How To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Has An OnlyFans Account?

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OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform where content creators share exclusive content with their subscribers, often referred to as fans. While the platform is widely recognized for hosting adult content, it caters to a diverse range of creators, spanning various genres such as fitness, cooking, art, music, and more. If you’re concerned that your partner might have an OnlyFans account, it’s natural to feel a sense of betrayal, especially given the platform’s reputation.

If you’re uncertain whether your boyfriend has an OnlyFans account and want to find out, this article will guide you through the process. Let’s explore how to find out if your boyfriend has an OnlyFans account.

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Quick Summary 
To check if your boyfriend uses OnlyFans, try creating an account with his email. If you can’t create an account using his email then it means he already has an account on it. Even if you can create an account using his email ID, he may be using any other email ID to access OnlyFans. To confirm if he’s using OnlyFans you can sync your boyfriend’s phone to yours using spyware like KidsGuard Pro. For tracking his OnlyFans activities on a computer, use MoniVisor.

Can You Find Out If Your Boyfriend Has An OnlyFans Account?

Yes, you can find out if your boyfriend has an OnlyFans account. You can check his credit card bills to see if he’s made any transactions on the OnlyFans website.

It is also possible by attempting to register with his email on the platform. If he already has an account, you’ll receive a message indicating that the email is in use, revealing his presence on OnlyFans. However, it’s worth noting that individuals often use a different email address to create accounts and avoid suspicion.

If your boyfriend has employed such a tactic, uncovering the truth becomes more challenging. Nevertheless, in this article, I’ll guide you on how to know if your boyfriend has an OnlyFans account, even if he has taken measures like using a secret email. Keep reading for more insights.

How To See If My Boyfriend Has OnlyFans Account?

As of now, OnlyFans doesn’t offer a dedicated app; therefore, if your boyfriend is using the platform, he would access it through a web browser on his phone or PC. You can determine if your partner is using OnlyFans by checking his browsing history. I’ll provide you with two applications that can assist you in finding out whether your boyfriend is accessing OnlyFans on his phone or desktop.

How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Has An OnlyFans Account On Phone?

To see if he’s using OnlyFans or not you need to install spyware on your boyfriend’s device. I can recommend KidsGuard Pro based on my testing because it has all the monitoring tools you need to bring out the truth.

With the help of the KidsGuard Pro app, you can see your boyfriend’s browsing history. This will help you see if he has visited the OnlyFans websites recently or in the past. It also shares with you the time at which the site was visited and how often he visits the site. It can give you a better idea if your boyfriend is using OnlyFans or not.

see if boyfriend has onlyfans

Once you know he’s using OnlyFans, you can then go to the keylogger section and then choose the browser. Here you can read all the text he has typed on the OnlyFans account including his chats and comments.

Not just that with KidsGuard Pro, you can take remote screenshots on your boyfriend’s phone. Go to the Capture Screenshots section and click on the Screenshot Now button when your boyfriend is using his phone and it will capture the screenshots for you.

capture screenshots

Besides regular screenshots, you can also record Live Screen to see what your boyfriend is doing on his phone. Just click on the Start Live button and the recording will initiate and you can see it on your dashboard in real time.

find out if boyfriend is using OnlyFans

Overall, KidsGuard Pro is the best app to see if your boyfriend is using OnlyFans or not. It is one of the most affordable spy apps out there so you should give it a try.

Click Here to Try KidsGuard Pro

How To Know If My BF Is Using OnlyFans On Computer?

If your boyfriend uses his computer to access OnlyFans then you can use a good PC spyware to find out the truth. Similar to the phone spyware you need to install it on his computer. You can make use of MoniVisor which comes from the same company as KidsGuard Pro known as ClevGuard.

In my MoniVisor test, I found that this software stays hidden on the target computer, and similar to KidsGuard Pro it captures screenshots regularly on the target PC. This allows you to see if your boyfriend is using OnlyFans or not.


It also has a browser history feature that tracks the web search history of your boyfriend. So if he is using OnlyFans you will find it out yourself. Moreover, this software also has a keylogger, with the help of it you can read his OnlyFans comments and chats.

Click Here to Try MoniVisor

Overall with the help of MoniVisor and KidsGuard Pro, you can find out if your BF is using OnlyFans on his PC as well as his phone.

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How To Find Out If Your Boyfriend Has An OnlyFans Account? Final Verdict

To tell if your boyfriend has an OnlyFans account you can try creating an account on OnlyFans using his email address. If he already has an account on the platform you won’t be able to create a new one. However, if he’s smart and using a secret email address to access OnlyFans then you can only know if he’s using OnlyFans by syncing your boyfriend’s phone to yours using spyware like KidsGuard Pro. To monitor his OnlyFans activity on the computer you can make use of MoniVisor.


How Can I Check If My Boyfriend Is Using OnlyFans?

Try creating an account with his email, monitor online spending, and make use of monitoring tools.

Are There Specific Signs That Indicate My Boyfriend May Be Using OnlyFans?

Watch for secretive behavior, changes in online habits, and unexplained charges on financial statements.

Is Using Spyware A Reliable Method To Confirm If My Boyfriend Has An OnlyFans Account?

Yes, it is. However, using spyware raises ethical and legal concerns so keep it as your last resort.

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