife Cell Phone Calls?

The phone call is the most common thing that two people do for communicating with each other. And there are almost all the chances that your spouse or your lover might be in contact with that other person via calls.

So keeping a blindfold on this section can be a big mistake.

When you go to the Calls section of mSpy, all the calls whether from a number saved in their contact list or not will appear on the screen.

tracking of calls

The great thing about the mSpy call tracking is that even those call logs will be updated on the portal that were made or done when mSpy was not even installed on their cell phone.

Apart from this, it also tracks the call logs that were deleted after a few minutes of receiving them provided the target cell phone is connected to the internet.

Checking Their Contact List

Sometimes it’s not possible to find the odd one out as the list of calls can be never-ending. In such cases, having a list of contacts handy can be a boon for you.

mSpy provides you with that list the moment you log into their portal.

Not even a single contact will be missed out by mSpy. Obviously, the name of the contact also has an attached phone number of that person, but there’s more with mSpy tracking.

contact list

By clicking on any contact, you can reveal the phone number of that contact and if an email or picture is added to that number, you will be able to see them as well.

Checking The Cheater’s Messages

When you are home, it’s not possible for your cheating partner to have a long conversation over phone calls. One of the most preferable ways they would talk with the other person is by using SMS.

Even with so many instant messaging apps in the market, SMS is still a popular way for a quick chit-chat.

And if your boyfriend/girlfriend normally uses messages as a way to have a conversation with you, then they will definitely use it to have a conversation with the other person as well.

So don’t forget to check the Messages section of mSpy. The list of all the messages will be available on the left-hand side.

checking messages

And by clicking on any one of the message threads, you can see the entire conversation on the right-hand side with the date and time when those messages were sent or received. With this, you can easily read your husband’s or wife’s messages.

How To Catch A Cheater On WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram?

Checking WhatsApp

As we were talking about instant messaging apps in the above section, here’s the most popular one that you can’t miss on checking at all.

WhatsApp is used by almost everyone who uses a smartphone. And if your allegedly cheating spouse uses WhatsApp, then most likely you will find what you are looking for in the Screenrecorder section of mSpy.

mspy screenrecorder

If you want to know when a particular chat was done between the two, that’s possible with the day, date, and time stamp given with the chat.

Everything is tracked down using the screenshots. This will make your WhatsApp tracking more reliable.

To keep a screenshot safe with yourself, you can download it anytime you want.

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Checking Messenger

Now, let’s talk about how to catch a cheater on Messenger.

Messenger is another popular app that is used by billions of people for chatting. And if you think your partner met the other person on Facebook, then there’s no reason why you should not check their Facebook Messenger.

Right in the Screenrecorder section of mSpy, you will see all the messages from their different friends on Facebook.

Just like WhatsApp, Messenger chats will also be tracked down using the screenshots.

Checking Snapchat

If your spouse uses Snapchat a lot then they might be cheating on you. Here’s how to catch a cheater on Snapchat.

Everyone knows that Snapchat was the one to bring self-destructing snaps and messages which promote intimate talks and sharing of adult stuff.

Even if you manage to personally check the Snapchat account of your lover by having physical access to their phone, still it’s not possible to track the conversation because it gets deleted automatically.

But as long as you have mSpy by your side, Snapchat monitoring and busting the cheater is possible.

mSpy Screenrecorder will help you see all the chats that took place on Snapchat. Along with the chats, other activities on Snapchat will also be under your surveillance.

Checking Instagram

If you didn’t find anything suspicious in any of the above sections, then maybe you were wrong about your lover. But before giving them a clean chit, better to check on Instagram as well.

So let’s see how to catch a cheater on Instagram.

mSpy app will reveal all the chit-chat going on in their Instagram account, and this will also be monitored using the Screenrecorder feature. And yes, day, date, and time stamp are available if you’re curious to know when the specific conversation took place.

Other Apps

Similarly, if you want to know how to catch a cheater on Tinder, Tumblr, Skype, Telegram, Badoo, POF, WeChat, LINE, Viber, QQ, mSpy will help you out.

Location Tracking

It’s so much easy to lie about your current location or lying about the place where you are going.

I mean your lover can easily say that they are going to a salon but instead of the salon, it’s their date with the same person who is ruining your relationship.

So it makes you ask yourself, how to catch my cheater girlfriend by knowing their actual location and catching them red-handed.

mSpy Location feature will do the tough work for you so you can easily keep an eye on their location.

Go to the GPS Locations section of the mSpy app and on a big map, you can easily see the current location of your girlfriend.

track cheating spouse location

Maybe right now your girlfriend or wife is actually where she said she is going. But a few hours back she went to a movie hall or a romantic restaurant.

To know the truth, extracting their location history is also possible. Along with the particular location, you can also see its exact address and time & date. when they were physically present there. All this information is present in the List View tab.

