How To Find Someone’s Location On Instagram?

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Want to find someone’s location on Instagram? Is that even possible you may ask? Yes, it is and in this article, I am going to share with you the best methods to track Instagram account location. So without wasting any time let’s begin.

How To Track Instagram Account Location

1. Through Instagram Posts

On Instagram, when someone posts a photo or video, they can add a location tag to show where they are. It’s like how you can tag your location on Google Maps. When you see a post with a location tag, it means the person was there when they posted it.

find someone's location on Instagram

So, if you want to know where someone is, you can look at their latest post or story. If they’ve added a location tag then you’ll see it above their post. It’s like seeing where they are through their pictures.

2. Using Spyware

If the previous method didn’t work for you don’t worry, a spyware like mSpy can help. mSpy is a monitoring tool designed to spy on someone’s Instagram activity, even if they attempt to conceal their location. Once installed on their device, mSpy displays all their online actions on its sophisticated dashboard remotely. This includes tracking their current and previous locations with detailed addresses and map views.

track someone's Instagram location

But there’s more to it! mSpy also grants access to their private Instagram messages, allowing you to read all conversations without detection. It’s a discreet method for staying informed about someone’s whereabouts and interactions on Instagram. Read my mSpy review to find out what else this Instagram location tracker app can do.

3. Use IP Tracker

If you want to know someone’s location on Instagram, you can use Grabify. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to Instagram and find some posts or videos that the person you’re interested in tracking might like. Copy the link to those posts or videos and paste those links into Grabify. Next, click on Create URL.

ip grabber

  • Grabify will give you a special link. Copy it.

copy link

  • Send that special link to the person you want to track.
  • When they click this link, Grabify will capture their IP address with location and show it to you.

know instagram location

4. GEOfinder Can Help

If you’ve tried other methods to track someone’s location on Instagram without success, you can use GEOfinder. First, you’ll need to make an account on the GEOfinder website. Then, upload a picture to the tool.

GEOfinder will then give you a special link to track the person. Just copy that link and send it to the person you want to track via a direct message on Instagram. If you have their phone number, you can also enter it into GEOfinder, and it will send them the tracking link as a text message from a fake number.

Copy the link

When the person clicks on the link, their location will be captured and shown to you remotely on the GEOfinder website.

instagram location tracker

I have reviewed GEOfinder on this website, you can read it to get more details about it.

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In our search into tracking someone’s location on Instagram, we’ve found different ways to figure out where they are. Sometimes, people tell you where they are by tagging their location in their posts. But, these locations might not be right or could be old.

If you want to know where someone is right now, there are other ways. Spyware, IP loggers, and the GEOfinder tool can give you more accurate info. But, using them can get tricky, and you need to think about whether it’s okay to do so.

So, while it’s possible to track someone’s location on Instagram using these methods, it’s important to think about the right way to do it and to respect people’s privacy.

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