How To Find Out If Spouse Has Another SIM Card Or Secret Phone?

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A cell phone has made life easier for everyone including cheaters. These days most cheating events take place over a cell phone be it through phone calls or social media & dating apps. But cheaters are very smart they don’t use their regular phones or SIM card for cheating purposes because their partner can anytime check their phone and catch the cheater.

Therefore most cheaters secretly own a second cell phone or second SIM card which they hide from their partners. If your spouse also uses a secret phone or has another SIM card that you are not aware of then there’s a high chance that they are cheating on you.

But how do you find out if your spouse has another phone or another SIM card? Don’t worry read this article to find out if your husband or wife has a secret phone or not.

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Why Does My Husband Or Wife Have Two SIM Cards?

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Lots of people carry two phones or dual SIM cards these days. They do this to separate their professional life from their personal life. They carry one SIM to call their friends, family, or partner and the other for business deals. So if your husband has two SIM cards then there should be no issue as long as you know about it.

However, if they have a secret phone or SIM card then there’s a high chance that they are hiding something from you. They must be using this second SIM to talk to their new lover. But how can I tell if someone is using a dual SIM? Don’t worry, if you also have this question in mind then this article is for you.

How To Find Out If Spouse Has Another SIM Card?

Cheaters are really smart, they do their best to hide their sins. Hence it’s hard to catch them red-handed. In this case, it’s tough to find out your spouse’s secret phone or tell if they are using a second SIM. However, I have come up with 5 methods using which you can find out if your spouse has another SIM or not.

1. Make Use Of Spyware

If you doubt that your husband or wife is using a dual SIM then you can make use of a spy app that comes with a SIM change alert feature. I have tested lots of spyware but this feature is missing from most of them. However, there’s one app that has this feature and its name is Hoverwatch.

You need to install the Hoverwatch app on your spouse’s phone. Once the app is installed, the next time whenever they change their SIM card you will get an alert about it on your dashboard.

find out if spouse has second sim

Apart from that, it even shows you the phone number associated with the SIM card. Moreover, it can help you get your husband’s text messages, call logs and call recordings made on the changed SIM card. So overall, Hoverwatch is the best way to find out if your spouse has another SIM card and whether they are using it for work or cheating on you.

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2. Make Use Of The People Search Tool

A people search tool is a great way to search someone’s phone number by their name and vice versa. So all you need to do is go to one of such tools, I recommend Spokeo.

On the Spokeo homepage, type in the name of your spouse. You can also enter the country and other details to narrow down the searches because there can be many people with the same name as your spouse.

tell if husband has secret phone

After that, it will take some time to pull in all the data about them, so wait for a while. Once the scan is complete you will be able to see all the phone numbers associated with your spouse. This way you can find out if your wife or husband has a secret phone number or not.

3. Check Their Credit Bills

If your spouse has a second phone or if they are using dual SIM then they must have used their credit card to purchase the cell phone or to pay the phone bills. By checking their credit card bills you can find out the unknown transactions and easily tell if your spouse is using a second SIM or not.

4. Take External Help

If you are sure that your husband is using a second number or has a secret phone but you are not able to find out the truth then you can take the help of a mutual friend. If your husband or wife is using a secret phone then it’s possible that their friends must know about it.

In case the above-mentioned method didn’t work you can even hire a hacker to catch a cheating spouse. A hacker or private investigator can help you find out if your spouse has another SIM card or not.

5. Look For Suspicious Apps On Their Phone

These days it’s not necessary to have a physical SIM card in order to have an alternate phone number. There are some apps like TextNow which provide a phone number to its user without an actual SIM card. Cheaters prefer such apps for sending texts and making phone calls. It is because it’s hard to track a TextNow number. So if you check such apps installed on your spouse’s phone then it means they are maintaining a second phone number without your knowledge.

How To Know If Spouse Has Another Phone? Final Verdict

It’s not a crime to own a dual SIM or a second phone. In fact, most people carry two phone numbers these days to sort out their personal and professional lives. However, the problem begins when your partner is hiding their other SIM card from you. But don’t worry if your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend is hiding a second SIM from you, using the techniques I have shared with you above you can find it out.


Do Cheaters Have Dual SIM?

Yes, cheaters mostly use a dual SIM or secret phone in order to hide their affair from their spouse.

How To Know If My Husband Has Secret Phone?

You can check their credit card bills or online shopping purchases to see if they have bought a secret phone for themselves.

Can You Install A Spy App On Your Partner's Phone Remotely?

No, you cannot install a spy app on your partner's phone remotely. You need to have physical access to it.

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