How To Hack Into My Wife’s iPhone & Text Messages?

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Trust is the pillar stone of any relationship but sometimes the situations are such that you cannot trust your partner anymore. If you are reading this article then it’s obvious that you don’t have faith in your wife anymore.

If you feel that she is cheating on you then you should have some concrete evidence against her to call off the relationship or to fight any legal battle.

In this article, I will show you how to hack into your wife’s iPhone to spy on your wife’s text messages or hack her social media accounts. Because that’s the only way to find out the hidden truth. So without wasting any time let’s see how to hack your wife’s phone.

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Quick Summary
Hacking your wife’s phone is tough especially if it is an iPhone. However, you can hack into your wife’s iPhone through different techniques such as spying on your wife’s text messages through her iCloud backup, or by installing a keylogger on her phone. Moreover, you can even hire a hacker to hack your wife’s iPhone. However, the best way to hack into your wife’s iPhone is by using iPhone hack tools such as uMobix, FlexiSPY, etc.

Can You Hack Into Your Wife’s iPhone?

hack wife phone

Hacking into your wife’s iPhone can be a tough task, looking at the security iPhone provides to its users. Had your wife been using an Android device, hacking her phone would be so much easier. Does that mean I cannot hack into my wife’s iPhone? No, don’t worry, no matter how secure the iPhone is, you can still hack it and see your wife’s text messages on her iPhone and I am going to show you how.

How To Hack Into My Wife’s iPhone?

1. Hack Your Wife’s iCloud

If you can’t hack your wife’s phone but you somehow get access to their iCloud then it is as good as getting access to their iPhone. It’s because all iPhone activities are synced to the iCloud backup, given that the iCloud backup is enabled on the phone.

To hack their iCloud all you need to know is their iCloud password and username. But you can’t access their data without letting them know because whenever you try to log into their iCloud account they will get a two-factor authentication code.

It’s easy to tackle this situation, all you need to do is login into their iCloud on your Apple devices as a trusted device. From the next time, they won’t receive any verification code and you can see your wife’s text messages and her activities remotely on your device.

2. Make Use Of Keyloggers

A keylogger is a special hack tool that records all the typed words on the target device. This means by using an iPhone keystroke logger program you can hack your wife’s passwords and read her text messages remotely.

But let me tell you that you might have to jailbreak your wife’s iPhone if you want the keyloggers to work properly on their device.

3. Hire A Hacker

Hiring a hacker to catch a cheating wife is another feasible option you have. You can search online and you will find many good hackers that can hack anyone’s phone for you. However, going this way you may have to spend a lot of money because a good hacker may charge  $100/hour or even more.

If you are really desperate to catch your wife red-handed then hiring a hacker sounds like a good idea to me. In case you have technical expertise then you can hack into your wife’s phone yourself without anyone’s help.

4. Hack Wife’s Phone With iPhone Hack Tools

There are lots of iPhone hack apps available online which can help you hack your wife’s text messages on iPhone. The good thing is that most of these apps don’t need to be installed on the target phone. These hack tools track iPhones through iCloud hence physical installation is not required.

However, hack apps that monitor iPhones through iCloud are not as effective as the ones that track them after installation such as FlexiSPY. It is obvious because iCloud only has limited data, whereas if you can hack iPhone then there is no limit to what you can access.

1. uMobix: Best iPhone Hack Tool Without Installation

How It Hacks My Wife’s iPhone?

hack wife social media

  • With uMobix you can hack your wife’s photos and videos that have been stored in their phone’s gallery.
  • You can also see the contacts, call logs, and text messages of the target iPhone.

Other Features

  • It can hack your wife’s browsing history for you.

hack wife iPhone

  • Apart from browsing history, it even shows you the bookmarks they have saved in their browsers.

Why Do I Recommend uMobix For Hacking Your Wife’s Phone?

  • You don’t have to install the app on your wife’s phone.
  • It is the only app that can hack your wife’s social media account like Facebook and Instagram without jailbreaking her iPhone.
  • In my test, I found that the app tracks all the data very accurately.

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2. FlexiSPY: Best Hack App For Jailbroken iPhone

How It Hacks My Wife’s iPhone?

track wife calls

Other Features

  • FlexiSPY allows you to hack your wife’s phone camera and secretly capture videos and photos using it.
  • Hacking into your wife’s social media accounts is possible with FlexiSPY.
  • You can also hack the target iPhone’s microphone and record live surrounding sounds from it.
  • It even allows you to track the exact location of your wife without her knowledge.

track wife location

Why Do I Recommend FlexiSPY For Hacking Your Wife’s Phone?

  • If your wife’s iPhone is already jailbroken or you are willing to jailbreak it then FlexiSPY can hack everything happening on it.
  • While using the app, I noticed that it is the most advanced spyware for iPhone because no other spyware can do what this hack app can do.

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Alternative iPhone Hack Apps

3. eyeZy

How It Hacks My Wife’s iPhone?

phone logs

  • With eyeZy keeping track of your wife’s social media account is possible.

Other Features

  • This app lets you see the photos and videos stored on your wife’s phone.

Why Do I Recommend eyeZy For Hacking Your Wife’s Phone?

  • While analyzing eyeZy, I found it to be very easy to use and accurate.
  • It tracks everything through iCloud so you don’t have to install any software.

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4. Cocospy

How It Hacks My Wife’s iPhone?

  • With Cocospy you can read your wife’s social media chats without her knowledge.
  • Cocospy shows you all the incoming as well as outgoing text messages, call logs, and saved contacts.


Other Features

  • It can hack browsing history as well as browser bookmarks for you.

Why Do I Recommend Cocospy For Hacking Your Wife’s Phone?

  • During my usage, I found out that the app takes only a few minutes to sync all the recorded data from your wife’s iPhone to your account.

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5. Spyic

How It Hacks My Wife’s iPhone?

  • With Spyic you can read your wife’s iMessages and social media chats remotely.
  • It even lets you view their media files like photos and videos.

stored media files

Other Features

  • It does a great job in tracking their web search history even if they are deleted.

Why Do I Recommend Spyic For Hacking Your Wife’s Phone?

  • While evaluating the app, I discovered that it does not require jailbreaking in order to hack your wife’s iPhone.

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How Can I Hack Into My Wife’s iPhone? Verdict

If you have used iPhone then you must know that it is very secure. However, that does not make an iPhone unhackable. There are lots of ways using which an iPhone can still be hacked. So if you want to hack into your wife’s phone then you can follow the methods I have shared with you above.

If you ask me, the best way I found to hack into someone’s phone is by using a hack app like uMobix and FlexiSPY. I prefer FlexiSPY over uMobix because it holds no bars to give you access to your wife’s iPhone.


Are iPhones Hackable?

It is hard to hack an iPhone but that does not make them unhackable.

Can You Hack Someones iCloud?

Yes, hacking someones iCloud is quite possible.

Is It Necessary To Jailbreak iPhone To Hack It?

No, it is not necessary to jailbreak an iPhone to hack it because you can hack iPhone through iCloud without jailbreaking the device.

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