In the Map View tab, you get a location icon that shows their exact location on a map. Just below the map you can see the places recently visited by your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Map View

For more details about the location, you can use the View on Google option given with that location.

Besides knowing their current location, you can also create a geofence and get notified whenever your spouse leaves or enters that particular area.

mSpy Geofence

Checking Photos And Videos

photo video tracking

Who doesn’t like clicking photos and videos? And when people spend their time with someone special, they are always raring to click dozens of photos and make videos for always remembering the special moments.

And as you are determined to catch a cheater, hell or high water, you can’t miss checking the Photos and videos on their smartphone.

For checking the photos, you just have to go to the Photo section of mSpy. Here you will find all the photos your partner either clicked or received on their cell phone.

Now you just have to check for their photos with the person you think they are in a relationship with. And if you really find one, Ta-Da! you busted them.

As proof, it’s better to download the photo offline with the download icon given with every photo.

You might not find all the photos from the target phone that were present in their phone prior to mSpy installation. But as for the new ones, all of them will be available for you to check.

Similarly, you can also check and play all the Videos by going to the Video section. And yes, you can download and locally save those videos as well.

Keylogger And Keyword Tracking

As there are plenty of social media and instant messaging apps, it’s hard to figure out which one is used by your spouse for having a conversation with their lover.

But you definitely know what all love words the two love birds use, right?

With the Keylogger feature by your side, you can always know what they talk about and on which app.

keylogger monitoring

In the Keylogger section, you can see all the words along with the app name where they were typed. The date and time when those words were used can be checked as well.

When the list of conversations is too long, it becomes a mess to go through all of it one by one. How about getting alerts on all the love words? This will surely solve your problem.

keyword tracking

In the Keyword tracking section, you just have to put in all the possible words that your spouse and their lover might use. Now whenever those words are used in any of the apps, you’ll get notified about them.

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How To Catch A Cheater On iPhone?

mSpy services are available for both Android and iOS devices. But there’s a huge monitoring difference between both.

Spying on an Android device is much easier than the iOS device. Moreover, the tracking features available for target Android phones are also more than iOS.

This is not something we are just talking about mSpy, it’s applicable to almost all the tracking apps. And not to forget, we are talking about non-jailbroken iOS devices here. Spying on jailbroken devices is as good as that of an Android one.

There’s a reason why non-jailbroken iOS devices are so hard to monitor. Basically, all the data that you will receive will be the one that’s available on their iCloud.

Nothing beyond iCloud will be delivered on your mSpy portal remotely.

Secondly, for setting up a spy app like mSpy, the 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) on their device must be disabled. If it’s turned on then it’s almost impossible to spy on an iPhone.

Now let’s assume that 2FA is turned off and iCloud backup is enabled on the target device, and you know the iCloud credentials of your cheating spouse as well.

In that case, you can catch a cheater without their phone. Without their phone means that you won’t even need physical access to their device like in the case of Android smartphone.

Just purchase a mSpy iOS plan, log in with their iCloud credentials, and start spying.

As you don’t need any physical access to the phone so iPhone spying is also feasible when you want to catch a cheater in a long-distance relationship.

How To Catch A Cheater For Free?

ikeymonitor pricing plans

Some people really want to know how to catch a cheater on Android, but just for free. For those people who are currently out of budget, they can get the free plan anytime they want of the very reputed spy app, iKeyMonitor.

The free plan is surely going to miss out on some very important features, but it will be perfect for basic monitoring.

And once you’re sure about the working of the app, you can go for the paid plan of iKeyMonitor which costs $29.16/month.

With the free plan, you get a decent amount of tracking features. You will be able to check messages, track locations, set a geo-fence, check contacts, calendar, notes, and Wi-Fi history.

But with a paid plan, you will open the gates for recording your partner’s calls, social monitoring, photos, videos, emails, call recordings, remotely taking photos, listening to surrounding sounds, and so on.

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Concluding Thoughts: Facing The Truth

Some people might hesitate to know the truth just because they are afraid that if things didn’t come in their favor then how they are gonna face the situation.

But it’s better to show some braveness and take a step to reveal the truth. Sooner or later the truth will come out.

FAQs Related To Spying Apps And Catching A Cheater

What Is The Best App To Catch A Cheating Spouse?

As mentioned in the article, mSpy is definitely one of the best apps to catch a cheating spouse.

How To Catch A Cheater Online?

You can easily catch a cheater online using a spy app. These apps extract data from the target device and upload it on its online portal which you can view remotely.

Are There Any Free Android Apps To Catch The Cheating Spouse?

Yes, there's an app by the name iKeyMonitor that has a free plan to monitor an Android phone. iKeyMonitor's free plan also works with iOS devices as well.

How To Catch A Cheater On Social Media?

mSpy can track social media activities with its Screenrecorder feature. If you don't get any results there then the keylogger can easily track all the messages that your lover sends on various social media accounts.

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